Cab Driver's Daughter

by maryjane

Copyright© 2003 by maryjane

Incest Sex Story: Patty learns that there are better things in life than her own fingers, and helps Daddy get over the loss of her mother.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Incest   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Squirting   .

I was about five when I first began to notice the noises from the next room. The squeaking of the bed, my mother yelling something, my father grunting, then silence. It happened almost every night. It took about a year for me to recognize the pattern: a few weeks of that, then four or five days of grunting, a little squeaking but no yelling from my mother, then the yelling began again. I knew it wasn't fighting, because sometimes after the grunting ended, they would be in the kitchen having coffee and laughing. I asked them once and they told me not to worry about it.

My father ran a very successful taxi company, and on Take your Daughter to Work Day, he would take me in to the garage and I would meet all the drivers, really nice guys. My mother was a secretary in a law office, and in alternate years, she would take me in and I would meet all the lawyers.

Years after I noticed the pattern of noises, as the time for my period approached, my mother gave me a talk about it and about how babies were made. She didn't go into a lot of detail, but my face must have turned crimson as I realized what those sounds were.

Around the same time, I learned, by accident, as all kids do, that if I rubbed the lips of my pussy, and my clit, it felt great, like I was about to pee, but the first time I kept going until I really did pee, I didn't pee at all, just a little wetness, but a lot of throbbing, and it felt even better. I soon progressed to putting my fingers into my pussy and pretending that one of the boys from school was fucking me. One night, I pretended that it was my handsome father, and I got so excited that I even broke my cherry. After that, he was the only one I pretended about.

My mother died when I was fifteen, in a car accident. That left my father and me. We were both so miserable and lonely, but life had to go on. One night, as I lay in bed trying to get myself off, I heard the old familiar squeaking from the next bedroom. By then, I knew that it meant he was jerking himself off, and the sound excited me. I decided to do what I had only been fantasizing about. Only a nightgown covered my pussy and my healthy fifteen year old tits. I walked into his bedroom without knocking; he was lying on his bed, totally naked, one hand around his cock racing up and down its length like a cylinder in one of his taxis, the other holding his balls.

"Let me do that for you, Daddy."

The look he gave me made me think he was going to have a heart attack. He dropped his cock, which instantly shriveled up, grabbed a sheet to cover himself, and yelled "Get out."

"I'm not going anyplace, Daddy. Mommy is gone, we two are all we have around here. You're not making any effort to meet anyone; I have to take care of your needs."

"Honey, please put some clothes on and meet me in the kitchen."

I had no real choice then except to do as he had asked. We were soon facing each other over coffee.

"Honey, you're a beautiful young woman, sexy as hell. All the boys must be falling over themselves to be with you, to take you out and neck with you and even to go to bed with you. I know your mother taught you about the birds and the bees, but she didn't really talk to you about sex. I mean fucking; you know that word, don't you? Right now, my penis, my cock, would love to fuck you. I haven't been near another woman since your mother died. There's an old expression, "an erect penis has no conscience." The boys you meet get erect and don't care what they say to you or do with you as long as it results in an orgasm. The only problem with me is that I'm your father and I would rather have someone cut off my penis than let it come near you; that's just the way it is, the way it should be, the way it must be.

"You don't think I hear you when you masturbate? You're the one I think about when I do it. My testicles are loaded with sperm hoping to get out through my penis, but you are not going to help. Not, not, not.

"As for you, I'm sure that soon some young man will talk you into bed. I can never prevent that, for it's the way of the world. Just make sure its not tonight, because tomorrow I'm going to buy you a package of condoms to carry around at all times, and to use without fail. If there's no one at school that interests you, come around to the garage; you may meet some nice single fellows there. Don't think I'm crazy; if its going to happen let it happen with someone nice. Now get back to your room and finish your masturbating and I'll go take care of myself. Good night again."

I sat speechless as he went back to his bedroom; I followed to mine. As I lay there listening, I heard nothing and did nothing. Finally, after a half hour, I heard light squeaking from his room and started on myself. I pushed two fingers into my cunt, moving them in and out as fast as I could, with my thumb tweaking my clit. My other hand massaged my tits, twisting the nipples. My cum was accompanied by a musical yell, a bit like my mother. In the other room, I heard my father grunt, and pictured his cum shooting out into a handkerchief or whatever.

