Taking the Road Together
Chapter 6: Beach Blanket Bingo

Copyright© 2005 by Lellan McLemore

Sex Story: Chapter 6: Beach Blanket Bingo - Darren and Stephanie have grown apart over the years. Darren decides to try to rekindle the passion in their marriage.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic  

The doorbell interrupted Stephanie as she was dusting the living room. She was still dressed in the leotard and tights she wore to the gym this morning. The delivery man's eyes were all over her as she signed for the package. She enjoyed being ogled for the first time in a long time. Darren's fantasy date idea was working. She felt sexier than she ever had, even though she was sure she wasn't in the best shape. She'd lost ten pounds since their ski trip in January. She had been going to the gym. She could feel things tightening up again.

Hmmm, she thought after closing the door and staring at the plain brown package. It had no return address. But it was addressed to her, so she began opening it.

An envelope slipped out onto the coffee table as she ripped the brown paper off the box. She tossed the paper aside and opened the plain white store clothing box. She gasped.

It was a bikini. A metallic green bikini! What the heck? She wondered, picking up the envelope.

"It's spring break time, Stephanie. Pack your new bikini and some sunscreen and get ready to hit the beach. I'll pick you up at 4. Be ready! D."

No way, she said to herself. I can't be seen in public in this thing. She held the suit up. With a deep sigh, she turned and looked at the clock. That stinker, she thought. It was already 3.

"Oh, crap!" she yelled and grabbing the bikini ran upstairs to the bathroom. She flung her clothes off and tried on the bikini. It was definitely revealing, she thought, but not as bad as she had first thought. It covered her butt and most of her breasts. She could see her nipples poking the tight fabric out. She turned to the side. It came up high enough to disguise her rounded tummy. Uh, oh, she said to herself, noticing the pubic hair peeking out beside the bottoms. Time for a shave.

At five after four, Darren honked. She was ready, sort of. She wasn't sure about this bikini he bought. She wasn't sure she could wear it in public. She packed her usual blue flowered one piece just in case.

It was a six hour drive to the nearest beach, so she wore a nice t-shirt and jeans. They made small talk most of the way, Darren telling her about the stuff going on at the office and she told him about the latest neighborhood gossip. They were both exhausted by the time they reached their hotel on the beach. It didn't take long before they were sound asleep.

After breakfast they put on their suits. Darren looked good in his new boxer style suit. Stephanie wondered if he had been working out a little too. Or maybe she was just incredibly horny again. No, still, she reminded herself.

Darren whistled when she appeared in her bikini. "Hottest looking babe on the beach!"

"Yeah, right," Stephanie replied sarcastically. "I don't know if I can wear this, Darren."

"I'm serious. You look good, babe," he said kissing her long and hard. "I'm glad I bought one size smaller this time."

Stephanie pulled a t-shirt over her suit and they walked down to the beach hand in hand. Darren set their towels down on the beach and Stephanie shucked her t-shirt. The beach was pretty much empty. Stephanie closed her eyes and enjoyed the soft caresses as Darren rubbed suntan lotion into her skin. His hands felt fantastic as they spread the creamy lotion across her pale skin. She hadn't tanned in years. The sun and Darren's fingers quickly lulled her to sleep. Darren lay down beside her and they lazed the morning away.

After lunch they did the same thing. The beach was a little more crowded now. Some of the local college kids were off on spring break too and they were sunning themselves and playing volleyball. Stephanie smiled as she followed Darren's gaze. Six bronzed honeys were playing in the surf. Typical, she thought and rolled over onto her back. She closed her eyes and in no time was sleeping soundly.

"You awake, Steph?" Darren whispered.

"Huh? Oh, yeah, what?"

"Don't look now, but you have an audience."


"I told you it was only a matter of time before the guys found the hottest looking woman on the beach and started watching her."



"No way. Where?"

"Off to your left next to the lifeguard stand. Six or eight guys. They've been watching you for twenty minutes."

Stephanie opened her eyes and looked around carefully. There they were, six bronzed college boys in their baggie swimsuits all surreptitiously looking toward her. Stephanie looked over her shoulder, but there was no one behind her. It was her they were watching! She felt her heart jump. These boys need their eyes checked, she thought to herself.

