by L.A. Wicker

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Incest Sex Story: The last five years of my life have been pretty much shit. When I married my wife she was a total babe, now she has gained over a hundred pounds and adding more each day. It's getting to the point where she just asks me to bring more food to her. She won't get up to help herself.

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© copyright 2003

Thanks Christa,

The last five years of my life have been pretty much shit. When I married my wife she was a total babe, now she has gained over a hundred pounds and adding more each day. It's getting to the point where she just asks me to bring more food to her. She won't get up to help herself.

My daughter, Beth and I had a thing between us for years. She loved turning me on. It first started when she was around fifteen or so. She would never lock the bathroom door when she was taking a bath. Many times I had seen her beautiful young body in the nude.

Other times she would be in her bed room and call me in to ask what she should wear. I had the pleasure of watching her as she tried on many different outfits.

This was the best, my cock always got hard seeing her wear so many sexy things.

This went on for years, I had a hard cock day and night. Along with her mother gaining so much weight, she had lost interest in sex. I had to go back to masturbating or force her to fuck me. I hated both options.

One night I was in the bathroom jerking my cock, thinking about earlier in the day. Beth, had been laying out by our pool with a tiny white bikini on. I could see the outline of her sexy young nipples through the top and her sweet pussy through the bottoms.

"Daddy, Are you done yet, I need to go pee?" There was Beth standing in the door way.

All she had on was a tiny see through night shirt and little, pink, bikini panties.

As soon as I saw her, my cock started cumming with a force, I had not felt in years. I was shooting cum up to the ceiling, across the bathroom and one big hard shot right on the belly of my beautiful, sexy daughter.

Beth just stood there with her mouth open in shock as my cum ran down her belly to her panties. As the cum passed over her young virgin pussy, she moved her fingers to the cum on her.

She slowly began to rub it into her pussy, " Damn, Daddy. Mom should help you with this."

"Baby your Mom lost interest years ago," With a sorry look on my face, I said, "

Sorry for getting it on you."

She just smiled and replied " It's O.K., the way you were looking at me today at the pool, I think part of this is... My fault."

"No. it's my fault, your Moms fault, not yours Baby."

"I shouldn't have wore that bikini, it's a little to reviling."

"Oh... yes it was," I watched her fingers rub my cum into her panties, " I enjoyed it very, very much. Are you having fun?" I pointed to her fingers.

"It's so hot and feels so good. You were full, Daddy. Mom needs to fuck you more often."

"What did you say? You better watch your mouth girl."

"I'm a big, girl Daddy, I say and do lots of things you don't know about." Her fingers moved to her mouth, she sucked my cum off them. Looking me in the eyes, her fingers moved back to her pussy, getting more of my seeds.

"I bet you do," I started to leave the bathroom, Beth stood in my way. As I went by her, my cock pressed into her cum cover pussy, " night-night."

"Ohhhh you're so big Daddy," her hands grabbed my cock pole, " I wish... I was Mom. You would never have to do it by yourself."

Her sexy little hands moved up and down my cock pole, rubbing it so gently, I gave her tight little 36 inch ass a nice firm slap, " You better... behave."

The summer Beth turned 18 was one of the best times I had in my life. My wife went to stay with her sick mother, leaving Beth and I alone. From the first morning I knew it was going to be a great summer.

"Good morning Daddy," Beth said, walking in the kitchen. Only wearing a small shirt and sexy blue panties, " how's my man, this fine morning?" and she sat on my lap.

The last two years had turned Beth into one of the finest looking lady's I had seen in my life. Her light-red hair went just past her shoulders. She had big green eyes and nice red lips. Her breast grew to a very nice 36 c, with nice big areola circles that were a soft pink color. The nipples were the size of a small pebbles and always hard.

Beth also had the kind of hips a guy could ride all day and never get tired of them. A nice 36 inches, her bones stuck out just enough to tease the shit of me. Best of all, her pussy mound, it was so full and sexy. Along with her tight ass, she was a sexy lady.

"Your going to try to kill me this summer, aren't you?"

"What makes you say that?" Beth cuddled closer to me, " I just want to make you... happy"

"I'm going to let you... play a little. But, we need some rules. First one is, you're my daughter, I will not 'fuck' you. Anything else... is fair game, O.K?"

"Really? Oh... thank you, Daddy." She drove her tongue into my mouth.

' Oh... Give me the strength to keep up with you.' I thought.

She broke off our kiss, " I can do anything to you but, sex?"

"Yes, no fucking."

She slid off my lap, kneeling in front of me. Her little hands moved inside my shorts, " I've wanted to do this to you for as long as I can remember." Her wet mouth swallowed my cock.

"Oh yes, that's my girl," my hands caressed her hair, " Oh Beth, You're to good at this."

She just moaned as she looked up at my face, sucking my cock like a master.

Her mouth was so wet and hot, I knew I would be cumming soon. Up and down her tender mouth moved, bringing me to ecstasy.

I started to cum, " Oh yes, yes. Oh baby girl, suck Daddy's big cock. Daddy loves you."

She sucked me like a vacuum cleaner. She didn't miss a drop of my cum, " Oh baby girl, eat Daddy's hard cock," I hugged her, as she sucked, " Oh girl, you're going to kill me."

Licking her lips, Beth looked up at me and said, " WOW, you are always so full of cum," she hugged me tight, " I'm making it my life's goal to make sure, you stay empty this summer."

"Oh baby, that will be so nice." I said, hugging her back.

It went on like that all summer long, her mouth wrapped around my cock 24 hours a day. She kept her promise, my cock was never full of cum again. I loved how she sucked, so gentle and easy. Until I was ready to cum, then she would suck like a brand new, ' Hoover' upright.

Mornings were fun, it was nothing for me to wake up, with Beth laying between my legs, sucking my stiff cock. Her pretty, green eyes watching, as she sucked her "Daddy's" cock. She would just hold it in her mouth, sucking it so gentle.

"Good Morning, baby," I said, " you're going to kill me."

I grabbed her hips, turning her so I could eat her bare, shaved pussy. My tongue drove into her exposed, hot pussy. With no nasty hair in my way, I put my whole face on her, in her, anything I could do, to make her cum.

"Oh Daddy, yes... yes eat me, eat my pussy." Beth pleaded.

Her hips bucked my face, my tongue was buried deep in her hot, love tunnel. I was going to make her little body cum as hard as she had been doing me.

"Oh Daddy... I'm going to cum soon... please eat me," Beth begged.

Then I gently sucked her little clit into my mouth. I sucked it as gently as I could, while my tongue rubbed on it. I also, rolled it between my lips, just to add to her pleasure.

"OH... FUCK... OH SHIT," Beth screamed, " I'M CUMMING, I'M CUMMING. OH DADDY."

"Cum Beth, cum for your Daddy."

"Oh yes, Daddy. I love you so much."

Her hips rode my face until her orgasm let up. She slid off my face, laying on my body. Her pussy and my cock were touching. Slowly she moved her hips into me. My cock rested in her pussy slit.

"Oh Daddy, make me a woman, PLEASE..." She begged.

She pushed into my cock, trying to get it in her love tunnel. Harder she tried. I kept moving so, she couldn't get me in her.

"Daddy, Please, Please." She moaned.

"NO, I TOLD YOU, NO FUCKING," I pushed her off me, " stop it or no more playing, OK?"

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