The next morning not a word was said about our confrontation or discussion. However, I couldn't get them out of my mind, and I'm sure my father likewise. He kissed me on the forehead and left for work, me to school. I thought of him all day; I had to take care of him somehow.

After dinner, we watched some TV, I did my homework, then off to bed. I lay there listening; not a sound. An hour later, I was sure he was asleep. I tiptoed down the hall, inched his bedroom door open, and looked in. He was sound asleep, covers and sheet kicked off to the side, breathing regularly. His shrunken cock lay sideways across one thigh. I crept in quietly, knelt alongside the bed and moved my mouth over his cock. As I touched it to lift it to my lips, his eyes opened and he reached for me, putting his hands under my armpits and lifting me off the floor.

"Thank you, honey, but I just can't, it's not right. Are you telling me to go get a prostitute so that you'll feel free to leave my cock alone?"

"Please, Daddy, you're so important to me."

"I love you, honey, but no."

I went back to bed, feeling like a fucking idiot, and rubbed myself to sleep.

"Daddy, I'm sorry about last night. I promise not to do it again; I'll just have to let you handle things for yourself the way you want to. But let's talk about me for a minute. I'm a normal woman, but still a virgin and I don't want to be. All the boys in school are yucky. You said something the other night about meeting some of the guys who work for you. I don't want you to feel like a matchmaker or a pimp, but my body needs more than just my hand. Let me come in when I have spare time and work in the office."

He blushed and laughed and cried and hugged me.

"I'm glad you'll let me handle things my own way, but..."

"I'll be glad to help if you change your mind."

"Cut it out, silly girl. What I wanted to say is that when you come in to the office, let whatever happens happen. Don't go after someone aggressively just because you're ready for a new experience. It takes time, let it be natural. And by the way, here are the condoms I forgot to give you yesterday. Remember what I said about using them."

So there I was, a just turned sixteen year old chick, pretty good looking and well built, if I must say so myself, assisting the bookkeeper, keeping my eyes open but acting demurely, not hitting on any of the drivers or mechanics. They all said hello, some of them checking me out, but nothing else happened for a while. Meanwhile, each night meant treating myself to a round of fingers in the cunt, on the clit, around the nipples, as I made myself "cum" to sleep, all the while pretending it was Daddy's cock inside me.

I did have my eye on a driver named Tim, about 19, college student, good looking. I saw him looking me over, but saying nothing. When I knew he would likely be in the garage when I was there, my clothing choices became a little more mature; not sexier, just more grown up. I undressed him in my mind, liked what I saw, but never let him take over my imagination; it was still Daddy who helped me cum. Finally, he asked me to join him for a cup of coffee across the street.

Just coffee, and my pussy was drooling. He held my arm like a gentleman as we walked, held the door for me, and all that stuff.

"What are you studying, Tim?"

"Well, I haven't picked my major yet, but probably engineering."

"What kind?"

"Electrical. What grade are you in?"

"Eleventh grade; I'm a junior." I could see his mind trying to figure out my age.

"I'm sorry about your mother. How's your father handling it?"

"Pretty lousy. I can't get him to go out with any women. He just misses her so much."

"I can imagine. What about you, do you have any boyfriends?"

"Are you volunteering?" I wonder if I sounded too forward.

"How about a movie Friday night?"

When I told my father, he just smiled and said, "Not on the first date, honey, but be prepared just in case." I couldn't get him to let me help his sexual needs, but he was preparing me for the loss of my cherry. I didn't want to tell him that I had already taken it myself.

The movie was pretty good, at least the first ten minutes that we saw. We were sitting in the back, of course, and he had his arm around me. We were talking softly, although no one was near enough to be disturbed by the noise. I wasn't totally ignorant. I had girlfriends who spoke of their experiences, saw an occasional magazine with naked men, once saw a porno film at a friend's home. When he leaned over to kiss me, I kissed back, though our lips stayed closed. He continued facing me and kissing me, his left hand on the back of my right shoulder. Soon his hand was tracing its way down my arm, sliding up again and down. I kissed harder, my lips opening a bit. I was waiting for him to make a move toward my breasts.

