Renting a Woman

by Ving

Copyright© 2003 by Ving

Sex Story: If you're going to fantazise, fantazise big

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If you're going to fantasize, fantasize big

I won 98 million dollars in the lottery. After cash out, taxes and taking care of friends and relatives, I was left with 26 mil and change. I put 20 in an interest bearing annuity, 3 in an interest bearing checking account, and with the remaining 3 and change I headed to Vegas to rent me the most beautiful woman available who was willing to fulfill my every fetish and fantasy.

I leased the finest penthouse suite in the finest hotel for 5 days, then rented a Ferrari to tool around town in. Next I called 6 escort services and told them to send me the most beautiful woman in their stable between the ages of 30 and 35. I told them to explain to the selected woman that she was one of six other women who I was going to interview to be my escort while I was in town, and that she would have a chance to earn up to a million dollars for five days work. Each person I spoke with of course was skeptical, but when I told them to call the hotel and ask for me in the penthouse suite, the cost of which they had an inkling of they all agreed. I then called the bell captain and told him that I would be receiving 6 women this afternoon and that I expected them to be treated with respect and dignity by him and his staff. I could hear him stammer and quickly added I would of course make it worth his effort. He just as quickly regained his composure and replied of course, he and the staff will see that they are all well taken care of.

I scheduled the interviews at half hour intervals. I eagerly awaited their arrivals, I was getting a hard on just thinking about telling them my secrets. I was almost as excited about the interviews as I was about the fulfillment of my fantasies. Then I realized that telling a woman I didn't know, and hopefully a beautiful one at that, about my sexual fetishes was part of the turn on.

Promptly at 12:30 the first applicant was at the door. I answered it and ushered in a stunning blonde, about 5'8, thin, maybe 120 pounds, with a smallish chest, I guessed she was a 34 b. She was wearing a stylish pant suit that looked very nice on her, but hid her legs. Her face was oval with high cheek bones, emphasizing a long neck. Her hair was draped about an inch below her shoulders. I thanked her for being on time, told her my name, and before she could tell me hers, I told her her name would be Nora while in my presence. She looked at me with a puzzled face, I said don't ask and led her into the sitting room and seated her on the couch. I took the chair opposite her and began the interview. I told her who I was, how I came into some money and that I was looking for a woman to pretend to be my wife, the aforementioned Nora, while I lived out my deepest and darkest fantasies with her help. I told her I was willing to pay 100,000 dollars a day for a fulltime companion. That if I was happy with her conduct that day, I would match it with a tip, giving her 200 thou for the day. If she satisfies my desires and makes my fantasies pleasurable each day, she stood to make a cool million. While I talked I watched her mouth drop lower and lower. When I finished she looked at me and said I must have some pretty far out fantasies. I laughed and said there were no kids, no toilet games and no blood, but everything else was on the table. She quizzically asked me, everything? I emphatically replied everything. I could see her mulling over what that implied. I asked if she wanted to continue, or I would give her a thousand dollars for her time, and wish her a nice day. She looked at me for a few long moments, and then said no thank you. I was taken aback, she said she would hate herself for turning down that kind of money, but when she got into the escort business she had taken a vow never to betray her own self worth and she felt my offer would make her do that. She was right of course, the woman I was renting would be degraded, maybe even humiliated. I thanked her for her time and while counting out 20 one hundred dollar bills told her I admired her ethics and was giving her an extra thou in appreciation of it.

While I waited for the next woman to arrive I started thinking maybe this was going to be harder than I thought. I had never imagined being turned down, and it happened even before I told her what I wanted. I heard a knock at the door, looked at my watch, she was 10 minutes early, and frowned. This one was eager, maybe too eager, I thought, as I walked over to open it.

The next woman was short, about 5'2, slightly pudgy, and looked definitely younger than 30. I asked her age, she said she was 31. I asked for her ID, when she said she didn't have it with her, I smiled, thanked her for her time, gave her 500 dollars and said good day. Her mouth was moving with no sound coming out as I closed the door on her. This was going nowhere fast. But then again that's why I asked for six women, one of them has to work out. I turned on the tube and waited for the next one to arrive.

Maybe they are right about the third one being a charm, for the woman I opened the door to next looked and acted perfect. She was a 5'6 or 7 red head with perfectly proportioned breasts waist and hips. Long lean legs were showing under her tight thigh high skirt, as were the braless breasts beneath her white lace blouse. As before, I introduced myself and told her her name would be Nora while in my presence. This one was nonplussed by the demand, even going so far as to wink at me and say no problem. I escorted her to the couch and when I sat opposite her I got a nice look up her skirt as she sat. White transparent panties covered her bush. The carpeting matched the drapes, as they say. I gave her the same speech as with the first one, and like the first one, she sat silent for awhile. I could see her also mulling things over in her mind. Finally she looked at me and said, so you want to pay lots of money to a whore, to pretend to be a wife, doing whorish things. I grinned at her, that is exactly right She grinned back, and asked what was wanted of her.

