Fund Raiser

by Jaqi

Copyright© 2003 by Jaqi

Sex Story: Story of two sororities trying to raise money, and how one fraternity tries to help them. Fantasy of Exhibition and humilation.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Fiction   Sex Toys   Exhibitionism   School   .

Our story starts out with two groups of girl's local sororities having trouble making ends meet. We needed to have a fund raiser that would get us back into the black. Many wild ideas were tossed around; one sorority we knew hosted a topless party for one of the richer fraternities. One of my girlfriends said her boyfriend belong to it, and they had paid the girls well and had a great party. We had her ask if him what our group might do, I think most of us were curious as to what they might think up.

We found out that, they all had fantasies about girls fighting over a guy. They wanted to see a brawl, but they did not want to see a lot of pain, just humiliation. We pondered over what might work, and decided maybe to sponsor a wrestling competition between the two houses. One of the houses is made up of girls that play softball, basketball, and soccer; the other house is mostly girls that play volleyball, swimming, and track. I myself play volleyball; I am 5'7 and a setter on the team.

Most of us were wild and crazy, and love to tease the boys. We thought this might be a way to have some fun and help our house survive. We talked about doing a topless wrestling, but thought maybe we would find out what would really turn the guys on and how we might make more. We found out they wanted to watch matches where the girl had to really want to win, somehow they wanted the loser to be humiliated. They also wanted complete submission by the loser.

It was decided that it would be best to make it a tournament and make it last for three weekends, with two bouts the first Saturday, and the finals the next. The final weekend would be a party with the fifteen losers forming a circle naked. The matches would start with each opponent wearing a bikini, with three rounds to a match, the first match ended when one opponent lost her top. Then at the start of round two, the one that lost her top had to get on all fours. The round would end with the loss of the bottoms from one opponent, in round three would require complete submission from one of the opponents. The winner could actually remain clothed through out the match, if she was that superior, but hardly likely as no one wanted to loose.

With a lot of in put from the guys, it was decided that the looser must really be humiliated. They come up with a table like in the OB's office where a girl puts her legs in the stirrups and is spread out. The looser would then have her pubes removed and the victors name would be written in laundry ink on her bare mound. She would have to keep it this way till the end of the party. You definitely did not want to lose the first round as you had to serve the second as a waitress for the night and waitresses were to be totally naked at all times. It was decided they would wear a set of nipple clamps and a clit clip so they were more exposed.

Each sorority had eight girls entered in the contest, with the winning sorority getting 60% of the take. The remaining girls in the sororities had to serve the parties also, but they wore their bikinis the first week and were topless the second week. The last weekend was going to be a lot of skin showing everywhere. It was decided the last weekend, the losers, would serve the party with their hands cuffed behind them, as there was enough girls doing the serving anyway.

I ended up as one of the wrestlers; I knew I was going to. I was raised in a home with three brothers who were all state champion wrestlers. I had learned a lot from them as they were always teasing me and playing jokes on me. I had also introduced some of my girlfriends to them over the years.

To say I had an unfair advantage would be correct, only thing was, a couple girls were like amazons, and I knew they were going to be trouble. Macy was 6' tall and a swimmer, she could play any sport as she was just that good. She would have easily been on the basketball team, as she was all state player of the year in high school, but she loved swimming. I knew she was the one we all would have trouble beating.

As it turned out, I would not have to meet her till the semi finals as the way it was drawn up. I was not looking forward to being naked for the bouts, and I definitely did not like the thought of having another girls name on my tender part and being teased and tormented. My first round I drew a girl that was a softball player, she charged right at me and I was able to slip behind her and get a take down, and I was easily able to un do her top, end of round one. I had the upper hand now as she had to remove both my top and bottoms in round two, she had to start the second round on the bottom and I was able to flatten her right to the mat, and I started sliding her bottoms down with my toes as I held her. She was done I knew, she was almost to cry. I had won both rounds and she was naked. I knew I just had to tie her up in a pinning hold, and she would have to submit. I was glad I had someone shorter than me to wrestle in the first round.