As his hand moved from my arm finally to my right breast, I tightened my arm around his back and pressed my body into his hand. It wasn't long before he was under my sweater. My hand was on the inside of his thigh, rubbing his leg through the slacks. I had on a front closing bra, and once that barrier fell, his hand was soft and so warm on my nipples. I grabbed his hand, not to push it away but to hold it tightly against my swollen breasts, mashing them in toward my chest. He finally removed his hand from the softness and headed for the wetness, the hand under my skirt and slipping under the edge of my bikini panties to massage my pussy lips. By then, my hand was stroking his cock from the outside.

His fingers slid along my slit, sliding in the moisture and flicking my clit. When his had moved out and up to my waistband, I lifted my ass to let him roll the panties off me. He put them in his pocket. Then he had two fingers in my cunt, with his thumb plinking my clit, as I humped up toward his hand. I managed to get his zipper down and my hand inside, to find a warm hard cock constricted in there. As I got the head to the opening, the cock jumped free, and I wrapped my hand around it. When I felt his finger fucking make me about to cum, I bit his shoulder through the jacket, so that I wouldn't make so much noise that we would be thrown out of the theater. He felt me cum, and eased off until I stopped shaking.

"Take me in your mouth."

I hesitated. I had no doubt that I wanted that cock as deep in my mouth as it would go, but I thought about the condoms. I knew they served two purposes, to prevent pregnancy and to prevent diseases, including AIDS. No sixteen year old girl worries much about pregnancy from a blowjob, but was he infected with something? He read my mind.

"I'm clean."

Think about it. How dumb does a girl have to be to believe anything from a guy whose only interest is in getting a cock into one of her openings, right at that very minute? Not me, I'm not that dumb.

In a flash, I was on my knees with my mouth wrapped around the first close-up cock of my life. Oh, Daddy, I hope he really is clean. I reached for his balls, but he had to lift himself up for me to push his slacks down far enough for me to reach in. I didn't know enough then about kissing and licking, so I just sucked, with one hand jerking him off at the same time that I was sucking him off. With my hand there, he didn't go in as deep as I had wanted, or imagined, but his taste was superb. I felt rather than tasted his pre-cum, then heard him whisper.

"I'm gonna cum."

And so he did, shooting his stuff into my mouth. I kept most of it in, and swallowed. What a nice taste. The little that leaked out of my mouth he wiped off with one finger and gave it to me to lick clean.

"Your father's going to kill me."

"Depends on what I tell him."

I have no idea how the fucking movie ended. He kept my panties.

I fixed myself up in the Ladies Room before we left the movie, so that when I got home my father had no obvious clue about what we did. He looked at me quizzingly. I smiled. "No, we didn't go to bed." As I bent down to kiss his bald spot, my hand unthinkingly went to the crotch of his pajamas and started rubbing.

He started crying. Without pushing my hand away, he put his arms around me to hug me, and buried his head between my breasts. I kept rubbing, he kept crying. I lifted his head up to kiss him, hoping that he couldn't taste Tim's cum on my lips.

"Let's go to my room, Daddy." It was sort of like I was carrying him, although he walked on his own. I stretched him out on my bed and pulled down his pajama bottoms. As I put his penis in my mouth"Tim had a cock, my father had a penis"I heard him say "No." But I knew it wasn't a No of refusal, merely a No of surrender. Unlike the movie, here I had more light, more room, and one more blowjob of experience.


I held the shaft, licking the helmet, the ridge behind it, the underside, his balls. He cried; I was raping him, he was mentally overpowered. As his balls began to swell, I stopped, removing my skirt, sweater and bra. He never knew that my bikinis were gone. I crawled up over him, spread my pussy lips and impaled myself on his penis, which by now was actually a cock, giving him what he thought was my cherry. My breasts hung down over his face; I expected him to reach up to kiss or suck them, but he just let them hit his face. As I rode him like a jockey, he spoke; I could barely hear him.

"Use a rubber."

