Card Tricks
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2004 by AMOWAT

Sex Story: Chapter 1 - When Bill finds a magic deck of cards, the joker may be wild, but the women in his life get wilder.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mind Control   Magic   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Food   School  

So here's how it started. It was my sophomore year at UC Davis. Classes were going all right but everything else was boring as hell. My roommate was cool, but he spent most of his time with his girlfriend. My chief social activity was playing computer solitaire. Finally, I decided enough was enough. I bought a deck of actual playing cards.

Yes, I know it was lame. It turned out pretty cool, though, because I bought the deck at this old junk shop. They were tied up in a black silk ribbon. They seemed really old and I swear they were hand painted. The queens were all stacked and had this strange, horny look on their tiny faces, though it certainly wasn't pornographic and I don't think most people would have even noticed. The only obviously lewd thing was the Joker. There was a noticeable bulge in his pants and he seemed to be trying to thrust his pelvis right out of the card.

I paid the 5 bucks the junk shop was asking and took them home. It made my time wasting feel a little more productive and I could lie down on the ground to do it. I might have wasted the rest of my life that way if Heidi's cousin Gilly hadn't come to town.

Heidi was Jake's girlfriend. Jake was my roommate. Gilly was hot! Even hotter than Heidi!

And Jake actually suggested I go out with them so Gilly didn't feel like a third wheel, God love him! She didn't seem terribly interested in me but she was polite enough about it and I figured after a few drinks she might even start to like me.

Unfortunately, the bar we usually go to had gotten fined the week before for letting in kids with fake i.d.'s and the bouncer caught ours. Three more bars and three more rejections. It sucks being 20.

But not totally. Jake suggested we go back to our apartment, where he had a bottle of vodka. Good ol' Jake. When Gilly asked what we could do their, I remembered my deck. I said we could play cards and everybody thought it was a great idea!

Back at the apartment, Jake made a pitcher of screwdrivers and I got out my deck. I slipped the Joker into my shirt pocket and impressed the girls with my shuffling skills. I had already spent a lot of time with that deck. Heidi wanted to play hearts but Gilly suggested penny-ante poker and Jake and I voted for that. I dealt the cards and sipped at my screwdriver. Jake had made them plenty strong. I tipped my glass to him in salute and he grinned back. I hoped the girls wouldn't notice how strong they were and get good and tipsy. Drunk girls make me horny.

There was this warm buzzing on my chest. It was coming from my pocket, where I had stashed the Joker. It was odd but it only lasted for a moment. When I looked up, everyone was looking at the hands I had dealt them. The girls were both absentmindedly gulping down their drinks. I raised my eyebrows and completely ignored my hand.

"These are really good, baby!" Heidi told Jake.

"Yeah!" said Gilly. "Can I get another before we start the game?"

"Uh, sure," said Jake.

"Get me one too, hey Gilly?" said Heidi.

I gulped my own drink. It was like a dream come true. And Gilly's ass looked great as she went for more liquor, at least until Heidi kicked my shin and wagged her finger at me in amused reprimand.

We played a couple rounds and the girls kept drinking like lushes. I had never known Heidi to get totally wasted, but I thought maybe it was her cousin's influence. Heidi won the first hand and Gilly won the second. Jake and I were a little distracted by the hot girls getting drunk in our room. When the girls asked for a third screwdriver each, we downed ours so as not to appear light-weights.

The girls got really giggly and they started loosing. I laid down a straight and wished we were playing strip poker.

"Hey! We should play strip poker!" declared Gilly.

"Yeah!" said Heidi. "I was juss thinkin' that!"

"I was thinking that too, babe," said Jake. "And I think you just lost that hand. What you gonna take off?"

The shirt, I thought. Please, the shirt!

Heidi giggled.

"I'm gonna take off my shirt!" she declared, and shucked off her black blouse, twirled it over her head and threw it in the corner.

I gulped my drink and tried not to ogle Heidi's tits there in her tiny white lace bra. I hoped Jake wouldn't notice that I was getting hard over his girlfriend.

The warm buzzing came again in my pocket. I had felt it just before Gilly had suggested strip poker and before Heidi took her shirt off as well. And I had wished for both things just before that! I took another gulp of my drink and allowed myself a tiny smile. I wished for Gilly to loose the next hand.

Jake dealt the cards. Gilly discarded three.

