Oscar Meyers
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2004 by Lazlo Zalezac

Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Oscar is a screwup until he encounters the God in a dust devil. Follow his life as he grows from being a soldier, to scholar, and finally to prophet. This is a story about duty and the price of honor.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Romantic  

A common fallacy is that anyone can be anything they desire; that if they work hard enough they can achieve their dream. This is patently false. The man locked in a wheel chair will never be an Olympic long jump gold medallist. Not everyone has the mental capacity to be a rocket scientist. Some people are so ugly that no matter how much plastic surgery they have they will never be Miss America.

People are held back by natural limitations of all kinds. Some limitations are physical while others are mental. Some people are not emotionally stable enough to bear the stress that some activities require. It is important that people recognize those limitations and not waste their time trying to do something of which they are incapable.

Natural limitations are not as severe as one may believe. The limitations that one puts on oneself are far more destructive and limiting. These are artificial barriers and their existence makes people chose to not pursue those things in which they may actually excel. The loss is theirs and the world at large suffers.

Occasionally, something happens that is so amazing, frightening, and strange that it changes the lives of those involved. The result is a sudden elimination of many of the self-imposed limitations. The people appear to change direction in their life, becoming new people energized and capable of anything. An example is the near death experience that changes a shy person into a charismatic preacher.

When artificial barriers are destroyed, it is as though a whole new world opens for the person. Simple things that were once impossible now become easy. They possess great energy. That energy is contagious and affects all that come within their sphere of influence. Overnight, they become leaders in their chosen field of endeavor.

When a natural limitation is removed by a supernatural means, the result is miraculous. Impossible things become possible and the effects can rock the entire world. They are driven by a force that is impossible to conquer.

Every branch of the military has one. There is the one soldier that never breaks the rules but is never successful in carrying out his orders. He's the one that repeats boot camp and ends up performing worse the second time. He's the one that drops the live grenade in the throwing area during training. He's the one that drops his rifle during the close order drill demonstration during the graduation parade at the conclusion of boot camp. He's the one that spills his food tray on the base commander the first day he arrives at his post. This is the guy that, after completing his full tour, is still a single stripe and actually wishes to reenlist. His desire to please and the energy that he puts into each task only exasperate the problem.

The one in the army was the one and only son of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Meyers. Jacob Meyers, in a slightly inebriated state on the day his son was born, had given the poor lad the name, Oscar. That's right, the great army screw-up was named Oscar Meyers. Almost everyone that met poor Oscar was initially tempted to call him hot dog. Usually after ten minutes of experiencing the clumsy young man, they would give him the nickname Bologna. Girls liked him, but none had ever considered dating him. He was viewed as mostly harmless by women.

His early life had been filled with bullies that took advantage of his small stature and clumsiness. He had been the butt of jokes for as long as he could remember. While he was physically clumsy, Oscar was not stupid and had made very good grades through school. That also had been a factor in being treated poorly. Unfortunately, he was too clumsy to even be considered a nerd.

Oddly, he understood the attitudes of other people towards him. Oscar had harmed more than one individual through his clumsiness. He had lost jobs because of accidents that were his fault. It wasn't fun being around an accident-prone person; it was downright dangerous. He felt guilty about the number of people that he had harmed although it wasn't intentional.

Joining the army had been more difficult than he had expected. He assumed that the army accepted anyone. He just barely met the physical requirements in terms of height. The recruiter had even tried to talk him out of joining after Oscar had tripped over the brochure stand causing it to crash over, landing full force on the recruiter's foot. Oscar had been desperate and forced the issue. Unemployed and effectively unemployable, he had no real future except the military.

Oscar had joined the army for several reasons. There was the hope that the discipline imposed on him would translate into more control over his body and give him greater self-confidence. He hoped that his fellow soldiers would treat him as an equal. Also, he couldn't afford college and planned to use the benefits that the army provided to pay his way through school.