I was too hot to pay attention. My juice was leaking out of my cunt to lubricate his cock. Soon I felt him start to pump his cum into me, splashing the walls of my vagina. At the same moment, I felt myself cum, my pussy throbbing, me yelling in his ear, "I love you, Daddy."

I fell asleep with his cock inside me, my body on top of his. A while later, I felt him roll me off of him; he walked toward his own room. "I love you too, honey."

In the morning, he was at the kitchen table when I got up. He looked at me, smiled, then put his head down on his arms and began crying again. Whether this crying was for my mother or for what we had done, I didn't know.

"We're never going to do that again, honey."

"Yes we are, Daddy."

More crying. Good thing he was not going to be working that day. Neither was Tim.

But I was.

Saturday the bookkeeper was off, so I sort of had the office to myself. A few mechanics were in. Sandy came to the office to complain about not being paid for some overtime. I had no idea what to do, except to tell him to take care of it on Monday. Meanwhile, one word led to another, and soon we had a date that night for dinner and dancing. I didn't know how my father would handle this; Sandy was good looking and polite, but was also 28 and divorced, with no college. When I went home, I told him about the date and he thought long and hard.

"You know he just wants to fuck you, don't you? Can you hold him off?"

"Daddy, every male over twelve except you wants to fuck me, and someday it's going to happen, but I don't think it will be tonight. Anyway, I have the condoms and I have my common sense. You're the one who said I should go out with some of the guys from the garage."

The club was a nice place, a little more formal than a place for the high school crowd, with a DJ who played to all ages. As we danced, Sandy kept his groin pressed into me whenever the music allowed it, his lips nibbling my ear. Soon his hand was on my ass, and I didn't care. I loved the taste of Tim's cock in my mouth and my Daddy's cock in my cunt, and both were preferable to my own fingers. The waitress looked me over, but didn't object when Sandy bought me drinks, a couple of beers. I wasn't drunk, just mellow, when Sandy said,

"Let's go back to my place."


"Why not." I really asked just to hear him say that he wanted to fuck me, but while it was obvious, he didn't say it. His apartment was not too far from my house. When we went inside, he turned me around in the foyer, without any lights, to kiss me. I broke the kiss and slid down onto my knees, my hands working on his belt. It was so quick that he must have been going crazy. I had his cock in my mouth and was moving my head like it was a piston, but just for a quick second.

"Where's the bedroom?"

The bedroom was not neat; actually, that's not correct. The bedroom was a mess. Bed unmade, shoes on the floor, a pile of dirty clothes near the closet. I wondered if I could catch something just lying naked on the bed. His library was on the night-table, open to the centerfold. We passed his desk, with a computer humming. The screen saver was a slowly crawling message which read, "On your knees, bitch." I idly tapped the space bar to see what his screen looked like. Up popped his wallpaper picture, a full screen photo of a woman holding a cock near her face, a thin string of cum connecting the piss hole to her lips, globs of cum spotted on her cheeks and eyes. Nice tits, though. They looked very suckable. I wondered if that's why his wife divorced him.

What the hell, I was there to fuck, not to redecorate. As I unbuttoned my blouse, I reached into my jeans pocket and dropped a condom on top of the nude centerfold.

"I never use them, kid. They destroy the sensation, and I won't be able to see my cum all over your face and cunt and ass."

That decided me. We had passed the bathroom on the way into the bedroom. I began to walk in that direction, saying "I have to pee." He was taking off his pants.

I closed the bathroom door as I passed it, and was out the front door in a matter of seconds. I began to run, but soon realized that no one was chasing me.

My father was in his bathrobe, watching a ball game when I walked in. I wondered if he had been playing with himself. He took one look at my face and jumped up.

"What happened, honey?"

When I stopped crying, I gave him the full details of the evening, the apartment portion almost word for word. I chose to skip over the part about having his cock in my mouth when we got there.

"I'm going to fire that son of a bitch the first thing in the morning."

"No, Daddy, don't. He didn't hurt me, he didn't even try to. He's just a disgusting pig, but he's not evil. You said he's a good mechanic. Just tell him to stay out of the office when I'm there."

"OK, honey, you know I can't refuse you anything."

I began to cry again, this time deliberately.

"What else did he do? Why are you crying again?"

