Friends and Benefits
Chapter 12

Copyright© 2005 by Big Ed Magusson

Sex Story: Chapter 12 - I told her "It's a long, complicated story about friends with benefits. Or without benefits. Or... I don't know. Friends and benefits." It was the story of my mid-twenties and sorting out my confusion about women, love, and sex. But it was only in telling my story to a non-traditional "therapist" that I really found the answers and learned about the varied forms that love can take. Note slow code.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Light Bond   Group Sex   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Sex Toys   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Slow   School  

I awoke, stiff with no circulation in my right arm. Of course. It was still trapped under Tina's sleeping form. I slowly extracted it, managing not to wake her, and sat up. I looked around while I massaged some circulation back into my arm.

The clock on the VCR said it was four in the morning. The TV was off. Tina must have turned it off, because I hadn't. I couldn't even remember the end of the second movie.

Tina slumbered on, looking peaceful. She'd also pulled a blanket off the bed to cover us, but I knew she was as naked underneath as I was. I tucked the blanket back around her as I slipped out to go to the bathroom. I paused when I returned. Tina looked too serene to disturb.

Instead, I sank into one of the chairs at the kitchen table and just watched her for a while. Beautiful, cheerful, enthusiastic. What had I done to deserve her?

"You don't know?" Sherri asked.

"No, I really don't," I answered.

Sherri scowled at me.

"I've never been very good at understanding what women see in me," I stated.

"And they haven't told you?"

"They have," I said. "Including Tina. But it feels like they're talking about some other person, not me."

"Surely some of their compliments make sense."

"They do," I admitted, "at the time. But not all the time."

"That's because you're inconsistent," Sherri stated emphatically. "Sometimes you're this strong, charming, decisive guy and sometimes you're not."

"I'm not sure I'm ever decisive," I grumbled. "More Hamlet, always over-thinking things."

"That is your weakest area," Sherri said. That stung and Sherri saw me recoil. She reached over and took my hand. "And that's something we're going to work on."

"How?" I asked.

"As the opportunities arise," Sherri said.

"And what do those opportunities look like?"

"We'll know them when we see them."

"Right," I said. I crossed my arms and looked at Sherri. She didn't say anything, but just met my gaze, not blinking. After a few moments, I looked away.

"Okay," I finally said. "We'll see what opportunities arise."

Sherri squeezed my hand. "Opportunities to be decisive arise all the time. All we're going to do is work on helping you recognize them so you can seize them."

"Carpe diem," I muttered.

"Exactly," Sherri replied. "And it's not that you don't know what it's like. You asked Tina out, after all."

"True," I admitted. "And that wasn't the only time I seized the moment. At least in a little way."

Sherri just raised an eyebrow and waited.

"Well, that night after watching Tina sleep for a while, I got drowsy again myself. Tina was on her side so I cuddled up against her..."

The next thing I knew it was morning. I had to blink a few times as I opened my eyes, since the room was so bright. Tina had snuggled into my side and as I turned, she opened her eyes.

"Good morning," I said.

Tina gave me a bleary smile.

"Sorry I fell asleep."

"S'okay," she mumbled. "I did, too."

I put my arm around Tina and held her as we both continued to hatch.

The room slowly got brighter and warmer. I became more restless as I awoke. Fortunately, Tina was stirring more as well.

"So what now?" I asked when our eyes met.

"I need to go to work at noon," she answered. "After I get breakfast and a shower."

"How about if I treat at The Bluebird Café?"

Tina smiled.

"You did say it was good."

"It is," she said.

"As for a shower..." Inspiration hit. I decided to go for it. " ... let's shower together," I finished.

Tina raised her head and looked at me questioningly.

"Hot water, cascading over our bodies," I suggested. "Washing each other's backs."

"Somehow I don't think we'll stop at backs," Tina teased.

"Probably not," I agreed with a grin.

"Well then, what are we waiting for?"

We scrambled to our feet and, after we'd both had a turn at the toilet, I got the water started. I adjusted the knobs to my usual setting and then paused. I motioned Tina over.

"Is this too hot?" I asked.

She stuck her hand under the spray for a few seconds.

"A little," she said.

I dutifully turned it down two notches and Tina stuck her hand in again. She nodded and then we both climbed in.

I gave Tina the chance to get wet first, turning and twirling her hair under the drops. Then I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her in, her wet skin almost clammy against mine still dry. We kissed and slowly shuffled in a circle until she was out of the shower spray and I was underneath. Tina shrieked when I ducked out of the way suddenly and the spray caught her full in the face. A quick deep kiss and all was forgiven.

I grabbed the bar of soap first and Tina just rolled her eyes as I insisted on lathering her up. I started with her arms and legs before moving to more interesting areas. Tina rinsed off each spot shortly after I'd given it a playful scrubbing. I did manage to get to her back and shoulders after making sure her breasts were squeaky clean. I even dropped to my knees to make sure her thighs and mound had gotten a little attention.