Despite his expectations to the contrary, life in the military was rather lonely for Oscar. His fellow soldiers did their best to stay away from him. He had caused several of them to be injured in the past; each time had been an accident, but that didn't relieve the pain he had caused. His fellow soldiers didn't want to stand in front of him when he carried a gun because they were afraid of being shot in the back. They didn't want to stand next to him out of fear that he would drop a live grenade. They didn't want to be behind him, because God only knew what Oscar would do to screw things up and get one of them killed. It was often joked, in the grim manner of hardened soldiers, that in a battle he would be responsible for the majority of purple hearts his unit would receive.

He had gone through several nicknames by now. It started with hotdog. After his first accident, they started calling him Wiener. After several more screw-ups, they changed it to Bologna. This was followed by the nickname, Fuck Up, which was shortened to F-U. Even F-U was too much so they shortened it to Foo. He did his best not to answer to it, but the frequent use of the term demanded him to reply; even his Sargent called him Foo.

It was a fine summer morning when Oscar found himself driving an empty Hummer through the Afghani desert. Even though it was morning, the temperature was rising towards triple digits. The Hummer was empty because no one wanted to ride with him. His rifle was in the back seat, placed there by his fellow soldiers, where it could do no harm. He was several miles behind the convoy and driving fast in the hope of catching up with it. He had stopped a half an hour earlier to go to the bathroom and they had continued on their way.

It was important to note that they had waited for him during his first two stops, but he was single-handedly holding back the entire convey. When he had pulled over the last time, they went on without him. It wasn't that they did anything wrong. After the last stop they had told him to return to the base on the assumption that the route was safe, but he had decided that he could continue in the hope of catching up with them. If something happened to him, they would probably get in trouble. If they stayed with him, they would definitely arrive at their destination late and be in trouble.

Before he could catch up to them, his stomach cramped again. He pulled off the road and parked by some rocks. Grabbing the roll of toilet paper from the seat next to him, he raced into the rocks while undoing his belt. He only tripped once causing him to drop the roll of toilet paper. Miraculously it was the only incident that marred his dash to his temporary toilet. Dropping his pants, he sighed as his bowels emptied themselves for the fourth time that morning.

As he squatted, he looked over the desert appreciating the harsh beauty of it. To his surprise, a convoy of white trucks headed towards the road that his convey had taken. He watched as they met up with the road and turned down it to follow the route taken by his fellow soldiers. He was about to wipe himself, when his bowels boiled again. He put the convoy out of his mind while his ass burned from going one time too many.

The sad thing about this situation was that he had done it to himself. He had drunk the laxative thinking it was Malox and would calm his upset stomach. Even worse, he had dosed himself twice trying to alleviate his stomachache. The discovery of its true nature occurred much too late to do anything about it. While he groaned, the laxative took effect again. He wiped the dirt off the roll of toilet paper; bemoaning his fate as a klutz. After ten minutes, his intestines calmed down. He wiped himself off and pulled up his pants.

He went back to the Hummer and put the roll of toilet paper on the front seat. Returning to his makeshift toilet with a shovel, he covered it with a light layer of dirt. He looked up at the sky, where he believed the Gods and Goddesses resided, as he said, "Sorry about that, at least the toilet paper is biodegradable."

He returned to the Hummer, only dropping the shovel twice on his way there, and put away the shovel. Pulling back from the rocks, he returned to the road. He floored it in the hope of catching up to his convoy. The dark cloud of dust on the horizon placed the convey well ahead of him. Of course, he thought it was odd that the cloud of dust was almost black in color. The soil in this region was a dirty reddish-gray.

The nature of the terrain changed from flat to hilly. Ahead the terrain would become mountainous and that was where his unit was being deployed. The unit would be spending the next few months searching for terrorists hidden in the mountains along the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. This was an assignment that he did not want. He was not afraid of the terrorists, but of hurting his fellow soldiers. Oscar was sure that his clumsiness would create a disaster.

Twenty minutes later, he came around a bend in the road. Half of the convoy of white trucks he had observed earlier was headed in his direction. He knew things were bad when bullet holes appeared in his windshield. He turned the Hummer in a huge circle and headed back the way he had come. An RPG flew past him and exploded harmlessly beside the road. His stomach clenched, only this time it was out of fear.

