No Way Out

by Maureen Louise Reardon

Copyright© 2003 by Maureen Louise Reardon

Sex Story: A women waits 7 years. After the death of her wife will she finally makes love again.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Lesbian   True Story   First   Oral Sex   .

Copyright © 2003

We had wanted, this for a long time. Work schedules and commitments stopped us. Our need our want our desires consumed us. You would think this was are first time we felt love. It felt like forever. The waiting Tormented us. Finally... We got together. We wanted to wait. Funny when I think back. There was no escape. We waited long enough. When she looked into my eyes I knew. I waited seven years to feel something again. The impact was beyond words. It was like I dreamed her into my being. Somehow I felt she was always a part of me. She felt the same way.

We sat on the sofa and talked. I couldn't take my eyes off her. Her beauty, Her Blue eyes. All of her being.

The heat of her fresh skin greeted me as a soft kiss. There was no holding us back. We tried. I kissed Lynn deeply, overcome by burning want. I brushed across her, my hands pulling her closer to me. The softness of my face stroked the lower part of her, as my hands slid up and down the backs of her legs, enjoying the firmness of her thighs and softness. Her smell consumed me even more.

Lynn's shorts slid down easily. Wearing no panties for this adventure, she stepped out of the shorts easily leaving her nakedness exposed to me in the moonlight. The silhouette her body offered was a magnificent work of art. The moonlight bathed her breasts with precision, washing away the night.

Standing slowly, I kissed my way up her body, along her ribs, to the swell of the undersides of her breasts. The tickle of a sensuous feeling that floated upward trailing the warmth and wetness of my mouth and tongue as I licked and kissed all that she offered.

Lynn's nipples were about to burst in anticipation as my mouth kissing approached. Slowly I kissed and caressed her chest. Never touching the nipples that I wanted so badly to enjoy, purposely avoiding the nipples she ached to have in my mouth. The way she was moving I knew she was dying to feel my tongue swirling circles around their hardness. In an attempt to satisfy her aching, she rolled her upper body to direct my kissing, chasing my lips. I felt her efforts and moved to avoid her eager desires, wanting her to be craving the pleasures of my mouth, wanting her to be dependent upon me for her satisfaction.

My Clit was, throbbing with every beat of my heart, Such satisfaction I had knowing you would provide that completion for me. For only Lynn could make me come. She had such power over me. Closing my eyes I could see her taking me into her mouth and making love to me I could see myself inside of her, feeling the slippery wetness of my being, Lynn sucking me harder. My body ached for the feel of her quivering as we rolled into a slow complete explosion of oneness. All I wanted right then was to come in her mouth, feeling my own contracting and vibrating her tongue as I exploded in orgasm. I wanted her orgasm to draw me into mine, timing of our explosion was perfect.

This night was for satisfying our passions first. The deal we made was for me to take her into my mouth and to satisfy her craving. Slow lingering oral pleasures. I loved that feeling. I knew the how and when, of and your needs. Just to taste you and feel you moving as I offered you me, knowing I was all you longed for. My true prize would be to drink your come as you shuddered under me. The ultimate pleasure rush.

Lynn could sense the passion that was growing in me as I kissed her upper chest and neck with an increasing hunger. Cupping her bottom in my hands, I lifted her upward. Instinctively, her legs wrapped about me opening her being to my own wetness. I lifted her higher so my mouth was directly on her wetness; the head nestled softly in the quivering wet opening of your precious orchid. I lowered you slightly allowing the Tip of my tongue to tease your slippery, wet opening. Lynn's breath caught in her throat as you anticipated my stiff flicking tongue as my finger entered you slowly, secretly wanting me pound her harder and deeper, wanting all at once.

I rotated my hips forward so that my fingers slipped out of her opening, slipping downward through her velvet folds. Her wetness coated me, so slippery, so slick, sliding easily through your wetness as I lowered you down.

"Lynn, relax and bring your legs down. Bring them together and squeeze and feel between your legs. Swivel your hips from side to side, concentrate on feeling of me as the pressure grinds on your clit."

She brought her legs down slowly enjoying the feeling of my fingers sticking between the gap at the tops of her firm tight thighs.

"Ummm," rolled sweetly from her lips as she swiveled her hips, riding my fingers to her movements horizontally between her legs. Rolling her hips from side to side, she coated me with a slippery satisfaction.

I held her close, as our hips pushed tightly together. Lynn's eyes were closed tightly and her jaws were clenched as her breath hissed out between your teeth.

Go slow baby, I don't want you to come yet. Her eyes pinched shut tightly, she was concentrating on my movements, finding the rhythm that was destined to sweep her away. I could tell Lynn was about to orgasm as I lifted her off, hitting all her sources of pleasure.

Lynn was starting to feel the frustrating agony of a pleasure we both desperately wanted to have. Evidence of Lynn's peaking desire was forced into my mouth as a deep passionate kiss. Lynn's breath was coming out of her nose as our mouths were sealed in a hungry and penetrating kiss.

"God, I loved kissing you." Lynn said, "Your mouth so soft, and so wet."

At that moment, I was wanting to die for this kiss. But I was not quick finished.

Picking Lynn up, I moved her into the center of the bed, lying her on her back, nestled among the pillows, the satin sheets cool against your back. My kisses started a slow torturous journey down her neck, along the contour of her collarbones, funneled to the delicate hollow at the base of her throat, teeth dragging lightly and nipping gently on any desire I could find.

The softness of my tongue brushed over her right nipple as I kissed and licked downward. Instantly her back arched upward to meet the pleasing sensation, twisting slightly to follow when I passed beyond her swollen clit. To her relief, my mouth soon returned to the hardness of her nipple. Gently, I sucked it into my mouth, lips sealing around her breast, tongue dancing a love step against the hard texture of her erect pink Clit.

Lynn's hands came down and held my head as I pleasured her, moving slowly to your left breast, her hands following to guide me to the pleasure she wanted there. With deliberate slow motions I licked and sucked hungrily enjoying the way her body rolled and arched into my attentions. I had her under my control, my tongue orchestrating your every move, delivering her every delight

As I kissed downward into the softness of her belly, she raised her arms up over her head, stretching into a personal bliss. My arms slid under her thighs as she pulled her knees upward and outward, opening yourself to the warmth and wetness of my mouth and tongue. I held her in my arms like a big, open book, wanting to read every page.

Opening my mouth fully I leaned down and took a generous mouthful of her upper thigh and a slice of your center, sucking in the wetness that had collected along the large tendon in her most tender crease. The moist left edge of her labia was partially sucked into my mouth as I closed my lips on her, licking gently. Lynn pivoted her hips toward me anticipating my mouth would be her total center, squirming to position me squarely upon her aching clit. My tongue flicked softly, as I pulled back and took another large mouthful of her most private parts, this time licking to the right of her ache.

Again she squirmed, writhing and arching to direct me elsewhere, her arms now straight up over your head, pushing on the headboard to drive her throbbing pussy into my mouth. Knowing she was about to scream with frustration, Rolling her hips downward, my mouth found her swollen clitoris and gently sucked your most delicate possession between my lips. Lightly, teasing, I drew slow circles around it with the tip of my tongue, slipping up one side, lingering under the soft hood, then sliding back down the other side.

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