Double Rendezvous
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2004 by Tabooteller

Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Hubby and I separatly decide to have a date with some else at the same time, same night. They are surprised as they meet the other person. A good surprise as it turns out.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Oral Sex   Anal Sex  

Brian stared at his computer screen, there were numbers on it dealing with his and his wife's taxes, but he wasn't looking at them. He was feeling very frustrated and it had nothing to with the numbers on the monitor. He was thinking about the last two months.

"I just don't understand it," he thought, "Our relationship wasn't the best but we were getting along. The last two months though everything has gone down hill. We haven't had sex for a month and before that it was three weeks. True, we did it two days in a row, but the second day was just a quickie, neither as physically nor emotionally satisfying as really making love."

He shook his head and continued with his dark thoughts, "Mary has been spending so much time doing other things, mainly at her friend's. Even when I tried to get her to spend some time with me she didn't want to."

He threw the paper he was looking over at the computer screen. "Damn it, I still care for her but I don't know if she feels the same. I'm afraid she doesn't. She's been even more distant lately. Of course being honest, its not all her fault. I've been spending more time at work and with my friends on the weekend instead of with her. I haven't been all that romantic either. But it's hard to be romantic if you don't know how the other person feels, or think there is a good chance she will reject the romance."

He shook his head again. "When we got married twelve years ago it was great, the wedding went off without much of a hitch. There were two small things that went wrong, but we laughed together when her gown's train was caught on that small post on the way to the reception. Her maid of honor took her aside and fixed the problem really fast and very few people knew she had a stain and a rip on the train. On our First anniversary I hit on the perfect celebration with dinner at that new restaurant with the view of the city and afterwards we went to see that short musical. When we got home we made love all night long. Literally. Neither one of us got any sleep and had to go to work that way. I just kept getting turned on by her and her love for me and I could tell by what she said and her body language that she was feeling the same. I didn't even mind sucking two doses of my cum out of her pussy at one point. I did good with her too. I know she had over ten orgasms that night.

"God I still love her, I wish I knew what to say to get her to see that. But the last couple of years we have not been all that close... too many different activities. We still get along though and we still like each other. We make good love even if it is a lot less than it had been the first few years. It wasn't all her doing of course. I have gotten too busy also and I didn't always react in a good way to her. At least, though, we hadn't been fighting that much the last two months. Which might be because we haven't been talking much the last few months, not more then what we need to living in the same house anyway. We did have a couple doozies, one of which was my fault for it lasting as long as it did. Something small had set us off, I think it was me taking up some of her parking spot in our driveway. She usually didn't make that big a deal of that but that time she did. I reacted badly and away we went. One of our worst fights ever too. Of course it wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't said something just as she was winding down. If I had just kept my temper in check a little longer we would have missed the second half of that fight. The half that was the worst. I really said some things I was sorry for. I apologized for a couple of the statements I made but she didn't seem to receive it. Not that she said she rejected it. It was more her attitude. That's one reason I'm not sure if she still loves me. She stayed mad for longer than usual and soon after started spending even more time over at her friend's place.

I just don't know what to do. I know I have reacted badly to things. I sulked too much over our lack of sex for one thing. We would go days without it. Some times she would apologize for ignoring me or for forgetting that we needed to do it but then she would go right on being too busy. She wanted to snuggle, kiss and she would even play with me now and then, but I got tired of being horny with no release. I cut down on hugging her and kissing back. I started to spend more time away from home on the weekend and coming home later. Hmmm, I wonder if she thought I was having an affair? I hadn't thought of that before. That would explain some of her reactions. Maybe we should talk more. I could set up a date with her and talk after we come home. Of course the last time we went out on date, only a couple of months ago, she wasn't all that impressed. Which is another reason I wonder if she still loves me. True it was something we had done a few times before and she likes it when I try something new. That could account for some of her attitude but I was under the impression it was more than that.

We had such good times too, back when. Not only did the wedding go smoothly but the wedding night was fantastic. Mary thought so too. We made it to our room still wearing our wedding gear. After kissing she wanted out of the dress so I helped her out part way but then she said that she was going to finish in the other room. That disappointed me but only for a moment, for after a few minutes she came out wearing one of the sexiest nightgowns I had ever seen. It was white with a skin hugging top, that both hid and showed her breasts. On the bottom there was only what I found out later to be a thong panty. There were also white silk stockings that went up to her upper thigh and connected to a garter belt. She was so beautiful and exciting I could only stare. She was better looking than those models in the Fredrick's of Hollywood TV commercials. Finally she asked me if I liked it and I told her how beautiful she was and that she was better looking than those models. She smiled shyly and told me to come get her. I did, and we went on to have a good time.

