Anal Wife
Chapter 7: Anal Beach Party

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Sex Story: Chapter 7: Anal Beach Party - Susan Bunkers and her obsession with backdoor pleasures.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Anal Sex  

The following weekend Dave and Charley went hunting and left their women behind. It was only natural that Gloria and Susan continue to develop their interest in anal sex with each other. On Friday night they spent about four hours in bed together, licking each other's titties, kissing each other's cunts, fingering each other's assholes. It was a kind of lesbian mini-orgy. They used kitchen oil to rub down their bodies at one point, and even though it was rather messy, it was also extremely slippery. The two women went sliding their luscious fresh flesh against each other, clamping their loins around this or that limb, pressing their mouths together in long luxurious kisses, using their tongues to eat out each other's assholes and pussies. They fell asleep that night in an embrace normally reserved for heterosexual lovers.

The next morning, however, they were as horny as a couple of teenage virgins. "I can't get over it," said Gloria. "We fucked all night and we came and everything, ' and here we' are frustrated as hell all over again."

"I know," said Susan, "woman's work is never done."

"I got an idea," said Gloria. "Why don't we go to the beach. I bet we could pick up a couple of teenage guys and fuck out our brains with them. It would be a real kick to get a virgin male to fuck us up the ass, eh?"."Not a bad idea," said Susan. "Let's do it."

They dressed in bikinis and other than the slim bathing suits, took only towels with them. They went to the Santa Monica beach which was crowded with high school students and surfers, old drunks and an occasional whore. "You know," said Susan, as they made their way across the hot sand, "I wonder how we're gonna get these two guys, where ever they are, to pick us up."

"Don't worry about that," said Gloria. "I bet we don't even, get to put down our, towels before some guy's showing us his cock." She laughed because an old woman they were passing by had looked up with a scowl on her face.

They spread their towels not far from the wet sand. It was hot and sunny, and there must have been hundreds of people out that day. The beach was lined with lovely women wearing only bikinis. Every now and then a woman with no bra at all would pass by, her titties shaking, her ass quaking, her lovely long legs carrying her off to some other slightly more private portion of the Santa Monica water front. "I can't get over it," said Susan when she saw such a young woman pass by, "how girls today just go out and do whatever they want. I'm only a couple of years older than she is, but I'd never think about going around like that. When I was younger it was just out of the question."

"We've come a long way," said Gloria. "I like it this way." She stretched out on her back and spread sun tan oil along her arms and legs. Her smooth flesh glistened in the bright afternoon sun. "I hope our knights in shining armor show up really soon," she added. "I burn easy." She laughed at her own joke and lay back with her eyes closed to bake in the sun. Susan did the same thing and it didn't take long for the two lovely women to drift to sleep on the beach.

And it didn't take long for two teenage boys to catch sight of the young sleeping beauties. They picked up their towels, and, pretending to have just arrived, made camp alongside Gloria and Susan. "Well," said one of the young men, "looks like they're sleeping."

Gloria opened her eyes a notch and caught sight of one of the young men. He was big, tanned and brawny, and as far as Gloria was concerned, he was made to order. She figured that a man with a chest as large as his would have to have a big fuck-stick as well. "I don't know for sure," 'she whispered to Susan who was still dozing, "but I think they've arrived." Susan rolled half-way over. "What?" Gloria nodded in the direction of the two young men. "I think they're here for us, Susan. Get ready." She closed her eyes and pretended to be sleeping again. So did Susan.

"Hello, ladies," said one of the young men. "My name's Dick and this is my buddy Larry. We thought you might be interested in a little company."

"Oh, hello," said Gloria, pretending not to have seen the young men. "Well, I guess we wouldn't mind a little company, would we, Susan." They 'made introductions. 'Dick and Larry were -- it turned out -- both surfers, both young, probably sixteen Or seventeen, and both were interested in some fast action. This suited the girls, and it only took a few minutes of casual beach conversation for everyone to agree to return to Dick's apartment on the boardwalk.

There, still dressed in their bathing suits, all four of them began drinking wine and smoking grass, which Larry just happened to have handy, and it didn't take a long time for everyone to get quite high and very aroused. "You know," said Larry, eyeing Susan's big titties and long smooth legs, "I sure wouldn't mind having a sister like you."

