by Thesandman

Copyright┬ę 2005 by Thesandman

Sex Story: Russ fights with his desire towards his daughter's best friend.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   .


Being a single parent and father to my only daughter hadn't been easy. Raising Christy had been a full time job, and working had of course been another. I had little time to myself as it was, so dating was out of the question for a time. When Christy graduated from high school I anticipated her attending college, but as money was tight I wasn't sure just how much more I could do for her. As she had taken a part-time job to help with tuition and books, there was little left afterwards, necessitating her remaining at home rather than living somewhere off campus.

By this time, it had been years since I had socially been out with anyone, let alone had a sexual relationship. There simply hadn't been enough time in the day to consider such a thing, not to mention that there wasn't anyone I knew or had met that I was remotely interested in. Up until now, I'd been satisfied with simply masturbating whenever the urge struck, which lately had been occurring more and more frequently with my daughters busy schedule keeping her away from the house.

As it was one of the few nights Christy had off, I was busily preparing a nice pasta dinner for us when she called asking if she could bring a friend home with her for dinner.

"Sure honey, I've made plenty," I told her over the phone. "When will you be here?" I asked trying to time my preparations.

"Trina and I should be there around six, six-thirty," Christy responded. "And dad? There's something I want to ask you about over dinner," she added.

By the tone in her voice, I knew she was apprehensive about whatever it was she needed to ask. Most of the time when I heard that nervous hesitation, it was usually over money, something of which I wasn't able or prepared to help her with at the moment.

"Ok honey," I stated simply, already fearing my having to tell her "no" to whatever it was she wanted or needed.

I had just finished draining the pasta and was busily tossing the salad we'd be having with it when I heard the front door open.

"Dad? We're here!" I heard Christy call out to me.

It was six-thirty on the button. "In here!" I called back to her from the kitchen. "Dinner's almost ready!"

Seconds later I heard footsteps and knew from the sound of them that I wasn't hearing just Christy's. Turning towards the kitchen door just as it opened, I greeted my daughter with a firm but gentle hug when she entered. Looking over her shoulder, I saw Trina as she entered in behind her. Breaking away from me, Christy immediately turned to introduce us.

"Dad? This is my friend Trina. We met at school."

"Hello Mr. Anderson," Trina said extending her hand to me.

At forty-four, I wasn't in all that bad of shape. Though I certainly wasn't any kind of an exercise nut, my job kept me in pretty good condition without my having to work out. Even so, I felt myself sucking in the tiny gut I still had as I took Trina's hand.

"Call me Russ," I said, feeling the electrical charge as our hands met. "Mr. Anderson sounds so formal," I added with an awkward smile.

Trina was a good four or five inches shorter than me, placing her at about five and a half feet tall. Her hair was light brown, long and currently in a braid reaching the small of her back. She was also wearing the typical style of the day, which consisted of a cut-off tee shirt barely covering her perky breasts, revealing her taut midriff, which I also noted when I glanced at her, that her naval had been pierced. Something that Christy had been wanting to do herself, but that I had emphatically said "no" to until she turned eighteen and could afford to pay for it. So far, she hadn't. She also wore faded well-worn cut-off Levis that I eventually noticed had a large hole in the rear, revealing a small tight patch of skin where one of her ass-cheeks sat winking at me when she walked by.

I'd purchased an inexpensive bottle of wine to go with dinner, and though both girls were over eighteen, I found myself being stingy with how much I allowed either of them to drink. Though I wouldn't be contributing to the delinquency of any minors, I didn't want to have either of them becoming inebriated, especially as Christy would eventually be driving Trina home later.

It was nice having company for dinner. Nicer still when the girls cleared the table and stood at the sink side by side washing the dishes. As I sat at the dining room table enjoying a cup of coffee, I found myself staring at that hole in the back of Trina's shorts from time to time, reminding myself every time that I did, to quit doing so! It had been a long, long time since I'd even been with a woman, and I chastised myself repeatedly whenever my mind wandered off in that direction. Trina was after all my daughter's age. And Christy would have been mortified if she knew the kinds of thoughts I'd been entertaining about her girlfriend, even if I kept turning them off every time one popped into my head.