I watch as Macy disposed of a girl that was on the basketball team, and another one I had been fearing, the girl was 5'10, but her problem was her breasts, once Macy got her top off they were easy targets, and Macy had no trouble dominating her. I watch another match that had a girl form the track team and a girl swim team, they were both about 5'6, and really buff. They really went at it, and swimmer got the others top, but at the start of round two, the track girl made a reverse, and easily removed the swimmers top, both were now topless as they tried to remove each others bottoms, they both had each bottoms down to their knees and the swimmer was able to slide the others off finally. It was agreed at the start that no clothing could be pulled back on, so the swimmer would start round three with her bottoms around her knees, but she would be on top.

The bottoms limit the use of your legs, and the track star easily got a reversal on the swimmer, and finished slipping her bottoms off as she was on top of her. These two were closely matched and it looked like no one would win. We all knew you could only keep at it so long and fatigue would render one of you a winner. The track star was able to get the swimmer on her back, and she hooked her legs to spread the swimmers legs, she started getting worried as she was being spread wide and everything she had was on display. The rules of the contest, was not only wrestling, anything was legal, except for hitting with a closed fist, and biting. Hair pulling was legal, even though the swimmer had a short hair cut, the track star had hers in a ponytail, and could be gripped, the swimmer somehow got a hold of the others bush, and she had a very good grip, the track star tried to grab the swimmers, but hers was very short and she could not get it. The track star finally had to give as she was in tears from the tugging on her pubes. The swimmer told her after the match, she would not have to worry about those pubes for much longer.

She was put on the table and she had her pubes removed by the President from the other sorority. She then had Linda's name placed on her naked mound. She joined the other three losers at standing against the wall watching the rest of the night, the swimmer was allowed to get dressed and rejoin the party. The next bout had a volleyball star and a tennis player, I was rooting for the volleyball player, but the tennis star shocked me, she easily handled my friend. She was soon sporting Raylene's name on her publess mound. I was looking at the four girls that had loss over by the wall, I noticed my name (Gail} on her naked mound, it was really neat to see this, and I was tickled it was her and not me. I was wishing I had a longer name as it would cover more and be that much more embarrassing.

The next matched pitted a track star, and a softball pitcher against each other, the track star was far superior and stripped the softball player easily. The softball player was about 5'8, she had red hair and she had freckle everywhere. I thought she would be a lot tougher with that bright red hair, but Janice, the track star had no trouble handling her at all, and she put her over her knee and spanked her to she submitted. I was shocked that she could do that so easily. I was also dreaming what it would be like to be controlled like that.

The next match had a soccer player and a basketball player going after each other. The soccer player managed to snag the basketball players top real quick. The basketball player started the second round on all fours with the soccer girl on her back, the strength of the basketball player showed as she got an escape when she stood up, she was able to snatch the other girls top, so now they were even again. They rushed each other and somehow their bottoms came off at the same time, which ended the round, but it was decided they would square off like the start of the match instead of one being on top for winning the round. They charged each other and pulled and tugged at each other. They worked hard and their bodies were gleaming with sweat and you could see both were wearing down. Both of them managed to grab the others bush, and were pulling on them to make the other give, but neither wanted to loose.

The basketball player (Laurie) managed to trip the soccer player and held on as she fell. She actually was almost to pull a hand full of pubes out and the soccer play screamed that she give, she was crying and in total pain. She had a date with the table though, and we knew how embarrassed she was going to be afterwards when the redness of her privates was revealed.

The next round brought up a match between one of my team mates, volleyball player and another track star. They seamed very evenly matched, and the both grabbed each others tops at the start, and both seem to come off before the whistle sounded ending the round. The volley ball player managed to grab the bottoms and rip them off as the other girl seem to pinch the hell out of her right breast. The third round started with the volleyball player on the track stars back, and she manages to push her flat to the mat. She sneaked her hand under the other girl and grabbed a hand full of bush making the other girl scream. It only took a minute or so for the track star to submit to defeat. She was led to the table where she was going to be wearing Mary Jo's name on her intimate parts for the next two weeks.

The last match of the first round was to start, and it was a match between a soccer player and a swimmer. We were all cheering for the soccer player as both other swimmers had won, and we did not want one sport dominating the events. The soccer player immediately showed that she was in complete control of the situation as she tripped the swimmer and landed on her back jerking her bottoms off first and then grabbing her top. It was decided that they would just skip the second round and go to round three with the soccer player starting on the naked swimmers back. The soccer player immediately flattened the swimmer to the mat and was able to put her in a painful hold that stretched her out backwards and bent her in the most humiliating way you could. The swimmer was forced to give and was still crying as she was led to the table to finish having her most private area exposed to all and to have Vanessa name put on her naked mound. This concluded the first round, and there was to be an intermission of one hour as everyone partied around and talked.

