John: My First D/s Experience

by ImaFantasy

Copyright© 2004 by ImaFantasy

Sex Story: A true story about my first encounter with a Dom. Wish I'd known then what I know now!!!!

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Mult   Reluctant   Heterosexual   DomSub   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Squirting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

I'm a breed... part Native American, part Anglo. I'm also kinky to the max and extremely twisted in my sexual appetites. There is a fantasy I've had for a long time. Today, I'm going to get to live my fantasy! You see, I've always wanted to be taken, used, fucked... raped by a group of Native Men. Indians. Full bloods. Today, thanks to the help of my friend Eagle, I'm going to get to live my dream.

I told Eagle about my fantasy. He understands, he's very kinky too. He suggested that he could help me fulfill my dream if I wanted him to. So, I decided to recruit Eagle as my protector. He would arrange everything. Take care of all the details so it would be a smooth, totally satisfying enactment. And he would also be there with me, by my side, to make sure I was not "permanently" harmed, and to make sure that if I decided I had to stop for some reason, they would indeed stop.

And of course, he would also get to participate in the action. He would be able to do anything he wanted to me or have me do anything he wanted to him.

So, Eagle picked me up at home yesterday and brought me to the desert last night. He blindfolded me, tied my hands behind my back, dumped me in the back of his jeep and drove. He didn't say anything, he didn't touch me after dumping me into the back end. He just drove, for hours. Finally he dropped me, in the middle of nowhere. With nothing but the clothes I'm wearing. And he left me here. He did take the blindfold off. By now I'm getting pretty distraught. No sleep, no bed, no food, no water, no protection. It was a long, cold, frightening night. Now it's turned into a long, HOT, frightening day.

I've wandered around, afraid to go far from the place Eagle dropped me. Afraid I'll get lost, ha... like I'm not already! Afraid I won't be found. By evening I'm really wondering what the hell I'm doing here. I think I must be nutz! Why else would I ask someone to DO this to me? It's late, the sun is setting, the sky is totally unbelievable! God, if I weren't so frightened, thirsty, hungry and miserable it would be such an awesome moment for me. Sunsets in the desert are incredible. But all I can think is that it will soon be dark, the animals will start prowling again and no one has shown up yet. This isn't the way it was supposed to be! It's not the way we planned it.

I'm exhausted, half sick, scared to death. I must have fallen asleep. I wake and it's fully dark again. I'm totally alert, every nerve in my body screaming a warning. Something woke me, what was it? I lay very still and listen, my eyes scanning the darkness for movement. What woke me? An animal? A sound? Movement? Something did! Be still, don't move, listen I say to myself. Then I hear it, or think I do! I strain to hear. What is that? There it is again, yes, a soft hissing sound. Where's it coming from? Behind me, yes, there it is. No, no... in front of me, by the rocks. No, not there! Wait, there it is, I ease my head up and look toward my feet, is that it? Then I freeze as a cold shiver ripples down my spine... it's all around me.

I jump up as fast as I can with my hands still tied behind my back and I run. I have no idea where to or what from. I just know I can't lay there any longer. I'm running as hard as I can, trying not to stumble, it's hard to run with my hands tied behind me. Run, run, run... I keep telling myself. Don't look back, don't slow down, don't think... just RUN!

Suddenly I'm laying on the ground, panting. What happened? I didn't trip! I didn't stumble. I didn't run into a rock pile. What was that? OH GOD... it was somebody! I look around me. Ohhhh shit! Standing behind me, looking down at me is a monster of a man. At least 6'8", huge, with long dark hair. What the hell is he wearing? Oh Christ... is he naked? No, no... he has something around his middle. I try to get up, the wind still knocked out of me. I get to my knees, try to stand, pitch over onto my face. Dammit! I try again.

Suddenly I'm up, on my feet. The monster has a hand full of my hair and is holding me. Shit, he used my hair like a handle and lifted me up like a rag doll. He lets go and steps back. I turn to run again and bounce off of another one. Not so tall, but just as dark, hair just as long, just as silent. Now I see them. All around me. Can't tell how many. All dark, long haired, almost naked and stone silent. Ok... now I know. Eagles friends. I'm ok, I'm safe. They'll give me water, food, a blanket. I turn to the one standing in front of me...

"Hi, You must be Eagles friends. I'm Jackie. I really need some help here. The plans seem to have gone wrong. I've been here since last night with nothing to eat or drink." I say to him.

He slowly reaches out, takes one finger and hooks it into the collar of my tee shirt. I watch him, wondering. I look up, into his eyes and he jerks his hand down, tearing my shirt right down the middle. Someone grabs the back of it and pulls hard. My shirt is now hanging down around my bound hands and I'm standing there naked from the waist up. I look down, seeing my nipples pebble from the cold night air. Again I look up into his eyes. He's looking at my naked breasts, his mouth open, his tongue slipping out to lick his lips. Glancing from one hard, tight nipple to the other, he has a look in his eyes like a starved wolf.

I turn to run but he grabs the back of my hair and yanks me up against him, hard! He whispers something to the others in a language I don't understand and wraps his forearm around my neck.

Then he leans into my ear and says "Don't know any Eagle, don't want to. But we do want to know you, dream woman. Bear there, said the spirits heard our need and was sending us something to use to satisfy it!"

With that he shoved me hard in the back and I went sprawling into "Bear"... the monster. He grabs me, tosses me over his shoulder and they all start to silently run toward some distance hills. With me hanging there like a wet dish rag, naked but for my cutoffs and sneakers. My hair hanging down past Bears knees, whipping in the breeze. Wondering what the hell happened to Eagle and his friends. And how the hell I was going to get my ass out of this mess. Some fantasy! More like a nightmare! Surely these guys aren't going to hurt me? And what was this "need" the spirits are helping to satisfy?

Incredible as it seems, I must have slept some. Bouncing on the monsters shoulder like a deer carcass. For when I hit the ground with a thud, I woke with a grunt. Raising up on an elbow, I look around, trying to orient myself. Trying to figure out where I am. Then I remember, the desert, the Indians, the hills. Looking around I realize there is no one here but me, Bear and the other one I'd talked to.

"Where are we?" I ask.

They continue to do whatever they're doing, paying no attention to me.

"Excuse me! But I haven't had anything to eat or drink since yesterday evening. Do you have any food and water? And I need a blanket or something." I watch them, realizing they are not going to respond.

This is crazy. Surely they don't expect me to sit here and starve or freeze? They can't be that cruel... can they? Getting to my feet, I walk over to the smaller one and try again.

"You can't simply ignore me. You have to help me. I'm hungry, thirsty and cold! Do something!" I demand.

Be careful what you ask for, my Mama always said... you just might get it. And I did! In an instant he's up, my throat in his grip, his nose to mine, glaring into my startled eyes. Without a word or sound he stands there staring into my eyes and my blood runs cold.

The next thing I know he's holding a knife next to my face. Slowly he lowers the knife and I feel the tip against my right thigh. With a fast upward jerk of his arm he slices my cutoffs all the way through from the bottom to the waist. In one swift motion he switched the knife from his left hand to his right and my throat from his right to his left. I don't even have time to draw breath. Again he lowers the knife and again he slices my cutoffs all the way through from the bottom to the waist. Standing there frozen, in his grip, I can feel them as they slowly fall free of my body. Now I am totally naked, unless you count my sneakers.

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