Once they'd finished the dishes and straightened up the kitchen, they poured themselves a cup of coffee joining me at the table. I realized then how much my daughter had grown and changed. She'd never had a cup of coffee that I remembered before as she and Trina sat down on either end of the table.

"So, you wanted to ask me about something?" I began, already dreading the question I was sure was coming as we'd been barely making ends meet as it was.

Christy glanced up looking across the table towards her friend. I caught a knowing smile of confidence tossed back at her just moments before they both turned, looking towards me.

"I know that you're not financially able to do more than you already have been," Christy began. "And you also know that I've looked forward to being out on my own, having a place to share with someone."

Once again Christy looked towards Trina. I knew that of course, it had been just about all she'd ever talked about while still attending high school. Christy had looked forward to attending college, having a 'roommate' and enjoying the experience of having someone her age to share a place with. Being an only child, living with her 'dad' all of her life was something she was looking forward to not doing any more.

I still didn't know where any of this was going, or what I'd be able to do for her financially when she finally got there. About all I could do was sit quietly and listen.

"Trina's in about the same place I am," she began again. "She can't afford to keep her small apartment, and I can't afford to move in with her. So... I was wondering daddy," Christy said emphasizing the word, working on my 'daddy' emotions, "if it would be ok if she moved in here with me!"

I hadn't expected that. And before I could say or do anything, she hurriedly rushed on.

"We'd both be able to help out here with the chores as well as the groceries and utilities. It would free some of your time up, as well as help you out financially too!"

I'd been about to veto that idea, even with Trina throwing me a hound-dog look, but to be honest, my daughter had me over a barrel and she knew it. As much as she'd always wanted to have a roommate, I knew under the present circumstances that her moving out was out of the question. I'd already swapped rooms with her as it was, giving her the large master bedroom with its own private bath and shower. As my den was downstairs adjacent to Christy's old room, it had been far more practical to have switched rooms with her anyway as I didn't need a room as large as my old bedroom had been.

"Ok, sure. Why not?" I heard myself saying. "At least temporarily, until we see how things go," I added as an afterthought.

Needless to say, the girls were ecstatic, both coming around the table to hug me simultaneously. Used to hugging my daughter all the time, I didn't give it a second thought. But when I felt the caress of Trina's barely concealed breasts pressing against the side of my face, I quickly stammered something silly, purposely breaking contact with both of them. I felt my face flushing, and heard a mischievous laugh from Trina, as she finally moved away, thanking me once again, obviously very much aware of my discomfort.

"This will be a lot of fun!" she said beaming. "I'm really going to enjoy living here!" she added.

And suddenly, I wondered if I'd left my senses outside.

For the first two weeks after Trina moved in with us, things went very smoothly. We all had odd hours, so it was rare that we were ever home together at the same time. Trina had had to drop a few of her classes, working more hours in order to save up enough money to take a fuller schedule the following semester. As such, she was often home in the afternoon after class and often prepared dinner that was always waiting to be reheated in the microwave for Christy and I after we got home.

Life was good.

Like anyone getting used to a new circumstance, there were a few bumps in the road that took all of us some getting used to. It was a Sunday morning, one of the few days when we were actually all home together. I'd gone down stairs to the laundry room to wash some dirty clothes of mine, discovering that the girls had left some of their laundry sitting in the dryer. I was used to doing Christy's laundry from time to time, as it was easier and more cost effective to add some of her things to mine. But as I pulled out several bras, and the skimpy kind of panties I'd never seen Christy wear before, I felt a little weird as I pulled them out, dumping them into a laundry basket to take upstairs to their bedroom.

Having climbed the stairs, I headed down the hallway towards their room when I inadvertently overheard them talking. Though the door was closed, it wasn't totally shut, so as I approached and prepared to knock on it announcing my arrival, I heard Trina speaking to my daughter.

