Episode 10: A Surprise

Copyright© 2003 by Robin Neal

Sex Story: Episode 10: A Surprise - Young, gorgeous and angry, Pet finds herself under lock and key at the House, a fabulous all-female institution that's part girls' school, part prison, part corporation and part brothel. Includes synopsis. In Episode 10, Pet isn't allowed much time to recover from her secret liaison with her mystery lover. Her Lady arrives to take her pleasure, and she isn't in a gentle mood.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Romantic   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Lesbian   BDSM   DomSub   Spanking   Light Bond   Humiliation   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Exhibitionism   Slow  

When Cissy came, she unlocked the door and stepped in and said, "Hello, Pet," before she even relocked the door. She knew I would be blindfolded and didn't want me to be afraid. She paused and looked around, and I heard her set her things down on the bureau. She came over to the bed and sat on the edge and put her hand on my hip, gently.

"Are you all right?" she asked.

"Yes, Cissy, I'm fine," I said. "I've missed you."

She touched my cheek and I reached with my mouth to kiss her on the wrist.

"I've missed you too, Pet," she said softly, and I believed she meant it.

"I need to use the restroom and change," she said after a moment. "Do you need for me to take you in?"

"No, Cissy. I went a little while ago and I'm okay. Hurry back?"

"Oh yes," she said, amused.

For the next couple of minutes, I struggled with my feelings. I was trying to explore how meeting my Lover might have changed my attitude toward Cissy. How did I feel? Would I perform badly now? If I discovered in the middle that I didn't want Cissy, how well could I fake it? The answer to that was not well enough. Cissy knew me better than I knew myself, there would be no way that I could fake anything with her. I couldn't even pretend to be sick, I had tried that a long time ago when I was mad at her. It didn't work. She was going to find out what my feelings were.

So what were they? I might as well know first. I pictured making love with Cissy, or rather being made love to. I thought it sounded good, she was so different from my Lover that it was like a different kind of sex. I really wanted Cissy, and it had nothing to do with my Lover. Besides, the girl had left me so hot that I was basically ready for anything that breathed, including barnyard animals. Just kidding. Cissy would satisfy me, she always did. Hurry, Cissy!

Feeling better now, I smiled when I heard Cissy come out of the bathroom and wiggled over to make more room. She came into the bed like a big cat, relaxed and balanced and elegant and strong. I raised my face and silently begged for a kiss, and she gave me one. It had become a ritual with us, and it worked just as well with the blindfold. She tasted like mint, she'd just brushed her teeth. She lay next to me for a moment and stretched, then she said, "I had you blindfolded tonight because I have a surprise for you and I didn't want you to see it too soon." She toyed absently with my left nipple for a moment, running her finger over it and watching it get hard, as she often did when she was talking with me in bed. It was a control thing, like almost everything she did, and I had come to like it. She could take my breath away any time, and she sometimes teased me by asking me a question and watching me try to answer as she made me lose control of my breathing.

But there was something just a little odd about Cissy tonight, since she had come out of the bathroom. Her control was very good, but I knew her very well also and my sensitivity to sounds was razor sharp, and she was a tiny bit breathy or dreamy or... well, turned on was a good way to put it. What was going on with her? Had she really missed me THAT much? I thought there was more to it. Then I had no time to wonder because she made love to me, purring in my ear and running her strong, clever hands all over my body, and I responded, big time. She stiffened my nipples, got me all wet, and pulled me into a position where I could use my mouth to please her while she stroked me. Just her breasts, though, she didn't let me lick her pussy. Soon, Cissy moved me again, rewarding me with kisses as my mouth left her hard nipples. She supported me and I was so used to being tied like this, I was almost graceful. She put me on my tummy with my head on two pillows, so my implants wouldn't take all my weight, and got my knees under me with my bottom pushed up in the air. I'd changed into a simple cotton thong, and she took it in her hands and tore it in half with a low grunt and pulled it off of me. I heard it hit the wall. Wow! Cissy was in rare form tonight! She knelt behind me and slid her hand along my back to my neck, turned my chin so I was facing straight ahead, and clamped her hand over my mouth firmly. Her other hand stroked my pussy, releasing waves of heat through my body. With my hands tied behind my back and blindfolded, I couldn't have been more helpless in her hands. I loved it. Would she let me come yet? Oh, please...

She leaned against my bottom from behind and said, "Are you ready for your surprise, Pet?" Her voice was really husky now. I felt muscles ripple in her stomach. Cissy was as excited as I had ever seen her. Or rather, heard her. With her hand over my mouth I was silenced, but I answered her question with a fervent nod. She entered me with a flowing movement of her hips.

An animal scream was ripped from me, stifled behind her hand. In that instant I knew why she had sounded like that, and why I had been blindfolded. She had used this with me once before, just once. Cissy was wearing what she had called pleasure pants, a tight little rubber panty with two dildos molded into it. One for me, one for her. The outside one she had already lubricated with Vaseline or something, and I got it all in one motion, not a jab, but a smooth roll of her hips. Without a pause she started to fuck me, long deep relentless strokes.

I forgot where I was. I forgot WHO I was. The thinking part of me just switched off and only the feeling part was left. The only thing I could remember was her name, and I squealed it over and over and over behind her hand. I came so hard my feet flailed on the bed and I accidentally kicked her. I don't think she even noticed. Her fingers touched my clitoris and I came again about three breaths later. And again! She came too, timing it masterfully. All the dammed-up need poured out of me as Cissy took me right over the edge of sanity and I cried and shook and soaked the bed. Imagine being a girl who has sex all the time, but is almost never really fucked. God, how I'd needed this, and I hadn't even known it. But Cissy had known.

Later, as I lay in her arms, Cissy reached one hand behind my head and pulled out the knot of my blindfold and took it off. It was sopping with tears. I shook my head, dizzy, and looked up at her face. She had taken off the pleasure pants at some point, and I had given her one more orgasm with my mouth, for good measure. She was flushed and exhausted, but still very much in control of herself. I wasn't; I was so limp after that incredible fucking that I almost drooled. I couldn't take my eyes away from Cissy's face. How could I ever have hated my Lady?

She smiled her distant smile, but her eyes betrayed her. There was a warmth there that was very personal. She pulled my face up to hers and kissed me, flicking her tongue over my lips as she let me go. I was so dazed I seemed to see little stars floating around her.

"I have to go, Pet," she said.

"I love you, Cissy," I said. Uh-oh.

Something flashed across her face, something very scary. Not anger. Pain? But it was gone before I could react to it, and the look that replaced it was calm and reassuring. She relaxed and looked at me contemplatively, her eyes wandering, capturing details.

"Cissy, I..." I began.

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