Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young girl graduates from college and goes to work for her aunt. Then she discovers just what the family business really is!

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism  

It was a warm and sunny morning. In fact, Jennifer Reynolds thought, it was probably going to be a real scorcher. Jennifer did not look forward to the day's heat and humidity, as she was to graduate from junior college later that day. While upstate New York was generally cool and comfortable, today's forecast called for a temperature and humidity both in the high 90s. The thought of a heavy cap and gown filled her with prospects of heat prostration.

As Jennifer stepped from the shower, she caught sight of herself in the full length mirror on her closet door. She smiled, for in her mind she was a pretty girl. In the minds of the male population of the school, she was astonishingly beautiful. For one thing, she was quite young. Due to a fluke in birthdays, and skipping an elementary school grade, Jennifer was graduating from her junior college only months after her 18th birthday.

Jennifer had honey-blond hair that hung to the middle of her back, and light blue eyes. Her face was a beautiful heart shape, with a small pert nose and large lush lips. Her 36" breasts were quite firm, with large dark nipples that were at least two inches in width and protruded at least an inch, Despite their D-cup size, her breasts did not sag. Her waist was a trim 22", flaring out smoothly into 34" hips. She knew that at 5'4" she was short, and made up for this by never wearing shoes with less than 3" high heels. Jennifer had a short torso, and this gave her a very long leg line. If the high heels caused her firm and rounded derriere and majestic chest to jut out, so much the better.

As Jennifer looked through her closet, she again thought that if she wasn't careful the heat would be unbearable. Some dumb bastard, she thought, was sure to wear a three piece suit under his robes, and end up in the hospital. Accordingly, she first slipped on a tiny pair of lace panties that barely covered her neatly trimmed bush. She then pulled on a light red cotton dress. The dress barely came to mid thigh, and hung loosely from thin "spaghetti" straps, showing considerable cleavage. Then Jennifer laced on some high heeled sandals. After one final approving look in the mirror, Jennifer grabbed her cap and gown, and trotted from the room.

By mid-afternoon Jennifer was sitting in the lobby of the Student Union waiting for her guests. It was deliciously cool in the Student Union, after the burning sun in the stadium. God, she thought, why couldn't they hold these things indoors. At least she'd had the brains to dress comfortably. While she had been uncomfortable, at least she hadn't been as miserable as some of her friends.

The cool air blowing down from an overhead vent soon had her silver dollar size nipples hardening. Looking down, she noticed that they were clearly visible through the thin fabric of her dress. She was sure that several of the men passing by had also noticed, and the thought did not displease her.

Just then, all such ideas passed from her mind, as she saw her mother and her Aunt Margaret come through the door. The three women had decided to meet at the Student Union after the ceremony, rather than spend an afternoon searching for each other in the hot stadium. She was very happy to see them, as they were undoubtedly her best friends in the world.

Aunt Margaret had flown in from her home in Nevada. The past few days she had been staying at Jennifer's mother's house, in a neighboring town. The two women, sisters, had spent the last few days talking and helping Jennifer pack her belongings and removing them from her dorm room.

Several men in the lobby also were noticing the two women walking up to Jennifer, for noticeable they were. For one thing, they were identical twins. For another, they were quite as attractive as Jennifer. Jennifer's mother, Alexandra, and her Aunt Margaret, were only 37 years old, and looked several years younger. They were both wearing light sundresses that showed their figures to perfection. In Alexandra's case, this highlighted a large and beautiful bosom. Margaret's sundress was several inches shorter than her sister's, and showcased gorgeous, long legs. Both women were wearing spike heels. Their dark, curly chestnut brown hair hung shoulder length, framing their faces, with large, dark brown eyes.

The three women hugged and decided to go downstairs to the lunchroom. They got a table, and talked about a variety of topics, including Jennifer's post-graduation plans and a number of the young men walking through. Jennifer was astonished by the explicit manner that her mother and aunt rated the boys. Although, once she thought about it, she realized it was nothing that she and her friends hadn't already done. Then she recognized a face she hadn't seen earlier.

"Bobby, over here. Bobby!", she called out. Bobby, a tall, good looking young man a few years older than Jennifer, heard her voice and looked around. Finally spying her waving hand, he turned to another person, said a few words, and headed their direction. Bobby had apparently felt the same way about the weather as Jennifer. He was wearing white tennis shorts, a white sport shirt, and deck shoes with no socks.

"Hi there, honey.", he said when he got to the table. Then he wrapped his arms around her, picked her up, and gave her a hard kiss on the lips. It lasted long enough to allow him to slip his tongue into her mouth, and he could tell Jennifer enjoyed it. In a few seconds, he set her back down and said, "What's up?"