"So, what did it feel like?" Trina was asking her.

Just before my hand would have knocked on the door, it froze in mid-air. I noticed when it did, that my stomach was somewhere up around my throat. Though I certainly considered myself open-minded, and certainly not one of those kinds of dads that couldn't be open when it came to sexual discussions or topics, I wasn't sure I was prepared to hear whatever it was I was about to, and nearly turned away from her door.

"Certainly nothing like I expected," I heard my daughter saying. "His cock was hard, really hard!"

I felt my legs leaden, wishing I could tear myself away from the spot they had suddenly become glued to.

"How big was it?" Trina pressed.

"I don't know," Christy said softly, almost too much so to have heard her, and I imagined she was blushing. "I didn't exactly measure it, but it did seem pretty big!" she said giggling.

"Have you ever seen your fathers?" Trina asked.

For a moment there was dead silence, and I was paranoid briefly that someone would look towards the door in worry, seeing that it wasn't fully closed and decide to close it. If it hadn't been so damn quiet, I'd have turned and fled down the hallway. But I knew in doing so they'd easily hear me as I left.

"Trina!" I heard my daughter suddenly answer, laughing in shock at the question when she did.

"Well? Have you?"

"No, not like that anyway," Christy finally volunteered.

"So, what was it like?"

I could tell by the excitement in her voice and my daughters that this conversation was arousing them both. Which is when I realized as I stood there in front of her door, that it was also arousing me. Once again I wondered if allowing Trina to move in with us had been such a good idea after all.

I heard Christy laugh nervously. "It was fun. I enjoyed jerking him off."

"That's all you and Greg did?" Trina asked her once again.

"Well, he wanted to do more, but as I've told him a hundred times already, I'm not ready to go that far... yet," she added punctuating her statement with another giggle. "Though this time, I did let him play with my boobs while I did that," she confessed conspiratorially.

"What about you?" Christy asked, taking the heat off her self. "What's Jeff like?"

"He has a nice one... I guess," she giggled back. "It's the only one I've seen too, so I don't really have anything to compare it with."

Christy said something, but she whispered it so low that I couldn't hear what she had asked, nearly losing my balance as I leaned in closer to the door worried now that I would miss Trina's response. Just barely catching myself from toppling over into the door, I realized how hard it would be for me to explain my sudden entry into their room, throwing a basket full of their underwear at them as I tripped face first onto their floor sporting an erection.

"No, I'm still a virgin too," came the unexpected response. "But I did suck him a little for a while, and let him finger me," she threw back at my daughter.

"Really? Wow! What was that like?" Christy asked.

"Which one? The blowjob? Or the finger-fuck?" Trina replied using the unexpected vulgarity.

I'd never heard Christy ever use that word before, and I had purposely tried very hard to keep from using it in front of her myself, though I remembered a time or two when I had. Once when I had gotten extremely frustrated for one reason or another, another when I had hit my thumb with a hammer I was using.

"Both!" Christy giggled again. "What was it like sucking it? And what was it like when you let him finger you?" she added.

"Well at least she didn't say fuck," I thought stupidly to myself.

"I liked doing it," Trina admitted. "It was exciting to see Jeff getting so excited. I swear Christy, his cock got even harder than it had been when I started doing that. And, I could feel it throbbing inside my mouth as I licked and tickled him with my tongue!"

Looking down, I could see my cock throbbing, not to mention the sudden appearance of a wet-spot forming on the outside of my slacks. "Oh great, one more thing for the girls to see if they should find me standing here outside their door!" I told myself.

"So what was it like when he fingered you?" Christy asked. "Did he make you cum?"

I wasn't at all sure I wanted to be standing here listening to any more of this, but I was terrified they would hear me leave for one thing, and for another... I was shame-facedly aroused!

"Almost, but I was too nervous. And though it felt good, I like the way I do it to myself better!"

This time, I nearly did fall through the door.

"Trina!" Christy exclaimed once again, though this time she lowered her voice when saying it.