Round two was to have Macy, a swimmer, against Raylene, a tennis star. The next Match put Mary Jo, a volleyball player, against Laurie, a basketball player. In the third match we would see Janice, a track star, against Vanessa, a soccer player. The fourth match put me, Gail, volleyball player, against Linda, the other swimmer. I was getting worried as I knew Linda was going to give me a very good match, and I knew she made her opponent surrender by pulling her pubes. I was already wincing in how painful that would be. I also knew hers were so short that I could not return the favor, I was almost contemplating going over to the table during the break and having mine removed before the match so I would have an advantage. I did not do it, but thought about it.

The first match had Macy and Raylene, Raylene managed to strip Macy's top off and she was on top of her for the second round. She was able to grab Macy's bottoms and rip them off before Macy got loose from her. They started the third round with Macy naked and Raylene had not lost anything, as she was again on Macy's back. Macy immediately reversed the position in the second round and striped the top and bottoms off of Raylene. She grabbed her left breast and twisted her nipple as Raylene tried to grab her very short pubes. She made Raylene scream in pain and then switched her tactics to her bush, it did not take long for her to succumb to defeat and take her place wearing Macy's name on her naked mound. It was agreed that what ever you finished round two wearing is what you would remain wearing till noon Sunday, so Macy was now going to party naked the rest of the night, even though she was a champion so far.

The second match brought Mary Jo and Laurie against one another. I thought this would be a very interesting match as both girls were almost 6' tall and both bodies looked to be almost alike. Laurie was able to snag Mary Jo's top ending round one and putting Mary Jo on the bottom, Mary Jo was able to escape, and she managed to grab Laurie's top as she escaped making them equal. Mary Jo then made dive for Laurie, grabbing her bottoms and pulling, but Laurie grabbed hers also and they both pulled them to their limits. Both of them ending up naked as Jaybirds, as they squared of in the middle of the mat for the start of round three.

Mary Jo and Laurie locked up trying to throw the other to the mat, they both managed to reach the others bush and start yanking on the hairs and both were screaming in pain as they both jerked on the tender part hopping the other would concede. Mary Jo's hand pulled loose with some of Laurie's curly in her hand, and Laurie just pulled that much harder on Mary Jo's, and she some how got her other hand there to grip more. Mary Jo screamed in pain and submitted defeat, to be led over to the table and relived of what caused her to loose the match. Laurie and Macy now had two girls wearing their names on their tender mounds for the next two weeks.

Round three saw Vanessa and Janice combat each other. Janice had superior speed on Vanessa, but Vanessa had some marshal arts training and she could counter about anything Janice tried, she easily stripped Janice's top off and at the start of round two stole her bottoms with little effort. Janice managed to get an escape in the last round and as she went free she stole Vanessa's top leaving her topless. Vanessa then squared off and got a take down and also managed to grab on to Janice's pubes drawing a blood curdling scream from Janice. Janice tried to continue and grab Vanessa's Bottoms, but Vanessa kept jerking on her pubes, with tears in her eyes she finally was forced to surrender and join the other nine girls standing against the wall. Vanessa was the only one to still have her bottoms on after round two, she was going to party the rest of the night topless, but at least she was not naked.

I entered the mat next against Linda; I had about siked myself out on waiting for this bout to happen. As we lined up across from each other, Linda dared me to join her and start the match naked; she dared me to put on a strip tease before we started the event. I knew she was looking at going for the kill right off and that she would make a dive for my pubes right off. I thought "what the hell"; at least I would have the satisfaction of her partying naked the rest of the night. We both stripped naked and then met in the middle of the mat. She made her dive for me and I slipped around behind her and mashed her to the mat, I managed to push her down hard enough that you could hear her trying to get her breath back. I rode on her back with one of her arms drawn back behind her and I pushed her around on the mat. The mat was taking its stress on her sensitive nipples, they were getting rubbed raw on the mat and I think her arm was starting to cramp, I was able to keep my naked bush out of her grasps, and she finally had to submit as I had her held and she knew she could not do anything about it. Her breasts were cherry red as she stood and I was declared the winner of match.

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