He drove like a maniac trying to get away from them. Half of the time, he was looking over his shoulder trying to watch what was occurring behind him. Each time he looked over his shoulder the Hummer swerved all over the area. It was only on the road half the time, but that was actually to his benefit since it gave his driving an unpredictability that prevented the terrorists from targeting him. His efforts to outrun the white trucks were not successful. They slowly gained on him while the rear of the Hummer rang as bullets struck it. Unable to return fire while driving; he knew he needed to stop and defend himself.

Finally, he spotted a pile of rocks and decided that he could take cover among them. He drove the car up to the rocks and parked the Hummer. In his haste, he stopped far too short of the rocks. He reached into the back seat for his gun, firing a round through the door as he did so. Unfazed, he leapt out of the vehicle and took off towards the rocks. Without tripping, he made it to the rocks and threw himself behind one of them. The dampness seeping into pants where his knee touched the ground made him realize where he was. He had just knelt in the middle of his former toilet. In an irony that he didn't notice at the time, he swore, "Shit!"

He readied his gun as the six white trucks stopped. Two of them had machine guns mounted on the roof of the cab. He started firing, miraculously hitting a couple of the people in the trucks. He ducked as they returned fire. He rose and fired a few more rounds in the general direction of the trucks. The sounds from the next volley of shots in his direction informed him that he was being surrounded.

Oscar knew he was about to be trapped in his current position. His stomach clenched in fear as he looked around for a way to escape. The only way out required him to pass through a huge dust devil moving towards his position from the rear. Things were pretty hopeless and there was no one to rescue him. He had no idea what had happened to his convey, but he was sure that it wasn't good.

By now, Oscar was more scared than he had ever been. This was the kind of fear in which the whole body reacts; belly churns, asshole clenches, the skin sweats, and limbs tremble. All he wanted to do was to get out of there. He rose and, in panic, fired the rest of his clip in the direction where he thought the enemy was hiding. When he knelt down, he realized that he was out of ammunition and almost surrounded. The Hummer was too far away for him to return to it for ammunition without getting killed.

His situation was hopeless and he knew it. He was basically unarmed except for his knife while they were fully armed and more than happy to kill him. There was no doubt in his mind that it would likely be a long slow painful death. Everyone stationed in the area had heard stories of people being tortured to death. He remembered the stories about the news reporter that had been skinned alive. His hands trembled from the fear.

He turned to examine his only avenue of escape and looked at the dust devil as it moved closer to him. He would never be able to explain why he did what he did next. It may have been his fear that drove him to it or it might have been his curiosity about what would happen to him. He did know that he had nothing left to loose and that there was a chance that he would be shot to death rather than captured. He stood up and ran as fast as he could into the dust devil.

The dust devil was huge, about fifty feet across at the base. The wind wasn't that strong, but it was loaded with dirt and debris. He was nearly blinded by the dust when he stepped into it, but that didn't stop him from continuing into the eye. When he reached the calm center, there was a naked man standing there with his arms crossed. Oscar froze and stared at the man. This was the last thing that he had expected to see. Remembering a myth that Djinni lived in dust devils, he asked, "Do I get three wishes or something?"

The naked man looked at the pitiful figure in front of him. The knees of his pants were stained brown from kneeling in shit. He was sure that if the man had not been to the bathroom so many times before that his pants would have been filled with it. The naked man laughed before he answered, "Sure, why not? What do you wish for?"

Oscar stood there for a minute and then thinking aloud said, "I wish I was wise and intelligent enough to make good use of these wishes."

"Okay," acknowledged the naked man as he raised his arms and nodded his head in a fashion that Oscar expected of a Djinni. He asked, "Your second wish?"

Oscar thought about where he had been and declared, "I wish I had the strength, grace, and fortitude to do what needs to be done."

"Interesting. Granted." The naked man looked at Oscar for a minute before he asked, "What is your third wish?"

Oscar shrugged his shoulders as he tried to think of a good third wish. In a flash of insight, he said, "I wish to use these gifts to serve the Gods and Goddesses to the best of my ability."

The man nodded his head and Oscar suddenly found himself in a meadow facing the naked man. The meadow was eerie; the colors were too bright, the sounds too loud, and scents that would normally be unnoticed stood out demanding attention. The naked man was taller and sporting an extremely large erection. Oscar stared at it for a minute, incredulous that a male body could support anything that huge. For a moment, he was glad that he hadn't asked for the biggest dick on the planet.