"What? Don't you ever masturbate?"

Admittedly, I had wondered in the past if she ever had. But wondering and knowing, were two different things. This time I nearly did bolt.

"Well yes, sometimes," she whispered.

Too late.

"Ever use a vibrator?" Trina said teasingly.

"No! Why? Do you have one?"

I could see Trina smiling inside my head as I heard the drawer to the nightstand next to their bed opening.

"Doesn't that technically void your status as a virgin?" Christy asked.

I heard Trina burst out in laughter. "Actually, I don't ever put it inside me! I just lay it on the outside of my pussy lips."

In my minds eye, I could see this massive sized vibrating dildo affectionately and comfortably nestled between a pair of juicy wet lips. I had to shake my head vigorously to chase that thought away a second later.

"Say hello to Fred!" Trina said.

"Fred? You call it Fred?" Christy said laughing.

"Here, let me show you..."

For a second I heard nothing, then suddenly the faint purring sound of the toy as Trina had obviously turned it on. In the next instant however, I heard Trina cry out in alarm just as the toy hit the hardwood floor of the girl's bedroom. A mad dash to scramble for the bouncing toy on the floor followed.

"Fuck Trina! Get it!" I heard my daughter say.

So much for that assumption.

With all the pandemonium taking place inside the room, I somehow managed to uproot my legs and began to scramble backwards still carrying the laundry basket. I'd made it as far as the stairwell when I saw Christy stick her head outside the door glancing down the hallway spotting me. Without thinking, I lowered the basket hiding my crotch, stepping forward as though I'd just reached the top of the stairs. Just about that time, Trina stepped from within the room looking at me as well.

"Hi. Just thought I'd bring you up your laundry," I stated, trying to keep the nervousness out of my voice as I spoke.

The problem was, I still had a hard-on, and a wet spot to worry about. And there was no way in hell I was moving any closer to the two of them. Leaning over, I backhanded the basket, following through as though I were bowling. As the girls watched the laundry basket sailing across the floor towards them, I turned, nearly careening into the wall when I did, stopping myself just short before miraculously placing my foot perfectly down on the first step without tumbling head over tails the rest of the way down. As I gathered my composure, with the certainty that neither could see nor be aware of my condition, I stepped down onto the next step confidently before turning back to look at either one of them. When I did, they were looking at one another with very confused expressions on their faces.

"I'm going to take a nap," I called back to them. "So try and keep it down," I added, wishing a millisecond later that I'd chosen something else to say instead.

I heard nothing from Christy as the sound of their bedroom door closing reached my ears. But I did hear a second later the sound of Trina's unbridled laughter before I'd managed to reach the bottom of the stairs.

For the next several days, I was thankful that our schedules had precluded my running into either one of the girls. Shortly after I had entered my room on the pretense of taking a nap, I had masturbated furiously, after having first locked my door. Thinking about Trina sliding that toy I had heard inside the girl's room between her warm wet pussy lips had burned an indelible image into my mind.

Wednesday was the one night of the week that I did anything even remotely relaxing for myself. It was bowling night. When I arrived, it was to discover that the other team didn't show, thus forfeiting to us. And though we still bowled, if nothing more than just to practice, we were done in half the time. I decided to head home rather than sit inside the bar drinking as we normally did afterwards. The girls of course knew that Wednesday was my bowling night, and though Christy would be at work, I also knew that this was Trina's night off this particular week. When I entered the back door, I thought nothing of the fact that most of the lights were off, and that I could just hear the sound of the TV being on downstairs in the den. It was one of the very few luxuries I'd allowed myself to own. Having purchased a big screen TV several years previous, it was the only TV we did own. Not really listening to the sounds of whatever it was Trina was watching, I made my way towards my room passing the den as I did. I noticed that all the lights were off in there too, all except for the TV set, which I glanced at as I passed down the hallway. What I saw however took me by surprise.

