Summer School

by Brad_rkt

Copyright© 2002 by Brad_rkt

Sex Story: Young girl has to attend summer school in a class she thought she passed

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Fiction   Rough   First   Squirting   .

It all started my senior year in high school I was 18 and loved to party so much that it cost me from graduating. the shame on my fathers face when I told him was enough to make me swear that I would not let him down and I would make an A in summer school, not like the class was hard, Health, how the fuck did I fail it the 1st time, me and the teacher were friends and I did most of the work but on the last day before grades came out she told me I will see you ever day this first day of summer school started out bad we were in the gym so no AC. I wore long jeans cause I got cold in the ac so now I was sweating my ass off my tight jeans began to cling to my body, now I would not say that I am skinny but I have a nice body I am 5' 10" 165 lbs... with a 38dd bra. Miss Wells began the day giving out chapters to read and telling us about health, I started to drift in to a heat induced nap, my mind was drifting tell a book fell right next to my chair. It was miss wells and she was pissed told me that I would have to come to her office after class and we would discuss this.

Class came to an end and I dreaded the trip down to her office. As I opened the door a wave of cold air hit me like a hammer my nipples hardened and it stole my breath, miss wells sat there in her gym teacher shorts wearing a white top with a sports bra. She was skinny was about 5'8 125 lbs... had no definition to her body like a piece of ply wood.She asked my why I even bothered with coming to summer school if I wasn't gonna try, I told her I would do my best and I said I was sorry. She told me she understood I was hot and that it happens to the best of us as I was leaving she noticed a mole on my arm, she told me to lock the door and come here, now off with your top she said I wanna look at that mole to make sure it isn't cancerous. I removed my top. I stood there my huge tits swinging back and forth in my bra I could feel my nipples harden again as she ran her hand up and down on my arm. Then out of no where I felt her hand on my tits squeezing, I spun around to confront her but before I could she undid my bra, spinning around only made things worse one on my tits pooped out. She put her hands on my hips and told me that she would like to check me for breast cancer, I told her that I did it all the time and it would not be required. She pushed me on the desk and said yes it would.

I layed on the desk topless, scared but mildly aroused my nipples were so hard, her rough hand glazed quickly over my tits I said "is that it?" she replied " you know that is not why I called you in here I see how you stare at me " not until this very moment had I ever stared at the woman but now the power she had over me made me so wet. I told her your right ms wells I wanted to kiss you this whole year, she giggled I wish you would have. I wouldn't have had to fail you just to get you alone, you made a 73% in my class but I had to see you this summer, in a

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