"Oh, Daddy, I was so excited when we got to his apartment, and nothing happened. I'm so horny, please take care of me."


"Didn't you hear what you yourself said just a minute ago, that you can't refuse me anything?"

When he began to cry, I knew I had him. I led him this time to his bedroom. The trail of my clothes as we walked looked like a scene from any number of movies. As I helped him fall back onto the bed, his robe fell open; my heart began to thump as I saw that he was already hard. I knew as I leaned forward to kiss his cock that I would be moving into this bed, with him.

I took him as far as possible into my mouth, then slowly pulled back until he was totally out of me. I repeated that five or six times, then crawled up to kiss his face and lips. His hands squeezed my ass cheeks, then he rolled me off him onto my back.

"You're the one who said she was horny."

With that, he slid off the bed onto his knees, spread my legs and began to eat my pussy. I had heard about it, read about it, talked with friends about it, saw a porno film about it, but had never had it done to me. He was fabulous; he must have been so good for my mother. He licked up and down my slit, stayed a while at my clit, then around the lips, then pushing his tongue straight in like a dick, making his tongue hard enough to feel like one, then kissing my wet lips, sucking my clit again, his thumb in and out of my cunt, making me cum and yell, no, scream. He stood up.

"I don't have any condoms, honey. Go get one of your stash."

"I'm not afraid, Daddy. You're clean."

"But you think my sperm is dead?"

"Cum in my mouth."

As I said it, I saw his cock begin to shrivel. Oh, shit, when was he going to stop acting like a father and begin acting like a lover? Wasting no time, I knelt in front of him, my mouth wrapped around his meat, my head moving rapidly. As I felt him grow hard, I slowed down, then we moved to the bed. I straddled his head, took his cock back into my mouth, and lowered my cunt to his face. He spoke.

"Your pussy smells nice."

I knew he was mine. My head was reeling; I would never have to fuck or suck anyone else in the whole world, at least not for the foreseeable future. In another minute of quick sucking, his cum was also mine, each throb of his cock sending gooey cream into my mouth. I tasted it, savored it, rolled it around my tongue and swallowed, licking him clean before taking his cock out of my mouth and kissing a thank you onto the helmet. Then I moved to kiss his mouth, pushing my tongue into him so that he could taste his own cum. Not knowing if there was any taste left, still I smiled to myself when his tongue pushed back.

The next time he cried was at my wedding.

Not that I didn't give him enough reason to before that. Sit tight for those details.

We slept in his bed that night. It felt so good snuggled up to him. Once in a while, I would feel his hand on my breasts, he would feel mine on his cock, but it was all just sleep movements. When I woke up, he had already gone to work. On his night table was a blank sheet of paper with just a heart drawn on it. I still have it. I went to school, came home, did my homework. He got home about six, kissed me on the cheek, and went to change. I made dinner; we ate quietly, just some small talk. After dinner, we read, watched a ball game together. When the score was no longer close, I kissed his forehead and went to bed. His bed.

I was wide awake when the game ended, a condom on the night table, a dim light in the corner of the bedroom throwing long shadows. As he opened the door and saw me, he stopped short.

"Are you moving in, honey?"

"Are you throwing me out, Daddy?"

He sighed, then smiled and moved toward the lamp.

"Please leave it on, Daddy. I want to see you."

He undressed slowly, not to tease me but because his mind was obviously racing. There was enough light for me to see his cock, about halfway filled with blood, ready for my hands and mouth to help it fill up completely. I stared at his ass as he turned for a brief trip to the bathroom, then ogled his beautiful piece of meat as he returned and slid into bed.

I turned to meet his face as he kissed me, one hand behind my head. Our tongues met in each other's mouths. His hand was on my breast, the palm lightly touching the nipple until it stood out, hard. My hand was on his cock, for the same purpose and with the same result. Then I moved it down to feather his balls, and down still further to grab and squeeze both his ass cheeks. His hand moved to my slit, one finger gliding up and down but not pushing in, although my moisture was pouring down there to make it easy for him. His thumb rubbed my clit, and I pressed my mouth harder against his.