"Bobby, I'd like to introduce you to my mother and my Aunt Margaret."

Unsurprisingly, Bobby's eyes opened widely and guiltily as he turned around to see the two older women. He had no idea any of Jennifer's relatives were nearby when he had embraced her, and turned bright red. Taking his right hand off of Jennifer's ass, he leaned over the table to shake hands. Alexandra smiled at him, while Margaret chuckled at his discomfort.

"I can safely say that you must be the Bobby that Jennifer has talked so much about.", said her aunt. Turning to her sister, she said, "Jennifer and Bobby have been going together all semester, you said?"

Bobby was saved from further embarrassment by the approach behind him of a middle aged man. Noticing him, he said, "Dad, I'd like you to meet my girlfriend, Jennifer, and her mother and aunt."

"Pleased to meet you all. Call me Hugh.", he said, smiling.

Although Jennifer wasn't noticing, Alexandra and Margaret certainly were. They both thought that Hugh was quite handsome. He was tall and slim, mid-40s, with graying hair and a graying mustache. Despite the heat and the obviously tailor made suit, he didn't seem to be sweating at all, and not a hair on his perfectly groomed head was out of place. Both women began considering the possibilities.

"I hope we haven't intruded. Bob was simply showing me around the campus." He smiled. "I suspect Bob was now going to see if he could show me the cash register as we went through the cafeteria line."

Alexandra spoke up first. "Please, you haven't intruded at all. Why don't you join us? I don't think either Bobby or Jennifer would mind."

"Really. Please sit down.", Margaret chimed in.

The women shifted around their seats. While Alexandra said this was so "... Bobby and Jennifer can sit together...", Jennifer noticed that when everyone was seated, both her mother and aunt were on opposite sides of Bobby's father, and sitting quite close to him. And Bobby's father wasn't minding at all.

Margaret then asked, "Is your mother here also, Bobby?"

Bobby turned rather somber, and seemed to have a hard time responding. He seemed relieved when his father interceded. "Bob's mother divorced me a few year's ago. She couldn't make it." Hugh seemed somewhat bitter about the matter. "Her only child, and she can't make the time." Looking at Alexandra, he asked, "And Alexandra? Is the same true for you? Your husband couldn't make the time?"

"My husband died six years ago, Hugh."

Hugh looked stricken. "My God, Alexandra. I had no idea. I am so sorry. Please forgive me, and excuse me." He moved his chair back to leave.

Alexandra and Margaret both grabbed an arm and dragged him back to the table. "You had no way to know, Hugh.", said Alexandra. "Please, Hugh, stay."

Margaret then said, "Jim and Alex had a wonderful marriage, but Jim had a heart attack several years ago. I'm sorry your marriage didn't turn out better."

Despite the faux pas, the small group got along well. They shortly got up and got into the cafeteria line, which Hugh insisted on paying for. Jennifer noticed that when they were in the line, both her aunt and her mother just "happened" to bump into Bobby's father. The bumps seemed rather drawn out affairs, more breast and crotch rubs than anything else. Still, she couldn't be sure, as Bobby hadn't noticed. She smiled to herself. Since she had crossed her legs earlier, Bobby hadn't noticed anything but her thighs and tits. Bobby's father didn't seem to mind the "bumps" either. He just smiled and tried to look down Alexandra's relatively open bodice, and up Margaret's short skirt.

Before long, the afternoon had passed by. Bobby made it a formal ending.

"Uh, Dad. Could I borrow your car? I'd like to take Jennifer, um, out."

"Jennifer, what's wrong with your car?", asked her mother.

Bobby and Jennifer looked at each other a little guiltily before Bobby responded, "Well I was just hoping that..."

"You were just hoping that your good ole Dad would take pity on you and let you take the convertible. Uh, huh.", finished Bobby's father.

"Gee, Dad, don't you remember what it was like to be young?", said a smiling son.

Predictably, Hugh gave a loud snort and sputtered, while Alexandra and Margaret laughed loudly. "Okay wise guy, so how do I get home?"

Before Bobby could speak, Margaret spoke up. "Where are you staying, Hugh?"

"The Holiday Inn."

"Why don't you take Jennifer's car over there. Alex and I can come over later and pick it up."

"Are you sure that won't be a bother? I'd really hate to cause any trouble."

Alexandra responded, "It won't be any trouble. After all, don't you remember what it was like to be young?"

Smiling and shaking his head, Hugh gave in. "All right, I concede. The young whippersnapper gets the convertible. But there's a price. If you want to pick up the keys, you'll have to meet me in the bar for drinks. Shall we say nine?"

Alexandra looked at Margaret and smiled. "Nine it is."

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