"Oh fuck!" she said, when she saw her new hand. "I can't believe I gave away three kings for this shit! I mus be drunk!"

Heidi giggled.

"I don' know how," she said. "There'sss harly any alkahol in these theens. <hip!>"

Hurry up and take your shirt off, I thought at Gilly. The Joker buzzed.

"Well, I losss this han fer sure!" Gilly announced, throwing down her cards and pulling off her top.

Now, by this time I was almost sure that the Joker in my pocket was magic and that all my fantasies were coming true. I decided to go with it.

"It's hardly fair that you girls get to count your bras as an article of clothing," I said. "After all, we don't have anything under our shirts."

Gilly tossed her head back and laughed. Heidi gave me an amused 'I can't believe you said that' look.

Agree with Bill and loose the bras I thought as hard as I could.

The Joker buzzed.

"Iss only fair," Gilly observed, and reached back to unsnap her bra.

"Makes senssse to me," said Heidi and followed suit.

Jake was just grinning stupidly. I guess I was too. I shuffled and dealt with out looking at the cards. There were titties to ogle and no one seemed to mind.

I finally looked at my hand and it sucked. I was pretty sure I could still win with it, though. Or at least make sure one of the girls lost. I was trying to figure out which one to wish for when I realized I was being a dope. I closed my eyes and wished as hard as I could.

I wish these girls were horny as hell and wanted to fuck our brains out right now!

Gilly threw her cards down.

"I'm sick of poker!" she announced. "I wanna be poked! You up for the job, Bill?"

"Ooooo Yeah!" said Heidi. "I'm totally up for an orgy! How ya want me, Jakeey?

From Jake's dumbfounded look, I took it that Heidi didn't usually come on to him like that. Jake was the last of my concerns, though. Gilly was on her feet and headed for me.

"You wanna go to my bedroom?" I asked.

"Uh-uh," she said, shaking her head as she shimmied out of her tight jeans and thong panties. "Too far. I need it right here and right now!"

I started to unbutton my shirt but apparently I wasn't fast enough for her. She went straight for my pants, undid them, pushed me to the floor and pulled them off along with my shoes. She grinned wolfishly at my red boxer shorts and the flagpole searching for an exit.

"Oh yeah!" she exclaimed. "That's what I need!"

"Oh YES!" screamed out Heidi, apparently having gotten what she needed. Jake was frantically fucking her from behind as she bent over the arm of our couch.

I turned back to Gilly just in time to see her towering above me, pussy dripping, as she came down on her knees, grabbed hold of my cock, and guided it into paradise.

She put her palms just above my shoulder, wiggled her ass until she'd gotten my cock just where she wanted it, then licked me from my chin to my left ear.

"I'm gonna fuck your brains out!" she whispered.

I had never had my brains fucked out before. It's nice.

I woke up the next morning hung over. The girls and Jake were gone. I had almost convinced myself it was a dream when I noticed the lipstick smeared on my thigh. My eyes googled and a smile burned through the hangover. It had really happened!

But had I done it? With my mind? It sure seemed like they were doing exactly what I wished they would, but I had been pretty drunk. So had they, really. They might have just done it on their own. The fact that they were doing what I wished might have been a coincidence. After all, I wished things like that all the time. It had never come true before.

Then I remembered the tingling I had had in my pocket. The Joker. In my drunken state, I had been sure it was giving me psychic powers. Was it possible?

Only one way to find out. I grabbed my shirt. It was still their. It felt like a plain old card. I looked at it and for a second I thought it winked at me, but my eyes were still hurting with the hangover. I wasn't sure.

I got dressed and headed over to the math department. If I did have the power to influence women's mind, there was no doubt who was first on my list. Heather Kahl, the department's secretary. She was incredible, with long, curly blonde hair and a pair of legs to die for. She was always showing them off in these tiny, tight skirts but she had made it very clear that no student was going to get any where near them, let alone between them. God, could my Joker change that?

Apparently not. I came in and said hello. She was used to me coming by and she didn't mind too much. She liked me, just not in the way I wanted.

I focused on her, wishing she would kiss me. 'Kiss me', I thought. 'Kiss Bill. You want to kiss Bill. Kiss me.'

She stared at me.

"Something wrong with your face?" she asked.

'KISS ME!" I thought as loud as I could.

