Sexventures of John and Holly
Part 9: Pornos

Copyright┬ę 2005 by JohnMorrison

Sex Story: Part 9: Pornos - John and Holly meet as college freshman... sex,sex, and more sex...oh and sometimes they go to class

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We eventually watched the porno. The title screen: Give me an A, an erotic thriller about teachers and their students. We watched it like it was any other movie, sitting on the couch, eating popcorn. The movie fades from black, to a hot female 'teacher', that looked like a porn star. She was wearing a black skirt and blouse, looking somewhat slutty but business like as well. The blonde had huge fake tits. She was sitting grading papers at her desk. The set was quite obviously in someone's house and not at a school, probably in someone's living room. "See that's like in a house or apartment," she said, "we could do that" The teacher went on grading for about a minute, then a tall male 'student' walked into the screen. He looked about the same age as the woman. "They're the same age!" Holly said.

"Mrs. Turner," The man said, deep voice.

"Yes Jake," the woman replied, with a fake business voice, that said your wasting my time.

"I need to know what I can do to get that A," he said.

"Well Jake you'rejust not cutting it, I don't know what you can do," She said.

"Please I need to get an A or I lose my football scholarship," He said.

"Intriguing storyline, dumb jock lonely teacher," I said.

"I'll do anything!" he said.

"Anything?" she asked.

"Wow that turned to sex pretty quickly," I said.

"Yeah it did, but then again, so did we," Holly winked at me.

"Strip," Mrs. Turner said.

The man said, "Oh you want to see this," grabbing his crotch. The 'teacher' walked around to the front of her desk, leaning back onto it, with 'Jake' in front of her.

"Pull it out big man," she said. The guy pulled his jeans off and whipped out his cock. He was hung, about eight inch cock, hanging between his legs. Then there was a great shot, the camera zoomed in on her face, from behind the guy between his legs. She was licking her lips. The teacher kneeled down and started giving the guy head.

"I thought he was going to do something for her?" Holly said.

"He is, she needs cock, don't women just need big cocks?" I asked her sarcastically.

"I enjoy giving you head, because I love to please you, and you do the same for me, but she barely knows this guy and she's sucking him off like she worships his cock as her god or something," Holly said.

"Suck me bitch," the man said in the background.

"Well this is porn, that's how it works, most people don't want to see sensual, they want fucking, and most of the people are guys so they want fucking horny girls, girls that just need cock," I said.

"Are there really girls like that?" she asked me.

"Well I would think that you are close to that, we have so much sex, but I think there are girls that just sleep with anyone they want, I think they're called nymphomaniacs," I said.

"There's really girls like that?" she asked incredulously, as the duo on screen had gone to fucking on her desk.

"Well I'm not sure, I think there probably are, but it might just be a porn myth, since every porno seems to have one," I said. We both turned back to the movie, the girl was bent over her desk taking it in the ass now, she was screaming.

"What? She isn't cumming already?" Holly said.

"It's porn she's faking it, she'll fake it a few times," I said.

"Do you think I look good enough to be a pornstar?" Holly asked me.

"Holly you're hotter than that fake slut, fake tits, probably plastic surgery too," I said. Then came the cumshot, where he blasted her face. "Hey yours are bigger than that!" Holly said "Maybe you could be a pornstar."

"Holly, I think you're right. You are one lucky woman to have me," I said laughing.

The movie moved on to a male teacher, and two female students, sitting in their chairs, presumably after class. They have the same kind of conversation, resulting in the girls performing a tag team blowjob and cumswapping. "This seems kind of familiar too," Holly said. The movie then went on to a hot Female teacher, and her two female students, again they talked about grades, and then they went into a lesbian threesome. "This just got very interesting," Holly said excited. I moved over, kissing her, and rolled onto our sides, on the couch making out. We laid there kissing, and exploring our clothed bodies, and watching the show of tits and pussies. The scene lasted longer than the others before giving way to the final scene. This scene was an older female teacher and three male students, the dialog didn't really matter. It of course ended up in a gangbang. The woman would straddle one, moving up and down while sucking another and stroking the remaining cock. "This is getting me horny," Holly said.

"Why, do you want to fuck three guys at once?" I asked.

"Would you want to fuck three girls at once?" she responded, putting the situation into perspective. We laid there as the movie finished, Holly went into the bedroom, to work on her homework.

I got on the internet and went to a porn site. I found one that seemed classy, comparatively. This site was called The Sex Palace, they had the standard kind of movies, and they had a section of amateur porn, movies couples send them. I e-mailed the webmaster, asking him if submissions received monetary compensation. I did this on a whim, from the discussion earlier, not thinking anything of it. I went into the bedroom, Holly was studying, she had to find time to keep up, with all her classes, her job, and with, well fucking me. I sat down at the end of the bed, her books laid out in front of her. "I need to study, we can't fuck right now," Holly said.

"But we just watched a porno I need to do something about this," pointing at the tent in my pants.

"Go see Stephanie, she'll fuck you," Holly said.

"Are you serious?" I asked her.

"She could use it, she plays the part of an experienced girl that needs nothing from nobody, but she's really not."

"You want me to just go to your dorm room, and fuck your roommate."

"If you're really that horny, I need to study."

"You did this on purpose didn't you. Yeah, this is a grand conspiracy to get me to fuck Stephanie."

"Yes John, I sit around thinking of great schemes to get my boyfriend laid," She said sarcastically.

"I bet it was hard to do, you are dieing to fuck right now. You don't care at all if I fuck other girls?" I asked.

"I love you John, and I know that you love me, if you fuck some other girl it doesn't change any of that. And you caught me, I am dieing to fuck you right now, but I won't because I have to really study. Now get on stud, somewhere there is a girl waiting for some cock," She said.

I stepped out of the stairwell, and onto Holly's floor. I am not sure what my intentions were, I don't think I was going to fuck Stephanie, but just hang out and talk, I am not sure. It doesn't matter. Halfway down the hall, a drunk girl was walking towards me, she was walking erratically, she bumped into me, and knocked me against a door, with a thud. The girl kept on walking, I stopped and looked back as she stumbled down the hall. Suddenly the door opened behind me, and an arm pulled me inside quickly. I turned around and the girl closed the door, locking it.

"uhh Hello," I said.

"You're early," she said. The girl was about five eight, my height. She had curly brown short hair, and green eyes. She had small tits, and a completely shaven pussy, something Holly didn't ever do. This girl was completely naked, and aroused judging by the stiffness of her nipples, and the glistening of her pussy.

"Who do you think," she cut me off by attacking my mouth with her tongue. She jumped onto me, wrapping her legs around me, and holding herself up with her arms, aggressively kissing and licking my mouth. After only a few seconds, she pulled back.

"What the fuck are you waiting for?" she said. She released her grip on my body standing in front of me now.

"But I'm not who," she cut me off again.

"Fuck me now damnit!" she almost screamed. I don't know who she thought I was, but now I didn't care. I pulled off my shirt, and she immediately went for my pants. My clothes were soon in a pile on the floor.

"You didn't bring one did you," she asked me getting mad, "haaa," she breathed, walking to her dresser pulling out a condom, throwing it at me. I hadn't used a condom but a few times with Holly; but she had been on the pill for some time now, but it was smart to be safe with this girl, I had only ever had sex with two girls, head from a few, but now I was going to fuck a girl I didn't know, it was smart to be safe. I put the love glove on my stiffening cock. The girl who hadn't told me her name yet, jumped onto me again, wrapping her legs around me, our naked bodies together, I held her with my arms. She managed to shove my cock into her dripping pussy, and she started fucking me, hanging in the air, holding herself up.

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