by starfiend

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Erotica Sex Story: A brother catches his two younger sisters making love, and joins them, to the delight of all.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Lesbian   Incest   Brother   Sister   .

Seventeen-year-old Sally and her nineteen-year-old sister Katy had been lovers for nearly two years when their older brother, twenty-two-year old Jake, discovered them making love. One lunchtime he'd called in at his parent's home, where his younger sisters still lived, to pick up some papers he'd left with his mother the previous evening for her to sign. His sisters were not expecting him. They had turned up the volume on the hi-fi and were writhing naked on the settee when Jake walked in.

He stood frozen in surprise, his jaw hanging open as he watched his two sisters kissing and caressing each other, obviously deep in passion. Their relative positions did not give him a particularly good view of them or their bodies, but it was quite obvious that both were completely naked. Sally was the first to spot her brother when Katy slid down her body to press her tongue into her younger sisters pussy. Sally arched her back sinuously, stretching out her arms, and opened her eyes, not really looking at anything, but seeing Jake almost instantly. She screamed and wrapped one arm around her large boobs, using the other to try and push Katy away. At first Katy assumed it was because she was orgasming, but Sally's screams had released Jake from his thrall, and he cleared his throat noisily.

Katy froze for a brief second, terrified her step father, Frank, had come home, and then whipped onto her back to see who it was, her terror changing to fury when she remembered that it couldn't be him, and thinking that maybe it was an intruder.

Her fury subsided a little when she saw who it was, but the fright, and the sudden loss of her arousal, caused her to stay angry. Like her younger sister she put one arm across her boobs, whilst the other went between her legs to cover her crotch. Jake, having moved around the room a little, had had a better view of Katy's body, though Sally's was still mostly hidden behind her sister's. Now he got an even better view as Katy uncovered herself and reached over for her clothes, revealing a very tightly trimmed pubic bush, and small firm boobs.

"Cute," he said, idly.

"What are you doing here?" she responded coldly.

"I've come to pick up the papers I left here yesterday evening." He paused for a brief moment. "I could ask you the same question, but I guess it's fairly self-evident."

Sally was still trying to make herself shrink behind her elder sister's body, and Katy, whilst not deliberately hiding her sister's nakedness from their brother's gaze, also did not make it easy for him. As such, about all he could tell was that she had larger boobs, and her skin was a bit paler.

"Does Mum know?" Jake asked eventually.

"What do you think?" asked Katy scornfully. "I don't think she even knows I'm lesbian yet."

"Hmm, well you told me about you a couple of years ago, but I didn't know about Sally there."

Neither of them said anything. Katy had known since she was twelve or thirteen that she was a lesbian, and though no one else knew, was in fact still a virgin. Sally had never even considered lesbianism until her elder sister had seduced her when she was very vulnerable: she had lost her virginity shortly before her sixteenth birthday to a boy she thought loved her, but who had then dumped her, taunting her for frigidity, when she had refused to go to bed with him again the following night.

"You know," Jake said slowly after a short pause, "Mum's changing her job shortly, and she's much more likely to be coming home in the middle of the day than she is now. If I give you a spare key to my flat, you can use that whenever you want."

"And I suppose you'll want to watch," said Katy shortly.

"Maybe," Jake shrugged. "It's up to you of course. And you know how Frank is trying to shove you out anyway, so why not come and stop with me occasionally."

Without waiting for them to answer, he picked up the papers he'd come to collect, and walked out.

It took Katy and Sally only moments to agree to Jake's idea. Sally wasn't particularly over the moon about him watching, and whilst Katy would prefer he didn't, the idea of being able to go somewhere safe whenever they wanted was enough for her. He could watch her as often as he wanted for that. They kissed and caressed a few moments longer, but the mood had been destroyed, so they got dressed.

Jake's flat was only two miles away, and by the end of a fortnight the two girls were going there most days, usually when Jake was out at work, and a few evenings as well. Jake left them to it at first. Usually he was going out anyway, but one evening, when his girlfriend was busy and none of his mates were free, rather than go down the pub, he spent the evening at home.