"You look like you need to pee," she observed.

"I, um, I just..." I stammered.

"You know where the restroom is," she said, mockingly. "Go. I have work to do."

"Sorry," I said, turning crimson and heading for the door.

She laughed as I fled.

"FUCK!" I yelled as I entered the men's room.

Some guy at the urinal turned sharply, spraying the wall, and scowled at me. I mumbled an apology and washed my face. God, I felt like such a geek. Of course the Joker wasn't magic. I was a delusional fool.


What if it wasn't just the Joker? What if it was the whole deck? I was holding the Joker, but the girls were holding other cards. And I hadn't tried anything after they had put them down...

It called for another test. But not one as embarrassing as the one I had just attempted. I decided to skip my morning classes. I hurried back to the apartment and collected the deck. I made sure each one was there and wrapped them up with the black ribbon they had been bound with when I bought it.

The phone rang. It was my mom. I had forgotten I had promised I would come home for my little brother's birthday. I tried to weasel out of it, but she guilt-tripped me and soon I was on the road, making the drive back to Berkley. I brought the deck, of course, hoping I could find a way to test it back home.

My brother's birthday party was boring as hell. He didn't really want me there and I didn't want to be there. He was just biding his time to make it through mom's little party and get to the real party with his friends. Everyone there was family and I didn't really want to try out the deck on them, not that they were likely to want to play poker anyway. Once my brother and everybody left, I told mom I thought I would drive back to Davis, but she insisted that I stay the night. Finally, the true reason she had insisted I come came out. A couple of planks in the back porch had rotted out and she wanted me to replace them before her weekly bridge game Saturday afternoon.

I grumbled but agreed. I went to bed in my old room, a room where so many of my impotent fantasies had been hatched. I was sure I must be crazy, thinking one might come true.

But it would be so nice if it was... and some of my mom's friends were really hot... And since they were planning on playing cards anyway...

It was a pleasant thought and it helped me fall asleep.

I woke up early and hid mom's playing cards. Then I headed off to Home Depot and the stuff I would need to fix the back porch. I bought some paint for the railing as well. I wanted a good excuse to be back there while my mom's bridge club met. I had fantasized about Lori Sanchez since puberty. I really hoped it would work--and not just as a test.

The porch was fixed and the new boards stained before Mom even noticed her cards were missing. Luckily, my brother had told mom he was going camping, though more likely he was hung over in his best friend's basement at that time. I told my mother that he had probably taken her cards and she bought it. My brother is a bit of a shit.

"But I happen to have a deck," I told her. "You want to use mine?"

"Bill, you're an angel!" she said. "Not only did you fix the porch, you've saved my party!"

"Well, I don't know that I'd say 'angel'" I said with a naughty wink.

She laughed and swatted me.

"By the way, I noticed the paint job was looking a little shabby out on the railing. I got some paint for it and I thought I'd fix it up after I get some lunch. You don't think your bridge club would mind if I was out there while you're playing, do you?"

"Why Bill Hendry! I do believe college has matured you more than I ever could have hoped! So selfless!" she exclaimed. "Of course they wouldn't mind! They'll all be impressed by what a fine man you've grown into!"

That was precisely what I was hoping.

They all arrived a little after noon. There was Lori Sanchez with her long dark hair, luscious tanned legs, and a twinkle in her eye that seemed to say she had more exciting hobbies than bridge. Then came Bethany Winkle, an outspoken blonde from Boston, and Sara Jesop, a shy, unassuming brunette with a great set of hooters that never got any air time. If only the deck really worked, I was hoping to change that.

The ladies all greeted me, then went with my mom and my deck to the back porch. I let them get comfortable while I had a drink of water, then headed out there myself with a paint can and paint brush and the Joker in my shirt pocket. I made pleasantries to the card players and went to the far corner where I could see and hear them without making myself too obvious. Mom was dealing and then they were all holding their hands, sorting through their cards. It was time to figure out how my magic deck worked.

I concentrated on all four of them and thought 'Bridge is boring. You should play strip poker.'

"God, this is so boring!" my mom declared.

"We should play something exciting," Lori Sanchez suggested. "Like strip poker!"

"Yeah!" said Mrs. Winkle. "Now you're talking!"

Sara Jesop giggled nervously but nodded her agreement.