"Dare ya?" Darren said softly.


"I dare you to undo the neck strap and let the tops of your breasts get some sun."

Stephanie looked over at him. Two months ago she'd have slapped him. Now, now she got a thrill just thinking about it. Why not? What would they see? Glare, most likely, she laughed to herself. She said nothing, but reached back behind her neck and untied the strap.

She grabbed the bottle of lotion and made a great show of rubbing some into the tops of her lily white breasts. Her fingertips tingled as they brushed her hardening nipples. She smiled and lay back down.

"Thirsty?" Darren asked.


"I'll be back in a few with some water bottles."

Stephanie waved and closed her eyes again. The soothing rays of the sun soon had her drifting off to sleep.

Her eyes fluttered open. She had fallen asleep. Darren sure took his sweet time getting water, she thought as she felt a shadow cross her body. She opened her eyes expecting to see Darren and her refreshments.

The three blonde guys were not Darren. Heck, she thought, the three of them adding their ages together weren't Darren's age. Okay, so that was an exaggeration. They said nothing.

"Hi guys," Stephanie said shading her eyes with her arm. "You're blocking my sun."

"Oh, sorry," the tallest one said. "I'm Steve. This is Ed," he pointed at the shorter one, "and Josh." Josh had broad shoulders.

"Hi. I'm Steph."

"We, um, were wondering if you were interesting in coming to our party tonight."

Stephanie barely controlled her laughter. "I'm old enough to be your mother," she said.

Ed said with conviction, "My mother doesn't look that good in a bikini."

"Mine either," Josh chimed in.

"I'm flattered, guys, but I'm here with my husband. Thanks for inviting me, though."

They stayed for a while chatting, trying to change her mind. Or more likely, she thought as she watched them walk away, hoping that they could get a glimpse down my top.

Darren finally returned and they headed off to find dinner. After dinner, Darren guided Stephanie to a beachfront bar. They sat down at a table and ordered a drink.

The waitress set Stephanie's drink down in front of her and then asked, "Are you interested in competing the wet t-shirt contest?"

Stephanie was shocked. Darren smiled and asked, "Why would you think that?"

"Well, those three guys over at the bar said they had seen her on the beach this afternoon. They want me to try to talk her into it."

Stephanie just looked at Darren. She was still in shock.

"When she gets over the shock, I'll ask her," Darren said, winking. The waitress nodded and walked away.

"No way, Darren," Stephanie said. "Don't even start."

"What?" Darren acted innocent.

"I'm not embarrassing myself by entering a wet t-shirt contest. The college girls will win hands down. I know itís your fantasy weekend, but please, no. Not this."

Darren shrugged. Stephanie looked over at the waitress and shook her head. They chatted over a couple of drinks. Stephanie watched as the place began to fill up. The juke box was playing Beach Boys and Jan and Dean. They left before the contest started. The bar was getting crowded and loud anyway.

Stephanie and Darren walked along the beach hand in hand. Gazing at the stars and just enjoying each other's company. Stephanie looked over at Darren. He was staring off into space.

"Penny for your thoughts," she whispered.

"Just wondering if you could have won the wet t-shirt contest."

She rolled her eyes. "Darren! I'm twenty pounds overweight, my tits sag down to my belly button without support and my butt is bigger than Alaska."

"I think Alaska still has your butt beat," Darren teased.

"You stinker," she said playfully smacking his shoulder.

"And I'll bet you anything you want your tits don't get within six inches of your navel."

"You just want me to take my top off and walk along the beach topless."

Darren just smiled and kept walking.

The night was warm and for some reason, the thought of walking along the beach topless didn't bother her in the least. Why not? She wondered. Stephanie looked over her shoulder and no one was around. She dropped Darren's hand and pulled her t-shirt over her head. Darren turned to look at her and she threw him her t-shirt. Then she reached up and undid the straps holding her bikini top on. She threw them to Darren as well.

The night breeze caressed her bared breasts, exciting and erecting her nipples. Stephanie smiled as Darren stared at her. "Well, it is your fantasy," she said.

Darren kissed her. "You're still the best looking babe on the beach!"

"I'm the only one on the beach."

Darren shrugged.

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