Anal Wife
Chapter 6: Horny Thursday Morning

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Sex Story: Chapter 6: Horny Thursday Morning - Susan Bunkers and her obsession with backdoor pleasures.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Anal Sex  

The idea for Susan's next anal adventure came to her in a round about fashion. It was a horny Thursday morning, close to eleven, when she realized that she was feeling a bit of a crave between her buns. She'd tried to put it out of her mind, and she did a good job of it for a short while. Going here and there in the kitchen, cleaning the stove, washing the dishes, even scrubbing the floor, she'd managed to convince herself that she could wait until Charley arrived home. But during her shower, with the steamy water and the oily soap stimulating her naked flesh, it was everything she could do to keep from applying her finger to her tight little sphincter muscle. At one point she gave in, even, and fiddled with the crater and some hair soap, stuffing her asshole in the shower, but this proved only more frustrating, made her even hotter for some sensuous love-making than before.

But she tried to put her mind off it by reading a newspaper which Charley had brought home a few days before. She sat on the livingroom sofa with her short house coat loose around her chest, her titties flowing out from the lapels, her long smooth legs fully exposed. The newspaper wasn't the regular sort. It was some sort of "hip" journal and eventually Susan made her way to the advertisements on the back pages... There in the personals section she discovered that there were a great many other people like herself with lots of different sorts of lusty desires. She smiled to herself about the idea of calling a complete stranger for the purpose of gratifying her sexual needs. At one point she put the paper aside and discounted the idea, but then, finally admitting that her desires were stronger than her will, she scanned the paper for the sort of thing she was interested in. She found one that seemed interesting and it only took her a minute more to locate the man by phone, He agreed to come to her house shortly after noon.

Susan quickly arranged the place in such a fashion that it would look neat and attractive. She would, of course, have to explain to the man that she was married and that they only had a certain amount of time with which to consummate their relationship. When everything looked the way she wanted it, including clean sheets on the bed and romantic lighting in the livingroom as much as possible given the time of day she again sat down on the sofa and this time she was wearing her short skirt, a loose blouse, and she had her hair tied up in a bun. She looked like a lovely little high school co-ed, ready and willing to try out just about anything just so long as her husband Charley didn't find out about it.

The doorbell rang about five minutes later and she pushed her cigarette out in the ash tray on the coffee table. "Come in," she said. "It's open." The door swung open, and to Susan's delight, there stood a handsome young man, blond like herself, well-built and well-dressed. He was smiling and his blue eyes took Susan in, checked her out from ankle to eyes, in about two seconds. "Hello," he said, stepping into the livingroom, "my name's Andy."

"Come in, Andy," said Susan, standing up to shake hands with the stranger. He carried a black leather bag in one hand and he switched it to the other hand in order to carry out the greeting. "Glad you called," said Andy, shutting the door behind him.

"Me, too," said Susan "But I have to explain I'm marred and I've never done anything like this before, you know, with a stranger and all, and I sure hope you'll help me keep this a secret."

"I'm married, too, !" said Andy. "So I understand."

They sat down on the sofa with a bottle and an ice bucket and glasses which Susan had earlier prepared. They drank a bit, slowly but surely broke the proverbial ice, working quickly through the questions and answers they had for each other. "I only just got into anal sex," explained Susan. "I like it so much I feel like a little girl who's discovered sex for the first time. What about you?"

"Oh, it's more or less the same. I've always liked to fuck a good set of buns, but it took me a long time to get good at it and all. I used to worry that I was going to hurt the girl or something, you know. But now it's as natural as combing my hair." He eyeballed Susan's long smooth thighs. "You have nice legs," he said. "I bet your ass cheeks are just as smooth."

"Want to see?" she replied with a warm smile.

"Wouldn't mind," said Andy.

She put down her drink and stood up in front of the coffee table. She hitched up her skirt and turned around. "Bend over a little," said Andy. "I want to see the hole." She leaned forward. He had a perfect view of her firm round cheeks, of the brown crater and groove. "It's nice," he said. "That's very nice indeed."

"Now," said Susan, standing back upright and letting her skirt fall down to place, "maybe I should take a look at you. Just tube sure I'm getting a fair exchange, eh?"

Andy laughed and then stood up. He unbuckled his belt and let his trousers drop. Then he pulled his underwear down. "Wow," exclaimed Susan, beside herself with joy, "this is gonna be fun." She came over beside Andy and put one arm around his neck. The other hand coasted down between his legs. She squeezed his thigh and then stroked his genitals. "You have a big meat, Andy," she said, "and I'm gonna like it when you put that thing in my asshole." She kissed the stranger's lips and she used her tongue to tour the inside of his mouth. By the time they broke away, Andy had a hard-on and Susan was heating up. They were both blushing and hot.

