Ride Home

by Doodad

Copyright© 2002 by Doodad

Sex Story: On bus ride home man observes unusual erotic scene that leads to other activities.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Voyeurism   Caution   .

I had taken the inter urban this time although I seldom use that mode of transportation. It was the weekend, though, and the bus was almost empty. Still I sat near the back to avoid even the small crowd of people gathered close to the door. We were almost out of the city before long and all but the handful of people headed out to my suburban community home remained.

There were two stops to go, though, before we pulled out on to the four lane and continued on without stopping until we reached the little bedroom community I called home.

It was the next to the last stop the woman got on the bus. She was alone at the stop and waved the driver to a stop as she stepped out to the curb. She seemed anxious to catch the ride, I thought. I watched her as she walked down the aisle toward the back of the bus toward me and thought this unusual since I was the only one who occupied a seat there. Maybe she didn't like to be near a lot of people either.

She was pretty in a sort of offbeat way, beautiful figure, not too slim, not too curvy, she was average height, her dark blond hair pulled back in a short ponytail, she was wearing a thin summer dress that clung to her as she moved. She sat down in the seat in front of me, but on the aisle side. I sat next to the window so I could watch what was going on outside the bus. There was a chance she intended to get off at the next stop, but that was only two blocks further.

I started to read my evening paper as I often did on these trips but found the light too dim to enjoy it very much. It was late evening but not late enough for the overhead lights to be on in the coach. I looked out the window again as we approached the last stop out of the city. It was then I spotted the two young men standing expectantly at the corner. They, too, waved to make sure the driver spotted them and stopped.

They too approached the rear of the bus,one plopping into a window seat two seats ahead of where I sat.The other stood beside where the woman sat and motioned with his hand to move over. I thought I noticed a slight protest but she did stand up and move over to the window seat, staring intently out the window as the young man sat down next to her;as if trying to avoid him I thought.

I looked the new arrivals over as closely as I dared without attracting their attention. One had a short hair cut, burred on the sides and standing straight up in the middle. He had a small hoop earring in his left ear and I could see several tattoos revealed by his green sleeveless muscle shirt. He sported a sort of scraggly goattee. The other guy had slicked back black hair and was clean shaven. There was a perpetual silly grin on his boyish face. Both appeared in their late teens, maybe very early twenties.

I was about to relax and sit back and enjoy the ride out of town as the bus gained speed for the dash to suburbia when I noticed Goattee put his arm around the woman's shoulder. She promply removed it and said something to him in such a low voice I could not hear what she had said. Then she squirmed noticeably in her seat and slapped his face. I definitely heard her say "STOP IT!"

I leaned over the seat back and asked if she was all right."Do you need any thing, miss?" I asked.

Goattee looked back at me with a leer and said "Cool it Daddyo. We've got everything she needs.I saw his hand was still on her knee.

She brushed his hand away and looked back at me. "It's all right. Really it is. I'm sure I can handle this." she advised. Somehow I didn't believe her, but by now,I felt I had stuck my nose into the situation enough.

I leaned back again and observed the countryside fleeting by the window of the bus. A few Saturday shoppers were on their way into the city but other than that the road was clear. There were some farm fields and a few scattered road side businesses on the way, a bar and a motel and a roadside diner, a couple body shops and a used car lot, that kind of thing, along with some scattered homes.

My attention was drawn to the seats in front of me again by the woman's renewed squirming. Smiley was leaning over the back of the seat his arm extended. I could see Goattee had her pulled close to him,her back to his chest, her head just under his chin. Her hair was slightly tousled.

When I looked in the litle open area between the seats I could see her dress was pulled up to her hips and a bit of her pink panty crotch was visible between her slightly parted thighs. Smiley had his hand on her leg just above her left knee and was squeezing. Goattee appeared to be nuzzling her neck and squeezing her right tit beneath her dress.

I started to stand when she straightened, "What the hell!" Goattee blurted, removing his lips from her neck.

"Sit back down, Daddyo!" yelled Smiley."We're just taking care of things here."

"It's all right. I know these boys. They're just horsing around." she told me. I still didn't believe her. She had a scared look in her eyes.

I sat back down, reluctantly, and gazed at the seatback in front of me. I could no longer enjoy The view of the passing scene outside the window. There appeared to be more squirming and struggling going on in front of me and low sounds of protest from the woman.Then they all arose and walked down the narrow aisle to the wide seat at the very rear of the bus. As they passed me I saw the woman appeared very disheveled her hair tousled and her face flushed. She flashed me a wan smile as she passed me.

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