Wedding Gift

by Darlene B. Sweet

Copyright© 2003 by Darlene B. Sweet

Sex Story: Lisette and Samatha are best friends since elementry school, both grown up and in the real world now, still remaining friends. Upon hearing about Lisette's engagement to Jason, Samatha is asked to pose for Jason in a photoshoot for a project he is working on. Shy Lisette can't refuse her best friend's reguest of this wedding gift. After the photoshoot is finished Lisette realizes she is giving more than just an image of herslf to Jason.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

Lisette and Samantha were not only neighbors, growing up together in the same housing development but they were also best friends. They shared everything with each other, from elementary school through high school, closer than sisters with bonds unbreakable. The two girls grew up with memories of laughter and tears, excitement of new lovers and provided a shoulder to cry on through heartbreaks.

Lisette was the more outgoing of the two. She learnt early on, being the only child, how to manipulate others to get her way. Tilting her head to the side, her red hair falling down in curls cushioning her face. She would blink her big, green eyes and pout her full lips. And if that weren't enough to achieve the goal she was after, she would talk in her sexy, irresistible soft voice, pleating and begging. No one could resist her. Even at school she was always the teachers pet each year, the perfect 'A' student who stood out with confidence from the crowd. She matured quickly and flaunted her firm, shapely body by dressing provocatively enhancing her curves.

Samantha was a complete opposite of her best friend in many ways. She also was a good student being on the honor roll but most teachers throughout the school years overlooked her. Samantha tried to blend in rather than stand out from the crowd. She was more reserve, rather quiet with lower self-esteem. Samantha wore baggy clothes hiding her form, even though she was every bit as slim and fit as Lisette. Samantha had brown hair and matching brown eyes and was a little shorter than her friend. She was the oldest in her family having two younger brothers and was handed most the grown up responsibilities at a young age, including babysitting while her parents went out.

Out of school for almost a year now, the two girls managed to still find time for a shopping spree or a weekend overnighter at Lisette's flat to catch up on life. Samantha still lived at home with her parents and Lisette would invite Samantha over often showing off her newfound freedoms.

Lisette was on her way to pick up Samantha for a long overdue trip to the mail and also couldn't wait to share her news. Being young adults with each their own busy schedule, this was the longest period of time without seeing each other. Lisette missed her best friend.

She remembered back to middle school, the first time she pulled Samantha's innocent lips towards her own, kissing her. She had thought, even dreamed about kissing Samantha many times as they spent the night together at each other's houses. Lisette remembered how at first Samantha struggled to get away from her; unsure of the feelings she was creating. But eventually Samantha surrendered to her touches. Samantha allowed her friend to undress her, sliding off her pajamas and white cotton panties to reveal her young changing body. Lisette held her breath excitedly, seeing for the first time the curves she discovered hidden away from everyone's sight. Samantha was shy and always dressed in private. Lisette wondered why, Samantha was beautiful, her body exquisite.

Lisette smiled, her eyes full of desire looking at her best friend who she shared so much with. Slowly she removed her own nightgown and allowed Samantha to look upon her teenaged body. They began exploring each other in a whole new way, changing their relationship forever.

"Bye, Mom, don't wait up, " Samantha yelled picking up her purse and flinging it over her shoulder as she walked out the front door. She had been waiting for Lisette to pick her up for a Saturday night trip to the mall and as usual she was running late. Never the dependable one, Samantha thought wondering why she didn't insist on driving herself. How did Lisette manage to move out on her own and survive? Samantha closed the front door and walked out as Lisette impatiently honked the car horn.

"I'm right here, stop honking. You are the one who is late, " Samantha said climbing into the front seat of her friends red two-door sports car.

"I have the best news, Samantha! Look!" Lisette held up her hand proudly. "I'm engaged!"

"You're what! Don't you have to have a boyfriend first?" Samantha teased.

"I'm engaged to be married, Samantha. I am so happy! Can you believe it?" Lisette's voice bubbled over with excitement as she spoke.

"I didn't even know you were serious about anyone. What's his name and when did you meet?" Samantha asked.

"His name is Jason Snyder. And he works in my office building, on the fourth floor. I have seen him around several times in the elevator and places. We would smile and make eye contact but we never spoke until a few months ago. Once we started talking, it was like magic, like I knew him forever."

"Stop right there, Lisette!" Samantha interrupted. "You just met him a few months ago and never told me? Isn't that moving rather fast, already you're wearing a ring?" Samantha questioned her friend feeling somewhat left out of her changing life.

"Yes, he is so perfect, Samantha." Lisette replied.

"Now I know you're ill. No man is perfect!" Samantha laughed reaching over to feel Lisette's forehead for a temperature while she drove out of the housing development.

"Well as long as you're happy. I just want the best for you. So tell me, when do I get to met this perfect man of yours?" Samantha asked.

"Well, tonight actually!" Lisette admitted.

"Tonight? I thought we were shopping tonight?"

"We are shopping first, but I told Jason we would catch up with him later at a club." Lisette said.

"Thanks for the timely notice, " Samantha said sarcastically looking down at her clothes. "I'm not really dressed to go to a club, let alone meet your perfect man!"

"That's why were going shopping first. I am going to buy you the perfect dress and shoes, my treat, " Lisette said.

Giggles could be heard throughout the store as the two girls began chatting, catching up on each other's life. In the dressing room, Lisette sat down on the small bench watching Samantha try on the dresses they had picked out. Samantha tried on dress after dress. Lisette liked all of them but Samantha wouldn't even walk out of the small dressing room to look into the larger mirror thinking too much of her was reveled. She didn't feel comfortable in displaying so much of her body in public.