The couch faced the TV, and as I couldn't see Trina anywhere else inside the room, I could only assume she was lying down on the couch so that I was unable to see her. But what was on the TV, I could see and I recognized it immediately. It was one of my stash of X-rated movies. Stunned, not so much that Trina was actually watching it as I was because she, or Christy possibly had discovered them. I'd been told that sometimes hiding something in plain sight was the best way to hide anything. As Christy hated westerns, especially old ones, I'd labeled all my X-rated movies under a variety of old western titles. So much for that idea!

To the left of the open doorway, I had built a bar several years earlier, which could be accessed on either end. Quiet as a mouse, I quickly slipped through the door, ducking down behind the bar and made my way over to the far end where I knew I would have a clear view of the couch. I worried briefly, as to which direction Trina would be lying in. Luck was with me however, as her head was facing the opposite direction, so unless she actually lifted it to look up and back over her shoulder towards me, I would remain unseen unless I did something stupid like cough... or sneeze. Peering around the corner towards the couch, I saw immediately that she was naked, and more importantly, that she had Fred, or what I assumed was Fred, with her.

It had been a long, long time since I'd seen a naked woman, in real life anyway. Especially a young woman. And though it bothered me a little bit that she was my daughter's age, seeing Trina as she allowed Fred to do things to her I could only imagine, soon chased that minor discomforting thought away. Trina's breasts though considered on the small side, were firm, pink and perfectly molded. The way they stood up from her chest as she lay on her back, face towards the TV was a thrill that my prick quickly confirmed as I felt it stiffening in arousal. Just the way she was positioned on the couch was erotic enough all by itself. And though I couldn't see her pussy from this angle, with both legs bent at the knee, and Fred busily wandering up and down her slit, I found myself envying him, wishing that it was my tongue doing to her what she was coaxing and allowing Fred to do.

Glancing at my watch, I realized that I would normally just be leaving the bowling alley right about now. With less than a twenty minute drive home, I also knew that I'd best get my ass back up stairs before Trina decided it was time to finish up here. As I skulked back around the side of the bar towards the doorway, the deep-throated sound of her moans coming from the couch told me she'd been thinking along the same lines. Hurriedly, I made my way back upstairs, out through the door and back to my car where I grimaced momentarily when starting it before backing out of the driveway, lights off. I pulled around the corner and sat there for a full fifteen minutes before pulling back into the driveway. This time when I entered the house, Trina was waiting for me in the kitchen, fresh coffee being made as I entered. Something she had learned I enjoyed having after arriving home.

"So, how was your evening?" she asked handing me a freshly brewed cup.

I hoped my hand wasn't trembling as I took it from her. Bad enough that she was wearing nothing more than a tight fitting tee shirt that easily outlined her hard perky nipples, and long enough to hide that she was either wearing or not wearing any panties beneath.

"Fine," I responded easily enough. "How was yours?"

I took a sip of my coffee looking over the rim of my cup towards Trina as I did. I was curious. I wondered how she'd respond to my inquiry. Not that she'd come right out and say, "It was great, I laid on your couch, watched some X-rated movies, and played with myself."

"It was nice. I watched a little TV, relaxed, and enjoyed myself," she said with a little hint of suggestiveness.

Ok, it was close to the mark without revealing what she was really doing. And I smiled.

Trina smiled back.

"So Russ, which one do you like watching the best?" she asked.

"Excuse me?"

Panic stricken, I racked my brains trying to come up with a reason she would ask such a question. Thinking as I did that she was probably talking about one of the other movies I owned, and not one like she'd been watching.

"I saw your reflection in the TV when you came into the room," she stated sitting down at the table taking a sip of her coffee. "Why'd you leave?"

The coffee burned as it came back up my nose. It took several seconds for me to recover, even then it was several long moments more before I could respond.

"I'm sorry Trina, I didn't mean to spy on you. I was just surprised I guess. Not surprised you would want, or enjoy watching one of those kinds of movies. But that you'd discovered them."

It was the truth, even though it sounded pretty lame when I heard it come out of my mouth.