When I returned to my feet, Tina put her arms around my neck and pulled me in for a kiss. Our tongues dueled and then I trailed kisses over her neck and behind her ears, feeling the water cascading on the top of my head. That gave me an idea.

"Turn around," I murmured in Tina's ear.

She pulled back and looked at me, confused, but I was able to steer her around. Facing the faucet, the hot water hit just above her breasts and cascaded in rivulets down her front. I nestled up behind her and wrapped my arms around her, kissing and nuzzling her neck. Tina gave a small giggle when one kiss tickled.

"Touch yourself," I said.

When she hesitated, I placed one of my hands on top of hers and guided it south. My other hand cupped her breast and began gently caressing it. Tina let out a small whimper.

Her fingers had apparently now found their mark, for Tina slouched forward a little. I brought my other hand and found her other breast. If I turned my palm slightly, some of the water would pool between my hand and her skin. I continued kissing behind her ears and nuzzling her neck. Tina began making small mewling sounds.

I could tell from Tina's breathing that she was slowly getting more aroused. It was contagious. I continued to caress Tina's breasts and kiss her as my erection grew. It bumped against Tina's thighs a couple of times before I decided I needed to make an adjustment.

"Keep going," I murmured into Tina's ears as I let go of her breasts.

She nodded as her fingers kept playing. I quickly moved my erection up so that it nestled between her ass and my torso. I then reached back around to grasp her breasts again. That pushed my hard cock firmly into her soft backside.

Tina gasped. I shifted my weight a little, but the height difference was too much for me to rub my shaft against anything other than the top of her buttocks. Apparently that was enough, or it didn't matter anyway. Tina stiffened and let out a long moan. I tightened my grip on her as she slumped, her legs going rubbery with her orgasm.

Tina stood fairly quickly and I spun her around and kissed her.

"I thought you might like showering together," I teased.

She just grinned and kissed me again. Meanwhile, her hand found my shaft and she began stroking it.

"My turn to wash you," Tina teased back.

I grunted assent and she reached for the soap.

Tina took her time running her hands over my body, mimicking what I'd done with her. She moved very slowly. Almost too slowly. My mind started to drift, wondering how Sharon and Allen had managed intercourse in the shower. Their height difference wasn't as significant as it was with me and Tina, but still ... Perhaps leaning against the wall? The rim of the tub made that impossible here.

My mind was brought back to the present moment when Tina slipped my cock into her mouth. She was kneeling on the tub floor, looking up at me. I smiled down and put my hands of the back of her head, gently running my fingers through her hair. She began bobbing up and down on my cock. Once again, it felt good, but I knew within a minute or two that I wasn't going to come. I moved my hands to Tina's shoulders, and getting the hint, she let my shaft slide from her lips.

"I want to come on your breasts," I said.

"Oh? Okay."

"Cup them together right under my cock," I suggested.

Tina did so, holding her breasts only an inch or two from the tip of my shaft. I began stroking myself.

I closed my eyes and imagined being able to plunge my shaft into her pussy from behind under the pouring water. My mind flitted to imagining Sharon being fucked the same way in the same position by Allen. Maybe both couples side by side ... I could watch Sharon's face while she came and then Tina's. The two women, nude, side by side... with a gasp, I started spurting. I opened my eyes and watched my semen hit Tina's skin, but the water too quickly washed it away. Tina was still smiling up at me.

When I'd caught my breath, I helped her to her feet. We finished washing and I left Tina to do her hair while I went to find my spare towel in the closet. In a short while, we were both dried, dressed, and on our way to brunch.

After we'd ordered and the waitress had left, Tina fell silent for a moment, looking down in her lap. I leaned forward and waited. After a moment, she looked up and gave a small smile, but the far away look was in her eyes.

"I was surprised when I felt your, felt you against me in the shower."

"Was that okay?"

"Oh, yes. It was just a surprise."

"A pleasant one, I hope." I smiled, but started to feel a little nervous.

Tina paused.

"It was ... but it was mostly just new."

"Well, you said you wanted to explore," I pointed out. "We can always back off."

"No ... definitely no." Tina's voice had a firm edge with her last word.

I smiled, but kept waiting.

"After the surprise wore off," Tina continued, "I was starting to imagine what it would be like if I were a little taller."

"That's what I was thinking of, too. A few minutes later." I waggled my eyebrows so Tina would understand but the waitress passing by wouldn't catch on.

Tina almost blushed but didn't quite, being more amused than embarrassed.

"So, if we..." I let the topic die on my lips. I was scared to finish it. Would Tina think I was just another pushy guy because I wanted to fuck her soon?

Tina didn't say anything. She looked over to where some other patrons had come in. I let my eyes follow hers and turned to get a better view. The patrons were boisterous, but I didn't recognize them, even after studying them for a bit.

