Danny and Jenny
Chapter 14

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 14 - A loving sister helps her brother out.

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"Come on you two, it's Christmas eve and we've got a bar to decorate before we open"

"Well you're certainly not the Christmas bloody fairy, are you?" Molly protested as her husband shook us both awake.

"I'm not any sort of fairy," he laughed, "Anyway Jenny says breakfast in ten minutes right?"

"Right" I muttered and guided his wife's hand onto my erection as he closed the door on his way out.

Giggling she lay on her back and parted her legs as I rolled between them,

"Oooh yes" she said dreamily, "Now this is what I call a breakfast!"

"Did you fuck her this morning?"

We were strolling leisurely hand in hand back to the hotel, intending to spend the day on the beach when she asked the question right out of the blue.

"Yes why?"

"Were you comfortable waking up next to her?"

"Jenny, where is this leading to?"

"Nowhere" she replied, but I knew differently,

"Look Jenny, you're the one who wanted this when I didn't, you're the one who persuaded me to go along with it and as I recall it, you weren't exactly kidnapped and dragged screaming into bed with him were you?"

"Yes but I didn't screw him this morning though"

"Jenny what the hell's that got to do with anything?"

I was getting a bit annoyed at the silliness of it all, throwing my arms up in exasperation, I whirled round and told her to go back to the hotel,

I walked away, chest heaving with anger and left her standing there with tears in her eyes.

It took half an hour of walking around aimlessly before I began to noticed the girls in their short skirts, sexy little bottoms wiggling enticingly, bra less breasts bouncing invitingly as they eyed up the boys walking around in groups, they were all playing the mating game, the age old ritual of teasing, strutting or pretended indifference.

Slowly I began to feel better, the holiday mood returned although the dilemma I was in still nagged at me, then I saw it!

She was in the bar when I returned, sitting on a high stool her long bare legs attracting admiring glances from everyone who saw them.



"Come up to the room will you?"

"Danny I don't want to fight, it's the day before Christmas for God's sake"

"Yes I'd noticed" I couldn't resist the dry sarcasm, she caught it too and sighed wearily as she slipped off the stool and followed me into the lift.

Neither of us said a word all the way to our room, until I closed the door and said softly,

"I've got your Christmas present"

"You mean a peace offering?"

"No sweet Jen, I don't mean a peace offering and it's not really a Christmas present either, but it's something I really want you to have"

The tiny heart was made entirely from little diamonds and it was the ring's only embellishment, but even a Philistine like me knew it was beautiful and Jenny was no Philistine"

"Danny it's beautiful" her voice was breaking, "But it's an engagement ring!"

"Yes" I said simply as I slipped it on her finger.

"Oh Danny you fool" she put her arms around my neck and we just held each other for a moment.

"I've not finished yet"


"There's this too" and I took the diamond studded choker from out of the box.

Her eyes opened wide, almost as wide as her mouth, she seemed to be gasping for breath, then her emotions took over

"Oh my God, it's, it's, Danny it's just beautiful"

"There's an inscription between the diamonds" I said softly.

She had to wipe the tears away before she could make out the words engraved beautifully into the gold, they said simply, "Jenny my Life is your Life"

The tears flowed freely as she kissed me and turned the door key in the lock, we undressed each other slowly, savouring each other, tasting, licking, nipping and playfully biting even.

She was still sobbing as she writhed beneath me, hands clutching, tongue searching, teeth nibbling, I couldn't believe how hard I was after all our recent exertions, or how wet she was, I think we actually fucked each other, rather than I made love to her, she was as demanding as I was, matching me thrust for thrust, I slipped my hands beneath her and prodded a finger against her tiny bum hole, she gasped as it teased the little hole open and she squealed with pleasure when it began fucking her in rhythm with my thrusting penis!

I felt myself cumming as she bit my neck and clenched her anus around my finger, then suddenly she convulsed and clung to me, every muscle, every sinew in her body was taut as the climax drove her almost to oblivion.

Every muscle and sinew that is, except those inside her vagina, they were the ones squeezing and milking me, taking every last drop of seed from my balls until we collapsed together in a gasping, sweating heap!

She looked sensational on the beach, that's a much overused word, but it's the only one that was good enough to use on her and the cock stiffening bikini she wore.

Two narrow scraps of sheer white nylon caressed her nipples and almost covered the dark circles of her areola, but it was the bottom half of the bikini, or rather the lack of it that drew the looks, lecherous and longing from the men and mostly envious from the women.

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