Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A man and his wife separate. She comes to him with a story of her double life and the reasons their marriage is failing

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa  

I thought I knew Connie quite well. After all, twelve years of marriage and two kids, you should know your mate real well.

As it turns out that wasn't the case with Connie and I. That wasn't even close to being the case.

My name is Charlie. I met Connie when she had just turned ninteen going on twelve. I had never know a more naive female. I was ten years older than Connie. I was well traveled and, in my estimation, worldly and wise.

I fell in love with Connie and her innocence. I could not believe that there was still a virgin on the face of the earth that was over fifteen years old and there she was.

We dated for two years during which time her body remained a complete mystery to me. I was throughly familiar with her lips. She was a great kisser. Thought I was going to tell you she gave good head? Not a chance! She wasn't receiving or giving any sexual favors or participating in any sexual acts past an occasional hand brushed across her breast. I contributed her attitude towards sex to her strict upbringing and close monitoring by not only her parents but her three older sisters as well.

We married with a small family wedding and a brief honeymoon due to new career starts for both of us. I was beside myself with a passion and a curiosity and yes, pure lust for that virgin body that had been consistantly denied me. I was resigned to getting a cAse of lover's nuts every time we went out. One thing for sure, I loved her dearly and I was confident in her love for me. I forced myself to respect the limits she set.

Our wedding night is essentially a blur in my memory except for two outstanding factors.

First and foremost, she was not a virgin! Secondly, no matter of coaxing and foreplay got me past the missionary position. Even with that I could have been fucking a corpse. She was a non-participant. The first fact, the absence of her virginity, was a subject that I politely did not broach until some weeks later. On doing so, I was given to understand, in no uncertain terms, that it was none of my business. It was further explained that if I was judging her morals and worth solely on that aspect of our relationship I was unfair and did not love her. Needless to say I assured her that it was the most minor of things and I was only mildly curious and figured it was due to a bicycling accident or something of that order. Connie chose to let me continue to hold that thought for some time before she decided to explain what happened. It was real simple. She had gone out with a twenty-one year old guy when she was only sixteen. It was the first and last time she disobeyed her parents. They thought she was spending the night at a friends house. He got her drunk. She passed out. He fucked her in the back seat of his car. She woke up back on the sofa of her friends house. Lucky for her he did have the decency to bring her back to where he picked her up. End of story. I thought that perhaps that sad story might have something to do with her prudish ways. This brings us to the second factor. the missionary position became our standard proceedure. No oral, no rollover for rear entry, no mutual masterbation. No room for any kind of imaginative inovative spark for our sex life.

Then there was Ralph and Lara. We met them at the Church. Lara didn't have any kids and lara became the sister Connie needed to help her in that respect. Mandy, our eleven year old and Charlie Jr., Our nine year old, took to Ralph and lara right away. It very quickly became, "Uncle Ralph and Aunt lara."

I was glad Connie had the friendship and help that Lara represented. I figured that a girl needed another female to be close too more than a guy might need a buddy. As it turned out, the three of them became fast friends and I slowly faded out of their social picture. I didn't know what the problem was but I got to a point where I really didn't care. I admit that I was a bit jealous of Ralph beause He didn't work half as hard as I did and made five times the money with his dry cleaning business. I felt I was doing all I could do for the marriage and that was that. The end came when, after Connie returned home from a shopping trip with Lara, she turned off the TV, looked me in the eye and told me it was over, to leave!

I did exactly that. I got thru the early period of heartbreak and lonlyness and then began to shape myself another life.

It was almost nine months to the day that I got a call from Connie one afternoon. She was yet to complete the process of the divorce papers which puzzled me since I had given her everything she asked for. I was thinking maybe this was the final word. Instead, much to my surprise, she asked if she could come over. She wanted to talk to me. I said sure. It was a perfect time. My buddy who owned the house and whom I was renting a room from was out of town so we had the whole place to ourselves.

Now don't get me wrong. I was still really pissed at this woman. She had broken up the family. I had lost my kids in a normal relationship because of her. I began to plan. I decided that one thing I was going to do was fuck her. This time it wouldn't be with all the reserve I had been forced to display in the past. I was going to get her in bed and fuck her in all her holes. She was going to suck my dick and then I was going to throw her out the door the same way she did me nine months ago. I also knew that if she came into my home and spent the night with me she didn't have a leg to stand on in divorce court for anything other than child support so a lot of what I had agreed to would go out the window.

When Connie arrived I was ready. I had mixed a very potent jug of Margaritas for starters. I had showerd and shaved and put on her favorite colone for men. I broke out a new "Jimmy Buffet" shirt and a pair of shorts. I have pretty good legs if I have to say so and I wanted to be "Mr. Sexy" tonight.