She was a virgin as I was, even though I had had more experience than she. I think I gave her a good time. Afterwards she said I had been gentle and loving. I had wanted to just stick it in her, but I knew I needed to be careful because I not only wanted to give her a good time I didn't want to hurt her. So I took my time getting her out of that outfit. I rubbed her breasts some while kissing her, I had felt the breasts of two girls through their tops before but this material was thinner and I could feel the shape of my bride's breasts better than with the other two. That had been a big turn on. They were nice sized and shaped like some type of melons. I couldn't wait to see them fully. I slowly took off Mary's top, slipping it over her shoulders with more kissing and licking the side of her neck just under her ear. She shivered, but groaned as I nibbled her chin. She tensed at one point but then relaxed. I thought it was because we had reached the point where she usually stopped me - but now there was no reason to. Then I started slipping her top off and she just smiled at me. Once it was off I stepped back and looked at her bosom fully for the first time. I had seen parts of them but never a whole breast and never both at the same time. They were beautiful - as I told her. Again I had to fight the urge just to throw her on the bed and to rip off the rest of her clothes. I stared and then bent forward suddenly and started licking one. She gasped and pulled back but then relaxed herself and just enjoyed it. Again, I thought her reaction was automatic, out of the habit of saying 'no' to sexual pleasures. But she had remembered that it was okay now.

Boy, I enjoyed myself hugely as I licked both breasts and sucked on the nipples. I sucked on the slopes of each breasts too leaving behind half a dozen hickeys on each. Mary got mad at me later when she put on her bikini and discovered two hickeys could be seen. Everyone who glanced at her would know what they were. But at the time I wasn't thinking of that, I was just enjoying myself while making sure she was enjoying herself. After a few minutes I laid her on the bed and took off her bottoms. I slowly slipped them down her legs so I could gradually see what I had been getting glimpses of all night. Once the whole thing was revealed I just stared. I finally was able to see a pussy, I had touched a few but never seen one before. I climbed onto the bed and started licking her legs at knee level. First one then the other back and forth slowly making my way up to that beautiful erotic sight between her legs. At first she didn't seem to get much out of it but as I worked my way upward she began to enjoy it. She groaned loudly as I swiped my tongue over the inside of her upper thigh so I knew I was doing good. I spent some extra time there just licking away and sucking on certain spots. I left even more hickeys there which she also got mad at me about when she put on her bikini. But at that moment she wanted more. Finally I made it to that spot, that wonderful sexy slit of hers. I spent half a minute I think just looking at it at close range. I took in the lips, the area around it and even her clitoris. I stopped the examination when she said something I didn't catch. I told her that I had been overwhelmed by what I was looking at which was true. When I started to lick her pussy she went wild. I swiped my tongue over it from bottom to top half a dozen times. Mary moaned big time and when I took one lip in my mouth and started sucking she grabbed my head and pushed against it, keeping my mouth on her. I didn't care, I just sucked, licked and slurped her juices. I switched to her clit just grabbing it in my mouth and sucking hard. She almost screamed out her pleasure so I kept it up concentrating on that small nub. After I don't know how long she had a orgasm, she bucked against my mouth pressing her clit harder against my lips and she did scream as her body jerked. I had hit pay dirt for it was a good climax too. I had given a couple girls orgasms before as I played with their pussies but they had been light compared to this one. I kept it up more and she finally told me it was enough since it was my turn.

God, my turn felt so good. No girl had ever sucked on me before, even though a couple had given me climaxes while rubbing me through my pants. When Mary put her mouth over my cock and sucked I jerked and let out a sound that was almost a scream. She licked it some first and even sucked on the middle of the top, probably trying to leave a hickey of her own. That was good, but when she sucked with the whole head in her mouth my pleasure increased ten fold I think. And she kept it up until I came. I warned her not knowing if she really wanted to swallow my seed but she did. She ignored my warning and seconds later as she sucked the head and ran a hand up and down the shaft my mind exploded in the biggest orgasm I have ever had. I know I jammed my shaft further into her mouth but I couldn't help it. When the first glob of sperm shot out I screamed, and I let out another sound as the second and third squirt shot out. She must have swallowed most of it as I filled her mouth. Finally I relaxed and when my limp shaft popped out of her mouth she opened it to show me the last of my sperm still there. Mary told me later that a friend had told her to do that. I ended up just staring again. I did a lot of staring that night. I couldn't believe how erotic it was. She has only done it a hand full of times since and none at all for the past months. Mary never did like the taste of cum all that much so she has only given me blow jobs on special occasions and there had been none in the past nine months or more.

