Chapter 1

Copyright© 2002 by Jammes

Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Written by me and an email gal pal from Germany with alternating subchapters. I'm really interested in getting feedback on this one.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Slow  

I checked on my gun for the second time now. I released the safety catch and looked back up to the door. I hate surprises and I love when everything just goes the way it's supposed to. I can't allow mistakes - not from others and especially not my own. One small deviation and I could have been dead or in jail. I felt how sleepiness sneaked up. Suddenly I just got up and walked over to the table that was placed close to the window of the hotel room. I grabbed the thermos flask and take a big sip of the still warm strong coffee. The window was open and an upcoming wind moved the curtain a little. I was waiting for more than three hours now in the hotel room for more orders. I needed more information about my next target. I placed the gun on the table as I drank the coffee.

I turned my head a little to look back to the door. And I wasn't wrong - I heard a noise and now I heard someone running down the hallway. I looked down to the floor and saw a big brown envelope. I put down the flask and grabbed my gun. A little smile showed up on my face. I loved to find out who would be my next victim. But I was also scarred to open an envelope and find out that my next target was someone I knew. I picked up the envelope and placed my gun in the holster on my side. I opened up and took out the picture first. I have my routine - first the picture, then the information and the deposit at the end. The picture showed a white male in his 30s - somehow handsome. Something was fascinating me right from the first look at his picture. I looked at the information sheet - it said all the facts - Name, age, and address. "James" I whispered to myself as I took out the money and checked on how much it was. The deposit was for some reason a lot less than usually - but the rest of what I'll get paid was a lot more than usually too. Very contradictory. I didn't know who the person was that wanted me to kill him - and I neither knew who the person was I was going to kill or why he needs to be killed. It was just my job. I'm a killer. Intermediaries contact me if they have a job for me to do. I don't ask any questions - I barely talk anyway.

It somehow bothered me that I was fascinated by my target. That was not a good sign at all. I have my principles - one of them was: never get in touch with the target. The other was: don't start thinking about your victim - it's harder for you to clear the way. I got up from the bed and walked into the bathroom. I stood in front of the mirror for several minutes looking at myself. I was about 5'2", had shoulder length light brown hair, which I usually wore pulled back in a ponytail, my eyes had this fascinating feature to change the color on however the light falls. From a very pretty green - to a grey inside and a breathtaking brown when it's almost dark. I had a pretty athletic body - of course I did everything to stay in shape and keep up my staying power. I was pretty strong for my delicate figure. In case I should get somehow in trouble I knew how to fight. Lucky me - it was never needed before. If I'd care more for my sexiness - well, that's not really a point - I was never thinking of myself being sexy. I looked closer judging on myself into the mirror. I was just realizing in that very moment that I wasn't as bad looking as I've always thought - not at all. I was a petite little thing, with small firm tits and a very nice ass. Jesus Christ - what was I thinking all these years? I laughed a little as I noticed how sexy those black hip huggers and my tight black shirt looked on me. I walked back to the bed and took another close look at the picture of James. As I caught myself thinking of how it would feel like when he's undressing me... I threw the picture back on the bed and grabbed my bag in order to put everything in there. I get down on my knees and pulled out a big black suitcase. I opened up to check if the rifle was still in there. Everything was just like it has to be. I closed the suitcase and lifted it up on top of the bed. I left the hotel only after a few minutes and headed to my car in front of the building.

I stopped my car on the opposite side of the road. His car was in the driveway. So I decided to wait and find out about his routine - if he had one. I usually observe my targets for a few days to find out about him and when it would be the best time to get rid of him. As mostly no one noticed me or my car - I must have had this guardian angel or something - I had barely any problems. It should change this time though. I must have waited for more than two hours - and dusk was breaking on as a screaming by of some police cars made me wake up. I couldn't believe it. It never happened to me that I fell asleep while observing. I looked over to his house and the driveway was empty. "Fuck!" I yelled to myself and started the engine. I drove around in the neighborhood for several minutes as I noticed that I've almost had no gas left in the tank. I was angry at myself - too many things went wrong by now. I pulled over at a gas station and got out of the car. Well, he has to be back sometime, I thought to myself as I started to fill up the tank of my car. I took a closer look around and saw a familiar looking car. The driver was getting gas himself on the other gasoline pump. He looked over to me. It was him. It was James. My heart skipped a beat. Not only because I found him - because he looked even better than on the picture. James noticed me and smiled in a really cute way. I flushed right away. Damn! I was usually able to control myself very good. Everything just went wrong. But I didn't know what to do. As he finished getting gas he actually came over. Don't... I thought to myself and tried to ignore him. He was only a few feet away from me and still smiled at me - and then my gas tank ran over and gas got poured on the side of my car and of course also on me. James moved even closer pushed me softly aside and pulled out the faucet. He put it back into the gas pump and looked down on me still smiling. As his eyes met mine - my heart skipped a few beats again. "Thank you!" I say with an obvious insecurity in my voice and already hated myself for it. There goes my first and most important principle. "You are very welcome, young lady," he grinned. "Hi, I'm James!"

