Path of the Blue Spirit
Chapter 1

Copyright┬ę 2005 by hammingbyrd7

Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Two teenage student geologists discover a new world

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Time Travel   Humor   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Lactation   Pregnancy   School  


Mark was the second climber to reach the ledge on the way out of the old abandoned silver mine. He turned and looked down at Kara who was on the rope right behind him. "Can I give you a hand?"

"Get the hell out of my way!"

Mark mouthed a soft "Oh" in surprise but was otherwise too startled to answer. He walked to his left along the ledge and joined his friend Dennis. Kara gracefully vaulted onto the ledge in seconds and walked to the right to wait for the rest of the class to finish the climb. Judging by the inexperience of the rest of the class, Mark guessed the wait might be a while.

"I see you finally met I.B." Dennis whispered with a smile.


"As in ibuprofen. It's the nickname for the Ice Bitch who just showed you her classic cold shoulder."

"The Ice Bitch? Dennis, that's unkind! She was a bit rude, but that's no reason to demean her."

"Mark, you have a very forgiving personality, but let me tell you, you're wrong on this one. I admit, anyone can have a rude moment, but Kara a.k.a. the Ice Bitch is like this all the time, or worse. You're only a freshman. You haven't gone to classes with her for a full year like the rest of us sophomores. She got the nickname in the fall last year by unanimous vote, and most of the guys now think the "I" stands for irate. See, I was being nice to still use the word ice."

"Oh yes Dennis, a touching display of compassion!"

"I'm serious, Mark my lad. I've known her for a full year, and I can't think of a single nice thing to say about her."

"That's because you're not trying. I'll prove it to you. Here, you like money, right?" Mark reached into his backpack and pulled out some loose dollar bills. "I'll give you a dollar for each compliment you can say about Kara. They have be honest compliments, genuine thoughts only. What do you say?"



"Well, let's see... Uh, she doesn't talk too much!" Dennis smiled and held out his hand for his first dollar.

Mark slowly pulled a dollar from his wad, but frowned and didn't hand it over. "I know you're trying Dennis, but that's not exactly a true compliment. Try to do better."

"Humph. Well... She's the best climber in the class, first rate, graceful and proficient. Wait! I take that first part back. You might give her some serious competition for best in class honors. Does that mean I lose this dollar too?"

"Huh? Oh no. Here. That was a true compliment. And you're right; I've been watching Kara too. I think we're both expert climbers. I've been caving since I was 5 years old. I practically lived my summers in caves as a child. I wonder how Kara got so good..."

"Ah, money! It beats dog as man's best friend! Let's see, what else? Well, she's very studious. I've seen her a lot in the library working on papers, and she's a great listener in class, always paying attention."

Mark quietly forked over another dollar.

"And Mark, except for her personality, most of the guys would love to get into her pants. She's just a bit well endowed in her rear, but the way she vaults around these tunnels, it's all muscle. Nice firm pair of tits too. Cute face, lovely hair. A bit long waisted, but I like them that way, great for mounting... Long legs, probably very shapely, though I've never seen them. She's always in jeans. Bottom line, a grade triple-A prime fuckable body."

Mark paused for a second, and then handed over another dollar. "More than a bit crude Dennis, but honest. Fits the rules of the game..."

Dennis smiled and continued to think. "I can't compliment her clothes. Clean, I guess, but below bargain basement, downright shabby. She should have thrown out her parka years ago. It's fraying. I wonder what it means, not to care that you're dressed in clothes that are falling part."

"Dennis, it might mean she has no money. And being poor is not a fault, especially for someone who is still in school..."

"Well, yeah, I'll give you that..." Dennis was silent for several moments. "I can't think of any compliments about talking with her. I've been in several classes with her last year. She is always a bitch, usually an irate one. Rude just doesn't describe it. I'm serious. Just try talking to her, you'll see. You'll be calling her an irate bitch too."

"Would not!"

"Would too! I'll bet you these three dollars back!"

Mark paused and looked thoughtful. "Ah, now that's an intriguing wager. Sounds good in principle, but in practice... How would we score it?"

"Mark, I think you're the most trustworthy person I've ever met. You make the call. Heck, it's only a few dollars anyway. It'll be your job to try to be friendly with her. I'll tell you up front, you won't succeed. But that's not the bet. When the time comes that you just don't want to bother with her anymore, come and find me and fork over another $3."

"Well... I can't hassle her for friendship. It would be too much like stalking her. When she tells me to buzz off, I'll have to buzz..."

"I'm not betting on your actions, just your desires. When the time comes you just don't want to bother with her, not even to say hello to her ever again, come to me and pay homage to my wisdom."

"Done! I'll need one thing from you though..."

"Oh? What?"

"Tell absolutely no one about this bet."

"Okay, sure. Why?"

"Well, if word ever got back to Kara about this, it would probably seem to her that I'm trying to manipulate friendship out of her, in order to win a bet. And all I'm doing is testing my own principles. I'm not trying to manipulate her at all..."

Dennis sighed and looked at the rest of the class as it finished climbing onto the ledge. "Mark, let me take a rare step and put all joking aside for a moment. I think you're going to make some girl a wonderful husband someday. I really do."

A few minutes late the class assembled and started the short walk up the slope to the mine entrance. Nearby was parked their college bus from the Colorado School of Mines, with the CSM logo blazoned on the side. Mark hung around outside for a while looking at the scenery while the other students boarded. It was the last day of September, and the crisp wind of autumn was already in the air. "Beautiful country," he thought, "A lot different than home. I love the cornflower blue of the sky! Winter here is going to be really something. It'll be about the same temperatures as the Appalachians, but so much drier. Fluffy snow, less ice, I should try to learn skiing..." Lost in thought with the scenery, Mark was the last person to board the bus. His eyes widened a bit as he realized the only seat left was the aisle seat next to Kara, with Kara frowning at Jennifer who was sitting next to her boyfriend for the ride back. Dennis was sitting in the row right behind Kara. He winked at Mark, and Mark realized Dennis had a front row seat to the first day of their bet. He shrugged his shoulders and smiled back.

"Hi" said Mark as he sat next to Kara. The seats were just a bit cramped, and most of the coed pairs were enjoying pressing the lengths of their bodies against each other, but Mark scooted over to the far side of his seat in order to give Kara some breathing room. Kara did not return his greeting and just stared out the window. After a few moments the bus started back to their Golden Colorado campus.

After about 20 minutes Mark thought he'd try to be sociable. "It was interesting to see the support methodology they used in the old mine. Very efficient. And still safe more than a 100 years later." Kara said nothing, and just continued to stare out the window.

"Kara, where are you from?"

Kara turned to face him. "Indiana."

"Oh? What part?"

"South Bend."

"Ah, the northern part of the State. I've never been up around there. Is it pretty country?"

"Not really."

"I grew up in West Virginia myself. A place called Cider Junction."

"Never heard of it Mark!"

Her words by themselves were not offensive, but Mark couldn't help but hear her voice dripping with sarcasm. "Hey..." he protested softly, but Kara had already turned to look out the window again. Mark heard Dennis clear his throat, and the sound gave Mark a moment to catch his thoughts and stop himself from a biting retort that was almost on his lips. He just sighed and closed his eyes, resting his head on the back of the seat and still giving Kara the space to sit comfortably. He rode the rest of the trip in silence.

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