Suddenly Brian halted those thoughts. Nice remembrances, but at the same time frustrating. He was already horny as hell, which might why he was thinking of those events. They not only did nothing to help his horniness it made it worse. It was also frustrating in that he and his wife hadn't had any good times like that for a while. He missed them and not just for the sexual release either. She rebuffed his last two attempts to do something, to go out for dinner and have a nice talk. It seemed like they did better while away from the house. But speaking of sexual release it looked like he was going to have to use his hand for that again. He was tried of having to do that.

As Brian thought about Mary's rebuffs his anger quickly grew, the heck with it he thought "I am going to get some companionship and hopefully some sexual release in a way that was more satisfying than my hand". He saved and put away what he was working on then called up his server. Once he was on line he quickly went to the Story site site. He had been there a lot lately reading various stories to help take up the time he should have been spending with his wife and to help him get sexual release. It always seemed to be more fun to masturbate while reading those stories than to do it just using his imagination. Now though, he was here for different reason. He thought about checking to see if his favorite writers had anything new. Patrica51's To Serve and Protect series was great and not just for a turn on either they were good storytelling. Her 'Moonlight' was very well written as well as a fabulous turn on, as was the lesbian sex in the two Cruise stories and the first To Serve and Protect. Troubadour had a couple great ones Brian liked to reread now and then as did MsSeminoleWind. Her "Accidental Fantasy" was one of the better tales. Then there was the guy with the story about the wife who had had two affairs, well one tryst and one affair. Her husband wasn't sure of what he wanted to do at the end of the last chapter. Brian was hoping that writer would have a sequel some time soon. The story by the same writer, about the couple having sex at a Halloween party was good. As I read it I was worried that that guy who was masturbating in the bushes would be invited to join them, but he wasn't. Good sex scenes in that story and a good story. The same with that writer's story about the husband who endured a huge temptation and ended up with having anal sex with his wife. Nice! Then there was that story he read recently that took place in a harem. The husband had invited two guys who had saved his life, in to choose a wife they would spend the evening with. They all choose the same girl. So she ended up having sex with all three.

"Ugh, Now I'm woolgathering instead of doing what I came for... Do I really want to do it? I wish our relationship was better so I wouldn't feel this way. (sigh) If she would just give in some. Of course again honesty makes me admit to myself that it isn't all her doing. I was the one who acted immature when I thought she didn't want to have sex anymore. I said some not nice things during our last couple of fights. I tried to apologize for what I said during the last one and only partially got it out. That was one reason I wanted to go out to dinner. We both seem to be more receptive to what the other says while out. I was planning on saying I was sorry for everything I said during and even before the fight".

His anger grew again as he thought about her refusal to try to talk and how horny he had gotten over the last few days.

"(SIGH) Do it. Maybe I can find someone who will do anal sex. I really want to and she won't even try again. Since the beginning of our third year of marriage I have tried to talk her into trying it but she said she wasn't ready for that. I read up on it wanting to do it right. I really didn't want to hurt her or to give her a bad experience, I still don't actually. We did try it twice but that last time two years ago didn't work out right. She ended it by saying that she won't do it no way, no when not ever. Our relationship was good at that time so I thought I could live with that even though it was disappointing. Now though, I don't think I want to live with it anymore. If I'm going to find another woman I just as well find one I can do it with."

So thinking all this, Brian went to the personal ads on Story site. He skimmed through them trying to find the right person, who lived in his area.

"Hmmm, she sounds interesting but then again no. She sounds too wild. I really don't want a total slut. Maybe this one, oops wrong area. How about this woman? No, Doesn't sound quite right either".

After reading a few more he found one that looked promising. Lonely housewife who wanted some company. "A kindred soul maybe", he thought, "Hmmm, she also wants to try anal for the first time. Double check the area and she names this area of this state. Good, I can send her a PM and maybe in a day or two she will respond. Yeah, I should tell her I'm married but lonely too and that I have never done anal but want to, and have read up on it. I think I can be gentle".

Brian sent the Personal Message and then went on to check out any new stories that might be interesting. However when he went back to his control panel he was surprised to find a PM waiting for him. As he opened it he saw that it was from the woman to whom he just sent the message.

