Model Sex Slave
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young woman eager to become a model signs up with an agency where she is trained for modeling mostly without her clothes on.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Fiction   DomSub   Interracial  

Diana entered the modeling agency, almost on a lark. At the desk, a pretty brunette by the name of Miss Jackie Janic, according to the nameplate, asked what she wanted.

"I would like to sign up as a model," she blurted out, smiling nervously.

"Do you have a resume, a photo spread?"



"At the high school only."

"OK," came the disinterested reply, "fill out this application." She sat down at a desk across the room feeling the brunettes' eyes on her body. It took her about ten minutes and she returned to the desk.

"I'm finished, what do I do now?"

"OK I need identification, birth certificate or drivers license, what ever you have."

"I have both of those," Diana dug into her purse and produced them. The brunette wrote down some of the information on her application.

Well, the boss isn't here right now, we'll call you and set up an interview." Just then, a statuesque, full bosomed blond woman walked in. She was at least six-foot tall and appeared to be about forty.

"Any calls Jackie?"

"No Marg but this young lady is here looking for work as a model."

"So, you want to be a model, girl?"

"Oh, yes Ma'am, I really do."

The woman looked her over. 'Not bad, ' she thought, 'but definitely model material.' Five feet six, 120 pounds, 38- 26- 36. Black Hispanic descent, very pretty face.' She was an expert on body sizes and hardly ever wrong. She felt the black girl's eyes all over her body. "That was a good sign, this girl could have real potential. "Come on in, we'll talk." The brunette handed the application to the lady who then held the door open for Diana. She had a good look at Diana's rear end and winked at Jackie as she closed the door behind her. It was a large office with a desk, large bookshelves full of books and magazines, a couch and some chairs. The walls were covered with posters and pictures of models. "Sit there on the couch and get comfy."

She sat down at her desk right across from her. Diana tugged on her short skirt trying not to show too many thighs but with the couch being so low, her panties were probably showing. She crossed her legs when the lady seemed to focus on her crotch, "Well now lets see, your name is Diana and you've just turned 18. You are still in high school and finished this month." She looked into Diana's eyes. "You know you are too short and well build to fit the ideal models body, of course."

"Oh yes Ma'am, I know that but I thought there were opening for other body types sometimes."

"Well yes that's true but not very many and there is more to it than that you think, like poise, body structure, personality, persistence, talent, etc."

"Yes ma'am I've read about that. I am willing to work hard and take training and all that but I can't afford modeling school. I have younger brothers and sisters and my dad left years ago. It's hard for my mom to cope."

"OK, lets see you walk. Pretend that carpet runner is a runway." Diana got up and started to walk back and forth on a three-foot wide carpet stretching from one side of the room to the other. "That skirt you're wearing, the material is too thick; I can't judge whether your proportions are right. Take it off please."

"Take it off?"

"I am woman Diana, and a professional, if you want to show me your stuff, do what I tell you." Her voice took on an irritated edge.

"I'm sorry Ma'am I've never had an interview before." She undid her skirt and slid it down over her sculptured thighs. Bending down she stepped out of it and picked it up. She stood there looking a bit confused in her cheap coarse underpants and panty hose.

"Pantyhose is an absolute no, no; take it off. Put it on this chair, in front of my desk and start showing again. She removed them as she was told and stepped into her high heels. She continued her walk and after a couple of times back and forth, she got another order. "I think your proportions are good but that's terrible looking underwear. This business is about beauty, Diana. Your clothes are distracting my creative and artistic judgment. I usually tell recruits to go home and come back with proper clothing but since I'm very busy and you probably don't have any, I will give you a chance now. Take off your clothes."

Diana obeyed, bashfully, afraid not to get another chance. She removed her top, then her bra and finally her panties, placing each item on the chair. Totally naked, flushed and embarrassed, she put on her heels again and continued her walk. Marg got up from her chair and walked around her desk watching Diana's shapely naked body as she turned around walking away. She sat down on a straight chair at on end of the carpet, as Diana turned around and walked toward her. She watched the young girls large firm torpedo shaped breasts, with perky nipples set in two inch aureoles, bounce in a gravity defying dance beckoning fondling. Diana turned a short distance from her, presenting her large perfectly shaped protruding buttocks, near enough for Marg to have touched. Next time she came back and turned,

Marg ordered her to stop. She got up, barely able to keep her hands of Diana's luscious body. Getting in front of her she said that, she wasn't moving her hips right. She then put her hands on Diana's hips and told her to start walking again. As she walked backwards, pretending to be rotating Diana's hips, she was actually fondling her flesh. "That's it my girl, on the runway you walk with your hips not your feet." Diana felt like there were electricity going through her body, as Margs hands touched her skin, guiding her motion. As they walked, their large breasts bumped together several times. Diana's knees began to feel weak, as a strange warm feeling rushed through her veins. Her whole body felt like it was on fire. Finally, she almost fainted, collapsing into Marg's arms.

"What's wrong my dear are you sick?"

"I don't know, I just suddenly feel weak like my legs wouldn't carry me."

