Danny and Jenny
Chapter 1

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A loving sister helps her brother out.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Drunk/Drugged   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   Swinging   Orgy   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Squirting   Water Sports   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism  

"What the hell?"

I sat bolt upright and looked down at the tousled blonde hair on the pillow next to me, it looked vaguely familiar but then it moved and my sister opened her eyes and smiled at me!

"Hi, you're awake at last"

"No I can't be" I said, my voice still a croak, "I'm in bed with my sister!"

She giggled and layback down again as another thought struck me, lifting up the covers, I looked and my suspicions were confirmed!

"I'm naked!"


"We're both naked Jenny!"


"We've got no clothes on!"

"Yep, that's what being naked means all right"

Then the ceiling started to spin and suddenly I was on my back again!

She surfaced again from under the covers and looked at me,

"I knew you'd do that" she said simply, "You got a little over excited"

"Well is it any bloody wonder?" then my nose started to twitch and I realised the bed reeked, in fact I reeked too!

She sat up, pulling a sheet up over her breasts and smiled at me,

"Don't you remember anything?"

"Exactly what is it that I should be remembering?"

"Meeting me in town for instance?"

"Yes of course I remember that, I'd been looking forward to it since you rang"

"Do you remember saying you felt a bit rough?"

I had to think for a minute but, yes I did recall feeling a bit under the weather.

"Yes I do, I thought I was going down with a cold or something"

"Well you were nearly right, you've had a very bad dose of flu and you developed a fever"

That was ridiculous and I said so!

"Rubbish, if I'd have had flu, I'd still be ill now, you don't get rid of it just like that you know!"

"No you don't do you?" she smiled at me and touched a hand to my forehead, "It's gone now though"

At first it was just a tiny pinprick but gradually it grew larger and then suddenly it dawned on me!

"What day is it?"


"Yep Saturday"

I still didn't understand until she giggled and said,

"We met in town last Saturday, as in seven days ago!"

"Oh my God"

I made you come home and go to bed, you'd got flu all right and then on Monday, you developed a fever!"

"Shit! And have you been here all that time?"

"Of course, who else was going to look after you?"

That as a fair question, since "the bitch" had cleared off with her boss I'd been alone and actually quite enjoying it!

"But, er, what's with the no clothes bit Jenny?"

She laughed and I saw her face reddening with embarrassment.

"I called the doctor, but as you know, there's an epidemic so he advised me to keep you warm, very warm, give you plenty of fluids and keep an eye on your temperature, which I did!"

"Oh, but --,"

"If you let me finish, I'll explain" she admonished,

"For the last couple of days while the fever was coming out, you've been sweating like a pig and yet you were cold and I mean really cold, shivering in fact so I figured that the best way to make sure you had warmth was to give you my body heat!"


Then I added,

"Wow, what can I say Jenny?"

"Nothing needs to be said bruv" she giggled, "But now if you don't mind turning away while I get up, I'll have a shower, then I'll strip the bed while you have one, because believe me, you need one!"

I had to agree with her on that score, God, it's bad when your own body odour nauseates you!

Turning away, I watched her craftily in the mirror as she padded naked towards the bathroom,

"Hey Jenny!"

She turned and immediately saw me looking in the mirror,

"You've got a bloody great bottom!"

"Swine" she laughed and ran through the door giggling!

When I came out of the shower, I followed my nose into the kitchen where she was making what smelt like the world's greatest fry up, wearing one of my tee shirts which only just managed to hide her charms, so to speak!

Walking up behind her, I slipped my arms around her waist and kissed her neck,

"Thanks for looking after me Jen"

She turned and kissed me on the lips,

"That's better" she smiled, "You've been stinking the place out all week, which reminds me, you can help me strip the bed after breakfast and I'll wash the sheets, they're in an awful state!"

I could feel the pressure of her breasts against my chest as I held her tightly and looked into her big blue eyes, I'd always loved this crazy girl, but it had taken something like this to make me realise just how much I'd actually missed her since we both left home to live with our respective partners!

I became aware that she was laughing again and blushing too,

"Yep, you're better now Danny!"

Hurriedly I broke away as I realised my erection was pressing into her stomach through my shorts!

"Shit Jenny, I'm sorry!"

She turned back to the stove to finish the breakfast saying,

"Danny, there's nothing at all to apologise for, I can promise you that it's not the first erection you've had in the last week or so you know!"

"Any more kisses and cuddles like that" I laughed, "And I'll guarantee it won't be the last either!"

We ate at the breakfast bar in the kitchen while she told me all the news I'd missed and the reason she'd rang asking to meet me last week.

She'd caught her boyfriend in bed one afternoon with her best friend and practically demolished his flat in a raging temper, which didn't really surprise me, I'd never much liked him anyway, I just thought he was a creepy little prat with a big mouth!

"Right then, the first thing we'll do is to go round and get all your things out of there, I take it you didn't stop to pack?"

She seemed a bit unsure of that though and I couldn't think why,

"Jenny I'm six feet four you know and built like the proverbial brick shithouse in case you hadn't noticed!"

"It's not that Danny, it's well, she'll be there too!"

"So what?"

"Well" she hesitated and I saw those lovely big eyes filling up with tears,

Laying my hand on top of hers, I squeezed it gently,

"Come on sweet Jen, (my pet name for her from when we were little) out with it, whatever it is, it won't make the slightest difference to me, you're my kid sister and I love you to bits, remember?"

She smiled and kissed my cheek,

"Thanks bruv, well it's just that she and I were lovers too"

"Oh for God's sake Jen, is that all?"

"I thought you'd --, well I don't really know what I thought!"

She smiled at me and seeing her like that, made me smile too,

"I'd never judge you sweet Jen, you should know that by now and anyway" I laughed and gave her my best leer, "A girl who like girls sounds perfect to me, absolutely bloody perfect!"

That one got me another cuddle and she even giggled as I patted her bum,

"Come on then let's get ready and go to see the lovers shall we?"

This time it was her turn, as she got to the door, she shouted, "Hey Danny" and I turned round just in time to see her lift my tee shirt and give me a quick flash of her sexy little bottom!

She chose to wait outside in the car while I went in to collect her things and even though I disliked the slimy toad, the meeting was quite civilised, Jenny had given me a list of everything she wanted and he co-operated fully with me whilst Helen, the other third of the eternal triangle sat quietly watching and saying nothing.

As I put the last of the bags and boxes in the car he came out and shouted me,

"Here" he said with a smirk and handed me a video tape, "This is what your fucking sister's really like!"

He hit the floor like a ton of bricks, blood spurting from his broken nose, bending over him I took hold of his nose and squeezed it, he screamed like a baby,

"If you ever try to contact my sister again, in any way, shape or form, you'll wear scars for the rest of your life, have you got that, you worthless piece of shit?"

He managed to mumble something that I took as a sign of agreement, so instead of hitting him again I put a foot none too gently on his throat while spoke to Helen who was looking (rightly) worried in the doorway.

"Jenny wants me to tell you, that if you'd both been honest and open, it could've been great for the three of you together, but you weren't honest so the same applies to you, don't contact her again, got it?"

She nodded and looked at Jenny with tears in her eyes!

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