by Iremoan

Copyright┬ę 2005 by Iremoan

Incest Sex Story: This is a story about the night my Daddy raped me.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Rape   Heterosexual   Incest   Father   Daughter   BDSM   Rough   Anal Sex   Fisting   Sex Toys   Pregnancy   BBW   .


I was sitting in the recliner in my bedroom with my laptop in front of me, working on my website. I was wearing a short nightgown that didn't really cover my plain cotton panties. The scoop neck of the nightgown enhanced, rather than covered my considerable bosom.

My father came into my room. He is a tall man, a little over six feet and well built. He was only wearing a pair of briefs. As soon as I looked up, I turned red because I could see that my father had a hard-on.

"Daddy, get out of my room. I'm trying to work."

"I don't care what you're doing, you little slut. Turn that computer off and come over here to the bed."

"No Daddy. I need to finish this page before I go to bed."

My father crossed the room and tore the computer away from me and threw it against the wall. "You'll do as I say or next time that will be you." He grabbed me and pulled me out of the chair and tossed me on the bed.

He grabbed the neck of my nightgown above my breasts and tore it down the middle. He grabbed the front of my panties and ripped them right off of me. The sudden exposure to cold air made my nipples tighten into wrinkled buds the size of pencils erasers. My father seized my tightened nipples and squeezed them and twisted them until I screamed out loud. Then he turned is attention to my pussy. I saw his hand reaching toward my crotch.

"Daddy, stop! Please, Daddy, don't touch me there!"

"Shut up you little whore! You let every other man in town stick his fingers in your slutty cunt, now it's my turn." He pushed one finger into my tight hole and found it dry and unyielding. He brought his fingers to his mouth and sucked on them. When he pulled them out, they were slimy and dripping with his spit. He put his hand in my crotch again, this time shoving all four fingers into my cunt at once. He spit on his hand and pushed, trying to put his entire hand inside me.

He must have decided that my cunt needed to be stretched out more because he pulled his fingers out and tied me to the bedposts while he left the room. He came back with a long, metal flashlight and a plastic toilet plunger with a long handle that ended with a wide head. He also had a couple of condoms. He put the condoms on the flashlight and the plunger handle.

He forced the flashlight into me without any sort of lubrication. I could feel the skin around my cunt bruising and tearing. I opened my mouth to scream and my father shoved his long, thick cock in until I gagged. I tried to bite him, but he only pushed harder, both with his cock and the flashlight.

"If you try to bite me again, I'll knock all your teeth out, you fucking whore."

Soon my father started panting and shoving his cock further into my mouth. When he came in a sudden burst, I started choking because he was so deep in my throat that I couldn't swallow. He pulled his now-limp cock out of my mouth and then ripped the flashlight out of my aching hole. I thought that he was done, but it turns out he was only just beginning.

He lowered his mouth to my crotch and began to suck my clit and lick my hole. Every time his tongue touched the bruised and torn area around my hole, I whimpered.

As he pulled himself up on the bed, he pressed himself against me and I knew that he was ready to go again. He pushed his cock into my hole and I screamed. He pushed in and pulled out and pushed in and pulled out. Every time he moved, the friction made me cry out. There were tears rolling down my face and I was pleading with him to stop. He increased his speed and began grunting with the effort of the sex. His rhythm and breathing became ragged and he suddenly shoved himself all the way to the hilt so his balls were pressed against my ass and came in one long stream.

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