Trina laughed, softly. "Yeah, Christy told me that's how you hid them... under old western titles," she giggled.

I was embarrassed, blushing profusely.

"How longs it been since you were with another woman?" Trina asked point blank, once again catching me off guard.

"Too long," I responded a little too quickly, realizing how that must have sounded as I actually stood there thinking about it. Trina nodded her head.

"So, did you enjoy watching me?"

All I could do was nod my head. After all, she had me. I had nowhere to go, and denying that I had seemed pointless under the circumstances.

"Would you like to watch me again? I'm still horny, especially after discovering you were standing there watching me the last time."

"I'm not sure that's such a good idea Trina, for one... you're my daughter's friend. And for another, I'm twice your age!"

Inside I was jumping up and down like a kid who'd woke up to find he'd gotten a pony for Christmas.

"I'm just talking about a little harmless excitement. I enjoyed knowing you were there, looking at me as I touched myself," she began.

In the next instant Trina stood up from the table pulling her tee shirt up and over her head. I was right. She was completely naked beneath it. And I felt myself holding my breath.

Trina might not have had the biggest breasts I'd ever seen, but they were beautiful! For a moment, everything else around me blurred as I stood there staring at her. Perfectly molded breasts with nipples so hard they could poke your eye out.

"You're drooling," I heard a far off voice telling me.

Yanked back to the present, I realized I actually had been. Finally making eye contact with her, I once again felt the heat rushing to my face and simultaneously to my groin.

"Come on, lets go back downstairs where we can both be more comfortable."

Trina turned, leaving the kitchen area before I could so much as utter a word. Though at the moment, I was so tongue-tied I couldn't have spoken even if I'd wanted to. Watching that near perfect flawless ass that had winked provocatively at me days earlier didn't help much either. Only this time, it wasn't merely winking. It was full out staring back at me as I watched those twin cheeks of raw sensuality slowing moving away. My daughter wasn't due home for a couple of hours yet, and though I was still having misgivings about what was taking place here, my cock and balls had voted three to one in favor of following Trina downstairs.

This time I didn't slink down behind the bar. As Trina made herself comfortable on the couch, I purposely took up one of the oversized matching chairs sitting down at a slight angle next to her.

"Fuck I'm horny!" she stated.

Hearing Trina actually say the word "fuck" sent a bolt of sexual energy surging through my already overloaded circuitry, causing the very hard receiver between my legs to discharge a little excess power. I didn't need to look down to know that my prick was pressed firmly against the front of my slacks, nor that in all likelihood I was already spreading a sizeable wet spot.

Though she was sitting, Trina lifted one leg bent at the knee with the flat of her foot placed on the seat cushion of the couch. When she did this, opening herself by leaning her other leg, her pussy opened up almost obscenely to my glazed look.

It's been said a thousand times if not more. But Trina's wide-open pussy reminded me exactly of a tight rose bud. At that moment, I wanted to do nothing more than sprinkle it with my own version of Miracle Grow and watch it bloom.

Watching her slowly run her finger down across her breasts, briefly caressing each swollen hard nipple, rubbing them gently, lovingly, caused my cock to lurch wishing that it was kissing each of those hard pink nubs. Watching me, watching her, I was vaguely aware of the slight smile that had spread across her face. Her finger soon continued on down her chest to her naval, stopping briefly to toy with the tiny golden hoop that adorned her perfection like an offering placed at the doorstep of her femininity.

When she slipped her finger between the wet furrowed lips of her sex, I remembered the comment she had made previously about how happy "Fred" was whenever he swam in all that silkiness.

"Do you... masturbate... very... often?" Trina asked through thick raspy intakes of breath.

"Every fucking day!" my mind screamed with lusty desire. "No, not all that often," I said lying to her for some reason that I could not make sense out of.

"Would you? Now? For me?" she asked, still clipping her questions in breathless inquiry.