"So, do you want to pick the menu for Tuesday?" Tina asked when I'd turned back to her.


The conversation moved on to food and what might or might not be in my capabilities. I talked about getting started on the cooking early so we wouldn't have to wait so long. That led to a discussion of schedules and homework loads. When the food came, we both enjoyed it and then all too soon I had to get Tina back to her dorm so she could change for work.

Sharon called late that Saturday afternoon.

"So how did it go?" she asked as soon as we'd both said hello.


"Your movie night with Tina."

"It was fine," I answered. "We both fell asleep during the second movie, but otherwise we had a good time."

"Fell asleep? So Tina spent the night?"

"She did," I answered. "Good thing I have soft carpet."

"You need a bigger bed."

"Well, if it would fit in my apartment, I'd get one."

"You should get a bigger place," she pushed.

I gave an exasperated sigh.

"There's no point in looking for another apartment in Tucson if I'm trying to leave. I'll just have to move again in a few months."

"Suit yourself," Sharon replied. "I just know that it was worth it for me when I moved off campus."

"You moved off campus so you could have a bigger bed?"


I paused and played through the timeline of Sharon's move in my head. She'd had maybe a month in her apartment before Allen dumped her. And she hadn't had any overnight guests since then. Except me, of course, at New Year's.

"Well," I said, "I'll make sure I get a big enough place next time."

"Good," Sharon said. "So how did it, you know, go?"

"It went fine. You'll be pleased to know that we've broken in the shower now."

"You moved that fast?"

"Oh, no," I said. "No, we haven't had intercourse yet. We just fooled around under the water."

"That can be nice."

"It was," I replied, "but it was more awkward than I expected. Our height difference got in the way."

"Mmm. That wasn't a problem for Allen and me. I imagine you and Tina will have to use the bed more."

"If and when we get that far," I replied. "She's a virgin, you know."

"Well, is she ready for that to change?"

"I think so," I replied. "She hinted at it."

"Hinted? You didn't talk about it?"

"She didn't bring it up."

"Well, why didn't you ask when she hinted?"

"I don't know," I answered. That was a definite oversight.

"Well ... do you want some advice for her first time?"

"Sure," I conceded. I didn't really feel like getting advice, but I knew Sharon was going to give it to me regardless.

"First, check with her that she really wants you to be her first, but don't argue with her. It's infuriating to have a guy continually question you when you've decided what you want."

"Okay..." When had a guy questioned Sharon?

"And try to make it special," Sharon continued. "Go out and make it a romantic night. Not just a tumble on the carpet after a movie."

"That I agree with," I said. "Valentine's Day is coming up..."

"It is," Sharon said. "And Joe, get a room. You need a bed big enough to cuddle in afterward."


"And let her be on top," Sharon said. "She can control the speed and depth better."

"True," I agreed. "You know, you're giving a lot of advice."

"I want Tina's first time to be better than mine was."

"I can pretty much guarantee that," I said.

"Well, if you're going to do Valentine's Day, you'd better get planning that soon," Sharon said. "It's only a few weeks away."

"I know," I agreed. In reality, I hadn't even thought that far ahead. But that didn't change the fact that Sharon was right.

We finished the call by talking about Sharon's life, which was pretty much the same as the last time we'd talked. When we hung up, I realized that the coming Tuesday was the best time to talk to Tina. Get it out of the way before we had another incident like the one in the shower and we both got carried away. While I didn't want Tina to experience something like Sharon's first time, I also didn't want her to experience something like my own casual accidental loss of virginity.

I spent too much of the next few days wondering how I'd raise the idea of Valentine's Day with Tina. I planned out a dozen different conversations in my head, trying to anticipate all of Tina's questions and concerns. I was most nervous about how to raise the topic without sounding pushy or like a dirty old man.

Tina walked in while I was chopping vegetables for the stir fry recipe I'd picked out. She sighed in relief and dropped her books and then snuck a quick kiss before settling into the chair on the other side of the table.

"How are you doing?" I asked.

"Fine. I went to Planned Parenthood this afternoon. I got a prescription for the Pill," Tina said, fairly matter-of-fact.

My breath caught. I took a final chop and then set the knife down. I met Tina's eyes.

"So you're ready to go all the way?" I asked.

Tina hesitated a moment and then nodded.

"And you want me to be your first."

"I'm ready," she said, "and you've been absolutely great so far, particularly in not pushing me."

"It didn't take much."

"I don't know about that," Tina replied. "Marcy was impressed with how much you've been a gentleman."

"Oh, so you've been talking to Marcy?"

"Quite a bit," Tina answered. "That was a good suggestion."

I just smiled.

Tina took a breath. "So I think I'm ready to take things to the next level."

I gave her a small smile and nodded.