"Wow, that was fast. She must be online now. Hmm, she wants to know more about me. She read my profile but asked for more. I can tell he I am a white collar worker, who loves to read detective stories as well as Science Fiction. I like long walks on the beach as well as the classic Rock music. I'm over six feet and about twenty pounds over weight not great looking but not bad either".

He sent that PM and waited. Again to his surprise she answered almost immediately. She would like to meet somewhere. "Good", Brian thought, sending a note suggesting that evening for dinner. He was on his own for dinner anyway so it didn't matter that he wasn't home for that meal. He knew of a nice place that supposedly served good food. It was also a few miles away from where he lived so that it would be less likely that a neighbor or someone else they knew would see him with a strange woman. He didn't tell her that, but she still agreed to meet there for dinner. He was surprised that it would be for that evening, after all they have barely even communicated much less knew each other. That was probably another reason, he thought, she would agree to meet at some place other than here or her house. It would be harder for her to follow him home or for him to follow her home if he was some type of attacker.

He told her he would be wearing a red shirt. It was a new one he had bought recently. He thought he looked good in it. The woman said she would be wearing a blue blouse with yellow flowers. Hopefully not too many other woman there would be wearing blue with yellow flowers. Suddenly he sighed as the blue blouse reminded him of what his wife had worn on their wedding night. He still could change his mind even though it was probably too late to tell her that he had.

Suddenly another thought struck him that almost made him sick. It was probably inspired by what he was about to do even though he should have thought about it sooner. What if his wife was seeing someone else? That could explain her actions lately and why he was getting no sex. If she was in love with another man she could be lying about going over to her friend's or... maybe its her friend's husband? or even the friend?

He shook his head not wanting to believe any of that, but also thinking back to various times he had looked at his wife when she had come home. She didn't have the demeanor of someone who had just visited a person they were in love with, or even just had sex with. Sometimes she had even been sad. Of course that could be faked but he didn't think she would go through a charade quite that complex. He just shook his head again and headed for the door. He wondered if he should leave a note, just one saying it was his turn to go see a friend in the evening. He was half a afraid that if he didn't leave a note she wouldn't even notice he was gone or not care that he wasn't home. That would hurt if she didn't care even that much. He opted for a simple note left on the counter. He would at least be treating her as he would any room mate that way.

It took Brian forty-five minutes to get to the restaurant. On the way over, probably because he had been thinking of the first time he saw one, he had a flash back to the first time he touched a pussy. It had been the second date with a girl three years before he married. The first date with Tiffany had gone well, they had kissed but no more than that. He had enjoyed himself and she had too, he thought. For the second date he took her to a nice restaurant that hadn't been too expensive. She ended up sitting right next to him and while eating had scooted over even closer. While they while talking his hand had accidentally landed in her lap. He hadn't been used to someone being so close their leg was an inch away from touching his leg, and actually had softly bumped into his a couple of times. She hadn't minded his hand in her lap, even though she was wearing a miniskirt, so he had left it there for a minute. Later he moved it to her knee and again she didn't seem to mind. As they ate and talked he moved his hand up her leg, slightly, he hoped, caressing it. At one point as he moved it up even further he had looked at her wondering if she really wanted it there. Tiffany had just smiled at him so he moved it a couple of more inches. By that time it was under her skirt and obviously headed toward where her leg joined her body. They finished the dinner soon after and she suggested they go somewhere else. He paid the bill and they left, going to her home which disappointed him until she pointed out a porch swing her parents had. A bit old fashioned, but he soon learned that they really were good places to make out. They spent quite a few minutes kissing. He started moving his hand up her leg again as they necked. She didn't protest and after some licking of her neck under her ear and more kissing accompanied by his hand caressing its way up her leg he noticed he was very close to that wonderful place in-between her legs. He stopped for a couple minutes just lightly caressing her, but she made a motion with her body that felt like she was trying to get his hand even closer. So he pushed it deeper under her skirt. A second later he touched her panties. Half a minute later he ran his hand over them. No protest, so he pressed a little harder and caressed her through the cloth. Tiffany groaned in pleasure and he smiled knowing he would be able to get his first feel. As he felt some wetness it only took him a couple seconds to realize that she was excited, that she was enjoying what he was doing. That had excited him even more.

