Saving Sister Susan
Chapter 2: Priestly Penetration

Copyright© 2002 by John Baird

Sex Story: Chapter 2: Priestly Penetration - Father Murphy saves the young Novice, Sister Susan from the an older Nun's Sapphic temptation.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex  

Father Murphy fought temptation, but not very hard. His rationalization in the afternoon was reinforced by the knowledge that the lovely Novice had already let herself be seduced by a woman. Shortly before she was due to arrive he went into the little bathroom that adjoined his office and injected his limp penis with a substance usually prescribed for men with erectile problems. He didn't have Brother John's huge dimensions but the stamina he derived from the injections had ensured that when he succumbed to temptation he didn't commit the further sin of leaving the girl frustrated and unsatisfied. But tonight, he told himself, it was just a precaution. If God signaled that he should save this young Novice by showing her what God intended a woman to know, he ought to make sure he did it right.

It was about eight when he heard a faint knock on his office door and he opened it to admit the voluptuous young Novice. Tonight she was wearing the grey robe that went with her position in the order and, as she timidly sat on the chair by his desk, she asked, "Are we going to pray, Father? I've been praying all afternoon for His help."

"Do you still believe you'd let Sister Capello do that to you again, Sister?" he asked, not admitting to himself that he hoped she would answer in the affirmative.

"Yes, Father. I.I think so?" the pretty girl replied in a faint, guilty voice. "I still feel... like? I still want to feel the way she made me feel last night, sir?" Susan tried to blank out the sinful memories of Sister Capello's hot mouth and tongue caressing her most intimate regions.

"You know, Sister, that God does not condone that sort of thing between members of the same gender. He will forgive easily a lapse of chastity between a man and a woman, but between two women or two men it's much worse... especially if they haven't repented. If you had sinned with a man, He would forgive readily, but you sinned with another woman and you say you want to sin with her again. That is very serious, Sister Susan."

"But, sir? Father? What can I do?"

"Are you a virgin, Sister? Have you ever been with a man?"

"Oh, Father! Of course not! Of course I'm a virgin!"

"Well, my child, that may be why you feel so tempted by Sister Capello. That may be why you wouldn't be able to resist if she wanted to do it to you again." Surely God would understand if he, himself, sinned again? Perhaps He even wanted him to show this lovely Novice that His way was best? The lecherous priest schemed and rationalized his lewd designs on the voluptuous supplicant's body. God wants me to save her from sodomy. But I must proceed carefully. She must believe that what is happening is a religious experience or she might be tempted in future to behave promiscuously with men.

"Oh, sir? Do you think so? But what can I do, then? Does that mean I have to leave the order and get married? I don't want to do that. I want to dedicate my life to God's work, Father?"

"Well, Sister Susan. You don't have to leave the order but, if you remain a virgin, you'll be constantly vulnerable to Sister Capello and others like her. As your priest and confessor, I may be able to help you. That is, if you want me to?" Yes, she was responding almost perfectly. It must be God's plan.

"Do you mean, Father, that you'd break your vow to help me?" the Novice said, her eyes widening naively in surprise. Was her priest really telling her that he'd lay with her to save her?

"It's the only way I know how to help, unless you want to leave the Order, my child." the cleric said in a kind, understanding voice. At the moment, he was thinking guiltily about breaking something other than his vow, however. And unlike his one other defloration, this cherry would be fully ripened. He turned off the overhead light then so that the lamp on his desk only dimly lighted the small room. "Now, if you believe there is still hope for you and you want to try to get ready for repentance that way, you must take off your robes, my child."

"But, Father? I? I? Like? You mean, undress in front of you? You want me to be naked, sir?" Susan shuddered at the thought of a man, seeing her naked.

"That's right, Sister. But you don't have to be embarrassed, my child. Remember, I'm your Priest so it's sort of like getting undressed for your doctor." and the lascivious man of the cloth smiled inwardly at the deceptive comparison, his guilty feelings evaporating in the heat of his lust.

