Anal Wife
Chapter 5: Anal Dinner Party

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Sex Story: Chapter 5: Anal Dinner Party - Susan Bunkers and her obsession with backdoor pleasures.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Anal Sex  

"Where the hell is dinner?" hollered Charley as he busted through the front door. He was slightly drunk, a bit on the wobbling side, and he grabbed the door frame for Support. "Fucking-a," he moaned, "I work all God damn day and I get home and I want my fucking dinner. Where the hell is she?" he slammed the door and stumbled forward into the kitchen "Susan? Susan?" he called out "What the hell goes on here?" Hearing no response, he muttered under his breath, more to himself than anyone else: "What the hell goes on here?"

Loosening his tie and sliding out of his jacket, he made his way down the darkened hallway. "Susan?" he whispered. "Are you here, Susie, babydoll?" He turned around and looked back toward the kitchen. It was then that he noticed, at the end of the kitchen, in the dining room, the set table, the spread silverware, the folded napkins and the unlit candles. In the center. of the table was a bottle of wine and beside it a corkscrew: "Shit," he mumbled, more and more in hiccups, "I don't believe it. What's tonight, my fucking anniversary or something?" He undid his belt buckle on his way out of the hallway and into the bedroom.

Charley was looking at his feet as he entered the bedroom. "One potato, two potato, three potato, four," he mumbled before he saw her. He didn't see her, really, but her reflection in the mirror. "What the hell?" he whispered. He turned away from the mirror to inspect the real McCoy. "Wow!" he moaned. "Susie! You look beautiful!"

She lay spread out on their jumbo sized bed with her fanny waving in the wind. Only it wasn't waving, really. It was just sort of pushed out and spread open. She had one hand back on her right cheek and she was smiling from that side, too. Her sphincter muscle, the small brown hole, was available for viewing. "You know," he said, "I couldn't figure out what was going on when I came in here tonight. Now I know. You have a little anal surprise for me, eh?"

"Yes," she said. "Something like that." She rubbed her right ass cheek. "Do you like it when I do stuff like that?" she asked.

"Like what?" he asked back, his eyes glued to his wife's sliding fingers. She was rubbing small circles in her right buttock.

The flesh of her hand was dark brown against the creamy white of her ass cheek. He couldn't keep his eyes off her finger which occasionally stroked down into the slot, there to pick out and poke the sphincter hole.

"I see," said Susan. "I wasn't sure, but I saw these pictures in one of those magazines, so I kind of decided to try it out. You know, if it works in them magazines, maybe it works in real life."

"Maybe," said Charlie, continuing to unbuckle his belt and slide out of his trousers. "Hot damn!" he said, coming to his senses despite the shock of seeing his wife laying on their bed like a nudie picture, and despite the liquor which had earlier slowed him down. "Hot fucking damn!" he Çexclaimed again. "This is gonna be something."

It was then that Susan slid her left hand into view. In it she held a tube of grease. "There," she said, "is something to help us get started, hey Charley?" She smiled and stroked her lovely blond hair back behind her head. She had on fresh lipstick and her tongue gracefully showed itself in a light curve on the underside of her upper lip. "Are you going to take care of business, Charley?"

"You bet I am," said her husband, climbing out of what remained, of his clothes.

"Oh, look at that," said Susan. "Don't you have a boner yet, darling?"

He looked down between his legs. There was no erection there, only the beginning of a firming phallus. "Guess not," he said.

"You help?"

"I guess so," she said. "Come over here."

He went over and sat down along side his much transformed wife. "I just have to give you a little feel, I bet," 8aid Susan, and, she reached her hand out to grab hold of his cock and. balls. She rolled her fingers up and down in his nut nest, and she squeezed his penis with an undulating milking action. Before long, his joint had thickened, his meat had lengthened, the spongy mushroom head had reddened and expanded. "Wow!" said Charley. "Look at that pecker get hard, eh?" He watched Susan's stroking fingers. "You do it like a pro sometimes, baby. I really mean that."

She leaned over his spread legs and hid from view her delightful sucking action which she now applied to the head of his meat. She squeezed with two fists around the base of his hog, but she concentrated on sucking him off with her mouth She didn't want him to come, though. She wanted to save that for later. She wanted him good and hot and ready to go plunging into her anus. That was what she wanted, and she was quite she could get just about anything along those lines at all. "You know," she said, pausing for a little breather, "sometimes, Charley, I'm just not sure if you like what I'm doing? You know what I mean? I mean, I go licking along your dick. I go sucking on the meaty little tip. I lick up the shaft. I suck your balls. And you never say anything. Do you like it when I give you a good blow job?"

"Let me put it this way," said Charley. "The reason I don't say anything is because I'm having so much fun getting sucked off by you that I can't figure out how to speak, how to talk. So I just lay there panting and breathing and all. You understand, don't you?"

"Sure," she said. "I understand." She slid her hands up and around his buttocks and sandwiched his pelvis between her two sets of five fingers and her mouth. She had his buns in the palms of her hands, and she had his prick in her mouth. She sucked on the mushroom head for about five or six seconds, and then she drew her face and her hands away from his body.