"Well," said Susan, reaching out and taking his hand, "I wouldn't mind having a brother like you, Larry. Except then I wouldn't be able to have sex with you." She smiled and took his open hand to play with her leg. She guided him down between her loins. They were sitting on the floor and she had her long smooth legs spread out. It would be nothing for him to reach up into her covered snatch. "Listen," he said, "why don't we excuse ourselves for a minute or two, eh?" She smiled and he took her off to the bedroom.

"The reason I wanted to be alone with you," he said, "is because I like the way you smile." Susan winked at him and turned around. "Would you mind, Larry, taking my top off?" The youth blushed and undid the strap. Susan turned back around. "The reason I wanted to be alone with you, Larry," she said, "is because I like the looks of your crotch." She reached one hand down between his legs and rubbed the place in his trunks where his cock was. Larry was busy inspecting her titties until he felt her hand massaging his joint. "Wow," he said, "you're really good at that."

"Well," she said, falling to her knees between his legs, "I kind of like you, Larry. And when a girl likes a fella, well, you know how that is." Her hands slid gracefully between his legs and under his trunks. She came up inside his bathing suit holding onto his cock and balls. 'Wow," he said, "I didn't think you really liked me all that much already." She smiled and withdrew her hands from. his crotch. She came around the topside of his trunks and loosened the drawstring. Then she slipped the trunks down around his knees, thereby exposing his genitals. "Well," she said, "I was right."

"Right about what?" blushed Larry. He knew, though, what she meant. He waited for her to say it.

"You do have a nice big cock, don't you?" She took the head of his big meat in her hand. She stretched the firming muscle out away from his body and licked it, with her tongue. She sucked on the base of the joy rod and before long she had him fully erect. "Now," she said, "that's a little more like it, no?"

Larry took her head in his, hands. He pressed her face into his crotch. He rubbed her smooth blonde cheek against his dick. The feel of her satin skin against his boner made him hot. He liked her face rubbing in his crotch. Susan helped him get aroused by using her hands. She rubbed his fanny. She stroked the space between his buns with one finger. Up and down, lightly, in the groove she caressed his ass. "Oh, yeah," said Larry, "I like the way you do that."

"Good," she said, his cock still sliding back and forth next to her face. "I want you to be happy, Larry." He reached down and cupped her mammoth titties. He caressed the nipples, teased them just a little, and then palmed the full pendular breasts themselves. He kneaded the soft flesh, the heating breasts, and his palms were full of her large nipples, the pink tips and the big brown caps. "God damn," he said, "you sure do have the kind of titties I like to play with!"

"My breasts are very sensitive, Larry," she panted. "It makes me feel especially good when you play with them that way." She spoke in a whisper. Her. breath was coming faster. Her heart beat strong in her soft chest. "I'm getting turned on," she told him. "It's getting nice in my cunt. Would you like to play with my twat a little?" She came upright, standing, her legs spread, her titties still in his hands. His fingers let loose of her big soft boobs. He stroked down along her smooth stomach. He arrived at her cunt. "You bet I would." He worked his fingers under her bikini bottom. "This thing's in the way," he told her as his fingers began to feel up her vagina, her bush and the wet crack. "Take it off." He took his hand out of her groin.

She smiled and slipped out of the bottom of her bathing suit. "There," she said, tossing the colorful strap aside. "Is that better?" She spread her naked legs and shook her hips. "Do you see what you want now, Larry?" she asked.

He looked down at her cunt. He pushed her backwards and she lost her balance, toppling onto the bed on her back. "Now I see what I want," he said, watching her titties bounce into place. He climbed up between her legs. "Maybe," she said, as he came down on her chest with his torso, "you'd like to have something really special from me."

"Special?" he asked, stroking her silky blond hair, pressing his chest against her titties and fingering her cunt, down between their two bodies. "What special?"

"Well," she said, "why don't you get that big hard prick of yours wet in my twat, and then I'll show you what I mean."

