Saving Sister Susan
Chapter 3: Oral Obeisance

Copyright© 2002 by John Baird

Sex Story: Chapter 3: Oral Obeisance - Father Murphy saves the young Novice, Sister Susan from the an older Nun's Sapphic temptation.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex  

For the last five minutes, the plump, inexperienced Nun lay limp and submissive beneath him, her newly initiated sheath tender from the extended reaming, her mons bruised and sore from his relentless hammering of its fleshy prominence. She was whining and mewling with pleasure although, now, her desires were sated. Finally, his own lust reinvigorated, the priest decided that his naive conquest was ripe for his next objective.

"Ohh, Sister Susan. I can't. I can't let Satan have you again." he moaned as he rolled off of her lax, well-fucked body. "I can't fill your pure and innocent cunt with his sinful seed."

"Hannh? Sirr? But, Father? What can you do?" the Novice whimpered. "How will you rid yourself of his lust? Can't I do it?"

"Oohhh, my child." the scheming cleric moaned as he placed her hand on his throbbing tool. "I can't ask you to do it. Not you, Sister Susan. You're too innocent." The girl's fingers instinctively wrapped around the rock-hard cylinder and squeezed it. He held her wrist and moved her hand slowly up and down, gasping, "Oohhh Sister, I am in pain. He is fighting to escape... You have to stop moving your hand, my child, or I won't be able to contain him."

But, Father? Don't you want him to leave you?" the Novice asked in puzzlement.

"Oh yes, I do, my child. But if he gets free... Like, if his seed escapes into the open... It will be like opening Pandora's box, Sister. I will be tortured forever. I can only release him safely into... No, Sister. I must find someone who is not pure and innocent... I can't ask you to." and intentionally, he didn't complete the sentence.

"To do what, Father?" the girl asked, as if on cue. "I want to help you. Let me do it, sir. Please?"

"Oh, no, Sister Susan. I must find a woman of the street.a prostitute. I will renounce my vows and find a prostitute. I can ask her to do it."

"Let me, Father? Let me be your whore like I was when you were fuh... fuh... fucking me?" the gullible novitiate asked. "I should be the one to renounce my vows, sir? It's my fault."

"You're so wonderful, my child. You wouldn't have to renounce your vow. Not if you did it. But I can't ask you. You would despise me."

"Oh, No, Father. I wouldn't. I'd do anything for you. You know that. What do you want me to do, sir? Let me do it."

"But, Sister? You know I can't let him loose in your vestal jewel box. You would be re-possessed if I did. It must be in your... no... I couldn't ask you to take it there. But we might be able to get rid of it in your... Oh, no, my child. I can't ask that." the lustful priest said in a halting, sincere voice.

"Where, Father Murphy? Where can you release it? Tell me, please? Tell me?" the Novice asked in breathless curiosity.

"We can't, my child. I would have to let it go in your. in your bottom, Sister. It might be painful and. But? Oh, Sister Susan, I've heard that something else will sometimes be sufficient.if I release it in. No, I can't."

The buxom Novice instinctively clenched her full buttocks as she imagined what it would feel like to be entered there and she asked in an anxious voice, "Where else, sir? Where else can you release it?"

"In your mouth, my child. But you couldn't do that. You would have to swallow Satan's gism. It would not infect you again but... and it might not work? It might not be enough?" Yes! She was going to! Father Murphy looked lustfully at the beautiful Novice's soft, full-lipped mouth and his throbbing tool jumped with anticipation.

"Please let me, Father. Let me try. I know I can do It.," the girl said as she rose to her knees. "And, if it doesn't work... You know? You can do it the way you said... You can do it my bottom." and as she spoke, she looked at him with her big, innocent eyes.

"But, Sister? If you do? Like? Satan will make me say more terrible things. He will make me try to degrade you, my child. And, when he escapes from me, it will. Like? You can't stop after it starts, my child. You can't let it escape. You must swallow his seed. Are you sure you want to? "

"Oh, yes, Father. I want to." the buxom girl replied and she felt a warm sense of goodness at the thought of offering herself to assist this wonderful priest. "Tell me how to do it, sir. Let me do it."

"Bend down, Sister Susan. Bend down as if you were praying. And take Satan's horn into your mouth." he said in a gentle voice. "No, Sister. Lick it, first. Yes, like that. Oh, Susan. Your tongue is so hot. I know you will draw it from me, Sister." and as he encouraged her, he cupped and milked her hugely swollen breasts and fingered her sodden pussy-pudding.

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