Chapter 1

Copyright© 2003 by JAD

Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This story is fiction. It takes place when my wife and I take a vacation. Part of this story is a fantasy that my wife told me she would like to see happen. The rest is my imagination.

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It had been several years since my wife and I had taken our last vacation. We were going to be gone for three weeks, taking one week to travel both ways and two weeks at our destination. We are both in our early sixties even though we look and act 10 to 15 years younger. When we first meet someone and if asked our ages, no one can believe that we are as old as we say.

We both take good care of our bodies and are considered attractive. My wife is 5 ft 2 in, with brown hair that yet has to show any grey. And she does not color her hair. She always says that when the grey hair comes, she will have earned every last one, and will wear them with pride. She has a 36C bust and a trim figure. She wears her hair fairly long, at about 4 inches below her shoulders. She still looks very good in a short skirt and can go braless, without noticeable sag whenever I ask her too. She does like to wear a bra when we are in the car, although there have been times that she will remove it, when I ask. She loves sex, and even though I have never talked her into having sex with another couple or men, I think if it was a spontaneous event, she would enjoy herself very much. Many times I have gotten her to go without panties and wear a fairly short skirt. Then when we are in the car, I have her pull her skirt up to her waist, so that her pussy can clearly be seen by passing motorists in vans or trucks when they are along side us. I also, usually can get her to play with herself until she has a climax.

For this vacation, she had agreed wear short skirts or short dresses wherever we went. We started out at about mid-morning and stopped in Portland, Or, for lunch. We then drove to Eugene, Or. where we stayed the night. We ate dinner at a nice restaurant not far from the B & B we were staying at. When we got back to the B & B, it was still early, so we went for a walk. We came to a small park, and when I got the opportunity, I leaned her against a tree and started kissing her and playing with her panty less pussy. She feebly tried to stop me, saying someone might see us. She was becoming very wet, so I knew she was getting excited.

"Please," she said, "Let's go back to the B & B and do this."

"Do what?" I asked her.

"You know," she said. "What you are doing."

"No, tell me." "I want you to tell me exactly what we are doing."

"You're playing with my pussy, and getting me very excited."

"Do you want to go back and get fucked."

"Yes, oh yes!" "I need to be fucked, hard." "Please."

So we headed back. Once we got to the B & B, and in our room, I slowly took off her blouse, then her bra and skirt. I got down on my knees and started licking the inside of her thighs. I felt her shiver as I got near her pussy. I could see that she was very wet and she smelled, wonderful. I ran my tongue once over her pussy, from bottom to top, just to get a taste of her sweet pussy juice.

She then pulled me up and unbuttoned my shirt, then took off my pants and shorts. She got on her knees and took my cock into her mouth. This was unusual because several years ago, after an unsuccessful attempt to get her to deep throat me, she had told me she hated sucking cock and that semen, tasted terrible. I haven't pushed it since. But here she was, sucking on my cock. Maybe, time does heal all. But before she did some serious sucking, she got up and got on the bed. Her favorite position is the doggie style, and this is how she wanted it now.

I got on the bed behind her. Since she was very wet, my cock slide all the way in, without any problem. As I started to fuck her, I asked her if this was the way she liked to be fucked. She didn't answer. Fact is, I couldn't hear anything coming from her. No moans, nothing. The next thing I did, while fucking her, and I honesty don't know why I did it, because this has never come up in our love making in the past. I spanked her once on her butt cheeks. She immediately groaned.

"Oh that felt good!" "Do it more!" "I need to be spanked."

So I did! I spanked for three for four times.

"Oh, Yes!" "Ahhhaaa, I'm coming." "God it feeeeeels so gooood"

I kept pounding into her. When I felt myself getting ready to cum, I pulled out and told her to get on her knees because I wanted to cum in her mouth. She didn't hesitate, but got in the position and took me in. I told her I wanted her to look at me at all times, and I wanted to see only lust in her eyes. I also told her I wanted to feel my cock sliding down her throat, and not to stop until she had her nose buried in my pubic hair. She was to try to breathing through her nose, if she couldn't from her mouth. It only took two strokes and I was cuming. She swallowed it all and kept sucking on me until I was completely dry. She then pulled away and kissed me.