Oscar came to a realization as he stared at the man. In an awed voice, he said, "You're not a Djinni, you're the God."

The naked man smiled as he looked upon Oscar and replied, "Yes, I am."

Before Oscar had a chance to react, the man reached out and grabbed him. The clothes fell off Oscar as if they were leaves on an oak in autumn. Strong hands on his shoulders forced him to his knees. His scream of surprise was cut off as the huge cock was shoved into his mouth. His eyes opened wide at the situation in which he found himself.

Despite his first impulse to fight the invasion of his mouth, Oscar chose to accept it. After all, this was a God and they lived by their own rules. A mortal man could not hope to fight off a God.

The situation was complicated by the fact that Oscar was a virgin. He had never been with a woman in any kind of sexual situation; he had never even held hands. He had no real idea what a blowjob was supposed to be like. Oscar tried to remember what he had read about getting a blowjob, but the stories read while masturbating did not cover the details about how to give a blowjob. Even if they had, he wouldn't have paid them any attention since he expected to be on the receiving end rather than giving one. He put his hands up and started to stroke the base of the monster cock. The effort seemed to spur the man on to more vigorous thrusting.

Oscar's cock became erect and started leaking pre-cum almost immediately. It pooled on the ground around his knees. His sexual excitement in these circumstances surprised him making him question if secretly he was gay, but years of jacking off to pictures of naked women argued to the contrary. As his erection continued to demand attention, he took one of his hands off the God's cock and placed it on his own.

Oscar tried to lick the cock in his mouth while his hand stroked the base of the cock. The cock was so large that his efforts were ineffective and it was so far into his mouth that he was licking insensitive shaft. After what seemed like an hour, the naked man came. He shoved his cock deep into the Oscar's throat and emptied himself. Oscar forced himself not to vomit as his stomach was filled with come.

Oscar came at the same time with an orgasm that was far more intense than any of his previous experiences during masturbation. It was more intense than any of his masturbation fantasies had conceived. His hand and cock were quickly covered with a thick coat of come. The amount of ejaculate was impossible. He knew a man only ejaculated a teaspoon of come, but this felt like a gallon.

Even while Oscar was recovering from his orgasm, the man pushed him onto his back and grabbed his ankles. He parted Oscar's legs and pulled his ass off the ground exposing Oscar's asshole to easy access. With a single thrust, he shoved his cock into Oscar's ass. At least the cock had been coated with saliva so it wasn't exactly dry. Oscar couldn't help thinking that at least the laxative had emptied his bowels.

Oscar groaned at the painful sensation as the invading cock stretched his asshole beyond what nature had intended. The cock was huge and his ass was too small. He did his best to relax and not fight the intrusion. He felt stretched as tears in his rectum produced considerable pain. His cock was hard, so he began to stroke it. His previous orgasm had coated it with his come so his hand slid easily along its length; like when he used hand cream when masturbating.

The cock continued to thrust into and out of his ass. As Oscar absorbed the punishment to his ass, he realized that his first sexual contact was with a God. How many people could make the same claim? The thought made him come, but his ejaculation wasn't nearly as copious as his first.

The God continued to ravage Oscar's ass. By now, the reaming was becoming too painful to bear. Oscar tensed the muscles in his ass in the hope that it would cause the god to come quicker. His anus was so stretched that the effort was pitiful. After an hour or more, the naked man came. He slowly pulled out much to Oscar's relief and released his hold on Oscar. Oscar's legs and ass hit the ground in an undignified manner as he lay there catching his breath.

Oscar stood on legs that shook. It wasn't clear if it was from the orgasm or from the conflicting emotions that roared through him. He didn't want to go through that again, but he wanted to know if this was just the first round. He took a breath and then asked, "Is there more?"

"No more sex, the magic is complete." The naked man pointed to a small camp that was in a desert area below the meadow as he ordered, "Inside the terrorist camp is a medallion. Get it for me."

