by Maureen Louise Reardon

Copyright© 2003 by Maureen Louise Reardon

Sex Story: Women with an insatiable , sex drive meets her match!!!!

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Lesbian   True Story   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   .

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Pam waits for my arrival anxiously while she prepares my favorite dinner. She can't believe this is the day we are finally going to meet. We've been waiting for this day to come for months but it felt more like a lifetime.

The ringing of the doorbell sets her pulse racing and she rushes to fling open the door. The smile that greets me makes me shiver with excitement. I drop my suitcase and open my arms, and she jumps into my embrace.

"God how I have missed you!" Pam says. Heart to heart, we hold each other and kiss.

The kisses come, loving at first, but quickly turn more sensuous. With a childish fever, she inhales my essence to distinguish dream from reality. Pam knows she will never have enough of me.

Taking my hand, she leads me to the couch and I take a seat as she kneels before me. With her soft gentle hand, she cups my face and stares into my blue eyes until our connection is established with more intensity. Then another kiss probing possessively, taking what is hers. I am finally there in her arms.

Unable to get enough, she raises higher on her knees so that her body may express with more articulation that which words cannot. With her mounting frustration, she wraps her arms and secures me while her experienced tongue conducts an in depth exploration. Our burning desires, igniting a fiery passion with in us, our restless hands slide, touch, and caress drawing sustenance, but it's just not enough.

She regains control and severs our kiss, slowing the pace. I slowly draw her blouse off her and bare her breasts. Perky and taut, they stand for my pleasure. She has regards for my admiration, her breath quickening, while I look, taking my fill in leisure.

My soft gentle fingertips brush the roundness teasingly, causing her to arch and offer them to me. I pinch one distended nipple, then the other. Then exhaling a contented sigh I relax in my seat. She cannot bear the distance that separates us and leaning on me, she presses her face to my breast and caresses me while she listens to my heart beat.

Yet it still is not nearly enough for us.

Pam's intense lust tugs at her and she slowly move lower between my spread legs. While her hand rests on my pants, she rests her head against my thighs. But that too is not enough she needs more, wants more. She buries her face into my crotch and fills her lungs longingly with my scent, and still, she wants and needs more.

Blindly, her hand reaches for my snap and zipper, but she is too anxious and fumbles with them. With a small laugh, I relieve her of that responsibility. She grows breathless with expectation. As she waits and watches while she's hungers to possess right at the moment. Deliberately I work the zipper slowly, taking pleasure in taxing her hunger. Truth be known, it is a burden she cares to never be relieved of.

She manages to control herself a moment to take in its wondrous sight upon it's appearance, but that is hardly enough. Her patience exhausted, she devours me with an intense satisfaction of making a feast out of my wet awaiting clit.

"Mmmm," she hums, striving to deepen her desire for fulfillment.

While she sucks to quench her lustful thirst, I caress her hair tenderly. But she knows very well that regardless of the extent of her yearning, I will not grant satisfaction so readily.

With my continued resistance, as her physical lust tires, this paves the way for a more emotional union. Detracting her from her sweet suckling, I raise my face and, in praise of our love, I press a gentle kiss to Pam's lips.

Her eyes fall on my breasts gaping through my now open shirt and her fingers gravitate toward. But before she can savor the touch, I lay my hand on hers. With a gentle brush of my lips across her knuckles, I stand, dragging her up with me.

As we stand face to face, I casts a slow lingering look that penetrates through her flesh and bone as it travels down and back. While she trembles with heated desires, I tuck my hand inside Pam's unbelted waist and pull her closer to me by her shorts.

My blue eyes boring into hers, I slowly rid her of all that she wore. Then I undress myself of my own clothes while she waits with bated breath. Taking my seat again, I instruct her to climb on the couch on her knees and straddle on my lap. Once more, our eyes meet and converse in silence. My desire for her never fails to raise her to the highest of the heavens. Carefully, Pam's position herself over me, ready to lead us through the lustful passions and into the depths of its ecstasy. When Pam's gaze returns to me, my fiery desires shining through my keen eyes sets her stomach to somersaulting. I will use her own anticipation to torment her. Desires engulfs within her and she aches for me. I then tease her into agony with a slow finger.

"Please," she said, her abdomen contracting with the sensitivity that I have generated.

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