He caressed her for a few strokes then moved his fingers in-between her legs. She actually spread her legs more to give him more room. Soon he was rubbing that spot and feeling what a pussy felt like. True, it was through her panties. But still it was erotic and thrilling. She groaned again and sat back with her head against the back of the seat. He decided to go for all of it. He thought they were in the wrong position for him to get his hand under her waist band but maybe he could get his fingers under her leg band so he did. One finger at first and when he touched something different with no protest he withdrew it and pushed two fingers under the leg band. Soon he had both fingers on her pussy. When he finally realized what he was touching with his bare fingers he almost came. It was so close his body jerked in a pre orgasmic thrill. He didn't know how long he brushed his fingers back and forth over her lips. He managed to get to her clitoris which made her jump in ecstasy and soon after she ran a hand over his very hard cock. It was very hard and leaking more precum then he had ever leaked before. She was enjoying herself and he thought headed for a climax when they were interrupted, but not by her parents as he expected. He had been half expecting her parents to walk out any moment but it ended up that her older sister came home suddenly with her date. Tiffany and Brian had just graduated from high school two months before this while her sister had been in college for two years. As the sister parked her car he had only seconds to remove his hand from Mary's panties before they would be seen. He had thought about sucking on the two fingers that had been caressing her pussy even though it had been mostly on the outside but as they talked he forgot. He left about ten minutes after the sister got there. He tried to date Tiffany again but wasn't able to for another six months. They went on two more dates but he was never able to get into the same position again. Could be she had been just feeling extra horny on that second date. Soon after their fourth date she was attracted to another guy she had dated some, and six months later or so got engaged to him. At the time Brian had wondered why it hadn't been him because Tiffany was a nice girl.

About five minutes after that fantasy remembrance he arrived, parked, then went in. He knew he was early and would have to wait. The restaurant had a small foyer with two chairs but he went on in. He found that it had a wider entrance with a rail on each side and cash register in the middle a few feet inside front of the door. He walked in and saw that two other people were standing around looking like they were waiting. He walked up to one of the rails and the cashier glanced his way with a look of interest. He said that he was waiting for someone and she just nodded then went back to going through some slips of paper. He looked at his watch and found that he had twenty minutes to wait until the time they had agreed. He knew he was going to be early but he had gotten here faster then he had anticipated. Brian waited for most of that time with his bladder growing more and more uncomfortable. He should have used the bathroom before he left home after all. He had felt very uncomfortable in the car when he had a hardon caused by his remembrances. Now he felt even more like his bladder was full. Brian glanced at his watch and found he had five minutes left so he decided to go use the bathroom now instead of doing it right after 'she' arrived.

He went, but as he came back he figured it had been more like ten minutes than five but he just settled in to wait with his back against the rail, partially leaning against it. A couple of minutes later a sudden thought struck him and he realized he should have glanced over the others who were waiting when he had gotten back from the bathroom. He looked around and saw no one in a blue top but as he looked at the other railing a movement caught his eye as someone behind it looked his way. His eyes opened in shock - that person was his wife.

"What is she doing here", he asked himself. Evidently she had seen him at the same moment he had seen her, because he saw a look of shock mixed in with a little guilt. He realized the same look was on his face. He turned away thinking she was likely here for the same reason he was. Brian hadn't known that she had access to the internet. It probably was over at that friend's house.

He kept watching the door for another nine minutes when a sudden thought occurred to him. He suddenly looked her way, noticing at the blue blouse she was wearing. At exactly the same moment she looked more intensely at him. His mouth dropped open and she had a look that said she realized the same thing at the same moment he had.

They both stared at each other for a moment or two then each looked embarrassed. This was quickly followed by a wince as he thought that he was going to get yelled at for making a date with someone else. He recovered, made a fast decision and started moving her way. He covered the space quickly with a determined stride. She winced and looked down. She had the appearance of someone who was going to get it and knew they deserved it.

He stopped right in front of her and said in a low voice, "Since we are both here let's stay and eat. I'm hungry and... um, they are supposed to have a great chicken friend steak."

She didn't say anything since she was surprised that he remembered her favorite meal, and that she hadn't had a good chicken fired steak in quite a while.

After a moment he added, "I'm paying. And... we can talk."

A strange expression appeared on her face and he thought, "She's going to say no. Maybe I shouldn't have said anything about talking."

A second later she raised her face to look at him, surprising him greatly by smiling and saying, "That would be good, I'm hungry too... and we can talk."