"Oh, that would just be perfect!" Mom said. "Except, well..."

She nodded her head in my direction.

'It's all good fun.' I thought urgently, "Bill is an experienced adult and you all trust him not to be offended by your naughty impulses or to tell anyone your perverted secrets. No one will ever know and you all really want to do it!"

"Oh come on now, Maureen!" Mrs. Winkle chided. "He's an adult, not some sex-crazed teenager. He'll be fine with us being a little naughty, won't you Bill? You don't mind 4 bored housewives spicing up their Saturday afternoon, do you?"

"Why of course not, Mrs. Winkle," I said. "You ladies deserve to have a little fun!"

Sara Jesop giggled again.

"And you won't tell anyone, will you Bill?" she asked confidently.

"Hey, My lips are sealed, Mrs. Jesop," I said. "What happens here stays here."

"See, you're being an over-protective mother," Mrs. Sanchez reprimanded. "Now reshuffle the deck and lets see who gets naked first!"

My mother nodded her agreement as if she felt foolish for having objected in the first place. She gathered the cards up, shuffled, and dealt. I turned the railing and painted, trying to control my raging hard on. It was actually working! Now I knew it couldn't be coincidence. Gilly and Heidi might have gotten all wild drunk and horny on their own, but no way would my mom's bridge club play strip poker while I was watching. It was definitely the cards. I had to be holding the Joker, but they had to be holding the other cards.

I could hardly contain my excitement! I felt like dancing about the room! But I wasn't sure just how much control I had. I didn't want to draw too much attention to myself. I let them play a few rounds and clothes started coming off. Mrs. Jesop was the first to loose her blouse--she's a lousy poker player but her tits are fantastic! As they played, I tried out different little mental commands. After a couple rather silly pat your head, lick your elbow sorts of things, I had the epiphany to wish for them all to pick up a card anytime I told them to without wondering why. I didn't want them putting down their cards and loosing control of them before I knew just what I could do.

Then I really got to work. By the time they were in their underwear, I had discovered a number of things about my magic deck.

First of all, they didn't actually have to be touching the cards for me to be able to influence them. I discovered this because Bethany Winkle had a habit of looking at her cards and then setting them down on the table in front of her. It seemed to be about possession, not contact. I suppose I could have guessed that, since I don't have to touch my Joker to use it. Having it in my pocket works just fine.

I could make them do things, say things, feel things, forget things, even remember things that never happened. It all happened in their minds, though. I couldn't wish for their boobs to get bigger--that just made them talk about getting implants.

The language didn't seem to matter. I could wish for them to do something, or mentally order them to do something, or just think 'such and such should happen' or 'you want to do this' or 'you feel like that'. It was all about intent. The Joker seemed to know what I wanted and make it happen. I could direct my wishes at all of them at once, individually by name, or even 'every body but blank'. I got a little distracted thinking about how in theory I could simultaneously control 52 women at once if I could just figure out how to get all of them to take one card.

Then I noticed my mom was in her underwear. I'm just really not the oedipal type. The other three ladies were all topless and I was horny. I wanted to take a more active role, but I certainly didn't want to do it in front of my mother. So, I sent her to bed.

I thought at her 'You're sleepy. You want to quit the game and go take a nap. You will fall deeply asleep and sleep for three hours without being disturbed by any noises you might hear. When you wake up, you will have forgotten about you and your friends playing strip poker or me doing anything unusual.'

And then Mom excused herself and was off to bed. The ladies protested but I volunteered to step in. Mom commented on what a good boy I was, yawned, and was gone.

I took her seat and took possession of my deck. I grinned at the topless ladies, shuffled and dealt. As they looked at their cards, I let my Joker let them know just how horny they were and just how sexy they found me. They'd been lusting after me for years!

The gleam in their smoldering eyes was something delicious to behold. I wasn't at all surprised when Sara Jesop's foot brushed shyly along my calf. I was a bit more startled when Lori Sanchez foot found its way between my thighs and here toes started stroking my hard on.

Bethany Winkle stretched, pushing her shoulders back and deliberately thrusting out her tits and swaying them in front of me.

"You have us at a bit of a disadvantage, Bill, coming so late to the game," she said. "Don't you want to take a few things off? Just to be fair, of course."

Sara Jesop giggled and showed off her own rack, putting Bethany's to shame.

