Anal Wife
Chapter 3: The Second Time Around

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Sex Story: Chapter 3: The Second Time Around - Susan Bunkers and her obsession with backdoor pleasures.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Anal Sex  

"All I want to do," lied Susan, "is watch TV Can't you understand that?" She was talking to Charley, and It was two nights later. She was wearing her housecoat and it was well after eleven. She sat in front of the television and she hoped that he wouldn't believe her complaint about his molesting. her. She wanted him to come on strong, and she figured if she played hard to get, he would put up more of a fight. Besides, she was beginning to feel that anticipating the fuck was as much fun as the thing itself. Her nipples rose as she said: "Please stop touching me like that."

Charley pressed his fingers lightly around her nick. "Come on, baby," he said, L "we haven't had a good anal fuck since three days ago. You got to give me some."

"Oh, Charley," she moaned, beginning to blush. He stood behind her, reached down over her shoulders into her house coat He could see her long naked legs sticking out from under the coat and his hands slid down on her chest, taking hold of her nipples and tweaking them. He used one hand to go even further, sliding down along her belly, across her pelvis and into her bush. "Jesus," she moaned, giving way at last, "thank God you're persistent." She reached to her belt and undid the cloth coat She took his hand and guided the finger into the vicinity of her clitoris. She used his finger like a dildo, pressing it against her clit, moving it just the way she liked it.

"That's better," said Charley. "That's a little more like it." He gouged out her hole and filled the twat cave with his, index finger. He gave the clit a good little thrashing and before long he had a handful of juice in which to go sliding around between her soft thighs. "Wow," he said, "you're just as hot as I am."

"Of course," she said.

"Why'd you say no?" he asked.

'"Just 'for' fun,". she answered in a. little girl's voice. "Just to see what you would do." She smiled and 'stood up out' of the chair. She turned around and let the small robe slide off of her' body altogether. "Wow!" exclaimed' Charley, "that's my wife! Ain't she pretty!" He reached out over the chair and pulled her face next to his. He gave her a long French kiss. His tongue toured the inside of her mouth. "I love you,". he said when they broke away. He stepped around the chair and pulled her naked body 'against his flesh. He was wearing only his underwear, and there in the crotch of the cotton briefs was a significant bulge. "Mmm," she said, reaching down to the protuberant muscle, "I'm gonna get me some of' that."

"Good," said Charley. "That will make us both happy." 'He stood back a little from her so that she could use both hands to rub on the soft underwear covering his boner. "What a nice lump," he heard her say as she slid to her knees. "I want that thing to be big and hard for me, Charley. I want to feel it with, my fingers."

"Sure you do," he said. "It's only natural." She reached into his underwear and his cock was so big and fat that she had to pull the elastic away from his body in order to get the cotton briefs down and off without bending the erect penis. "Mmmm," she said, finally having the thing exposed, "I'm gonna get some of this in every hole in my body, Charley. You know what I mean?"

"Good for you, babydoll," said Charley as 'he watched his wife's fingers begin to play with his prick. She squeezed it hard with one hand and sucked off the mushroom head with her thick wet lips. She sucked hard enough that it. felt like a vacuum cleaner had been attached inside her face.

She was working up and down on the mushroom head, sucking and tugging with her lips and her tongue in order to get him steamy and hot and passionate. "Oooh, yeah," he said, lightly taking her head in his hands, "just keep that up and I'll have a boner for you that you'll never get over." There was a smacking noise from her.wet lips sucking so hard on the head of his meaty flesh stick.

"Alright," she said, taking' her mouth away from his cock "how's that?"

"That's good," he said. "You make me hard the way it should be." She came up with her hands stretched. out around his torso. "I like the feel of your muscular chest, darling," she said. "It makes me feel like a real woman when I touch your manly titties, when I rub my fingers through the hair on your body." But then she turned around. "Look at that little hole of mine," she said, bending over so that he could see her full butt. "Look in there and- see if you find anything you want."

Charley smiled. "I already know there's a treasure in there." He pulled her buns apart with his hands and slid one finger down the long narrow groove. He arrived at her anus. "How's your hole doing, baby?" he asked. "You getting to be less of an anal virgin?"

"You bet I am," she said. "Come on inside that hole and see what you think about it."

She remained bent over but she reached back with her own hands and held her buttocks open for him. He was able to use his fingers for the purpose of massaging her inner cheek walls and for playing around the entrance to her tube. "There," he said, "that's nice." With that he pushed his finger into the tube, deep into the tube, so deep, in fact, that Susan let out a wail: "Oh, my fucking Lord! That's the way, Charley. Really gouge it out. I love that."

"That's the way I thought you'd like it," he said. "That's really good." He had his finger buried in three or four inches of her tight little ass flesh and he was loving every fucking minute of it. "I'm gonna fingerfuck you into anal orgasm." He pressed in hard, just the way she liked it, and leaned down close to her back so that he could get his other hand into position on her big full titties. He massaged her fine mammoth breasts, tweaked the nipples and from there descended with the same hand to her cunt hole. He found the thing leaking and "wet, the clit high and mighty, ready for all the rubbing he wanted to give it with his finger. He poked around, stabbing her vagina from time to time, but for the most part he concentrated on getting that little greased button of hers to twitching. "Mmmm," she hummed, ecstatic with the feel of his two working fingers. "That's the way to fuck me, Charley. I like it when you get both holes going at once." He could tell she meant it, too, because her neck was turning bright red and her body was blushing with fresh perspiration. It wasn't a big sweat, just a little dampness creeping up all over her fresh flesh. "Mmmm," he moaned, "I like the way you get aroused, darling. It's like watching a rose bloom."

"Oh, Charley," she moaned, "you're so romantic." He pushed his finger harder up her asshole and she flinched for a minute. "Uuumph," she said, "that's really getting up there." She didn't want to show any pain, but the finger was getting so high up in her anal box that she felt like She had a shit inside her, or an enema, or something too large. "It's awfully big," she said. "Maybe we ought to use some grease to make's not going to get sore. O.k.?"

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