For the first time I was going to tell a woman what I wanted, all my needs and desires were about to be expressed in the open. I began to flush and I could feel the blood rush to my head as my heart beat harder and faster. This was turning me on, and the fact I was looking up her skirt and seeing her panty covered pussy wasn't helping. I took a long drink of water and then began to speak. I told her I wanted the woman to wear a wedding ring at all times. I wanted her dressed only in short skirts and dresses, some tight, some loose and light so they would fly up in a wind or twirl up when she was dancing. She would have to sit in a way that exposed her panties easily to any one who wanted to look. I was going to take her around to different places and expose her panties and legs. I would take her down Fremont street on a windy day. She would be wearing a skirt easily blown up in a breeze while carrying packages so she couldn't push it down. If any one was so bold as to approach her she was to flirt with them, and if they tried to touch her she was to let them. She was to go as far as the person touching her wanted to go, even to fucking or sucking them in public. I told her that I would also fuck her in public and have her suck me off. I told her she was to go into bars by herself, expose her panties and bare breasts while sitting and dancing. That she would be expected to allow any and all men to caress her body and do whatever they liked with her in the bar. At some point during these excursions she would be commanded to bring a minimum of 5 men back to the penthouse and let them fuck her ass, mouth and pussy while I watched. I was going to take her to sleazy strip bars where she would be the show in the audience. While I was spilling my guts I watched as Nora slipped a hand between her legs and started stroking her pussy thru the crotch of her panties.

My mouth got quite dry and I paused to take another drink of water, when I finished my gulp I offered her the glass. She leaned forward and reached for it with her free hand, while she kept the other one firmly clasped at the juncture of her thighs. When she sat back her legs were even further apart and I could see the movement of her fingers as she stroked herself thru her panties. I licked my lips and tried to begin again. Realizing I forgot where I had left off, I mumbled out loud where was I? When Nora breathlessly gushed out you have me in a sleazy strip joint being the show in the audience, it dawned on me how really into this she was. Ah, yes, you are going to be a stripper in the audience. As we sit at the table I am going to undress you until you are sitting in just your panties, thigh highs, and shoes. Then I am going to leave you sitting there while I find a couple of the grungiest customers in the joint and tell them to go feel how wet your pussy is. You will spread your legs for them and let them finger your pussy and asshole. You will then be fucked by every person there who wants to, male or female, since so many of those strippers are bi or lesbian. The proprietor will have been paid off and the strippers notified so you will be undisturbed while being gangbanged.

All the while as I was talking to her, Nora was getting lewder and lewder with her stroking. By the time I finished her eyes were closed tight and she had pulled the crotch of her panties aside and was busy plunging two fingers in and out of her very juicy pussy.

I watched her in silence. When she finally realized the only sound in the room was the squish her wet cunt and fingers were making, she looked at me with half lidded eyes and asked if there was more. I grinned widely, this is quite the woman. Oh yes, there's more, I said and she grinned back at me while scrunching further back into the couch and opening her legs as wide as she could. She slipped in a third finger and said tell me about it.

There is a swingers club open to singles and couples just outside of town. I am going to take you there. When we first arrive we will go to the bed they have set up for public view and I will fuck you doggie style while you are still dressed. When I cum in your pussy I will cover it with your panties and you will wear my cum as we mingle with the guests, most of whom will have just watched us fuck and know what you are walking around with. You will fuck anyone and everyone there while at all times keeping your panties on. When the last one is done with you, you will then take off your sperm loaded panties and put them in your mouth. You will suck on them while I escort you around and say good night to everyone.

Nora was ever more furiously pumping her fingers in her pussy. As I watched I saw her clit grow larger and lager until it extended over her pussy lips. I couldn't help myself as I leaned across the space between us and touched it with the tip of my fore finger. That's all it took, Nora instantly jerked, her body twitching and writhing as she came.

When she was once more able to focus on me I smiled and told her that I gathered she liked my fantasies so far. She smiled back and said she guessed so too. Ready to hear more I asked her, she replied yes and then requested a stiff drink. I retrieved her a double scotch and water and waited while she took an extended gulp. When she finished her drink she smiled and asked that I continue. This next one I told her, I have had for years and because it's been in my mind for so long I've envisioned the entire scene, dialogue included. Nora giggled and said so I'm going to be in a movie. I laughed too and replied I hadn't thought of that, maybe I will have it filmed, I sure can afford it. I was lost in thought for a moment as I pondered the possibilities. When she gave a small cough I was brought back and smiled ruefully at her, ah yes back to the scene.

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