As Samantha removed the fourth unwanted dress from her body, Lisette stood up. Reaching out she pulled Samantha's half naked body against her own fully dressed one. The two girls lips touched and they kissed each other softly a few moments. Lisette, who grew so turned on from watching Samantha undressing, grabbed Samantha firmly by the neck and inserted her tongue deep into Samantha's opened mouth.

Still French kissing, Lisette slid her hand down to Samantha's heaving breasts and caressed the firm curves found there. Sliding her fingers inside the white, lacy bra, her fingernail scratched at the rapidly pointing nipple tucked inside the cup. Lisette could feel the nipple growing harder by her touch.

Samantha's skin was so soft and smooth; Lisette realized how much she had missed her best friend. Her love for Samantha was different than Jason's; she loved them both. She was sexually greedy and wanted pleasure from both worlds.

Leaning her head back against the mirror hanging on the wall in the small dressing room, Samantha felt Lisette hands slide down her waist to the elastic waistband of her silk panties. She knew Lisette could smell her strong scent and feel the dampness in the crotch of the thin material from her flowing juices as she bent to remove the hindering panties. Eagerly Samantha stepped out of the panties and Lisette instantly brought them to her nose inhaling the sweet scent before discarding them on the bench in the dressing room.

"You smell heavenly, " Lisette said licking her red lips. Kneeling down on the carpeted floor, Lisette's hand roamed over the soft now exposed curly brown mound in front of her.

Samantha remembered from past experiences what pleasure Lisette's talented tongue could bring and her thighs quivered anticipating it. Samantha spread her legs wider apart wanting more contact from Lisette's inserted tongue, then propped her right leg up onto the bench, allowing Lisette even more access. Still not satisfied, Samantha reached down and rubbed her fingers through Lisette's red curls pushing her head farther into her opened awaiting folds. Lisette teasingly flicked her tongue around Samantha's slit purposely avoiding her sensitive bud.

"Oh God, stop teasing me. I miss you. Please, make me come!" Samantha begged her best friend softly. "I need to come! I've missed you so much."

Lisette picked up the pace and nudged farther inside the wet sensitive slit in front of her. She nibbled softly with her teeth and sucked at Samantha's growing hard clit until she caused her friend to moan out loud, grinding her hips forcefully achieving her much needed release. Lisette looked up from her kneeling position grinning, pleased to bring such a pleasurable orgasm to her friend but Samantha still had her head backwards with her eyes closed trying to catch her breath. Lisette happily returned her tongue and licked up the glistening cum from Samantha's achieved orgasm. Lisette stood up.

"Delicious, sweetie. Samantha, you taste as sweet as ever."

Smiling contently, Samantha picked up the shortest, tightest dress she tried on earlier and slipped it over her head, smoothing the material along her curves.

"No panties, " Lisette said as she picked up Samantha's white panties and stuffed them into her purse. Laughing the two exited the dressing room.

"Samantha, This is Jason. Jason, " Lisette said turning, "this is my best friend, Samantha." Lisette introduced the two excitedly as they sat down at the table in the club where Jason was waiting for them with drinks already ordered

"Hi Jason. It's nice to met you." Samantha replied reaching her hand out to shake his hand. Instead, Jason turned her held hand flat and kissed her knuckles.

"The pleasure is all mine. You are even more beautiful in person, " Jason replied.

"What?" Samantha questioned him, pulling her hand back and taking a bigger swallow of her drink than she intended to yet still managed not to choke.

"You're pictures! You're very photogenic. Lisette showed me all the school yearbooks and photo albums of you two growing up together. Lisette is lucky to have such a special friend, " Jason complimented.

Samantha instantly knew what he was referring and tried not to let her cheeks redden with embarrassment. She wondered why Lisette had shared so much of their past with him, yet Samantha felt hurt just learning about Jason and the fact the two were engaged to be married. Was she loosing her best friend?

Interrupting her thoughts, Lisette leaned over and kissed Samantha lovingly and next, leaned to her right and kissed Jason with the same tenderness. The three sat in silence drinking for a few minutes.

"Jason is a great photographer. He really has a passion for the hobby. He has a special project coming up that I thought you could help him with, Samantha, " Lisette said.

"What kind of project?" Samantha asked timidly feeling uncomfortable.

"Oh stop fretting, " Lisette teasing laughing. "I just want you to be his model and let him take your picture for a collage. It's for a chance to be published in an amateur photo shoot book."

"No way!" Samantha answered firmly. "I can't believe you are even asking me to do this, Lisette. What would my parents say? You knew I would never agree so why ask me and put me on the spot?" Samantha replied growing more upset.

"Come on, Samantha! It will be fun! Neither your parents nor anyone else outside of Jason and I will know it is you. Please do this for me. I want this to be my wedding present from you. Something we will always remember and treasure. Please do this for me, " Lisette whined.

By the fourth round of drinks, Lisette and Jason had talked Samantha into posing for their wedding gift from her. In two weeks, she was expected to spend the night at Lisette's flat.

Within the two-week period of time, Samantha couldn't count the number of times she thought about calling to back out of her agreement. She would have purchased Lisette anything she wanted from a store as a wedding gift to persuade her to change her mind. Why do I have to be the present? She wondered. However, she couldn't disappoint Lisette.

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