"Where's the bedroom?" asked Andy.

"This way," said Susan, taking him by the hand. "Don't forget your little black bag there. By the way, what's in that?"

"Oh, you know, the usual, a few things to make it exciting for you. That's all."

"Good," she said, as they entered the bedroom. "I put fresh sheets on the bed just for us."

Andy looked at the bed. "Mind if I check out the, frame?" he asked.

"No, but whatever for?" she asked.

"Some of the tools I use," explained Andy who was looking down at the frame which supported the mattress, "require a special kind of brace. We're in luck," he added as he stood up. "This bed is standard."

"Oh, good," said Susan, paying this idea no mind. She undressed beside the bed, next to the little black bag which Andy had set down. He, too, took off his clothes. When both of them were naked they embraced and kissed for a moment or two, and then Andy pushed Susan onto the bed. "I think we better get started. I don't know about you, but I think we should try and make time for at least a couple of rounds, eh?"

"Oh, yes," said Susan. "How shall we start?" Andy smiled and reached over the side of the bed for his bag. "First a little grease, eh?" He pulled out a clear plastic tube of colored grease. "This stuff comes from Sweden. It's a special make of lubricant. Spread your legs, Susan, and I'll put some where it counts." She smiled and spread her legs for him. She even reached back and held her own ass flesh open. The narrow groove sparkled with anticipation. The hole squeezed open and closed, and when Andy applied his finger, open again. "Ooooh, my," she said, "that's warm, that stuff. Amazing!" He coated her ass crack with ooze, and he fingered her bunghole with the stuff. Soon he had a thin coating of Swedish lubricant spread up and down the walls of her ass canyon, and there was plenty of the Stuff in her anus, too.

"It tickles," she said. "I like the way you do it though. It's like having the doctor give me an examination." Andy, meanwhile, was applying some of the lubricant to his cock. When the shaft and the head were slippery and evenly covered, he put the juice aside. "Now for a little test run," he said, pulling from his bag yet another tool. "I just want to be sure that we have you good and hot before we go spending any sperm juice in that hole, eh?"

"Alright by me," said Susan, wiggling her cute fanny as if to affirm her statement. "You just help yourself."

Andy took the new tool, a plastic cock sculpted like a real one, and applied the mushroom tip to the crease between Susan's buns. He rubbed the artificial penis back and forth. Susan moaned a little every now and then, and it was plain to see, from the way her back and her nape turned crimson, that she was heating quickly. "I'm getting hot fast, Andy,"... she said. "That thing's really nice." He smiled but said nothing. He leaned over her butt and put the synthetic cock at an acute angle. The mushroom tip rested at the entrance to Susan's sphincter muscle. "Here we go," he cautioned her. "Ready?" Before Susan could answer, he stuffed her asshole in one stroke. "Oooh, fuck!" she wailed. "Too fast!" He chuckled and kept the fat phallus placed deep in her fanny. He held it by the back end of the thing and jammed it from side to side in what little space was available. Susan's sphincter was split wide open by the jamming plastic rod, and her asshole tube buried the joint, squeezed on the intruding object, and was stimulated by it. "How's it going?" he asked, his left hand holding the device in her buns, his right stroking her right cheek. "You o.k.?"

"Oh, God," she moaned, "it's so fucking big. It doesn't bend like a real prick. You know what I mean? It doesn't give the way a real cock does."

"You just wait until I get you strapped in and I get my own penis up there," said Andy. "Then you'll be really excited." He chuckled and extracted the artificial member from Susan's anus. "Oooh," 'she sighed, "I miss it already." Andy set aside the sculpted penis. "Now for a little of the real McCoy," he said, and with that he climbed up between the backs of her legs. His joint was well-lubricated and stiff as a hat rack. "Can you feel this?" he asked, leaning his rubbery meat into position between her cheeks.

"Oh, God, yes," she muttered. "That's nice and soft." She came up on her hands and knees and made the slope of her crack a little steeper. Andy adjusted his angle and enjoyed the thrill of a slide or two up and down the anal crease. He kept Susan's pretty buns apart with 'his hands. He kneaded the flesh of her ass with, his strong, experienced fingers, and meanwhile, his hefty cock muscle stroked back and forth, rubbing the buns, sliding in the groove. He was yet to start in with his prick on her sphincter muscle. This was just the warm-up exercise. "It's so warm and slippery," said Susan, rocking her hips for him. "I like the way you hold my ass with your hands. It's nice like that. I sure am glad I called you today."

"Me, too," said Andy, continuing to roll his meat up and down between her buns. "It's going to be a great and memorable day for the two of us. You have such pretty ass cheeks and such fine smooth legs. And I like your titties, too. Sometimes I like to come just by rubbing my penis between a pair of big smooth breasts. That's just for fun though. The real stuff is in the asshole. You know what I mean?"