"Thank you," she said. "I really needed that." "And I want all of this to continue in our love making, in the future." "I love you very much."

I then asked her is she wanted to take a shower because I was going to.

"No!" she said. "I want to lay here and feel the after glow of my climax." "I'll take one in the morning."

I went and took my shower. When I came back, she was sound asleep. I raised the covers to look at her butt cheeks and even though they were pink, it looked like her natural color was coming back. I then lay down and thought about what had happened tonight. I didn't know why, but knew I wanted to continue on the same lines, in the future. Boy, that spanking had made her cum harder than I ever remember!

The next morning, when I woke up, she was laying there looking at me.

I asked her, "How do you feel, this morning?"

"Fine." "I believe I said this last night, but I want to make it clear, that everything that we did last night, I want to continue." "I don't think I've ever cum that hard before."

I told her I agreed! "Why don't you go take your shower so we can get ready to go."


While she was showering, I got up and dressed. Since it was a warm spring day, I decided to wear shorts. Then packed what little we had unpacked the night before. When she came out of the bathroom, she looked so gorgeous standing in the door that I wanted to go and fuck her immediately. But held myself back, knowing I had three whole weeks to do whatever I wanted, with her. I did notice that she had put on her panties along with her half shelf bra.

"Why don't you leave your panties off?" "You're just going to take them off in the car, anyway."

"No, I want to wear them to breakfast."

She was standing right next to me when she said that. I took a hold of her arm and pulled her towards me, then down over my lap. I immediately, lifted her skirt up, pulled down her panties and spanked her hard on her butt cheeks.

"Oh god, yes!" "Spank me hard, Daddy." "Harder!"

As I spanked her, I could feel the shudder go through her when she climaxed. And my leg became wet from her pussy juice.

I asked her where "Daddy" came from and she told me she'd always wanted to call me that. Particularly when we were going to were involved in sex.

"Alright, from now on you are to call me Daddy." "Except when we are around family and close friends." "And I want it done in a little girl's voice."

"Yes, Daddy."

"Now, take off your panties!" "And you're not to wear any, the rest of this trip." "Is that clear."

"Yes Daddy," "I'll put them in our dirty closes bag, so I won't be tempted to put them on."

"Now, go into the bathroom and wash yourself, so we can leave."

We then took our things out to our car and then went back in and had a super breakfast. Afterwards, we thanked our host and hostess and headed towards San Francisco, our ultimate destination.

We planned on driving all the way to San Francisco, that day, with a short stop at Mt Shasta.

At Mt Shasta, we found a restroom, as both of us needed a pit stop. When I got back to the car, there was a young man standing near the passenger side. My wife hadn't gotten back to the car yet. I walked up and asked him, if there was something I could help him with. He was, I'd guess, in his mid to late twenties. He told me that his buddies and he were horny and that they had noticed my wife when she got out of the car. He said that when he saw she was not wearing panties and that her pussy was hairless, he'd gotten and instant boner. He went on to say she was a hot looking woman and they had decided that they wanted to fuck her. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, and told him so. About then my wife arrived. She asked what was going on. At that point he pulled what looked like a gun from his pocket and keeping it low and in front of himself, told us both what he had in mind. My wife just ignored him and started to get into the car. He grabbed her around the shoulders and pulled her towards himself. He then told me not to be a hero, but to lock my car and walk ahead of him to their van. I looked around the parking lot for help, but no one was in sight. I couldn't believe that we were being kidnapped at gun point and there was no one nearby to help.

When we got to the van, one of the doors opened and two of his buddies pulled both of us in. They put my wife between two of them and shoved me towards the back. No one tried to tie us up and didn't really need to because of the gun. We were prepared to do whatever they asked. He told us that they were going to drive to a cabin his parents had, not two far from the park. If we both behaved ourselves, we would not be hurt. I assumed, meaning we wouldn't be killed.