Oscar looked at the desert area that started ten feet from thick green woodland. He tried to make sense of the proximity between desert and woodland. He decided this was a mystery and that it was not intended for him to understand. After a glance at the God, he headed towards the edge of the woods. He would use the cover of the trees to observe the terrorists. He looked up and saw that the sun was directly overhead. It would be a long time before it got dark.

As he moved, crouching to avoid being observed, he wondered how he was to deal with the terrorists. He was naked and had no weapons. As he neared the edge of the woods, he noticed a large trash dump a good distance away from the camp. Apparently, the terrorists had been here for a long time and had generated a significant amount of refuse.

He reached the edge of the woods and knelt down beside a tree. From there, he planned his course of action. He would go to the dump to see what he could find. There was a small ravine on the other side of camp. He would make a large circle around the camp to the ravine. He would enter the ravine and edge closer to camp. Once there, he would have to decide how to approach the camp more directly.

He left the protective covering of the woods making his way by crawling on the ground to keep from being seen. The rocks and scrub brush irritated his cock, the thorns cutting it. It took him close to an hour to reach the dump. Once there, he dug through the rotten food and various pieces of trash in the dump. Amongst the trash, were several empty rice sacks made of a burlap-like material. According to the writing on the sacks, the rice had originated from a UN food program. He grabbed them thinking that he could make some clothes out of them. He stopped for a moment and wondered how the terrorists had received the food.

He continued to dig through the trash pile finding a stick about three feet long and two inches in diameter. One end was forked and the other looked like it had broken. The stick looked like it could have been used as a crutch at one time. He picked it up thinking that he could use it as a weapon. He also located a tin can with the lid attached. He removed the lid recognizing that it could be used to cut things. He folded the lid in half so that he would have a smooth side to hold. He kept the can, there was no guessing how it could be used. He dug further and found a very large pair of boots that were worn down to nothing with the soles separating from the upper parts. The boots were useless, but the frayed shoelaces could be used. He removed the laces and added them to the pile of junk he was taking with him. He continued to search, but found nothing else useful.

It was a paltry set of stuff that he had taken out of the trash pile. He took a minute to fill one of the rice bags with all of the items he had collected knowing that it would be much easier to carry everything that way. He used shoelaces to tie the bag closed and to tie it to his ankle. That would allow him to crawl and use his hands if necessary.

He made a large detour around the camp to reach the ravine. He crawled the entire time in order to keep as low of a profile as possible, stopping when he spotted someone moving around the edge of the camp. It took him more than an hour to reach the shallow ravine that ran along the far end of the camp. He untied the rice bag and lowered himself into the ravine, relaxing once his feet touched the ground. He pulled his sack of goods after him.

He froze when he felt something rub against his foot. Looking down, he was shocked to find several snakes on the ground around him. As he looked around, he saw that there were more snakes further along the ravine. He examined them carefully before recognizing them as Cobras. He froze, trying to blend into the environment hoping that the snakes would not react to his presence among them.

An idea slowly formed in his mind. He unpacked his rice sack, removing the walking stick and the other sacks. He used the stick to pin down the head of one of the snakes. He picked up the snake and put it into one of the rice sacks. He repeated the process, putting two or three snakes into each sack. When the floor of the ravine was clear of snakes, he was left with six sacks filled with snakes clutched in his left hand.

He moved along the ravine towards the camp. It was slow going since he feared walking into another nest of snakes or being noticed by the terrorists. He finally made it to the point closest to the camp. He looked up at the sun and realized that it was still straight overhead. Apparently, he was not going to be able to count on it getting dark here.

He went to the edge of the ravine and examined the camp very carefully. Several men, extremely hard and callous looking, walked around the perimeter of the camp carrying automatic rifles. He watched their actions seeking some sort of pattern that he could use to his advantage. After a while, one of the terrorists pointed to the sky, an action that was followed by all of the men moving quickly to the tents. He remembered a movie where terrorists would get under cover when spy satellites were scheduled to cross overhead and wondered if that was what they were doing.

Oscar nervously licked his lips and began to climb out of the ravine making sure that he held the bags closed. Once out of the ravine, he ran towards the camp. The movement excited the snakes in the bags, making them extremely dangerous. As he ran past a tent, he threw a bag of snakes into it. Snakes, hoods puffed and heads raised to strike, literally flew out of the bag when it hit the ground. They struck at everything that moved, eliciting screams from those who were bit.