Neither of us spoke a word; neither wanted to break the feeling of love flowing between us. I broke the kiss to move my mouth to his cock, but he held my head where it was; no sucking for the time being. I reached for the rubber, tore open the package, and rolled it deftly onto that rock hard tube of blood. He smiled at my skill, but it was purely beginner's luck. I rolled onto my back, and he moved over me. We were not overly religious, but he was pure missionary that night. As my finger slid along the crack of his ass, he shook it away. My hand guided his cock into me, but he only moved it an inch at a time. His cock had been there before, but he was making sure that it wouldn't hurt on the way in.

He hit bottom, and my cunt muscles held him tightly. I would have preferred raw skin, my insides had never felt a condom before, but the pressure on my cunt walls felt great. He finally took his lips from mine and began to kiss my eyelids and nose. His hips moved slowly up and down, slowly, my pussy juice making it easy. He leaned forward as he stroked, so that his cock could rub my clit as he moved. I knew instinctively that no man can move so slowly forever and soon he sped up. My hips rose to meet him, my clit tingling, and I knew it was time. Just a second or two before I exploded, I squeezed his balls, firmly. I screamed, he grunted, the throb of his cum pounding in my cunt, the cream filling up the rubber.

He remained suspended over me for a minute, only his cock touching me, then he rolled over onto his back. As my breathing returned to normal, I saw his cock at half mast, now lying across his leg. I peeled the condom off, being careful not to spill his cum, and bent my mouth to clean his cock with my tongue. Then, aware that he was not diseased, I put the condom to my mouth and drank in what I could. He smiled and hugged me, then put his tongue into my mouth to taste his own sperm. As I returned from flushing the rubber, I found him lying on his side, one arm outstretched for me. I lay my head on the arm, facing him, and instantly fell asl...

I woke the next morning to find his cock tenting the sheet. I uncovered him to find his beautiful piece of meat pointing at the ceiling. I moved to swallow it, then realized that it was probably a piss hard-on and decided to use my hand instead. He stirred, opened his eyes, and still without a word, went into the bathroom to pee. He lay back down in bed, closed his eyes, and allowed me to take him in my mouth. Neither one of us had spoken since before we had started to fuck"no, started to make love"last night. It was not the silence of a lovers' quarrel, however, but the silence of serenity. I approached him from the side, on my knees, so that he could reach my pussy with his hand while I sucked him. I licked him back and forth across the head of his cock, the edge of my tongue a millimeter into his piss slit, then wrapped my mouth around his helmet, my tongue circling the ridge behind it. His thumb rubbed my pussy lips, working its way into my cunt, while his middle finger moved up and down my ass cheeks, stopping often at my ass hole. As my head moved up and down his cock, trying to coax the sperm out of his balls, he put his finger into my ass hole, to the first knuckle, then slowly to the second.

It was at that instant that I knew he was no longer in mourning, he was ready to resume living. My mouth went into overdrive, my finger rubbed at his ass hole, and quickly I had a delicious mouthful of sweet cum. The porn stories call it salty, but to me the taste was beautifully sweet. While I swallowed most of it, from that angle a little seeped out along the side of his cock. I scooped it with one finger and offered it to his mouth. He sucked it in like a baby sucking tit. I had not cum, and I didn't give a damn. I was so mellow. His finger was still in my ass, and it felt comfortable; I wondered what his cock would feel like in there.

"Tonight, Daddy, I want your cock where your finger is."

"Oh, honey, not tonight. I have to go to Chicago to stay with Poppy (my mother's father.) He broke his leg and Aunt Gwen (my mother's sister) can't get there for three days. When I get back, it will be my pleasure. Till then, you'll have to stay alone; you're old enough."

Why I should have been so annoyed, I don't know, but I just was. Maybe I just wanted to be in bed next to him every moment, maybe I was jealous of him seeing Aunt Gwen, an absolute beauty. I calmed down without him realizing that I had been tense, then drove him to the airport. That was a fun experience; I was fucking like a whore, but didn't feel grown up until I had a driver's license. When I dropped him off, with just a little kiss of the air next to his cheek, it was too late for school, so I drove to the garage.

"Hi, Tim, good to see you again."

"Where have you been? I've missed you."

"How about a movie tonight? This time, my place. My father's out of town."