He thought, "man, after all we been through the last couple of months that smile of hers still warms my heart and it still is the most beautiful smile around. I would still do almost anything to see that smile, I wouldn't go as far as that one country song, but almost I think."

They walked together to the cashier and he said, "My date has arrived, we would like to get a table."

She said "certainly", and since the place wasn't busy yet they were seated immediately. The person seating them took them to a room less than half full and was about to seat them near some other customers but he asked for a table on the empty side of the room. He figured they would have some privacy that way.

They sat down and as soon as the waitress came by they ordered. Chicken fired steak for her and a specialty of the house for him. It was a beef pot pie with Sirloin steak, baby carrots, baby corn and some Brussels sprouts mixed in. A slab of cornbread came with it. He hadn't had good corn bread in ages.

As soon as the waitress was out of ear shot Brian looked across the table at Mary and said, "First I want to say that I'm sorry for what I said during our last fight."

He paused for a moment and continued, "I didn't really mean what I said, I just let my temper get the best of me, and I am sorry for prolonging that fight. The second half was my fault."

She looked at him in surprise and asked, "Why didn't you say that before?"

Brian felt a little relieved because her tone had been one of puzzlement not anger. He said, "I tried twice but, um, uh, you weren't listening."

He had said the last a little stronger then he had meant to.

"You did,?" She paused then said, "Oh you did. I'm sorry I misunderstood what you wanted to say."

Mary paused for a moment then reached out and took his hand, she looked him in the eyes and said, "Thank you for apologizing, I'm also sorry for what I said during that fight and for not listening to you when you tried to apologize."

There was another lengthy pause then Brian spoke again, "I know I have been acting like a child. I, uh, just got stubborn and angry."

She said a little testily, "Yes you have been acting like a child," she changed her tone to a more gentle one and said, "But so have I. I know I was the one that stopped communicating. I'm sorry for that."

Just then the waitress came by with their food and they stopped talking until she was out of ear shot again. When she went they talked more, discussing some of their problems and clearing the air about some misunderstandings and apologizing for more things that should not have been said. Not all of the discussion was good however. They almost started to argue twice. It was only the fact that they were in public that stopped them.

One of the items they discussed was how she got on the internet and why she left the note. Turned out that her friend Sophia, the one she had been spending so much time at lately, had introduced her to Story site. He asked her why she tried to to find someone else for sex. She could hear the pain in his voice.

She said, "I'm not really sure. Sophia thought that if I read some of the Loving Wives stories I might feel better or get horny enough to attack you. She and her husband read the stories together to add spice to their sex life."

Mary paused took a bit of food, looked sad then said, "It didn't quite work out that way for me. I read some of the stories like the one where a couple go to a Halloween party. She was dressed in a sexy costume and planned to have sex outside in a garden."

He nodded and said, "I know that one, its one of my favorites."

"It is a good one but I thought how unrealistic in the real world. They were so obviously in love and on the whole had a good relationship, while we had, well..."

"Our relationship always had problems."

She nodded, "One night I read that story twice before I came home. It made me sad that ours couldn't be that good. Then there were the cheating stories, like the one by The Troubadour. A pregnant wife has sex with an old flame because of a note she had given him while they were going together. And another one along the same lines by KK who wrote one about a wife who ended up having sex with an old flame of hers because the guy was still attracted to her."

She stopped and shook her head.

"I know those stories and others by those two writers."

She looked at him and said, "Then last week I read one about a wife who had had sex with another man because her husband convinced her to but then she went wild. During one trip she went up to a stranger and pretended that he was her husband and her real husband was a pick up. After they had some sex she had her pretend husband kick the real husband out saying she wanted to be alone with her husband. She had sex with that guy all night then the next day had sex with her real husband all day. I never could understand why she did that - to teach her real husband a lesson? I don't know."

She shrugged and he said, "I don't know that one."

"It has the word Monster in the title, I forget who wrote it, but evidently there are two versions of the story. I also read one about a marriage that was on the rocks. I thought it was like ours but in this one they go on a trip but the wife has a female cousin spend the night with them. That irritated her husband because they were suppose to be working on their marriage. He ended up having sex with the cousin while the wife slept. That story was too close to home."

"I don't know that one either but that doesn't answer my question."

"I know... I was depressed over our lack of sex and intimacy."

He got a little angry and said in a low voice, "You're the one who stopped the sex."

"True but you could have seduced me or some such like you used to when we hadn't had sex for a while," She said in an equally angry voice.

"I tried but you wouldn't have any of it."

