Sexventures of John and Holly
Part 20: Spring Break 2

Copyright┬ę 2005 by JohnMorrison

Sex Story: Part 20: Spring Break 2 - John and Holly meet as college freshman... sex,sex, and more sex...oh and sometimes they go to class

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The next two days were sort of a blur of alcohol and sex. I honestly cannot remember enough to construct a story. The last day though, I do remember. We had a plane to catch early the next morning, so that night, we had the grand finale of the trip. Stephanie had apparently been planning for this party all trip. She had given out our room number and told a whole lot of people to come that night. She didn't bother to tell us though. The alcohol was still in effect, but not nearly as much as it had been the middle two days.

"Who's coming?" Holly asked Stephanie.

"I invited a couple of people," Steph said.

"Do you know people down here or something?" I asked.

"I met them here," She said.

"So, how many?" Holly asked.

"Well, it depends on how many show up..." Steph said.

"What did you hand out fliers?" I asked.

"Something like that," Steph said. A knock at the door. Steph answered it.

"Stephanie right?" A man asked.

"Yeah... I don't remember your name," Steph replied.

"Mike," He said, stepping in. He was a pretty average guy. Steph directed him to her bed, where they sat, across from Holly and I. Another knock, that Steph went to answer.

"John," I said, extending my hand.

"Holly," Holly introduced herself.

"When you guys leaving?" Mike asked.

"In the morning," I said.

"Everybody, this is Tonya," Steph said, directing Tonya toward Mike. Introductions went around again. Tonya was an average looking girl, kind of like the girl next door type, just pretty average. Seemed nice.

"How big is your cock?" Tonya asked Mike.

"About six inches," He replied.

"You?" Tonya asked me.

"Same," I said.

Steph was greeting at the door, another guy came in. He was a little bit taller than me. His name was Rob, and he sat down next to Tonya.

"How big is your cock?" Tonya asked him.

"I already have him," Steph said from the doorway.

"Around eight inches," Rob said.

"He's being modest," Stephanie said. "What are you guys waiting for, get fucking."

At once, the group of five started stripping. Stephanie stripped right next to the doorway, the door wide open into the hallway of the hotel. Holly and I got into a sixty-nine on our bed. Condoms went around, and Holly put one on me with her mouth. Steph and Rob fucked up against the wall of the room. Tonya and Mike fucked on Steph's bed, and Holly and I started fucking on our bed.

Holly laid on her side, putting one leg straight up in the air. I laid behind her and shoved my cock up her ass, fucking her butt from behind. After a little while, some guy who had just walked in, put his cock in Holly's face, and she started sucking. Apparently the open doorway equaled an open invitation to anyone to come in our room. Several half drunk guys walked in, shoving cocks into the different situations. While I was fucking Holly in the ass, some other guy came up and put his condom covered cock in her pussy, fucking her, while she sucked off some other guy. Pretty much the same male-male-male-female situation was going on in every part of the room.

The sounds of orgasms of guys and girls, juices flowing and jizz splattering was too much to try to keep track of, but there was lots of it going around. Holly came repeatedly while I was in her ass, at least four times before I came deep in her, in the condom. I stepped back from the bed, and one of the guys stepped in and started fucking her ass. I watched the sights, and a couple of guys who had blown their load had left, leaving the girls a little less over matched. My cock was ready to go again in a few minutes and Holly was still being triple-teamed, so I found an opening with Tonya on Stephanie's bed. Tonya was on top of a guy fucking him, and sucking off another guy. I got on my knees behind her, and shoved my slippery cock into her ass. I fucked her hard and fast, and she was going through loops of ecstasy. She came ferociously, I thought she was going to hurt somebody the way she was throwing herself around. She came again while I was in her ass, and she collapsed onto the body below her.

I came out of her ass, in search of another hole. The open door had let a girl in. No introductions were made. She was on her knees, sucking and stroking three guys near the doorway. There was a cute little blond girl on top of some guy on the floor, fucking him. I kneeled down behind her, and a few feet away from the girl blowing three, and positioned behind her. I pushed my cock up to her asshole, but she turned around and told me not to fuck her ass. So I positioned my cock a little lower, against her already getting fucked pussy. She didn't stop me then, and I pushed inside her, double penetrating her wet pussy. I started fucking hard, the other guy was two, and we fucking split her in half. The other guy came, and withdrew, rolling out from under her.

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