The front of his pants popped out. If I had even reached toward him, he would have shot his cum all over his shorts.

"Seven o'clock; bring pizza."

On my way home, I stopped at Blockbuster's for a video. They had the porn tapes in the corner. Since my name was on my card, it was embarrassing as hell to check one out, so I bought it instead, paying cash. I really didn't know what the video was about, except that it was about fucking.

Tim was at my place fashionably late, about ten minutes, claiming to have been delayed at the pizzeria. I didn't care; I knew he'd be there. I knew he wanted his cock in my mouth and besides that, we hadn't fucked last time, just played around. You know a blow job does not constitute fucking; we learned that in our Current Events class work.

Dinner talk consisted of him staring at my tits, but I enjoyed it. After we cleaned the table, I led him to the couch.

"Let's watch some television."

He was too horny to object; after all, I could tell him to leave, and he wasn't the type to rape me. The tape was all set up, and I pushed the Play button. His eyes sprang open in surprise. His cock jumped inside his jeans.

"Let's do what they do, stud."

The video began coincidentally with a couple on the couch, his hands opening her blouse to find huge bare tits, which he began to suck. In our case, I had a bra on to be conquered, my tits are not huge, and we were kissing, something they never do in fuck films, but we did the best we could to ape the actors. When his mouth found my nipples, I stroked the back of his head, pushing it over when my other tit felt lonely. It almost made me cum, but I wanted to hold back because I didn't want Tim to cum too quickly.

The scene changed to show the girl standing up to remove her slacks, revealing black crotch-less panties, then stretching out on the couch to be eaten. In real life, my slacks were jeans, my panties were pink and had a crotch, but Tim and I were able to overcome those minor details, simply by taking off the panties completely. Also, I still had my cunt hair, while the girl on tape was clean shaven. I decided to shave myself later. Meanwhile, the guy got himself naked off screen. Tim did the same, but could not compare in cock size to the pro, who looked a mile long, but was probably about ten inches. No matter, I had had Tim's cock in my mouth, and it was long enough. But first he had to eat me, something he had never done before to me.

Tim was a master at that; I wondered how much experience he had doing it to other pussies. I watched the tape as the guy ate the girl; Tim just concentrated on my pussy. He licked straight up the lips, then all around them in a tight circle, then pushed his tongue into me, finally sucking my clit until I felt the pounding in my ears and the throbbing in my cunt. The girl screamed, probably just play acting. I screamed for real.

"Turn off the tape."

As he stretched to push the pause button, he looked at me quizzically.

"I don't want them to get too far ahead of us. I'm still cumming and I have to calm down."

He nodded, and I remembered that he still had balls full of sperm, and I couldn't, shouldn't delay him too long. My breathing soon slowed down, and he took my nod and smile to mean that it was time to restart the tape.

The next scene was unexpected. She was on the bed, facing away from us, resting on her knees and forearms, her ass in the air. The camera was behind and just at the level of the bed, showing us his cock buried deep in her ass, his hand rubbing her wet pussy lips at the bottom of the screen. My mind went blank, I was in a daze. Without thinking, I got up, stopped the tape and took his hand, leading him toward my bedroom. We stopped at the bathroom for a bottle of Vaseline.

I threw off the covers and imitated the girl's position. Tim used the Vaseline liberally, greasing himself up and me also, putting plenty right up my chute. He stood behind me, rubbing my pussy with one hand as he lined his cock up with my ass hole using the other hand. He diddled the hole with the head of his cock, then pushed in, not too slowly.

"Owww!" Oh, shit, did that hurt like a son of a bitch. Who ever said a cock belonged inside an ass hole? Waves of pain radiated from the penetration. He stopped dead, moving neither in nor out.


"Fuck you, Mr. Sorry. Haven't you ever done this before? You're supposed to go slowly. Now don't move an inch."

We stayed there like statues, waiting for the pain to slowly fade away. I knew he really was sorry. When the pain was mostly gone, I whispered,

"I know you didn't mean to hurt me. I'm sorry I yelled at you. Now, just go very slowly."