"Oh, God, yes. I certainly do know what you mean." She was getting hot and perspiring. She could feel the juice begin to trickle out of the walls of her vagina and 'into her cave. Soon her silky pubic forest would be hot and wet. Her smooth tanned loins were covered with chills and her hips were beginning to quiver. She could only think one thing: how to get the most out of Andy's cock when he finally started shoving it into her little brown hole. "Shit," she muttered, "it's gonna be a good one, Andy. Isn't it gonna be good?"

"You bet," he said. "I don't mess around, darling. It's gonna be an anal fuck you'll remember forever." He took a couple more slides in the greased crease, and then he angled the spongy tip of his mushroom head. He pointed it, at the rounded sphincter entrance. He used a finger for a last test dip, puncturing the hole and widening it, preparing it for his thickened hot meat. "Here you go, little honey," he said, "the cock you been waiting for."

She took a deep breath and reached back with one hand to aid in the entrance. But Andy shoved Susan's hand out of the way. He didn't want any extra anything in there, except, of course, for his powerful meat wedge. "Baby," he said, "you're gonna get the best stroke in town right now. Ready?"

"Yeah," she said. "I'm so ready it hurts."

He pushed forward, into the anal circle, and with one long thrust Çentered her ass flesh. "Ooooh, Christ!" she hollered. "Fuck!" He had landed in one stroke the tip of his joint in the center of her bowels. Her fanny was held apart now, not by his or her hands, but by the thick shaft of his huge erection. His bone was stiff and meaty, and it filled her tube entirely, stretched her smooth anus muscle into the diameter.of a silver dollar. He was pioneering inside her butt, making her as though it was the first time. "It's so fucking fat," she screamed. "Oooh, God, fuck!" She started scratching at the sheets, grabbing at the pillow. Her body flipped up and down and in order to keep a good secure grip or her, Andy reached up with both hands, taking hold of Susan's red, perspiring shoulders. He held on tight around her neck and her shoulders and kept his meat plunged deep in her fanny.

"Oh, shit. Oh, shit," she moaned. "Shit, fuck, piss... it's too fucking much, man. You have to get it out. It's too... fucking big!" She tried to get free, to loosen up so that his joint, would back out, like a worm exiting her cavity, but there was no way. No matter how much she relaxed her anus muscle and it was hard to do even that the feel was still tight and thick. It was like having put on a glove that was too small. "Jesus, uuuuhhh," she grunted. "Please... no more... that's enough... fuck."

"Just hang on, baby," he said, "this ride only just started." He reached one hand under her chest and grabbed hold of her big firm right mammary. He kneaded the flesh of her breast while punishing her asshole with his mammoth fuck stick. She was sweating and moaning, groveling while he ravished her anus. "Oh, no. Oh, no," she murmured. "Oh, Jesus, NO!" But it was all a vain, useless effort. He was tied in deep, and there was no wrenching free until he wanted it that way. Andy was an experienced ass fucker, and he knew how to get what he wanted from a good, tight bunghole.

"Just another minute more, honey, and this first fuck will be history. Just another minute... ahhhhhh, perfect!" His joint throbbed, squirted off in the chamber, flooded the back bowels with hot slippery jism. A moment later he extracted the flesh injection tool from her anal cunt. He pulled out and rolled onto his back alongside her. She collapsed in a combination of pre-orgasmic ecstasy and post anal agony. "Fucking-A," she complained in a whisper. "That thing of yours is so God damn big, you nearly killed me. My asshole won't be the same for a year."

"Just think," said Andy, "if we weren't using any juice."

"You're kidding," she said. "Did you ever do it that way? With no lubricant?"

"All the time," he said. "I got one woman, a housewife like yourself, and she insists that I don't use lubricant. She loves it big and thick and hot but no juice. Funny, eh? He took along drag and blew out the smoke in a neat, thin line. "I remember the time I fucked a girl five times a row up the ass-hole. She couldn't sit down for a week. Ha, ha, ha. What a kick!" He took another puff on his cigarette. "One, little 'girl, couldn't have been more than fifteen years old, answered my ad. She was a virgin anus, you know, and she had no idea what she was getting herself in for. To top it all off, she had the smallest little asshole you ever did see. I had to use about a pint of my Swedish lube shit on her in order to get a finger in there. It was so tight I thought she was gonna start bleeding. She screamed bloody fucking murder, and I got out of there just in time, before her mother came home, early from work. What a mess! Ha, ha, ha. It was a kick in the ass, alright. Her ass! Ho, ho, ho."

"That doesn't seem so funny to me," said' Susan, rubbing her still slightly sore buns. "I mean, after all, a young girl like that."

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