She paused for a moment as she thought about that, then she continued her story, "We weren't talking much at that point, nor having any sex. I wanted some. I had found the personal adds by then and had read a few. Some of those people seemed to be having fun. I wasn't. Sophia at first thought I should stay away from them in my mood but later she thought that if my marriage wasn't working out to my satisfaction maybe I could find someone for some intimacy and fun."

They ate in silence for a while then continued their discussion. Soon after the second almost fight while they were both nibbling at their food, Brian said, "Changing the subject but I've been meaning to say this all dinner."

She looked at him with a puzzled expression on her face.

"You have a very beautiful smile, I could stare at it all day."

Mary blinked, completely taken by surprise. She had thought he was going to raise another issue that could lead to a fight and now for a second she was speechless.

Finally she said, "Thank you," in a surprised tone, "I should smile more often for you then."

And she did.

Later as they finished their meal Mary said, "You were right, they do a very good job with chicken fried steak, and I'm glad we talked. We needed this discussion."

He nodded and poked at the remains of his meal. She watched him as she took a last couple of bites, pushed her plate away and put down her fork.

"What's bothering you?"

He looked up in puzzlement and she said, "I know you well enough to know there's something else you want to talk about."

He quickly glanced around taking in that most of the tables around them were now full.

He looked back at her and spoke in a low, hurt voice, "When did you decide you wanted to do anal sex and why didn't you tell me?"

She looked a little startled not expecting that but she recalled what she had said in her original post.

After a few seconds she said in an equally low voice, "I talked it over with a friend a few weeks ago. I don't know how we got on the subject but some how during a lunch with three other friends two admitted to enjoying anal sex. I couldn't understand how, so after the lunch I talked to one who seemed to really like it. We discussed it and she told me how her first time was and how she grew to like it. She thought I would too if it was done right and if I wanted it. She thought that made a difference in how the first time went. That and having some one who was gentle and knew what they were doing. We discussed it a couple of more times and she convinced me to try it again. I decided if it was that good I wanted to do it."

"So you not only didn't tell me you wanted to but you were going to allow a stranger to fuck your butt for the first time... After he fucked you the normal way."

Even though he was speaking low she clearly heard the anger and hurt in his voice. She gasped and put her hand over her mouth. Her expression showed that she hadn't thought of it that way before.

She finally spoke, "By that time you and I weren't talking that well and I was angry at you... I'm sorry. I, um, I don't know what to say."

She looked down for a couple moments but then her head popped back up as she thought of something, "Hey, there are two things I want to say," she said with an angry tone.

"First you were here to have sex with someone else tonight too."

"I know," He said softly as it was his turn to look ashamed, "even though I'm still not sure if I would have gone through with it. I almost turned around half way here."

"You still came here with that possibility in mind."

He looked ashamed again and nodded in agreement.

"Second when did you start liking walks along the beach?! The last time we did that you complained the whole time, even during our honeymoon you complained about going for walks."

"You're right about our honeymoon. I did complain too much. I thought they were a waste of time but... you converted me. The last time we went to the beach I liked it, spending some casual time with you just looking at the sights and being with you wasn't a waste of time, I discovered."

"Why did you complain then?"

"I didn't complain the whole time during that walk. I did some at the beginning but during the walk I was happy and didn't complain about walking."

"I remember you complaining at least once during that walk." she said a little testily.

"Hmm, I remember, but not about the walk. A portion of that beach was hard to walk on I complained about what I was stepping on not about walking with you."

She thought for a moment then said, "You're right"

Just then the waitress came by to clear the dishes and too ask if they wanted anything else. Mary said something about going.

Brian immediately said, "They also have a great strawberry rhubarb pie here. And they have homemade ice cream."

She looked at him funny, thinking that he also remembered her favorite desert. She turned to the waitress and said she would take a slice of the strawberry rhubarb with some ice cream. Brian smiled and said that he would take some of the Boston Cream pie.

As they waited for their desert they talked some more even though by now all the tables around them were busy so they cut down on the private discussion. She expressed surprise that he still remembered her favorite foods.

"I know I have at times forgotten important engagements but I don't forget everything these days. I remember its your birthday in two weeks."

He paused as he decided to tell her the rest. He hoped to earn some points with her he added, "I got you a birthday card."

Her eyebrows went up and he continued, "It is purplish with swills and blue streaks on the front. I think you'll like it. It took me a while to find it, um, I wanted one that said something nice, but not mushy. Since our relationship was going downhill I thought a mushy one wouldn't be appreciated and I, uh, I didn't feel like being too mushy anyway." He sounded a little sad as he said the last sentence.