He began again, barely moving in, then backing out just a hair, putting on more Vaseline as he moved. I can't describe the feeling of fullness when he was all the way in; let's just say that it felt like he was all the way up to my throat. He began to move in and out of my ass slowly, and I started to enjoy it. I could feel the sensations not only at the hole but inside my body also. Like the movie, Tim continued to rub my clit. As I started to shake my ass back at him, he began to pump faster and faster and I moved my hips faster and faster. I started to cum, screaming, and he pumped his seed into my ass; somehow I actually felt the spasms of his cock and the liquid of his cum in my ass.

It was glorious, especially the knowledge that within a week I would have my Daddy's cock in my ass. But I was totally wiped out, my ass hurt, and when Tim pulled out of me, I sucked him clean and sent him home. We would have to finish the tape some other time.

My ass continued to hurt, and I stayed home from both school and the garage for the next three days. On the third night, my father called.

"Honey, I've decided that I need some time off from work. I think I'll stay here for a week or so and do some sightseeing and some relaxing."

"OK, Daddy, just stay out of mischief."

"You too, honey."

When I finally went back to school, I was talking to a kid named Dave, who asked me to join him for coffee after class. What the heck.

"Sure, why not?"

Well, coffee led to a movie, and the movie led to the back seat of his car up at the old lookout a lot of kids used. And that led to me with my legs spread, feet up on the back of the front seat, as he fucked his latex-clad cock deep inside. When I screamed my orgasm, he pulled out, knelt on the seat, and stuck his meat in my face. It was the first time I had ever sucked a cock with a condom on it, and it was really blah; no skin to lick, no sperm to swallow. When his cum shot into the rubber, I felt the throb, but no pleasure. I needed my father's raw cock in my mouth.

Imagine my reaction to Daddy's next call.

"Hi, honey."

"Hi, Daddy, when are you coming home?"


"What's the matter, Daddy? You sound funny. Is something wrong with Poppy?"

"Well, you know it's been a while since we lost your mother, and..."

"What?" I was yelling by then.

"Well, I'm coming home with Aunt Gwen. She and I have been spending some time together, and we'd like to spend more time with each other."

I was speechless.

"Can you pick us up at the airport the day after tomorrow, 4:30?"

"Sure." By now I was up to one syllable words.

Man, was my head all fucked up. On the one hand, I had wanted him to meet and get together with some nice woman, and Gwen was nice. On the other hand, I wanted him to fuck me every waking moment of the day, and I didn't think that's what he had in mind with Gwen there. Oh, shit.

I spent the whole night with my hand up my cunt, rubbing until I made myself cum, then relaxing till I could cum again, and again. All I thought about was my father's cock buried inside me. At school the next day, I asked Dave if he would join me at home after dismissal. His cock jumped to attention, answering for him. As we walked in the front door, Dave behind me, I just leaned back into him. He used his upper body to prevent me from falling, and wrapped one hand around each tit.

I rubbed my ass into his crotch while he moved his hands under my shirt, snapping open the bra and massaging my nipples. I reached behind me, pulled down his zipper and reached into his pants to drag him by the cock into my room. Drag, of course, is just a word; he came along quite voluntarily. We were naked in a hurry. With a little encouragement from my hand, his cock was as hard as need be. I decided to try something one of my friends had told me about. Tearing open a condom, I put it in my mouth standing in front of my lips and rolled it with my mouth onto his fuck muscle. It worked, and he loved it.

Once on my bed, on his back, I jerked his cock with one hand while I licked his balls and the area behind them, close to but not into the ass hole. That I rubbed with the ball of my finger.

"Eat my pussy first."

"I don't know how. I've never done it."

I rolled onto my back.

"Come here, I'll show you. Put your head right here. Right. Now lick up and down my pussy slit; yes, just like that... Now spread the lips with your fingers and lick them in a big oval, up and down and around... Ooh, that's good... Make your tongue hard and stick it in like it was your cock... Yes, yes, yes... Put your finger in my ass. No, never mind. It hurts... Now see this here, that's my clit, I want you to suck it like a tit while you finger fuck me with your thumb... Ooh, that's perfect... Yes, yes, yes... Oh, fuck, keep sucking, keep sucking... I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum... Eeeeeeeeeee."

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