"What the hell?" he moaned. "What happened? Why'd you stop?"

"I don't know," she said. "I just got tired of doing that kind of thing." She was on her belly and her titties were unavailable for.Charley's willing hands.

"Why don't you roll he suggested He stroked the smooth tanned flesh at the small of her back. "Roll over and let me get a little rubbing going on your titties, baby."

She rolled over and showed her chest. Her breasts were large and full. The big cherry nipples sat in fields of mellow brown cap. They were sprung and ready for any and all kinds of attention. Charley leaned down and stroked his tongue across one titty tip and then the other. "Mmmm," he hummed to his wife, "this is the way it ought to be all the time. I like sucking your breasts, honey. I like giving you a little 'licking every now and then too." He worked his way down her smooth belly. Soon he arrived between her legs. He shoved his tongue up and down on her labia lips. He played her clit meat up between his tongue and his upper lip. Before long he had her cut flicking hot and wet with oily juice. "Mmmm," he hummed, and she began to roll her hips. She pumped her body up and down in his face, and soon his mouth was coated with juice. "Oh, yeah, Charley," he heard her moan. He reached up and palmed her titties. He held on tight while he ate her out. Then he had her roll over. He looked into her brown hole. 'Tm going to put some lubricant in there," he said.

She passed him back the tube of juice. He scrambled for it and unscrewed the cap. He pressed a line of the ooze down between her anal cheeks. It didn't take him long to spread it out along the walls of her ass flesh. He coated the groove, made sure it was good and soft and slippery, and then he started fingering the asshole itself. Before he filled it all up with digit, he opened the thing. He pushed his finger down deep and swore, later, that he could have touched her bowels. Finally, he pulled his finger out and greased his hog. "I'm ready," he said. "You, Sue?"

"Me ready too," she said, rolling her butt for him. "You think you can get that bone of yours into my anus without killing yourself?"

"You're in a chipper mood, babe," said Charley. "We'll just see who gets killed." He lifted his weighty flesh spike and stabbed her anus. He shoved forward using the weight of his hips and the power of his super-charged cock to fill her asshole.

"Oooh, Christ," she muttered into her pillow, "that's the way, Charley. Really stuff it up hard, darling. Give me all of your boner. Don't just give me a part of it. Give me the whole thing. I need the whole thing, Charley. I want that whole big penis of yours inside my body. Come on and fuck me with it." ˘

He tried to give her what she wanted. He slammed his pelvis into hers, pushed and shoved and did everything he could to get his cock into place in her asshole. Before long he was flush with her body That is, his : balls were rubbing smoothly against her cheeks, and his cock was well placed between her fine soft buns. He reached around to take hold of her chest, and there he found her full titties blushing and perspiring. Her entire body had gone hot and pink with passion. Her desires were highly aroused, as could be seen to be obvious from her waving hips, her swinging shoulders, her singing, passionate voice: "Ooooh... ahhhhh... fuck me, Charley. Fuck me harder!"

He let one hand drift down between her legs. He located her twat and stuffed the labia with a driving finger. Soon he'd flicked her clitoris into action, and it was not long after that that Susan became somewhat inarticulate in her hollering. She "cooed" and "ooed" and "ahhed," but she couldn't do much else. Except scream about ecstasy and about how she loved having a good hard boner up her asshole. It wasn't much longer after that that she started to have her orgasm and started puddling on the bed under her cunt.

Charley then felt his wife's long tubular asshole muscles going to work involuntarily on his prick. She squeezed and rubbed and massaged his joint with that tight hold that her anus was able to achieve. She had one hell of a squeeze device in there, and when she was orgasmic, she could make Charley come without even trying.

And so it was on this night. She rubbed her anus up and down a few times, because she was coming herself, and sure enough, Charley started spraying out his jism along the inside of his wife's asshole corridor. "Holy fuck!" he cried. "That's really something, Susan. I mean that's really fucking something!" When he finished coming he pulled his prick free of her asshole and flopped over on his back. His cock fell dead on his thigh. He was spent, alright, and it would take him sometime to get it up again; "Jesus, ?! said Susan Bunkers, "I really did enjoy that, Charley." She was so spunky and chipper, even after this first orgasm, that Charley couldn't understand it. "What the hell?" he asked. "Did you do some speed or something, kid?"

She smiled and put her face on his chest. She cuddled up next to her loving husband. "I love you, Charley," she said. "That's all. I get a look at your cock, these days, and my asshole starts itching to have it in there. You know how that is, don't you?"

"I guess so," said Charley, closing his eyes and trying to rest... He knew she was going to call on him to perform again, to service her anus once more, and he wanted to be sure and be ready. He couldn't quite believe the sudden change his wife had undergone. Only a week before she wouldn't let him touch her anus, and now she, couldn't get enough of it. He was wondering how it was that she had changed so quickly, but he was also wondering about how nice it was going to. be to fuck her up the asshole anytime and every-time he wanted from then on. "Boy oh boy," he' said, "you've sure come a long way, honey. You know?"