She nodded and said, "I don't blame you, there were times I didn't feel like being romantic either."

She reached over and took his hand for a moment, "But I can't wait to see it. It sounds pretty, with my favorite colors in it.

Their deserts came and they ate them partially in silence but chatting about ordinary things part of the time. Things like how work was going and the latest book they were reading. Things they hadn't talked about in ages. Finally they were done and it was time to go but Brian suggested having a nightcap. They didn't usually drink but at special times they would have one or two mixed drinks or wine.

She looked at him funny again and asked, "You don't want to go home, do you?"

"We seem to have our better conversations while we are out, and I have enjoyed, most of this talk - and you're right we needed it. I'm afraid if we go home it will the same as its been the last two months, ignoring each other and maybe even arguing."

She took his hand again and said, "I promise you it won't be the same. We will not ignore each other and in fact I promise we will not only do more talking but other types of communication also."

Mary gave him a significant look as she said mention the other forms of communication and Brian knew what she meant. Seconds later he caught the attention their waitress and asked for the check. She brought it and he gave her the money his wife got up and said that she would meet him at home.

Just before she walked away she leaned over, gave him a sultry look and said "I have a special surprise for you at home."

She straightened and as she turned to leave she added, "you'll like it."

He wondered what it would be but had to finish paying for their meal, which included leaving a nice tip. He quickly left. His wife had over five minutes start on him so he rushed home.

Once there he parked and went inside, but no wife. Her car was there, so she had to be home. He went to their bedroom and there she was laying on the bed waiting for him. That was amazing enough but what really got his attention was her outfit. She was wearing an outfit that looked like it started out like something a stereotypical female hillbilly would wear. A top that covered her shoulders with pillared shoulders. The shirt ended just under her breasts. which meant a bare stomach. On her bottom she was wearing shorts that could have almost been cutoffs, very short cutoffs. She was laying in a way so he could see the bottom swells of her butt. The whole outfit was a blue color with many small flowers filling it in. Some flowers were a different shade of blue with some blossoms being purple and some colored light reds and yellows. The top hugged her breasts in a way that showed their shape and size very well. The material was thinner then every day clothes would be and small sections of both the top and bottom were transparent.

He stood there staring almost panting. But suddenly two thoughts came to mind. One was that he didn't recognize that outfit and wondered when she got it. He thought it better not to ask about that though. The second one, however, he decided to ask. It might ruin the mood but he had to know.

He tried to use a tone that was soft without anger when he spoke, "I need to ask you something."

He had her attention and he asked, "Were you wearing that under your clothes tonight?"

She looked startled that he would ask that but instead of getting angry she scooted to the edge of the bed, sat up then patted the place next to her. Brian sat down and she looked at him.

"No, I didn't wear it under my clothes. It would have gotten too winkled under what I wore tonight, but I wouldn't have anyway. I figured that, um, if we did something tonight I would just take off my clothes. But like you I wasn't sure that I would. I would have to really like the guy and I would have to feel like I could trust him. Tonight was supposed to be for introductions."

There was a short pause then she looked him in the eye and said, "I'm just not saying this Brian, but I like you and I really trust you."

He thought about that for a moment, she hadn't said what he wanted to hear but at the same time her placing her trust in him like that was still something that encouraged him. He gave her a smile then they sat there for a couple of moments.

Finally she asked, "Are we going to do something?"

He looked at her and said, "Um, yes."

"Then what are you waiting for?"

He blinked and had a funny expression his face then said, "I don't know."

She leaned toward him and said, "Well."

He looked at her again then reached out put his arms around her and kissed her. Harder then harder and harder still as his passions took over. After almost a minute he pushed her back on to the bed and scrambled on top of her. He kissed her hard and long. In the middle of the kiss he humped against her half a dozen times.

She broke the kiss took a breath and said, "Wow you are excited."

Brian said, "I'm sorry. I got a little carried away."

"Don't apologize, I don't mind... I got carried away too."

She then kissed him hard.

They kissed more, hard passionate kisses that they each gave and received. Mary jammed her tongue in his mouth and he sucked on it hard. A minute later when she withdrew it, his tongue followed hers into her mouth pushing as far as he could get it. She sucked on enjoying the feel of it in her mouth as well as the taste of him. Speaking of taste there was something else she wanted to taste, something he deserved.

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