Sally and Katy turned up around eight, and after a short chat, had retired to his spare bedroom, from where within ten minutes, he could hear them making love. It wasn't the first time that had happened, but in previous cases he would have been on his way out. After a few more minutes he stood up and moved to their door. Listening against it he could hear the sounds, the moans and cries of passion, of lovemaking, more clearly now. For another few minutes, he just listened at the door, slowly stroking a semi-erection, until eventually his curiosity got the better of him.

He didn't knock, just opened the door quietly and slipped in. His eyes fixed firmly on his sisters writhing bodies, he crept around to the bedroom chair and sat down. Katy was the first to realise he was there, and raised her eyes to stare into his, while her sister ate her out. He could feel himself getting very hard as he watched them, and soon had to stroke himself.

Katy watched, fascinated. She'd never even seen an erection before, and though her brother's was still hidden away, the fact of its presence made her curious. "Get it out then," she said huskily, and then watched as her brother slowly opened the fly on his jeans.

Katy's words surprised Sally and made her look up, and only then was she aware of her brother. She faltered in what she was doing, but Katy pulled her up and kissed her soundly, before turning her younger sister over and attacking the wet pussy with her tongue.

Sally all but forgot about Jake as the beautiful sensations flowed through her, though when his panting got so load that she couldn't ignore it, she turned to watch him masturbating furiously. His cry as he climaxed, jetting a huge wad of spunk into the air made Katy look up as well. She missed seeing his first couple of ejaculations, but saw a huge glob of sperm sitting on his belly and glistening in the bedside light, but she did see more oozing out of the end of his still hard cock. Jake hadn't quite finished though. The sight of both his sisters watching his prick avidly, kept him hard, and a few minutes later, as the two girls stroked each others pussy, he came again, and this time the sight was enough to trigger first Sally's orgasm, followed moments later by Katy's as she discovered her younger sister climaxing.

"Thank you," he whispered, and mashing his underpants around his prick to stop the spunk going everywhere, waddled out of the room.

Katy and Sally burst into laughter. They both thought it incredibly funny, but more than that, they were both turned on even more by the thought that someone thought they were sexy. Their lovemaking became even more passionate and erotic, and Jake, now in the shower, could hear them crying out their climaxes. He got hard again just thinking about it, and quickly wanked himself to another climax.

From that day on, if Jake was at home, the two girls would usually invite him into the room to watch them, and they would all put on a show for each other. One day, after Jake had come to a particularly powerful climax, with a correspondingly large amount of spunk on his belly, Sally stood up, scooped it into her hand, and then smeared it all over Katy's crotch. Katy froze. This was not what she wanted, but when Sally began to lick it off her, she relaxed a little, and soon began to enjoy it.

Jake's spunk never went to waste again. At first only Sally would collect it, but soon Katy did as well, though at first neither of them would touch his prick. It would get smeared onto their bodies somewhere, and, maybe, then smeared about between them as they writhed their bodies together. Sally never had any qualms about licking up, and swallowing, her brother's come juices, but it took Katy a little longer to get relaxed enough to taste it.

Perhaps surprisingly, it was actually Katy who took hold of her brothers prick first. Jake had had had a rather small ejaculation, and when Katy had gone to collect it, for Jake stayed firmly on the chair at all times, she had taken hold of his now flaccid prick, and squeezed and pulled it, hoping to get a little more spunk out of it. Jake had hardened instantly, but Katy did not let go straight away, fascinated by the feel of something so hard, yet so hot. She wanked him for a few moments, but not as far as a climax, but having his sister handling him was enough to get him nearly there, and he finished himself off very quickly afterwards.

The following evening, Sally told him to kneel on the edge of the bed, and to direct his ejaculation on to her body as she lay there. Katy knelt beside him, and stroked and masturbated him, directing it where she wanted. She ignored him when he put one arm around her waist, and even ignored him when he started to stroke and caress her bottom, but when his hand began to slip between her legs she pushed him away. No man had ever touched her there, and she was not going to start now.

