Taking the Road Together
Chapter 8: Picnic in the Park

Copyright┬ę 2005 by Lellan McLemore

Sex Story: Chapter 8: Picnic in the Park - Darren and Stephanie have grown apart over the years. Darren decides to try to rekindle the passion in their marriage.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic  


"So, are we going to the mall tomorrow?" Christy asked as Stephanie reached out to unlock the door. Both women were in their workout gear, having just arrived from the gym.

"I don't think so," Stephanie said, pulling at the envelope that was taped to the door.

"Not another one of those fantasy date things?"

"Well, it is Darren's weekend."

"I can't believe you are doing this. You know he's setting you up."

The two women stepped into Stephanie's kitchen. This argument was getting old, Stephanie thought to herself. "He is not, Christy. We're having fun. I'm having fun. And there is no way I'd choose you over Darren and you know it."

"So when's he going to get the second woman involved?"

"I'm not sure he is," Stephanie said, opening the envelope. "He's been creative, but it's only the two of us."

"So far, you mean. My money's on the second woman or a trip down the Hershey highway."

"The what?"

"Oh, geez, girl, you did lead one sheltered life. You know, the Hershey highway, the backdoor. Surely, Darren's tried that one before. You know, anal sex."

"Oh." Stephanie blushed. Darren tried to talk her into that once. It didn't work. Would he try again? Would she be so adamant in her refusal this time?

"It's all they think about, you know; another woman and getting in your ass. Bob would have had those as his first two dates if we were going to do something like this."

"Darren's not like that," Stephanie said, hoping that she was right. Christy had been harping on those two male fantasies for two months now, ever since Stephanie told her about the dates.

"The wife is always the last to know," Christy teased.

"Yeah, yeah. You're just jealous."

"Of you and Darren? Puh-lease. Darren's a nerd. He does nothing for me. Bob, on the other hand..."

Is an arrogant asshole, Stephanie finished the statement for her friend. She smiled sweetly and handed Christy her purse from the counter.

"Well, when lover boy tells you what you're doing this weekend, call me," Christy said as she headed out the door.

Spring was in the air as Stephanie opened the patio door and stretched in the morning sun. She was still holding the envelope as she stared out into the backyard. What if he did want to do it with another woman? Could she trust him not to want to do the things she didn't want to do? Follow that logic, she said to herself.

No use worrying about it until it happens, she reminded herself as she watched a robin flit across the backyard. She opened the envelope and pulled out a single sheet of paper.

"Picnic time!" the banner across the top of the page proclaimed. "Put on the dress hanging in the laundry room. I will pick you up at 11. D."

"Oooh, now that sounds like fun," Stephanie said aloud, crumpling the paper up and tossing it into the wastebasket.

She hurried to the laundry room. The dress was beautiful. It was pale green chiffon with white lace covering the bodice. It was strapless, and long.

Stephanie quickly pulled her sweaty t-shirt over her head and unzipped the dress. It didn't fit perfectly, but with a safety pin or two, it would be fine. She rushed up to the mirror in her room. The hem barely floated above the carpet as she stood staring in the mirror. The waist needed to be pulled in a bit, and the top was snug, but it would do.

Hmmm, how should I fix my hair, she wondered. Something innocent, I think.

When Darren pulled up in the driveway at eleven, Stephanie was ready. She watched from the bedroom window as he stepped out of a black convertible. He wore a navy blue suit jacket and a tie. Stephanie licked her lips and checked her hair one last time and then slipped down the stairs.

"Your chariot awaits, milady," Darren said, gasping slightly as he watched her descend. He gallantly held out his arm and she placed her gloved hand in it.

Darren opened the door and helped her sit in the passenger seat.

Stephanie carefully tied the bonnet she found with the dress so that her hair would not get too badly windblown.

They chatted idly, enjoying the fresh air as Darren drove to a deserted park on the outskirts of town. Stephanie knew that the park was a busy place on the weekends, but with school in session, there were no other cars in the parking lot.

Darren helped her out of the convertible and carrying a picnic basket in one hand, he led her down a trail into the woods. They strolled side by side holding hands down the path until it emerged from the trees and opened into a wide meadow with lush green grass.

Darren opened the blanket he had carried from the car underneath a towering elm tree. He placed the picnic basket in the center.

Stephanie sat on one side of the basket and watched as Darren opened a bottle of white wine and poured two glasses. He held one out to her and then raised his glass in salute. She raised her glass and then took a sip. It was delicious.

Lunch was perfect, like a painting come to life. They shared the meal of strawberries and cheeses, giggling as they fed each other. Darren licked a stream of wine that escaped her lips and ran down her cheek. His lips tickled and excited her as he abandoned lunch and began to feast on her bare neck and shoulders. He took her glass from her and cast it aside, suddenly, as his hands caressed her arms.

Stephanie moaned as gooseflesh appeared on her arms, the sensation fueled by his fingertips lightly skimming over the bare skin. His lips blazed a fiery trail across her shoulders and her arms circled his head pulling him tighter to her. She shivered as his fingers traced their way down her spine until they reached the zipper holding the dress up.

She stiffened momentarily and her eyes searched the area for other people as he lowered the zipper excruciatingly slowly. His lips skimmed her earlobe as he whispered his love for her. She closed her eyes and gave in to the sensations, wondering momentarily about the wisdom of having gone braless. She felt her nipples harden as the fabric of her dress dropped slowly across them. His lips covered first one and then the other sucking the stiffened nub. She gasped as the sensations flowed. His hands quickly replaced his lips as she lay back down on the blanket, caressing her mounds and pushing the dress further down her body until it bunched around her hips.

Stephanie's eyes were closed as she reveled in the sensations of sun and wind and fingertips caressing and teasing her bared flesh. He changed his attack and removed her shoes and began to caress her white stocking covered legs. As his fingers moved slowly higher, Stephanie felt her legs parting involuntarily, inviting his fingers to continue their pleasure filled explorations. Her legs spasmed as the fingers caressed her inner thighs, slowly dragging the hem of the dress up her body until the whole dress was bunched around her hips and the tops of her stockings and her almost sheer white lace thong were visible.

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