"We have no intention to kill you." "We are going to video tape everything that happens and can use the tape to blackmail you."

"Also, we now know where you live and can come and take care of you, at anytime."

"But truthfully, I believe before we are done, you beautiful, will be asking us to fuck you" "And your husband, he'll be busy taking care of our wives"

"Your wives," my wife said. "Are they involved in this too?"

"Heck Yes!" "They practically planned the whole thing."

"When we saw the two of you at the restaurant, last night. I started dreaming of this moment." "My wife has always been cooperative in my swinging idea's, and this just makes it more exciting, by picking up strangers." "We're both BI, so fucking you and your husband, will be fun!"

"Of course, you'll have to fuck all my friends, too." "But, like I said, I bet you will be begging to be fucked by all of us, before the night is over."

He told us his name was Burt. He then told me to throw him my car keys, which I did. He gave the keys to a couple of the masks and told them to get the car, and follow us.

He laughed, "Now beautiful, turn around on the seat and kiss your husband."

My wife got on her knees, turned towards me and leaned back over the seat. Just as I leaned forward to kiss her also, she grunted.

"Oh baby, you are sopping wet, do you know that?" Burt had come from the front of the van, and rammed his cock hard into her pussy, doggie style.

"Boy all this talk of being gang banged and raped is turning you on."

"Hell, I don't think my wife has ever been this wet." "And she is a squinter"

"See look at her, I just started fucking her and she is pushing back at me." "She loves it."

"We all have 24 hours before we are expected home, so we have 20 hours, give or take, to fuck."

"I can cum 8 to 10 times over a period of eight hours." "I never had the opportunity to go for twenty hours, so this is going to be a challenge." "But believe me, you will have so much cum in all your holes, from all us, you'll feel like you are floating."

"Now," he said. "The two of you are going to be blindfolded." "So we can take off these hot masks." "Yours will only be over your eyes, so that you have full use of your mouth."

"Well here we are at our destination." "And it looks like your car is right behind us."

"Come on, you two." "Let's go into the house." "I want to introduce you to the two wives that are here."

After we got inside, I felt my arms being tied. I could tell my wife was struggling, also.

"Calm down, both of you." "We're only tying you while we get you undressed."

"Then we'll untie your hands, as I want you to be able to use them, when necessary.'

Burt then said, "Get the video going." "I want this on film when I rip her clothes off."

I then thought what sounder like material tearing. I heard my wife gasp.

Then Burt said, "Wow, look she is wearing one of those half bra things." "Her nipples are very rigid!"

"Let's leave her bra on for now." "Although I bet she hardly needs a bra, as her breasts don't sag."

"Oh my, her pussy is so smooth." "Do you shave, everyday, baby?"

"Look how wet she is!" "She's practically dripping pussy juice." "Although I suppose some of that could be caused by my fucking her."

I felt my shirt and shorts being removed, along with my underwear. I had no idea who was looking, and I instantly got a hard on.

"Hay, look at him!" "Does he have a hard-on or not!"

As soon as our clothes were off, they untied us. I was shoved down on my knees and hands. I knew what was going to happen, with me in that position, and tried to brace myself for the worst. Nothing happened!

"Boy, I wish you two were doing this willingly." "Then we wouldn't have to blindfold you, and you could see what was going on." "I would be scared to death, not knowing what was coming next." "As I presume you are!"

My wife then said, "Please we won't tell who you are. Just take off the blindfolds and let us see, as you said." "My husband and I really like sex and I've always had a fantasy to be fucked by force by several men." "This is a dream come true." "Just ask my husband."

"Is that true." Asked Burt.

"Yes, we've played this part several times. My wife wants to be forced to have sex with six to ten men." "As she said, we won't tell anyone because this is something we dreamed about, many, many times."

Burt then said, "You know, I'm going to trust you."

He then removed our blindfolds. The rest of the men, were uneasy.

"Man, do you know what you are doing?" "They could easily identify us."

"No they won't!" "Besides, we always have a video for a back up."

"It's too late now anyway. And I'm not, nor did I ever intend too, kill them." "Hell, look at the gun, you all knew that it was empty." "I don't have any bullets."