"Sure," said Larry. "Couldn't ask for a better beginning myself." He slid his finger out from the wet twat hole. "Nice and greasy," he said. Then he used his hand to guide his beefy joint into place. He pushed forward, down deep, and filled Susan's narrow tube with all the cock she could possibly wish for. "Oooh, fuck" she even moaned, "that's delicious." She rolled her hips so as to be sure to make the young teenager's cock as wet and slippery as possible. She wanted him well-lubricated because she was going to ask him to fuck her up the asshole. "O.k.," she said, after he'd stroked inside her tube for a while, "I want you to take it out now."

He'd had plenty of luck listening to her so far, so he decided to continue in this fashion. He pulled his prick out of her vagina. "Now what?" he asked.

"Now," said Susan, rolling over between her legs and showing off her hot pink fanny, "put your fingers in my cunt and get some of that juice. Spread it around on my asshole. O.k.?"

"You're the boss, lady," said Larry. He happily went to work getting enough juice from Susan's pussy to coat her asshole with a thin covering of lubrication Every now and then he stuck his finger into her anus, just to be sure he knew what he was getting himself into, and wormed around inside it. "Oooh, yes," she said, "that's the way, young Larry. That's the way to make me hot, alright. It feels nice." She rolled her buttocks open and closed on his digit by shaking her hips. "Wow!" exclaimed the surfer. "You sure do know what you want, don't you!"

"Yes," she said, "and I think it's time you gave it to me." He took the cue and started sliding his joint up and down in her anal crack. He rubbed up and down between the firm fanny buns. He made sure his prick was good and hot. Then he took the mushroom head and aimed it at her asshole. He pushed down and it went in.

"Oooh, God," grunted Susan, "that's the way. Go hard. Now go hard."

He pushed hard, the way she wanted it, and filled her asshole tube full of his young meat. "Is that how... uuuumph... you, like it?" he asked. She didn't say anything. She'd stretched her hands out to grab something for support and she had her face buried in the pillow. "Are you o.k.?" he asked. Susan lifted her head. She nodded and grunted, but she still didn't say anything. "Lady? Are you alright?" he asked again.

Finally she blurted out:. "Ooooh, God, yes! That's good, darling. That's God damn good!" He couldn't believe how passionate she was for his prick in her bunghole. He reached around her hips, however, and stuffed her twat with along finger. He gave the inside of her front hole a good thrashing, easily as much sexual stimulation as he was giving her back hole. He used his other free hand to reach up under her chest. Locating her large pendular titty, he squeezed and rubbed. He tweaked the nipple, the big brown cap, the cherry tip, and he kneaded the soft flesh of the body of the breast. "Ooooh, God," moaned Susan, who was having a, sensual festival for her body, "I love it." She had a finger up her cunt, a hand on her titty, and a cock up her asshole. She could not have asked for more. "You have me nice," she told the young man. "You have me very, very nice."

A moment later he was shooting off in her anal cavity. He flooded the rear canyon with his anxious sperm juice. She rolled her buttocks to make it that much better for him, and though she hoped he wouldn't leave her too soon, the young man had already begun to pull his spent hog out of the long smooth anal muscle. Susan gave him a last squeeze, a tug and a milking rub, and then his erect prick popped out of her ass flesh. "That was nice," she said quickly. "I sure do hope you want to do it again."

He blushed as he rolled onto his back, his cock flopping between his thighs. "I need a little break," he said, "but I sure would like to do it at least once more." He smiled and waited for Susan to answer. She was so hot and pre-orgasmic that she could barely speak. "It was my first time that way," said Larry. "I like it. You know that? I really do like it."

"Good," said Susan. "That's good." She was still breathless. Her chest heaved up and down, her loins sweated, and her cunt leaked a steady flow of oily juice. "I'm so fucking hot," she said. "I don't know how you do it," she said, "but I'm really hot." She reached down to the youth's hot, hard pecker. She palmed it with one hand. She had thought she would only touch it lightly, but once she got a feel of the thing, she had to get more. She climbed down close to his crotch. "I'll just play with it for a little while until you're ready, eh?" She smiled as she stroked his prick. Her fingers went up and down along the shaft of his penis. She ended up around the base, squeezing his firming joy rod until the mushroom head turned bright pink, red.

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