"I can't help it, sir. I'm embarrassed. Do you have to leave the light on, Father?" she asked in a quavering voice.

He turned off the lamp, knowing that the light through the transom above the door would be more than adequate once his eyes adjusted to the semi-darkness. He watched as, hesitantly, she opened her robe and slipped it off of her shoulders. Under it, she was nude and, even in the dim light; he could see that she was truly voluptuous in build. The Novice Nun was quite short, just a couple of inches over five feet in height. Her breasts were large and heavy, impressively large, in fact. And, although the big, soft fleshbags sagged from their heavy weight, the nipples were pointing up at a forty-five degree angle. Her hips flared out widely from her waist and her somewhat fat belly projected convexly above a heavily bushed and prominent mons. Her short legs were slightly parted as she stood there in the nearly dark room but he could see how they tapered curvaceously from her large thighs to her full calves. His organ was in a state of throbbing erection as he anticipated getting into the girl's lush, ripe body. He wondered if this seventeen year old would react differently than the precociously developed adolescent, Ann, when he broke her cherry. When he moved from his chair to sit on the sofa, the naked Novice moved nervously away from him towards the door. He was naked, too, under his robes but it was not yet time to reveal himself to the innocent novitiate. He said in a soft but commanding voice, "Now, Sister Susan, come stand here in front of me."

She realized now that, even with the office lights off, he could see her nudity but it was not light enough for him to see how her face was flushed in hot embarrassment. Her knees quaking in trepidation, she walked with short steps to stand in front of the big, black-robed priest.

"Take my hand in yours." he directed the fearful would-be Nun and, hesitantly, she did as he asked.

"Tell me, my child, where did Sister Capello first touch you last night." he asked and, in a weak voice, the Novice replied, "Well, sir, like? On my face... my cheek, Father."

"I want you to take my hand and put it everywhere she put her hand, Sister. And when you do that, also tell me how it makes you feel."

He could feel her trembling grasp on his wrist as she placed his hand on her cheek and he felt a wetness there that indicated she was shedding tears. He had a momentary pang of conscience about what he was doing but then, as she moved his hand down past her neck to the swelling rise of her soft, heavy, right breast, the feel of her pneumatic flesh sent his conscience into retreat. As his palm covered the fullness of the huge mammary he felt the almost instant hardening and engorgement of the nipple.

"Do you feel anything special, Sister?", the priest asked, knowing that the swelling nipple betrayed that she was being aroused by his touch. As he spoke, he rolled the big, rubbery cylinder between his thumb and forefinger.

"Aahhh... Oohhh Father. Yes." the young virgin gasped as hot thrills coursed outward from her enlarged, sensitive nipple to her belly. "Oohhh, sirr. It's like last night, sir."

"That's a good sign, my child. It probably means that what you did last night hasn't completely perverted you," and he placed his other hand on her left breast to be rewarded by an equally satisfying enlargement of the other big, hard nipple. He pinched its thickly projecting hardness, saying, "Show me what else Sister Capello did to you. Did she touch you anywhere else?"

"Oh, but sir? Oohhh. You're giving me the same wicked feelings, sir? Even more, I think? Do you really have to?" the religious girl gasped and her knees sagged weakly as she fought the growing heat in her chaste, young loins.

"Oh, yes, Sister." he said as he hefted the juicy weight of the soft, heavy fleshbag. "It is good that you feel that way, you know. God understands it when it's between a man and a woman."

The timourous young woman reluctantly moved his hand lower across the convex bulge of her belly to the profuse thatch of curly hair that crowned her prominent mons. She was very apprehensive, now. Even more than at first. She could tell that her priest's tender touch had made her wet down there and she was afraid he would think she was wicked. His fingers tangled in her hairy bush as he asked, "Did Sister Capello feel you down there, my child. Is that what you're telling me? "

"Oh, Father? I'm sorry. Yes, she did. She put her hand on me there. Do I have to put your hand there too? Is that what you want?" the Novice whimpered as her legs trembled with a combination of fear and the burgeoning desire in her loins.