"Well, let's talk about it a little more, then," I suggested. "We want it to be a really good experience for you, so how about if we plan something special?"

Tina let out her breath and leaned back in her chair.

"So what if we do something on Valentine's Day?" I continued. "It's in a few weeks. We can get a hotel room, go out fancy for dinner, and make it really romantic."

"I'd like that," Tina said, smiling.

"Great! Also, I think we should use condoms as well as the Pill."

"You don't mind?" Tina asked, her eyebrows raised.

"The Pill's not perfect and neither of us could handle it right now if you got pregnant," I said.

Tina nodded. "My father would kill me," she muttered.

"Well, we wouldn't want that to happen," I joked. "So I don't mind a little loss of sensitivity in exchange for the peace of mind."

"I'm glad to hear that. You're really a great guy, Joe."

Tina's compliment caused me to blush a little.

"I don't know about that," I said. "I just want it to be good."

"I'm sure it will be."

We just smiled at each other, but then Tina's eyes fell on the vegetables. I realized we still had dinner to fix and got back into the preparations. Tina helped, making sure I didn't get impatient while the pan was heating up. The meal turned out quite well.

After dinner, we both studied for quite some time. By the time we put the books down, it was later than it had been the week before. We spent an hour just kissing before I drove Tina home.

I talked to Sharon on what was becoming our regular phone call night that Wednesday. She was thrilled that Tina was ready and repeated a bunch of the advice she'd given me the previous Saturday. The one new suggestion was to start checking the newspapers for Valentine's Weekend specials at the hotels.

I was able to find such a special. The Tucson Hilton had rooms for Valentine's Weekend for a very reasonable rate, particularly if we had dinner in the hotel restaurant. Since Valentine's Day fell on a Friday, I made the reservations for that night. Besides allowing Tina to work her usual Saturday shift, it would be a more memorable date.

The next three weeks flew by. School was tougher than it had been before, with me spending more time doing research. Sharon and I still talked twice a week, usually on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Tina came over on Tuesdays for cooking lessons and studying and Fridays for movie night. Each time, we ended up fooling around afterwards. Usually, after a fair amount of kissing and fondling, I'd go down on her and bring her to two or three orgasms. Then she'd try to return the favor. While she was getting better, I still wasn't able to climax from her blowjobs. I'd instead come either between her breasts or with my own hand while she watched.

The one major change was that Tina started bringing an overnight bag on Fridays. I started leaving the air mattress permanently blown up, propped against a wall in the bedroom, where it blocked a window, unfortunately. I decided that was a small price to pay for not having to inflate it again every week. Additionally, it encouraged Tina to stay because she slept better than she had the first night on the floor.

The really nice thing about Tina staying, though, was the following morning. We'd slowly hatch in the sun together, fool around, and have a shower. We started eating breakfast in more often to save the money, but that just meant I could enjoy my coffee while looking at a naked woman. It was definitely worth losing a window in the bedroom.

Finally Valentine's Day arrived. I stopped by the Hilton as soon as they allowed check-in and picked up the key for a room with a king-sized bed. Then I dropped off my own overnight bag in the room itself and put some fresh flowers on the top of the dresser. I'd also brought some bubble bath, though I doubted we'd get around to using it. Condoms discreetly went on the nightstand along with a small bottle of lubricant just in case. I walked around and looked at the bed from a dozen different angles and made sure everything looked fine. Then I walked back down to the restaurant and confirmed my dinner reservation and asked for a table near the windows. Admittedly, it wasn't much of a view, but I figured it was nicer than being by the salad bar. Finally, I dashed home to freshen up and change.

My one suit came out of the closet after my shower. Since I sucked at ironing, I'd taken it to a cleaners the previous week to get it pressed. After putting it on, I checked myself in the mirror. My mother would be proud. I no longer looked like a disheveled graduate student, but like a young professional headed out for an elegant night. I tucked some breath mints into one pocket and checked my watch. I had five minutes to spare before I needed to leave, but I decided those five minutes were better spent in the parking lot of Tina's dorm, just in case something went wrong on the way.

Tina looked fantastic. She was in a knee-length black skirt, a fancy blouse with a light jacket, hose, and heels. She'd also put a wave in her long hair, making it cascade differently.

"Mmmm," I said as I swept her up into my arms for a welcome kiss. "You look delicious."

"I hope so," Tina replied with a small chuckle.

I grabbed her bag and extended my other arm to Tina. She took it and I walked her out to the parking lot.

"You washed it!" she exclaimed when she saw the car.

"And vacuumed," I added while I held the door open for her. "I wanted all the details to be perfect for today."

"I'm sure they will be," Tina said with a smile.

We were a few minutes early to the hotel, so I decided we'd drop Tina's bag off before dinner. She oohed and ahhed over the flowers in the room and just grinned when she saw the condoms. We kissed a few more times before heading down to the restaurant.

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