When she began circling her tiny clit with one finger while holding her pussy lips apart with her other hand, I knew that the appearance of my erection was only moments away regardless of Trina being my daughters friend, and regardless of the fact that I was old enough to be her father. I heard the sound of my zipper being pulled down, not at all surprised that my prick had already found its way free through the opening in my boxers. It was as anxious as I was to poke its head out.

"You have a nice... hard... cock!" Trina breathed even more heavily as my prick stood as proud before her as it had anyone ever before.

'Thanks," I said feeling silly.

"Stroke it for me," she asked.

I did. It felt good. It felt really good. Especially when I watched as Trina exposed her clit even more fully, pinching it between her fingers.

"I bet you've had a lot of experience haven't you?" she asked.

"At what?" I asked, again sounding stupid as I had, of course. But, it had been a while since I'd actually put any of that experience to task.

"Pleasuring a woman," she responded, her voice sounding like thick honey being poured from a glass.

"At this point Trina, I don't think I'd be any better that some teenage kid having sex for the first time," I openly admitted to her.

That made her smile, but it was a sultry smile that held a promise of wonders that my mind could only begin to imagine.

"I'm still a virgin you know," she told me.

"I know..." I replied without thinking. "Fuck! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!" I berated myself silently.

Her expression changed, and for a moment, there was a look of total surprised etched within her face. I thought silently once again, "Way to go numb-nuts, the parties over now!"

Then Trina grinned again, even bigger this time. "So, you really were listening weren't you?" she asked wickedly.

Damn did I feel stupid. "Yes, I hadn't intended to, but then I heard you asking..."

I couldn't finish the statement. This was awkward enough, including Christy in this conversation was somewhere I didn't want to go. Trina seemed to understand my concern, especially when she didn't pick up by continuing on with that particular train of thought.

"So, you know about..."

"Fred," I interjected. "Yes, it was kind of hard not to, especially when you dropped him on the floor and he started bouncing around."

Briefly, I'd painted a vivid picture of that for both of us, and we both burst out laughing simultaneously.

"It really was funny. Especially when we looked outside the door wondering if you'd heard that and were wondering. But then when we saw you actually standing there, I knew that you had, though Christy swore you'd just reached the top step. When you leaned over and slid the laundry basket towards us however, I saw you were all hunched over as though you were trying to hide something. I guess you really were."

I smiled, nodding my head in agreement.

"I'm glad you're not hiding it now," she said with that same feathery breathlessness she'd been speaking in moments ago.

And I wasn't. My prick was fully revealed to her as I sat across from her slowly palming the head, enjoying the sensation of free-flowing juice that was bubbling from the tip of my prick as though about to begin percolating.

"May I?" she asked.

I didn't know how to respond to that. So I didn't. If I said "yes", then I was crossing some imaginary line drawn in the sand that I wasn't sure I'd ever step back over. If I said "no", then I was probably giving up the one and only opportunity I would ever have in feeling the touch of someone else's hand besides my own. I took the coward's way out, deciding to let fate decide for me.

Luckily for me, fate was as horny as I was.

"Come here, sit by me," fate said, patting the couch next to her.

Sometimes you had to meet fate halfway. Or at least in this case I did. Standing up, I moved to walk towards her.

"Take them off," she said. "I want to see you... see all of you," she added. "After all, you're seeing all of me."

"Ok, that's fair," I thought as I shrugged out of my slacks, though it took a moment to pull my boxers back over my cock before I could pull them down. For a moment, I think it thought I was trying to put it away as it fought wildly with me against that happening.

Trina giggled as I finally, albeit awkwardly pulled my slacks and shorts off.

"Don't forget the socks too please. I couldn't stand it if you were to sit here with your socks on. Too many movies," she added simply.

I couldn't have agreed more, taking them off as well as my shirt. Too late to suck in the gut, and no point in doing so anyway, I couldn't hold it forever like that even if I had. The touch of Trina's hand as it surrounded my cock for the first time chased all thoughts of my physical imperfections away. My entire being was suddenly encompassed within the confines of my hard swollen erection. And that at least, was as firm and as solid as it had ever been!