Of course Sally had no such objections a few days later, and allowed him to masturbate her whilst she was doing the same to him. Soon after that she began to go down on him and give him head. She always pulled away before he came, not because she didn't like the taste, but so that he would ejaculate onto their bodies, and they could share it.

Shortly after this, Jake had to go away for a couple of weeks. When he got back both girls were waiting for him. They dragged him into 'their' room and stripped him, rolling him onto the bed completely naked, and with a hardon to break bricks with. Both girls caressed, licked, and masturbated him, and by the end of the evening, the only thing they hadn't done was fuck. From that day on Jake became fully involved in the pseudo lesbian affair between his sisters. Pseudo because of his presence, and would cheerfully lick, kiss and masturbate them to orgasm, as they did for him.

Sally occasionally let him fuck her cleavage, and though Katy tried it as well, her boobs were just a little too small for them to be successful. Instead she would straddle him and stroke her pussy the length of his erection, or grip his cock between her thighs. Mostly though they didn't bother with such mock sex acts: oral sex and masturbation was enough. A month previously, Katy barely tolerated her brother touching her naked backside, now she allowed him to fondle, lick and kiss her all over, and would do the same for him.

There was never any intention of going any further, until one day, as they were writhing around on the bed, Jake suddenly found himself in the missionary position on top of Katy, his prick pushing at her opening. All three stopped and looked at each other. "Go on, do it," whispered Sally, looking at her sister. She now knew, as did Jake, that her older sister was still technically a virgin, and wanted her to have at least one prick inside her, even if it was her brother's.

"I want to," she murmured back, looking into her brothers eyes. "But before we do, I want to see you and Sally doing it."

Sally gasped in surprise, but rolled onto her back without a pause, her legs spread wide, and held out one arm to her brother. The thought had crossed her mind a couple of times in the last few weeks, and it had got her wet sometimes, just thinking about it, but she'd never had any real intention of doing it, of really making love to her brother. Now, to her complete surprise, she found she wanted this more than anything else she could imagine, and her whole body was aflame with lust and desire.

"Come on Jake," she whispered hoarsely, "I want to do this as well."

Jake rolled off one sister, seeing the slight look of relief in her face as he did so, and rolled on top of another. It was now just over two years since the first time Sally had had a hard prick inside her, and though she'd basically only been with her elder sister since, she'd needed a hard prick occasionally, but even so it was still five months since the last time, not long before Jake had started to join them. She didn't hesitate for a moment. Neither did Jake. She was already wet and open and moments later his prick was sliding slowly in to his younger sisters beautiful body, whilst she held onto her sister's hand. They didn't move for what seemed a long time to Katy, watching, but soon they were moving slowly together, their hips rolling in unison as they thrust at each other. For the first time since they had started, over three months earlier, when Jake came his spunk was not immediately wiped away, or collected by one of his sisters. Instead he filled her tight vaginal passage with it, straining at her as they both came to a shuddering, gasping, climax.

Jake rolled free of Sally, and Katy dived on top of them both, pining them in position. She licked Jake's softening pole, tasting her sisters juices on it, and then bent down to Sally's gaping vagina and took a long, loving, lick, tasting again her sisters juices, but this time with the added bonus of her brother's spunk. She had got more turned on than she would have believed possible, watching her brother and sister fuck, and now, finally, she was ready for her own taste of penis.

Jake and Sally rolled her onto her back, and whilst Sally kissed her, slowly stroking her tiny breasts with their huge nipples, Jake went down on her to ensure she was as fully ready as she could be. He slid up her body again, and once more his prick presented itself at the outer portals of her cunny.

"Be gentle," she whispered, a tiny amount of fear showing in her face.

"Always," he whispered back, giving her a soft kiss.

Although Katy had never had anything deep inside her vagina, her hymen had all but ceased to exist because of her various activities. She'd tested it a few times with her finger, and one time, unknown to her, had actually ripped it partway open. Because of this, there was almost no pain, merely a small amount of discomfort as her brother's prick slid slowly inside her.

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