When he had completed his run through the camp, he noticed a pole in the center with a medallion hanging on it. He turned to pass by the pole and grabbed the medallion as he ran past it. It was awkward running with a sack in one hand and the medallion in the other. He wondered what to do with the last bag of snakes and decided to get rid of it. He threw the bag over his shoulder as he ran away.

The whole camp was in turmoil as men shot at the snakes in their tents or ran out of it. The presence of a naked man running through the camp distracted some of them sufficiently that they were slow to fire in his direction. He ran in a serpentine fashion hoping to avoid being shot. Those that followed him found themselves facing very angry snakes released from the last bag that he had thrown. There was no pursuit as a more real threat was closer at hand.

When he reached the edge of the meadow, he threw himself down on the ground breathing heavily clutching his side from a stitch in his side created by running. He glanced at the medallion held in his closed fist. He opened his hand to examine it. Before he had a chance to even look at it, it was lifted out of his hand by the naked man. Oscar looked up at him and said, "I got it for you."

The God placed the medallion around Oscar's neck as he said, "You have done well, Oscar Meyers. It is time for you to rest."

Oscar woke a short distance from an isolated hut in the desert. Looking down at himself, he was surprised to be alive, but even better was that he felt healthy. His stomach and intestines were calm since the laxatives appeared to have worn off. His clothes were clean and looked like new. His eyesight was sharper and his hearing better than ever. He sat up slowly taking in his surroundings.

A local man squatted next to him and watched him with an intense look. Oscar looked over at the man and noticed a chain around his neck. Feeling the heavy weight of the medallion around his neck, he reached in and pulled it out to show to the man. The man stared at it in disbelief. He frowned and looked down at Oscar as he said, "I am Omar."

It took Oscar a moment to realize that the man was speaking to him in Arabic. He was surprised to learn that understood the language now. In perfect Arabic, he answered, "I am Oscar."

Omar gestured for him to rise as he said, "Come with me. I have something for you."

Oscar stood up and followed Omar to a hut that he entered behind his host. The Arab sat down on a cushion and gestured for Oscar to do the same. Following the example of his host, Oscar sat down and took a minute to look around the inside of the hut. It was plain room with a small stove and a bed. The dirt floor was covered with carpets and cushions. A small table supported a hookah.

Omar reached over to a small pot and poured a very small cup of coffee, which he handed to Oscar before pouring one for himself. They raised the cups in a salute and then each man took a sip. The coffee was very strong and very sweet, forcing Oscar to take his time drinking it. He found that he really enjoyed the exotic flavor and decided this was not going to be the last time that he would drink that beverage. The bottom half of the cup was filled with finely ground coffee, a fact that he discovered when he drank more than intended; receiving a mouthful of grounds for his effort.

The men set the cups down at the same time. With the social business completed, Omar nodded and then stood up to go over to a small trunk on the floor. It was with very deliberate movements that he opened it. From within the trunk, he pulled out something before closing the lid. He turned to Oscar and held out a gray bundle. He said, "This is for you."

Oscar accepted the bundle and opened it, discovering that it was a hooded cloak. He put it on and realized that it would blend perfectly into the desert outside. Wearing this cloak would make him virtually invisible in the desert. He said, "Thank you very much. This is amazing."

Omar shrugged and then replied, "Thank you for the praise. It is my service to the God."

Oscar adjusted the cloak, appreciating the fit and feel of the cloth. It was perfect for his small stature. He noticed that there were pockets at the bottom of the cloak and then realized that if he put his feet in the pockets when lying on the ground, that he could make sure that his entire body was covered. There were small loops inside the cloak. He could use them for the same purpose with his hands. He looked at Omar and said, "You have done great work in your service to the God."

Omar nodded his appreciation for the complement and then replied, "You must go now before we are caught. Servants of the Gods and Goddesses are not appreciated in this region of the world. Do not let others see your medallion; they will kill you on sight."

Oscar walked to the door and turned around. Taking a moment to look at the other man, he said, "Thank you for the cloak and your words of warning. I shall not put you at any further risk. Goodbye."