"I've only sucked a cock once," she told me leaning over.

I didn't know what to say to that either. Like it mattered. As far as my cock was concerned, it hadn't been sucked in so long, I'd forgotten what it even felt like. Then suddenly, everything came swimming back to me in a flood of happy joyous sensations.

Unfortunately, I was that teenage kid again.

"Sorry about that," I said meekly.

Trina sat up with an unexpected surprise still clinging to her lips. "I always wondered what that would be like," she said, thankfully smiling when she did.

I felt like a shit.

"I liked it... only next time, I'd like to do it a bit longer."

Unlike a teenage kid, given fifteen or twenty minutes, she could. Without a word, I slid to the floor between her legs. Trina genuinely seemed surprised at the obvious as I parted her legs with my hands.

"Ah, no one's ever done that to me before," she said with a touch of awe in her voice.

"It won't be the last time," I assured her.

Spreading those wet glistening lips apart with my fingers, I tentatively flicked at the nubbin of her sex with my tongue. Hearing Trina's sigh of unexpected pleasure was the best ego stroking I'd had in a very, very long time. I felt her relax, waited... latching onto her clit, I gently sucked it into my mouth sucking it hard.

She farted.

"Fuck! I'm sorry!"

"Alls fair," I responded. "There's a first time for everything," I added trying to make her feel at ease.

"Oh my god," she cried out embarrassedly.

But then I sucked her clit, licking it once again, and she melted into the couch, her hands digging into my hair winding it through her fingers in tangled heaps that would take me forever to comb out. I could have cared less. Her pussy tasted as sweet as candy, sweeter even, and I found I couldn't get enough of it.

After she had climaxed more times that either of us could count, I rose up, my tongue numb but deliriously so. My face was slick with her essence, my hair was matted with perspiration and the job her fingers had been doing to it. I looked ridicules, but I felt better than I ever had before in my entire life.

"You're hard again," she observed.

"I know."

"You're no teenager," she added grinning.

"No, I'm not," I replied as Trina pushed me back on the couch, positioning herself over my face once again as I felt her sweet mouth encircling my prick.

This time, we both took our time enjoying one another.

Things obviously changed. Whenever Christy was home, we lived worked, and visited together normally. For the most part anyway. I tried very hard to behave myself whenever Christy was around either one of us. It wasn't easy. Especially when Trina took every opportunity possible to tease the shit out of me. If it wasn't for flashing her tits at me whenever Christy had her back turned, or walking up behind me to run her cum covered finger beneath my nose as nonchalantly as she could in passing by, no one would have thought anything was going on between us.

But it was when Christy wasn't home that the two of us acted like wild animals in heat. We couldn't get enough of one another, even if it was the simplest of acts, touches or lingering caresses. It was enough. I had never felt so alive before in my entire life. Trina had made me feel young again, she'd made me feel like I was attractive though I no longer had that boyish physic I once had.

What I came to relish were the mornings when Christy had to get up early and leave for school. The first time that happened, I'd gotten up long after Christy had left. As the bathroom I used was down the hall rather than adjacent to my room, it was fairly easy to hear when I was up and about. As was usually the case, I'd started the shower while I stood in front of the mirror shaving. Finishing that, I climbed in and began soaping myself up. As the bathroom was rather small, it didn't take long for it to become nearly impossible to see anything as the steam rose. I really enjoyed a hot shower. I had just finished shampooing my hair and had stuck it beneath the shower spray to rinse the soap out when I felt a pair of hands suddenly encircle my waist. But they didn't stop there either. In the next instant, they were coaxing my semi-flaccid member to a much stiffer status.

"I take it Christy's gone," I asked unnecessarily.

"Yes, she left about twenty minutes ago," Trina replied, softly stroking my cock from behind. "All squeaky clean are we?" she asked, turning me around, dropping to her knees on the floor of the shower.

"God, you give great head!"

"Thank you," Trina smiled around my prick looking up at me. "I love sucking you off."

"And I love eating your pussy."

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