She arrived. Open neck blouse that I could see her bra through except that there was no bra! Red skirt, real short! What the hell was going on?

I gave her the quick tour of the house to, as she put it, satisfy her curiosity as to how I had been keeping myself for the past nine months. In retrospect I think it was to make damn sure that my roommate was not lurking in one of the bedrooms.

We parked on the bar stools and I poured the first of many margaritas for her. I sufferd a whiskey and water which in reality was dark tea and water. I wanted to be wide a wake for the action I was looking for.

We sat there in a sort of awkward silence for a minute or two and then she very pointedly put her glass down and turned to me. As she swung her legs around I took the opportunity to admire her legs and to peek as far as I could up her short skirt. Any other time she would have immediately admonished me for my carnal impulses. this time she smiled.

"I need to talk to you." She said. "I need to tell you something. I only have one request and that is that you wait and hear the whole story before you say anything, deal?"

I looked directly into her eyes. I saw a serious person. I actually felt a little pang of fear crawl up my spine. Was she here to read me the riot act about something? My mind raced over the activities I had indulged in for the past six months or so. Pretty loose but nothing approachable from the divorce court's standpoint. I took a deep breath, reminded myself of my plans for her for the evening and said, "Ok that's a deal but let me refresh your drink first." I quickly dumped the diluted margarita and replaced it with a fresh one. I was delighted to see her immediately take a big swigg! She took such a big swig some dribbled on her chin. She ducked her head and quickly dabbed at the drop of fluid. "Sorry, I am just a little nervous and my mouth is very dry.

There was one thing about Connie that was consistant. She could safely handle two, maybe three mixed drinks of normal porportions. she had already had one and a half of my block busters and was complaining about a dry mouth! This was going to be a very interesting evening.

"Ok, I'm ready. shoot. Connie sat for a minute or two just looking at me. She cleared her throat. "I was having an affair with Ralph."

It felt like cold water had just been poured on my head. I gasped in disbelief. It was the last thing I ever expected her to say. My naive Connie? My super prude in the sex scene? My missionary position boring fuck? Above all, even with all of my bitter inuendo, that sweet young girl that I fell in love with, and if the truth be know, still loved, was having an affair!? The mother of my children! The woman I had spent the last, now, thirteen years with! The Sunday School teacher!

I stared at her. "Who in God's name is this person sitting in front of me?" "Connie! How? When? Why?" I began to stutter. Connie held up her hand to stop me. "You said you would let me finish." "Yea, ok, but God damn! Where was lara? Does she know? OK, ok, I'll be quite. Finish."

Connie continued. "Remember the night we were at Ralph and Lara's at a party and you and I were fighting?" "I, I, I don't know. Yes. Maybe. So what about it?" "Well I was feeling pretty desperate that night. You know we had been fighting for a long time. Ralph and Laura had been very supportive of me. I knew Ralph liked me a little more than he should have. He had kissed me several times before when it was more than a friendly peck. I swung my legs around on the bar stool. "Oh Jesus! I don't believe this! When? Where?" Connie continued,"When we were alone one time at the mountain house waiting for you to arrive. One night at their house when you and lara had gone to the store for drinks. There were other times. He took me to lunch one day when you were out of town. We talked about you and our marriage. He brought me home. He came in and I asked him to look at the plumbing leak in the master bedroom. He just took me in his arms and kissed me. We ended up on the bed. I was so lonely and confused." I bristled. 'You mean to tell me you fucked him on my bed!?" "No, no, that was all. He kissed me and I left the room. That was it." There was a moment of silence and she spoke again, "You don't have to use that word you know." My first reaction was to accept her admonishment and appologize. Then I realized how rediculous that would be. "You come in here and blow me away with the information that you are having an affair with that asshole and you are concerned if I use the word "fuck!" "Well fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. How does that sound?"

Connie's head dropped. "I'm sorry." She mumbled. " I guess I have to realize that I have lost a lot of moral ground. "May I continue?" She asked.

Now I felt bad. "Sure, sorry." I mumbled. There was something else. I was beginning to have mental pictures of Ralph and Connie lying across the bed in our house. I allowed my imagination to drift and I saw Ralph putting his hand up Connie's short skirt. The same one she was wearing now. I saw him pulling at her clothes and working his way up on top of her, taking her skirt with him as he went. I could see her white panties at the junction of her legs and then Ralph's hand cupping her mound. There was another man's hand feeling the warm surface of my sweet wife's pussy.

Connie's voice brought me back to reality. The reality that she was going to tell me a lot more and the reality that I was slowly growing an erection!

"I want yo to know that I am very sorry for what happened. I don't expect you to forgive me but I feel the need to tell you anyway." Impatience welled up in me again. "When was the first time?' I questioned.

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