My wife then walked over to Burt and asked him his real name.

"I really am Burt." "This is Pete, John, Erik, Bob, Jeff, and Duane."

"My wife is Ellie, and Pete's is Debbie."

My wife introduced herself as Virginia, "And my husband is Andrew." She said. "He's BI also, and loves to suck a hard cock or pussy. "He will cum when you fuck either his mouth or ass hole."

"My name is Virginia, call me Virgin," "I know, I'm not really a virgin, but it sounds good anyway."

I couldn't believe this was my wife; she's never been this forward regarding sex.

"Are you all ready?" "Let's go, I'm ready to fuck." "And you said wanted to fuck me since you saw us in the restaurant." "So what are you waiting for?"

I watched three guys' ascend on my wife. One pushed his cock into her pussy. The other into her ass and the third into her mouth. She was having a ball. For some reason, she is a very different person than she was when we started this trip. But, I don't care what or why the change, I just want her to keep doing and enjoying what is happening now. When I thought back on everything that had happened and was now happening, my wife had become a SLUT. And I was enjoying every single minute of it. She was a great slut!

As I was watching my wife being fucked, the two wives came over to me and shoved me to the floor. One straddled my chest.

"Lick my cunt." "I like it done hard and deep."

I started licking and sucking, as hard as I could. She slid herself forward until I thought I would die, because my nose and mouth was buried in her cunt. I couldn't breath. I started pushing at her with my hands, but she pushed right back.

"For Christ sake, Ellie, can't you see he can't breath?" "You can't sit on his mouth like that and expect him to die while you are cuming."

"Get off him!" "Now!"

Debbie then pulled Ellie backwards and off my face.

"Thank you!" I said. I thought I was going to suffocate."

"She gets a little carried away, sometimes." "Just because you can bury your face in her pussy while she's on her back, and come up for air, once in awhile." "She thinks you can do the same with you on your back and she's pushing her pussy into you."

"There have been a couple of times I thought Burt was going to be a goner with her doing the same thing to him."

"Now that she's sucking your cock, why don't you lick my pussy?" "I promise I won't try to suffocate you."

And wow, what a pussy! I kept sucking and licking until she started cuming in buckets. My face was dripping with pussy and cum.

Ellie was doing a fine job on my cock. It didn't her take too long and I was pumping several loads of cum down her throat.

After I came in Ellie's mouth, she and Debbie went off together, somewhere. I couldn't blame them, wanting to get together with each other as I didn't have the stamina that their husbands had. After I'd cum two or three times, I was usually through for the night.

Of course, I didn't take in consideration that when watching my wife being fucked, continually by six men, I would have a hard on for hours and could and did cum several more times.

After Debbie and Ellie left the room, I sat down in the nearest chair and watched the action going on with my wife. As fast as someone came in her mouth, someone else would take his place. This was happening in her ass and pussy, as well. It looked like she was climaxing, over and over. Almost like one continuous high.

After I watched three of the guys cum in her mouth, and when the third on was through, no other man took his place. When she looked towards me, I don't think she even saw me. Her eyes were so glazed! And she was shaking from the continual climax she was having.

Soon all the men stopped fucking and went off the bed.

The two men, whose wives had fucked me and then left, went looking for the women. I assume they found them and also went to bed, as I didn't see them come back.

I crawled over to my wife. Her pussy was red and swollen from all the fucking. Both her pussy and ass hole had cum seeping out of them.

As I approached her, I could see her still having multiple climaxes. I watched for a few minutes and she never stopped cuming.

"Sweetheart are you okay," I asked.

"Oh Daddy, I can't stop cuming!" "I haven't had anyone in any of my holes for twenty or thirty minutes, and I'm still cuming."

I got down by her pussy and started licking. She really tasted good. Cream Pie is wonderful, and I would recommend it to any husband, if you get a chance to experience it... I loved my wife, all the more for giving it to me.

"Come on baby." "Let's see if we can find a bed somewhere, to sleep." "I'm sure everyone is going to want to fuck you, in the morning."

