Sexventures of John and Holly
Part 8: Dorm Showers

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Sex Story: Part 8: Dorm Showers - John and Holly meet as college freshman... sex,sex, and more sex...oh and sometimes they go to class

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I woke up, Holly and I in a heap together, on her bed in her dorm. I could taste her juices in my mouth, but I can't remember what happened last night. Her bed is considerably smaller than mine, so I don't sleep here with her, but whatever we did last nite, I ended up with her in her bed. I laid there looking at the ceiling, Holly was still asleep. Holly still had a shirt and jeans on, I had boxers and a shirt on. I looked over to Stephanie's bed. I could see two girls in there. I think it was Stephanie and the redhead. I tried to lay there and not disturb Holly for a while, but she woke up. "What did we do last nite?" I asked her.

"I taste cum," she said.

"I taste your pussy," I said.

"Must have been good whatever it was," she said smiling at me. I needed a shower, and Holly said "I need a shower."

"Me too," I said.

"Follow me," she said. She led me by the hand, to the floor community shower. She peeked inside and saw that it was empty, and led me inside.

The shower was about ten feet wide and twenty feet long, one big room, tiled floor, and shower heads lining the walls, and drains on the floor. I followed her to he far wall. She stripped naked, hanging her clothes on a rack, I followed suit. We both turned on shower heads and started to cleanse ourselves. We had a mutual shower, where I washed her and she washed me. I think you get very clean when you have someone that wants to feel you washing you. I know she was squeaky clean. I paid special attention to her tits, and her nipples responded. The hot water started to steam up the room. "Are you sure I am allowed to be in here?" I asked her.

"Ohh yeah don't worry about it," She reassured me. She was soaping up my cock and playfully stroking me, as I was petting her breasts. I pushed her against the tile wall. I knelt down between her legs, feeling her smooth legs, and her wonderfully round ass. I started to lick her clit, just gentle, this wasn't a fuck session, just some pleasure. We didn't always do things till we came, it was perfectly fine for her to give me head and then I give her head and neither of us cum, it's very sensual.

After a few minutes of performing oral on her, she pulled me up to passionately kiss me, her juices flowing through our mouths. "I love you so much baby," I said. She turned me around, to lean against the wall, she knelt down and gave me slow sweet head. She soaped up on of her fingers and pushed it just a little bit up my ass. It was slightly uncomfortable, but it felt good. "Stephanie teach you that?" I asked her.

"Ya," she responded, taking her mouth off my cock. I could feel her hot breath on me. Holly's back was to the shower entrance, and I was facing it. Stephanie and the redhead strolled in, with tangled mess of hair, and they were hand in hand, as Holly and I had been. They went to a shower in the middle of the room. Holly didn't know they had entered, until they turned on their shower heads. She suddenly pulled off my throbbing hot cock, and stood up, like she had just been caught. She turned around her tits hanging off her chest, twisting with her body, swaying. She saw it was Stephanie and the Redhead. "Ohh its only Steph and Rachel" she said relieved.

Those two were teasing me, looking at me as they licked each other, tongues together, tongue to nipple, etc. Rachel dropped to her knees and started giving head to Stephanie. Holly and I were enjoying the show. "Are they a couple?" I asked Holly.

"I'm not sure," she replied. "Oh fuck," Holly said. "What?"

"We forgot to get towels," she said. "We can't get dressed wet either," she said. Having finished our cleansing experience, "Oh well lets just walk back naked," she said. I wondered if she had done that on purpose, she was always pushing the envelope. I was game, we walked hand in hand out of the shower into the hallway. It was a good thirty yards to her dorm. We walked naked, I kept looking over, loving the way her breasts swayed and bounced and jiggled as she stepped. It was an all girls floor, so for her this was no big deal. And anytime a guy has a good reason to walk naked through a woman's building is a good thing. We got some stares, and smiles. Just four doors from her dorm one of the blondes from before, the five foot tall girl stopped us.

"Hey Holly," she said.

"Hi Jenny," Holly said.

"Hi John," Jenny said, looking right at my semi hard cock.

"I think he wants some attention," Jenny said.

"Really?... hmmm," Holly said, giving me a funny look.

There were the three of us, and about four or five girls down the hall behind us, and two or three in front of us, just hanging around. Holly pushed me against the wall. She whispered in my ear, "want me to suck you off in front of all these girls?" I just looked at her, and she knew the answer. She dropped to her knees. Holly started deepthroating me, and kept it up. Jenny just stood there staring. A few girls from down the hall had noticed and walked over to watch. After a minute there were six or seven girls standing in a circle around me and Holly, Watching her deepthroat my cock. They were amazed when she jammed my cock all the way down my throat and licked my balls. I wasn't going to last much longer so I pulled her up, turned her around, bent her over and just started fucking the shit out of her pussy as fast and vigorously as I could. I held on to her by her tits, flopping about in my hands.

Some of the girls had started making out with each other. Jenny got down on her knees right next to the cock pussy pounding duo, and was watching us work. I could tell Holly was close her pussy was contracting on my cock. Her moans became audibly louder, and faster. Soon her moans were nearly squeaks of passion her noises were so high pitched. I knew I was going to blow soon, so I tried my best to hold off until Holly came. "Ohhhh John im Commming!!!" she screamed, her pussy sucked on my cock. I knew that Jenny had been very interested in my cum load the other day, and now she was sitting right next to me, she was wearing a t-shirt with the university name on it and tight blue jeans. Her small breasts were braless poking out. I made a decision, I don't really know why. I pulled out of Holly's orgasming pussy, turned a little to my right and jizzed all over the face of little Jenny. It splattered off her forehead, into her hair, down her cheeks and down her neck. She was very surprised. Some of the girls got a kick out of it and were laughing. Holly turned around and got on her knees sucking the remaining juices from my cock. Then she turned to Jenny, who was sitting there, covered in spunk, and violently pushed her back to the ground, licking all over her, getting the jizz, making out.

This site had my cock getting hard again already. So I got behind Holly who had her ass somewhat in the air, face on Jenny's. I started to fuck Holly doggystyle. Slowly at first getting my cock back to full attention. Then I went wild, going as fast as I could manage, her ass was red and sore. Her nipples were being tweaked by Jenny. Our crowd had grown. Holly had another orgasm much sooner than I had anticipated. I knew it would take a lot to make me come again, so I picked her up and took her back to her room. The crowd stayed standing around Jenny, who was now spunk and saliva covered on the ground. I could hear Stephanie back in the group, "Let's all lick her clean." I turned back and saw that Stephanie was starting a makeout session with jenny on the floor.

Back in the privacy of her room, we dried off, and got dressed. Holly in a tight black skirt, and no panties, and a white t-shirt that was almost see through, no bra underneath. "That was amazing," she said.

"You like being watched don't you?" I asked her.

"It was exhilarating, seeing all those people watch me suck your cock, and you fucking me."

"It was hot," I said.

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