"I hope I didn't make you feel bad by touching you, or are you embarrassed being nude." Marg half carried her to the couch where they sat down, She put one arm around Diana's shoulder and with the other hand, stroked her stomach gently.

"Oh no Ma'am, it's funny I was embarrassed at first but after you touched me, I mean it's strange, like I got all warm inside." Marg knew she had seduced her and it was only a matter of time before she would be in bed with this luscious creature. She was now barely able to contain her lusts. She kissed her forehead gently.

"Oh I'm glad you feel that way because I really think you have something but you need a lot of personal attention. Have you got a boyfriend dear?"

"No ma'am I'm afraid of boys."

"It's good for your career that you don't but why are you afraid? There must be a lot of them after a beautiful girl like you."

"My mom had me before she was 16. I don't want that to happen to me. I want a career." Marg kissed her again and Diana, trembling, snuggled in to her embrace.

"Here, sometimes a little hug helps." She took Diana's hand and placed it on the back of her own neck. As Diana turned into her embrace, she moved her right hand from Diana's stomach to her hip, then her buttock, patting it gently. Marg then sat up a bit and told Diana's to put her left arm around her waist. They embraced tightly as Marg kissed her earlobe softly.

"Don't tell me your still a virgin," she whispered, while stroking and fondling her large black rear end.

"Yes Ma'am. I never did it, only necking and they won't stop there, so I don't go out any more. The other girls in school call me a whore though."

"A whore. Why?

"Because they say that I have a whores body."

Margs pussy was getting wet, as she hugged Diana's innocent young body. "Go slow," she told herself. "Wow! Her husband would go nuts over this one." She could barely wait to see his face when she would present her, hopefully willing naked body and subservient personality to his sexual pleasures. This was the easiest seduction she had ever experienced; the girl was probably a nymph. Diana would become their latest and the most voluptuous sex slave.

"Well now my dear, we will have to get you trained."

"But how Ma'am, I don't have any money for modeling school?"

"Don't worry I'll train you myself. You can live at my house in return for doing some housekeeping and cooking. I have another girl there as well; it's a big house and we need more help."

"Really? You mean that?"

"Yes my dear. We can work on your Modeling career every day when I'm at home and you can help keep house for me and my husband."

"Your husband?"

"Yes dear, he is a physical health instructor consultant but he is out of the house most of time."

"But you want me to train naked?"

"Oh no my Dear, only sometimes during special drills, I have plenty of pretty clothes to fit you at home. Don't worry, my husband won't bother you. He is very nice; you'll see." Marg kissed her on the cheek this time and her hands move from Diana's buttocks down around her hip to the outside of her thigh, stroking it. Diana cuddled up closer as she gazed into Margs face a few inches away. She then put her head on Margs shoulder cooing with pleasure.

"You're so nice to me I really feel so good and warm inside." "Marg lost all control and moved her hand from the outside of Diana's right thigh to the inside of her left. She kissed her softly on her full sultry lips. Diana responded as in a hypnotic trance, breathing deeply, spreading her thighs unconsciously to Margs probing fingers. Marg slowly massaged her inside thigh, carefully, moving her fingers up her shapely soft flesh towards the curly bush. She kissed her earlobe, licking it and then her neck. Diana lifted her head of Marg's shoulder as Marg kissed her way to her lips. As their lips met, Margs fingers found her clitoris. Diana's gasped and her body trembled as her clit were touched by someone for the first time and her thighs closed tightly on Margs hand. Her chest heaved rapidly as Margs tongue explored her mouth while Diana's thighs opened and closed in time with her breathing. As Marg fingers continued to explore her vagina, she kissed her way down to her breast, licking and sucking on one of her nipples. That triggered Diana to climax and she shook like a leaf as her body savored an orgasm. The ultimate human pleasure brought about by her first sexual encounter.

Marg kissed her lips softly letting her relax and enjoy the rush. She was breathing rapidly and heavily "Did you enjoy that my dear?"

"Oooooooooooooooh, oooh yes. Oh yes Ma'am, wha... what's happening to me?"

"You had an orgasm my dear. Isn't that a great feeling?"

"I. Yes. I mean I don't believe it. It was the greatest feeling I ever had but what about you Ma'am I didn't do anything to you. Am I not supposed to do something for you too?"

"Oh you did and you will do it to me later and more, if you want to, that is."

"Oh I do. I will do any thing you want me to."

"That's good to hear and I will teach you many ways of having sexual pleasure. We will talk about it later, all in good time sweetheart. Right now, I want you to get dressed and go home to pick up your things. Tell your mother that you got a job and that you are moving in with your boss." She got up and went to her desk picking up Diana's application. She was not wearing panties and her juices were soaking her left thigh moistening the top of her stocking. "Oh yes, You don't live too far from here. My house is close enough that you can get to school. I'll give you some money for taxis and I want you to be at my house by nine o'clock this evening. OK?"

"Yes Ma'am I'll be there for sure." Marg walked back to the couch reached for Diana's hand and helped her up. She kissed her on the lips and cupped one of her breast patting her soft rear end.

"I want you to get dressed right now. I have some business to attend too and I'll see you tonight."

"Oh yes Ma'am I will be there."

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