"Oh Daddy, I just thought of something." "What about our reservations at the B & B near San Francisco?"

"Don't worry about it." "I'm sure Burt took care of it, for us." I had heard him calling and pretending to be our son.

Both my wife and I slept soundly through the night. In the morning when we woke up, no one was in the house. When I looked outside all the vehicles, except ours, was gone.

I tried to wake my wife, but she was in a deep sleep. And no wander after the way she had fucked and been fucked the night before.

Since our clothes had been virtually destroyed, at least hers were, the night before, I went out to our car and got more. When I came back in, my wife was sitting up in bed.

"Oh Daddy, I'm so ashamed." "Last night I fucked and fucked the men." "And I enjoyed being used in all three holes." "I've never cum so many times in my life and still feel a slight buzz." "And I'm so horny, Daddy!" "Daddy, I need you to fuck me!"

"Don't worry slut, I'm going to fuck you and fuck you hard!"

"Am I your slut, Daddy?"

"Yes, baby, after your performance last night, you truly are my slut!"

"And since you are a slut." "And obviously want to be a slut." "From this day forth you are going to look and act like a slut." "But, you are never to fuck anyone, without my permission and I will always be there to watch."

"Now, come over here and suck my cock." "Remember, you are to always to look up at me and I only want to see lust in your eyes."

"That's it Slut, take my cock down your throat." "I can think of many of my friends that will love it, when I let you suck them off."

"Oh Daddy, you won't tell your friends that I'm a slut, will you?" "Daddy, I'd be so embarrassed and humiliated."

"Baby, don't you know what you did, when you fucked those six guys last night? "You not only showed me that you enjoyed it, but asked for more." "You say you will be humiliated and embarrassed if I let my friends fuck you." "My God, woman, I could have been humiliated myself." "But" and then I laughed, "I wasn't." "In fact I was so turned on watching you that when I started to masturbate, I came instantly." "Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed watching you fuck." "And if it will embarrass and humiliate you, then I'll find others to fuck you."

"Because, I want you to be a happy slut."

After I had cum in her mouth, I handed her the clothes she was going to wear. They consisted of: a half shelf bra (which from this day forth she would always wear, if wearing a bra at all) a very transparent blouse, that buttoned, and a very short skirt. Never again would she wear panties. And a comfortable pair of shoes. You could easily see her nipples thru the material of the blouse.

She asked me if she could wear a vest with the blouse.

"No slut, you can't" "Remember, you are a slut, by choice." "And sluts dress this way." "At least by my definition."

"But Daddy, everyone can see my nipples."

"Yes, and won't it be even nicer when I have your nipples pierced and fitted with nipple rings." "Then everyone will know you belong to me."

"In fact, I think I will have special rings made." "One will have a pendent hanging from it saying, I am, and the other will say A Slut." "I'll want them to be visible thru your blouse." "I want everyone to know that you are truly a Slut!"

After we were dressed, we left.

It wasn't hard to find our way back to the highway and head toward San Francisco. My wife was very quite as we traveled South. I told her to pull her skirt up to her waist and play with her pussy. I wanted to see her pussy become very wet. It didn't take her long to get worked up. Her pussy was still very swollen and I could see that it had not quite gotten back to its original size. I wandered if it ever would. She had been fucked so many times, that I wandered if it was possible to stretch it so that she would always have a large hole. As it turned out, I needn't have worried, because by the time we arrived at the B & B, both her holes were the normal.

"Well Slut, we have arrived."

"Daddy, are you always going to call me a slut?"

"What, I thought you liked being a slut!"

"I do, but I don't want you to always call me one."

"Are you going to introduce my as your slut?"

"I suppose you're right." "It might be a good idea, if I introduce you as my wife."

"Thank you."

When we went threw the door, the owner of the B & B was there. I introduced her to my wife and myself. She had us register and told us where our room was. As we turned and started for our room, someone came in behind us. Our host said,

"Oh, let me introduce my son and his wife."

As we both turned around, we were starring into the eyes of Burt and Ellie.

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