The Arab rose and bowed slightly as he called out to Oscar. "May the Gods and Goddesses keep you safe, Oscar. I wish I could do more for you."

Oscar left the hut and walked off into the desert. It was the middle of summer and the air was hot and getting hotter. In light of that, he would only be able to walk in the morning and late afternoon. Long term survival would require him to rest during the middle of the day, but for now he needed to find cover and that wasn't here. He paused and looked around with no real idea where he was.

He thought back to his escape earlier. He had been heading west to catch up with the convoy and then turned back to head east to avoid the white trucks. The rocks that he had hidden in were south of the road and then he had run south into the dust devil. If he wanted to meet up with his unit, he would have to head towards the northeast. He headed in a generally northern direction towards an outcropping of rocks on the horizon.

He was alone in the desert without food, water, or weapon. Despite this, he felt for the first time in his life that he was capable of handling the situation. In the past, he would have been unable to act. Once he thought about it, he realized that he hadn't tripped once since waking up outside the hut. His visit with Omar had not been interrupted by any kind of accident.

Walking slowly to conserve his energy, he covered a surprising distance. After an hour of walking, he noticed a small trail that lead to an outcropping of rocks in the far distance. The trail had been made by generations of people walking along it and years of trucks following it. He turned to follow the trail, walking with a constant pace, but taking frequent breaks since hurrying here would be a disaster.

When he reached the outcropping of rocks, he took a quick look around to see if he recognized the place. It was with a little relief and much disappointment that he discovered he had never been here before. He had hoped it was the site where he had fought the terrorists. He was relieved that it wasn't because of the bad memories associated with the place. He was disappointed because it meant that he was still lost.

He explored the area around the base of the outcropping. In one little ravine, he was surprised to find a small pile of rocks in a circle with a larger rock laid across it. Curious, he removed the larger rock and found a hole in the ground. There was a rope that was fixed to one of the rocks with the other end in the hole. He pulled the rope up and was relieved to find that there was a small bucket on the end filled with water. He had heard about wells like this being located across the desert. After taking a sip of the refreshing water, he turned to watch the horizon making sure that there was nothing threatening coming his way.

He took a moment to inventory his possessions. In addition to the cloak, he had his knife, wallet, belt, watch, and clothes. It wasn't much and he knew that his next few days would be a time of marginal survival and that it was time for him to adopt a survival attitude. Now that he had found water, it was necessary for him to devise a way to take it with him. He cut off the bottoms of his pants and fashioned a container to hold water from the pant legs. It wasn't perfect, but it was better than trying to brave the desert without water. He filled his handmade canteens and then covered the well again.

He looked inside his wallet and found a condom. He laughed as he thought back to his experience earlier as he wondered what would have happened if he had tried to force the God to use a condom. Of course, it would have broken while being stretched over that monster cock. Not having an immediate use for it, he put it back in his wallet. His money and credit cards could actually come in handy if and when he reached a town.

Leaning against the rocks, Oscar pulled out the medallion and examined it. He tried to remove it, but it slipped out of his hands. He tried several more times and then decided that he would just have to examine it while wearing it. There was a phallic symbol on both sides of it. On one side were the words, "Protect the weak from the strong." On the other side were the words, "Stop evil from destroying the good." Oscar smiled to himself and called out to the sky, "Those are orders I will gladly obey."

He considered his near-term situation. It was rapidly beginning to approach dark and he needed cover. Lost and alone in enemy territory, he would have to be careful. There weren't many choices, so he chose to spend the night deeper in the rocks where he would be less visible to any that might come to the well. Standing, he headed into the rocks, taking his time and watching his step. Spotting a snake before it had a chance to strike him, he picked up a rock and killed it. He was left with about a quarter pound of meat after cutting off the head, removing the skin, and cleaning out the internal organs.

He found an area that he felt safe and sat down while pulling the hood of the cloak over his head. Nibbling on the raw snake, he sat there watching the horizon. At least he had food and water, even if the food was raw and tasted like chicken. The lack of shelter was not a critical problem that had to be solved immediately. He leaned against the rocks and waited for the sun to set, thinking that it had been a long day.

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