My Special Recipe

by ImaFantasy

Copyright© 2004 by ImaFantasy

Sex Story: Ever think of feeding your dinner guests cum covered food?

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I don't know where the notion came from. Just popped into my head one day, after sex! But it just wouldn't go away. And the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to try it. The more I NEEDED to try it. So...

I invited some friends over for dinner, which is a fairly regular thing for me to do. I'd planned the menu a bit differently this time... out of necessity. We were having a large roast, on the grill, various grilled veggies, including thick slices of sweet potato seasoned with butter, nutmeg and a bit of sugar, beer bread with roast garlic and of course, desert. Which as usual was whatever anyone wanted to bring. NO ONE... absolutely NO ONE, but my lover, Michael, and I knew what the secret recipe for the roast was. And he only knew from necessity!

You see, the idea had come to me, maybe because I love the taste of cum so much, when talking to my lover, after some good, hard, hot, sloppy sex! What would it be like to eat meat covered in all this cum? NOT cock... I KNOW what that's like... I love it! I'm talking about eating meat, beef, roast, steak... whatever. With it dripping in cum! Covered in cum gravy! Ummm... making my hungry right now, just thinking about it!

This is how I did it...

I went to the butcher shop and got a nice, big, tender, beef roast, a large one. And I slit a hole deep into the middle. Then I had Michael bury his beautiful, long, hard cock to the hilt inside the roast and fuck it till he came in it. Repeatedly! This was NOT a hard thing to get him to do... Michael is as kinky and twisted as I am! To help him, I got down behind him and tongued his ass good for him. And, I laid in front of him, fucking myself with my double dildo in my ass and pussy, as he rammed his cock in and out of the piece of meat. I talked nasty to him, told him to fuck it like it was my hot, needy pussy and fill it with his sweet, thick cum for me. Well... he did it! Boy, did he do it! He out did himself. Within two hours, he'd cum six times into that chunk of meat.

When Michael was finished fucking it and it was full of cum, I took it and sealed the opening as best I could, to prevent the cum from leaking out. Some little bit did, but I just used that for the gravy! After that, cooking dinner went as usually.

As usual, everything was finished and ready to eat about 4 in the afternoon. People had started to arrive about 2 pm and were sitting around the living room, talking, out in the yard, playing games, doing this and that... just enjoying the day together. The place was full... as usual!

Finally I called everyone in to dinner. I always served buffet style, I liked everything as relaxed and comfortable as possible. I didn't get a plate for myself this time. Michael had asked to "feed" me. And the idea of this was just too erotic to pass up.

I had sliced the roast and served it on a platter, allowing the cum that hadn't soaked into the meat to run and spread out over the slices. It made an attractive creamy glaze on the slices of meat. I'd also served the excess cum, mixed in a beef gravy base, on the side.

A couple of my friends, ones that always helped me serve, commented on the way the roast was prepared. I said the "filling" inside the roast was a secret recipe to season and tenderize the meat from the inside, as it cooked. They started pestering me for the recipe!!!!!

Now, we don't sit down at the table to eat when I do these dinners. People just take their plate and find them a comfortable spot and enjoy the meal. So there were people inside, outside, on the floor, at the table, on the deck... just where ever they wanted to be. I sat, legs curled under me, in the floor by Michael's feet. While he sat in his favorite chair in the living room with several of our friends scattered around us,

Someone commented on the fact that I wasn't eating, but Michael spoke up and said "She's on a special diet, she can only eat what I feed her from my fingers... isn't that right Jackie?"

Laughing, I replied "Yes, Michael has come up with the perfect diet. I only eat from his fingers. And since having him feed me this way is so entertaining and distracting, I find I eat very little... food, at least!"

To which all our friends laughed and commented about that being a great idea. And they were going to go home and start their own "diets!" Needless to say... the comments got raunchier and more imaginative as they went on.

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