"Or maybe we could play some other game instead," said Mrs. Sanchez. "I can think of some games you'd be very, very good at Bill."

Her toes on my crotch let me know my stiff pecker would be a central player in those games.

Now, I had never been in this sort of situation before. Before my deck, it was rare for even one woman to be actively lusting after me. Three was a dream come true--but as I thought about logistics, I wasn't really sure how to pull off the execution. I only had one prick. I wished I had watched more porno!

Of course, what porno I had watched had often had ladies who were quite fond of each other. There was no reason why all the lust at that table had to be directed at me alone. I came up with an idea.

"I know a great game," I told them. "I need all the queens."

I found them, then put the queen of diamonds back in the deck. The other three I put face down on the table and shuffled them about shell-game style.

"O.K., this game is called the Joker's orgy," I said and they all giggled naughtily. "Each of you take a card but don't look at it. There are two black queens and one red one. Who ever gets the queen of hearts has to do something nasty to whoever has the Joker."

They giggled again and each took a queen.

"But who has the Joker?" Mrs. Winkle asked.

I grinned and reached into my shirt pocket.

"Now how did that get there?" I said, showing them my card. "Go ahead and look at your cards."

Mrs. Winkle and Mrs. Jesop looked and sighed. Mrs. Sanchez toes got more playful and she licked her lips. She showed us all the queen of hearts.

"Why Bill, whatever are you going to make me do?" she asked.

"What would you like to do, Mrs. Sanchez?" I asked, while I silently let her know exactly what she wanted to do.

"I want to crawl under this table and suck you off!" she announced. "And swallow every drop of your cum!"

Mrs. Winkle and Mrs. Jesop raised their eyebrows, surprised at their friend's brazenness.

"Well, stick your queen in the elastic of your panties," I told her. "You'll need both your hands free to do a thorough job and you wouldn't want to loose your card. If you do, one of these other ladies might have to do it."

"Don't you dare, girls," she told them. "His meat is mine!"

She giggled, tucked the card there in her panties, and ducked under the table. Soon, she was determinedly taking down my pants. Mrs. Winkle and Mrs. Jesop were peaking under the table green with envy.

"Don't you want to know what your queens mean, ladies?" I asked.

They perked up, looking at me hopefully.

"I'm the queen of clubs," Mrs. Jesop said, showing off her card.

"And I'm the queen of spades," Mrs. Winkle demonstrated.

"Well, stick your cards in your panties like Lori. The two black queens have to make out with each other," I informed them.

Mrs. Jesop's eyes got huge. Mrs. Winkle looked indignant. Then I silently let them know that they had always had bisexual urges and found each other very, very hot. Mrs. Winkle had wanted to suck on Mrs. Jesop's titties since the first time she saw her. The expressions on their faces changed immediately and their lustful gazes transferred from me to each other as they tucked their cards away.

"Well Sara, I guess we have to," Mrs. Winkle said with bedroom eyes.

"Yeah," said Mrs. Jesop with excited nervousness. "Wouldn't want to cheat, huh Bethany. If we got to, we got to."

"God you have great tits," she replied and started licking her nipples just as Mrs. Sanchez succeeded in freeing my hard dick from my pants and getting it in her mouth. All four of us moaned at once. I knew this was something I could get used to.

Mrs. Sanchez sucks cock like a pro. It was incredible! I don't know how much came to her naturally and how much came from my wishing her to love sucking my cock more than anything, but I didn't really care. All I knew was it was really great head and watching Sara and Bethany make out was great accompaniment. I grabbed hold of Mrs. Sanchez by the hair and Mrs. Jesop did the same to Bethany and mashed her tit into her face. Mrs. Winkle groaned. Lori's tongue danced. I leaned back and realized I was the luckiest man in the world.

It wasn't long until I knew I was going to cum. I let Lori know how much she was going to love the taste, then I shot my wad. She gave a muffled squeal of delight and swallowed greedily. By this time, Sara and Bethany's tongues were in each other's mouths, their fingers were in each other's panties.

Mrs. Sanchez crawled up from between my legs smiling like a cat who swallowed a canary.

"Did you like that, baby?" she asked. "Cuz I loved it!"

"Oh God yes!" I told her.

She giggled, put her arms around my neck and sat on my lap. Then she noticed Bethany and Sara frigging each other into a frenzy.

