Kristy and the Elves of Questionable Character

by Forgotten Idol

Copyright© 2003 by Forgotten Idol

Fantasy Sex Story: A christmas story from my twisted, sadistic little mind. Kristy is assualted by three christmas elves after they are left at her house by a drunken Santa.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   NonConsensual   Rough   .

The snow was still falling as I peered out of the window, the light of the street lights fluttered with the falling of the large flakes, and made the shadows of my room flicker. It was hypnotizing, and I watched intently as I layed in bed, the covers pulled up to my neck. I shivered from the chill in the air which made my nipples stiffen and poke against the soft fabric of my nightshirt. I tried to close my eyes to fall asleep, but I couldn't.

I wriggled out of the blankets, and shook again as the cool air rushed over me. I went to my large bay window and sat up on the small shelf within it. It was late and all the houses were dark except for one down near the end of the block. Everyone was in bed, awaiting the hustle of the early morning. It was christams eve, but I have outgrown the mysticism of christmas. The entire concept of a fat man slipping down the chimney had always felt so ridiculous to me.

I shivered again, pulling my arms across my chest. I heard a rustle from the other end of the house, perhaps one of my parents struggling with a a half-empty roll of tape and a poorly-cut, slightly-too-small-for-it's-purpose piece of wrapping paper.

I leaned back against the frame of the window and watched the snow for a few moments before heading back to my bed. I cuddled up with my covers. I heard another rustle from down the hall as my head hit my pillow. I closed my eyes slowly, and soon fell asleep.

I awoke, looking through my half-open eyes at the hazy image of door. My sleepy mind did not register that the door was half-open and I had closed it before I went to bed. Suddenly I heard a noise from my room. I sleepingly looked up, lifting my head only slightly off the pillow. I heard nothing else, so quickly put my head back down. Just as my head hit the bed I heard a whispering.

My head shot up from the bed, and I watched as shadows danced around my room and the door suddenly shut. I looked around the darkness of the room, my blankets falling down to the end of the bed. I thought I saw something scampering in the shadows and the sound of my dresser draws. I moved fast and reached for the lamp next to my bed.

My eyes went wide, and I blinked in disbelief as the light flicked on. There, standing near the foot of my bed where three small... I don't know, people, I think.

They suddenly looked up at me, and looked almost as shocked as me.

"What?... What the hell are you doing? Who are you?" I suddenly blurted out.

They all turned to me. One was slightly bigger than the other ones, but they all appeared to be about three feet tall, dressed in small green suits, with little green hats.

"What?!" The larger one suddenly spoke with a bit of an attitude.

"What are you?"

The larger one spoke again, "What does it look like?" His hand reached up and swatted at the little bell at the end of his pointed hat, making it chime. "We're fucking christmas elves!" He blurted out. "I'm Deekin," he said pointing to himself, "This is Beekin and this idiot over her is Geekin," The later one laughed as he heard his name.

"What? What are you doing here?" I asked, still not believing my eyes.

"Grabbing some of your panties," Deekin said as we pulled a pair of my panties out from behind his back and showing it to me.

I was shocked.

"We work for santa," Deekin continued, "but the fat fucker forgot us here."

"Santa?!" I said suddenly, "Santa isn't real!"

"Sure he isn't," Deekin said, "And we ain't standing in front of you right now either, I suppose."

I looked at him confused. I had no idea what to make of my situation.

"I guess that's why you didn't leave out any milk and cookies," Deekin said, "That got the boss a little upset, it was like the three millionth house that forgot. I guess he got a little pissed, so he grabbed a bottle of Jack from your liqour cabinet. That fat idiot is probabley driving his sleigh all over the place somewhere over Clevand by now."

I rubbed my eyes, and opened them again, thinking that they would disappear.

"No, girl, we're real alright," Deekin said as she lifted himself up on the bed. The other two elves walked to either side of it.

I Looked at him walk up on the bed, the little bells of his outfit jingling as he stepped closer to me. I pulled myself up the bed, slipping completely out from under the covers.

"Damn, look at this. This is one cute piece of ass." Deekin said.

"What? What do you want?" I stammered as I saw his eyes look up and down my body.

I felt the bed shake as the other two elves pulled themselves up on the sides of the bed. I was surrounded by them, and I pulled my legs up toward my body.

"Dumb girl!" He shouted, "What do you think we want? Do you think there is a bunch of sweet pussy walking around the north pole?!"

"No!" I suddenly yelled as the two elves beside me grabbed my arms. They were so much stronger than they looked. "Let me go!" I yelled trying to pull away from them, "My parents will hear me!"

Deekin laughed, "Not likely, we put a little spell on them, they'll be unconscious for hours," he continued to laugh and the others joined in. "How old are you?" He asked, walking closer to my curled up legs.

"Leave me alone!" I yelled.

"C'mon, indulge me," I jumped as he placed his hand on my knee, "play along and we'll be easy on you."

His wicked smile startled me, and I stammered, "I... I'm fi... fifteen," I said.

His smile grew bigger, and his little hand pulled at the fabric of pajama pants.

"No!" I yelled, "Leave me alone!"

Without a word he wrapped his arms around legs and pulled hard at my legs, straighting my legs out accross the bed, and forcing my pants to be pulled partway down my thighs. He held my legs down on the bed, I was shocked at the strength of these little people. He pushed himself up and sat straddling my thighs. I couldn't believe that I wasn't able to push him off of me, it was as if he weighed two-hundred pounds.

He stared at my panties with a cold stare.