I was at the gas station filling up when I first noticed her. Wow what a foxy lady! She pulled up to get gas just a few seconds after I did. You couldn't help but notice this good-looking honey. My eyes followed her as she got out of the car. Great ass, great figure, great face. Oh yeah, just the way I like them. I had a brief vision of her lying on my bed totally naked begging me to have my way with her. I smiled at her and was very pleased to see her flush a very pretty shade of pink. I noticed her continuing to look at me while she pumped gas. "James, this may be your lucky day," I told myself. I learned a long time ago not to let opportunities pass me by. In my line of work you have to be quick or you can find yourself looking back with regret about so many missed opportunities. I finished pumping my gas and headed over to get a closer look at this sexy lady. As I got closer I smiled more. She was young and looked even better up close than she had at a distance. She was a petite thing but she looked like she had stamina and might even be able to keep up with me. Just then I hear a small cry of alarm and saw gasoline spilling out from the car and over the clothes of my fair maiden. I moved in quickly and nudged her aside, taking the dispenser from her hand and directing the stream of gas away from her and the car. Fortunately it stopped spraying almost immediately and I was able to put it back in to the tank. I looked over at the girl and smiled down at her. She looked back at me and smiled in return. "Thank you!" she said with a small quaver in her voice. "Your are very welcome, young lady," I said to her. "Hi, I'm James!"

She stood there for a couple of seconds looking at me then flushed again. "Hi James, I'm Lola." I grinned a little larger at her name. It not a very common name but it is very nice. I liked this girl more and more. She had a charming trace of a delightful German accent that I loved to hear. I just had to have this girl. "Listen, Lola, we need to get you out of those clothes." She blushed and looked away. I chuckled. "It's not good for your skin to have that much contact with gasoline."

"Listen, my place is not far from here. Why don't we go over there and get you fixed up."

"Well, I don't know," she said. "Oh come on!" I urged her. I looked in the back seat of her car and saw a bag and a large suitcase. "I'm guessing you are staying in a hotel or something right?" She nodded, looking at me cautiously. "Well I know for a fact that my house is much closer to here than any of the hotels in town."

"But don't you have to work to do or something?" she asked me. "I have a very flexible schedule I told her."

"Now I'm not going to take no for an answer."

"I want you to get in your car and follow me." I have noticed that if you take a no nonsense attitude with the ladies you generally get a better response. I walked to my car to keep her from objecting any further and got in. I drove over to her to lead her back to my place. She seemed indecisive but got inside her car and began to follow me.

I was only about a half-mile to my house so it didn't take that long for us to get there. I pulled into my driveway and she pulled her car in be-side mine. I got out and smiled at her. "Here we are." Let me help you with your bag. I opened the back door and pulled out her bag. "Do you want the suitcase too?" I asked her. She seemed uncertain so I decided to grab it. "If there's something in here you need it will be better to have it on hand won't it?" For some reason she seemed kind of shook up but also amused by my comment. "Wow, kinda heavy isn't it?" I said. She looked up and into my eyes as if looking for something. I looked back at her, enjoying the view. However my nose told me she had spilled a good amount of gasoline. "We had better get inside and get you cleaned up," I announced. I walked past her and to the door, pulling it open. "You don't lock your door?" she asked as she followed me. "No, this is a pretty quiet neighborhood," I told her. She followed me inside. I lead her to the back. "I tell you what."

"Let's set you stuff up in the guest room and you can come back here after you shower to change."

"I have a robe you can borrow." I threw her bag on the bed and lead her to the bathroom. "You are being very kind," she told me. "You really shouldn't trouble yourself so much."

"Oh, no trouble at all," I told her. I grinned at her. "I'm always happy to help someone out, and if it's a very pretty someone, I'm twice as happy." I didn't give her much chance to respond to my flirting. I handed her a towel and headed out of the room. I went and picked up the robe I had promised her. I went back and saw that she had closed the door to the bathroom already. I knocked. "Here is your towel Lola." She cracked open the door. I could hear the water in the shower running. "Thank you," she said taking the towel from my hands. She pulled back from the door. I don't think she realized that I had a very nice view into the room from the opposing mirrors on the wall. She had stripped off her pants and blouse and was wearing only a pair of black panties. I caught my breath at the sight of her. Damn but she was a sexy little thing. I felt myself hardening at the view. Then the door pushed shut. I shook my head and headed to the living room to call the office. I needed to tell them that I would be late. I smiled. Hopefully, very late!

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