"Oh my God!" she exclaimed. "What are they doing! I had no idea they swung that way!"

"I don't think they realized it themselves until a few minutes ago," I said. "They seem to be making up for lost time, though."

Lori giggled kissed me on the cheek as she watched in fascination at her newly sapporal friends. She squirmed in my lap. Her panties were damp and smelled of arousal. Her nipples were a pair of fresh ripe strawberries tasty enough to distract me from the show her friends were putting I reached around her back to grope one of her tits and ducked down to pop her other nipple into my mouth. I sucked hard and Lori shuddered. The Joker in my pocket was throbbing. I don't think I was wishing for anything--I had damn near everything a guy could ask for--but then I realized there was something else I could use. My hard on was back.

Mrs. Sanchez noticed as well.

"Oh my God, Bill!" she said. "Are you ready for another one already?"

I grinned wolfishly and ran a finger up the damp camel toe made be her panties plastered to her cunt.

"I think this hungry little pussy needs to be fed," I told her.

She trembled and started to pant.

"Oh fuck yes!" she exclaimed. "Take me, Bill! Take me now!"

I slipped my finger into her panties and into her twat and she turned to lust-flavored quivering jello. Just then, Bethany fell out of her chair, dragging Sara down after her.

"Ow!" exclaimed Sara. "You bit my tongue!"

"Mmmm, let me kiss it better, sugar," Bethany exclaimed.

Sara giggled and stuck her tongue out and Bethany swallowed it.

"Ladies?" I interrupted.

"Huh?" Sara said, turning to me and popping her tongue out of Bethany's mouth. "Oh! I'm sorry! I... kind of forgot you two were still here."

Bethany giggled.

"You don't mind, do you, though?" I said. "I suspect all three of you have a bit of an exhibitionist streak, don't you?"

They all giggled and nodded.

"And while I'm sure the neighbors have been enjoying the show we've been putting on," I continued. "The wood of the porch can have splinters. I fully intend to drill Lori here to the floor and I'm sure you two can't wait to eat each other out, so why don't we move this orgy to the living room?"

They all agreed, of course, and soon I was pounding Lori on the plush carpet while Sara and Bethany sixty nined each other on the couch. Only Sara thought to worry about my Mom but I assured her tat she slept very deeply and she should feel free to scream out obscenities into Bethany's cunt when she started to come. She was taking me up on the offer within minutes of getting Mrs. Winkle's tongue in her twat. Mom didn't stir.

The orgy went on and on. Somehow, I managed to rise again and again. I serviced all three of their pussys, titty-fucked Mrs. Jesop and had Lori riding my cock again before Mrs. Winkle had finished licking Sara's tits and face clean. At last, we all calmed down, panting in a tangle of sweaty, satiated flesh. I sighed, looked around and noticed no one had a stitch on or had their card. I didn't even have my Joker. I quickly found it, though. I guessed that the wishes I had made when we all had cards had set the mood and attitudes necessary for the orgy to continue without help. So the changes I made were permanent. I absentmindedly wondered if I had made any drunken wishes on Gilly and Heidi that first night that had been permanent. I made a mental note to check on them when I got back to Davis.

I asked the ladies to help me pick up all my cards. The queens had all stayed with their panties. Once they had each in hand, I asked if I could keep the panties as a souvenir and with the queens in their possession they were of course happy to oblige. Hell, I probably could have sent them home naked but I didn't want to mess up their lives. After all, they had been very, very good to me.

At that thought, I decided to do some damage control. I had them keep their queens as they got dressed and gave them some instructions. They were never to mention our little orgy to anyone that hadn't participated. Sara and Bethany would continue to be lovers, but they would be discreet and Lori would never let their secret slip. Bethany brought back the rest of my deck when she went to retrieve her clothes. I shuffled absent mindedly as they checked to make sure they had everything and checked each other for visible hickeys. They then kissed me one by one as they left, handing me their queen as they did so. Mrs. Sanchez was the last to go.

"You know," whispered Lori as Bethany and Sara strolled out hand in hand. "My husband is out of the country and Gina is going to a movie with friends tonight at seven. I'd love to see you and that incredible cock of yours again if your still going to be in town."

Then she kissed me with plenty of tongue and grabbed my ass.

"Think about it," she said, then strolled on after her lesbian friends.

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