"EEK!" I suddenly shrieked as the two smaller elves on my sides grabbed at my breasts with their small hands. "Get off of me!" I yelled as their fingers dug and pulled at the soft flesh of my tits through the cloth of my shirt.

I Jumped in horror as Deekin pulled at the waist band of my panties. I yelled as I felt the cool air spread accross my crotch.

"Shit!" Deekin suddenly shouted, "What a pretty pussy!"

I could practically see them drooling as my panties were pulled down my thighs. The other two remained silent and just stared coldly as Deekin grasped the waist of my pants and yanked them down sharply with my panties.

I yelled and tried to kick at the little man as my pants were pulled free of my legs and my feet popped out from them.

"Woh! Settle down there, girly" Deekin said, grabbing hold of my ankles with his little hands. He pulled at my legs, spreading them out and standing between them. I tried to close my legs and cush him between them.

"Listen girl," He said, "Relax and play along and we'll be gentle, remember."

I didn't want anything from these little freaks.

"No, you asshole," I yelled, "get off of me!"

"What a shame," Deekin said, shaking his head, "Have it your way, then. Let's tie her up a little, boys"

I jumped at his suggestion and I watched in horror as the too elves beside me pulled the little pieces of rope off that were tied around thei waists.

"No, don't do this!" I yelled at them as I felt the pieces of rope being wrapped around my wrists.

They pulled them tight, forcing the course material to dig into my wrists. They then afixed them snuggly to the slats of my bed's headboard, giving them a few hard tugs to ensure that they were secure.

The little elf between my legs smiled at me with a cold glance. "Ok, Let's spread her open."

"NO, no, no, no!" I freaked as he said it. The two elves next to me moved fast and wrapped their arms around thighs. I yelled again as they pulled my thighs apart. My pussy was exposed to all of them as they pulled my legs toward me and spread my legs painfully apart. They pulled so hard at my legs that my ass was pulled partway off the bed.

"Jesus! What a pretty pussy!" Deekin plopped down onto the mattress and hovered over my pussy, his face just inches from it. "Looks so tight and inviting," he smirked, "and it smells so good!"

I could feel his hot breath spreading accross my pussy as his face creeped closer to it. He brought is hand up and I jumped as his little hand ran over the lips of my vagina.

"OH," I jumped, "Don't touch me!"

"Why? Afraid you might like it!?" He said, and I felt a sudden shock shoot through my pussy as his small finger pressed against my clit. His touched seemed to ripple through my body like nothing had ever done before and I gasped as his fingers pitched my swelling clit.

No, don't do this, I thought to myself as I felt the tissue of my pussy starting to swell and leak it's juices. I didn't want to get excited because I knew these horrible little creatures would see it as a sign of acceptance. But I couldn't help it, there was something about his touch. It felt like pulses of energy shot from his fingers and washed over my entire body. I jerked my hips, and cursed at myself silently.

"OO, guys she's getting excited!" He suddenly blurted out.

"No, no" said attempting to deny it, but I couldn't, my pussy was growing wetter and wetter with each moment.

"Don't tell me you aren't," he said as his fingers traced down my lips, picking up the moisture seeping from between them, "I know a hot pussy when I see one."

I started struggling again as I saw his face lean down to my pussy.

"AHHH... n... no!" I yelped as I felt his hot tongue lash out at my clit. "Oh!... ah... no... don't." I tried to deny the pleasure it caused in my body but I couldn't. His tongue pushed even more energy into my body; it felt so much better than his finger, and my belly spasmed with excitement.

My hips squirmed beneath him as his tongue ran circles around my clit, pulling it softly into his mouth. His tongue ran down between the tightly clentched lips of my pussy, forcing them to part. The muscle of his tongue felt strong as it pried my lips and pushed it's tip into my virgin hole, attempting to massage it's inner flesh. His finger returned to my clit and pinched it.

"AH... oh... no... no..." I groaned incoherently, squirming under the pleasure he was giving me. I felt disgusted with myself, but his touch felt a hundred times better than when I touched myself, and I felt close to the edge of orgasm. My hips lurched involanterily up at his face in a desperate attempt to cum.

"Oh... ugh!" I groaned as he suddenly pulled away. I didn't know what came over me but I was pissed that he had stopped. I looked down at him, and all he did was rise up with an evil grin on his face.

My pussy was on fire, but I was suddenly brought back to the reality of the moment as I watched the little elf between my legs, my creamy juices still prominent on his lips, undo the belt around his waist. I jumped back to reality, and I looked up at him, pleading with him with my eyes, but all he did is chuckle.

"I know what your pussy wants," He said as her started to pull at his loose pants.

"No... I... I don't want this," I yelled. All he did was chuckle again, and I watched with wide eyes as his pants came off his body. I laughed at my reaction as I stared at his limp cock as it hung down along the length of his thigh. Then I knew why he had worn baggy pants. I had only seen a few penises in pictures, and his looked just like a regular man's. I couldn't tell how big it was but compared to his small frame it look monsterous, and it scared me a little.

"Don't worry, girly, it won't bite," He chuckled as he slowly stroked along it length and I watched as it swelled with blood. My eyes couldn't blink as I watched it quickly rise with blood, growing longer and thicker. Soon it was sticking straight up, rising up almost to his chest. He smiled at me coldly.

He sank back down to the bed and I shuttered knowing what he had planned. My virign pussy tensed thinking about it. I had put my finger inside me a few times when I played with myself, but that was it, and now this little elf was going to jam his big cock into it. I was going to lose my virginity to a christmas elf.

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