"Yeah," she said, "thanks to you, Charley." Her eyes flashed. She stroked her long blond mane back behind her head. She leaned down close to his cock. "All used up or what?" she asked.

"Why don't we have dinner?" suggested Charley. "Afterwards, we'll take 'a little shower and then do another number, eh?"

"Good," she said. "Fine with me."

They ate dinner in the nude by candlelight. It didn't take much wine for Charley to pick up on his previous high. He'd have a few drinks before he came home, and the wine kicked him back off the wagon. "Boy oh boy," he said, "this is the life, baby." He looked across at Susan who sat with her big pendular mammaries hanging down over the table. She was spooning some carrots into her mouth She looked up and smiled at Charley "You like naked while we eat dinner? Me, too." She continued to eat. Charley couldn't get over the way his wife was blossoming into a young sexual delight. He remembered back to all the times he'd spent in high school trying to seduce her in the back seat of his old car, trying to get her pants down while they were parked on some hill up above the city. And now, here they were, sitting nude over dinner, just having fucked up her asshole, getting ready for another piece of anal ass. She now gave him all the header he wanted, whereas in high school he nearly had to beg her just to. get a lick out of her. And as far as fucking her anus, well, it goes without saying that it had been out of the question for years. Maybe, he thought, because she was now a couple years older early twenties she was ready for more, sex and more experimenting. He began to wonder what kinds of things they could do to take advantage of her new free spirit. "You know," he said simply, "I think we're going to be having quite a bit of fun in the next few weeks, kiddo. You know what I mean?"

She smiled at him and said: "Dessert?"

"Not now," said Charley, finishing off the wine in his glass. "I think we ought to hit the shower, right now."

"Good idea," she said, showing him a broad grin and plenty of white teeth. "Sounds like fun." She stood up and finished her wine. "Let's go." She shook her titties at him and waved her ass. He followed her with a big smile on his face, his big hog flopping around between his thighs.

In the show 'they made good use of a tube of hair shampoo. First Susan took to spreading the thick oily stuff all around Charley's penis. She rubbed it into his balls and around his cock and up and down his shaft She used long strokes to get his joint slippery and smooth with the greasy soap. After a little while his boner got big and stiff. "I like the way it gets hard," she said. She came up close to him and pressed her smooth thigh against his meat. She used her hand to hold it by the shaft and rubbed the tip along her soft flesh. Then she turned around and rubbed the tip against her buttock and into the crack in her ass. "If you put some of that soap between my cheeks it'll be real slippery." He took some of the oily stuff and spread it on her buns and down into the groove. She still held his joint and rubbed it for him. The head of his meat went for a long slide up and down in the fanny crack. "Oooh, yes," he murmured, "that's really nice." She held the stalk of his beef and pushed the head of it up and down in her crease. With her other hand. she played with her clitoris and finger-fucked her vagina. Soon, however, the steamy shower spray had rinsed off the lubricating soap and they were left feeling rubbery and dry.'

"We better get out and dry off," said Charley. "We can pick this up in the bedroom with some of the other ooze, eh?"

"Yes," said Susan, "That sounds perfect."

They dried each other off. Charley used an especially soft towel to take care of Susan's ass crotch. He had her bend over and hold onto the edge of the tub while he inspected and patted dry her crack. He wanted the hole to be in perfect shape because he had big plans for it and his cock. "Just a little more drying," he said, poking with the towel at her anus, "and we'll be all set." His boner was getting fatter all the time, and Susan's clit was beginning to twitch in anticipation. "I know it's going to be nice again," she hummed. "Really nice."

In the bedroom and in the dark Susan suggested that Charley warm her up by using the dildo. "Good thinking," he said, and he fumbled around in the bedside drawer looking for the big synthetic cock machine. He found it and rubbed some lubricant onto the tip. "We should have used this thing a long time ago," he said. "Not just for your cunt, I mean."

"Do it tome, Charley," she said. "Come on and use it on me." She had her hands back behind her and her fingers wrapped around her ass cheeks. She held the crack open so that the hole was available for Charley and the electric dildo. He stuffed 'the rubber prong tip into the sphincter. "Oooh, yes," cried Susan, "that's the way, Charley. I like that." He turned the machine on and she began to moan even louder. And, finally, he stuffed the twirling rubber tip in deep, thrust it hard and forced it all the way in. "Fuck me," she hollered. "That's the way to fuck me!" He worked it in and out of the small brown hole until his wife's cheeks turned purple with passion. Then he pulled it out. "I think you're ready for the real thing, babydoll," he said. "What do you say?"

"I say fuck me," she said. "Fuck me up the asshole."

He climbed up between the backs of her smooth thighs. He took a firm grip of her tender hips. He used his palms to ply open her round greased ass cheeks, and he went sliding into place in her bunghole. It took only one hefty stroke to place his meat at the core of her rear body. She wailed with ecstasy and agony at the same time. His meaty boner was far down in the muscular tube. "Go on and squeeze," he said. "Do it really hard."

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