"That's the only way, my child." the horny cleric said softly. "If we are going to undo the sodomy of last night we must do these things, even if they may be unpleasant for us. What you allowed to happen then was a serious sin, Sister. And, especially serious because of your vows. I want to help you so I can grant you absolution," he added, hoping to ensure that the girl would not come to her senses before he had achieved his lascivious intent.

As if he too was still reluctant, he resisted for a moment when she tried to guide his hand lower to the soft nest between her thighs. In her artless innocence, Susan had a momentary fear that her priest would relent and not help her to gain forgiveness so she pushed down harder on his wrist, forcing him to touch her there.

"My child! Oh, my child!" she heard him exclaim as his fingers touched her pussy and, for a moment, she was afraid he was going to tell her she was destined for the tortures of Hell for eternity. "Were you like this last night. Did Sister Capello release your lustful juices?"

"Oohhh Fathherr!" the buxom virgin gasped as his finger unerringly found her erect clitoris and pressed it. "Ohh, sirr?" she moaned as her loins were pervaded by a wickedly exciting surge of hot, carnal lust. "I... I... I think so, Father?"

"And do you like being touched there?" he asked as he slid his fingers into the fat, slippery folds of her fleshy pussy and touched the sensitive, never entered vaginal portal. "Does it make you want more?"

"Hanh... Annh... Aahhh, sirr? Sirr? Will I go to Hell, Father? It makes me feel... Want... Oohhh sirrr? I want you to touch me more, sir? I think Satan is in me?" and as she gasped out her confession, she spread her shaky legs wider apart and tried to pull his hand tighter against her softly throbbing, wet cuntflesh.

"Does it make you want to be kissed there too, my child? Is that what you want, now? Do you want to feel her lips and tongue? Is that where she kissed you last night?"

"Yes, Father." the would-be Nun said in a faint voice. "I mean, no, Father... I mean... not her lips... but... Oohhh Father... I want to be kissed there... What can I do, Father?" she asked, still afraid she had committed an unforgivable sin.

"I know now what has to be done, Sister. It is worse than I expected, but if we sacrifice ourselves and pray, there is a way. Lie down on the end of the bed, Sister." and as he spoke he guided the frightened but aroused young virgin over to the end of the bed and down onto her back.

"I have to do what Sister Capello did last night, my child." the immoral priest said softly. "We have to find out if you became perverted because another woman did this to you. I hope you didn't, my child, but if you find it unpleasant when I kiss you, tell me right away. I have heard stories from other priests about girls who became perverted from just one such experience and could gain pleasure only from another woman." While he talked in a serious tone of voice, the lewd cleric knelt between the young woman's heavy, shapely thighs and bent close to the soft, wet nest.

The artless Novice tensed her buxom body expectantly when she felt the priest's hot breath on her sensitive labia. His fingers touched the creases where her full thighs joined to her hips and then, as she gasped wordlessly, he was touching and spreading the swollen flesh folds of her innocent, young pussy.

"HANNH!", she cried out in a spontaneous reaction when his hot tongue licked the tender slit and then, in guilty embarrassment at her lewd response, she bit her hand to stifle her cries.

The sinful priest felt a thrill of triumph when she cried out. This was going to be even easier than he'd hoped. With his fingers, he spread the fat labia and fastened his lips on her erect clitoral projection, thrumming his tongue on the trigger of the virgin's sensuality. As he did this, he heard her gasping intake of breath and she arched her hips up at him, almost smothering him with the wet, pulpy softness of her fat cunt.

"Mmmmph... My child..." Susan heard his muffled voice. "Mmmyess... my child... Mmmm... That's right... Mmmm... God will help... if you let Him... Does it feel good... Mmmmm... Sister Susan... tell mmmmeee..."

"Aahhh... Aahhh Father... Father..." the Novice panted, biting her hand to stifle her cries of response. Her belly churned from the intense stimulation and she whimpered breathlessly, "Yes... hanh... yesss Father. I can't help it... Hannh... I love it..." The Nun's short, shapely legs spread wider and her heavy hips rocked awkwardly as she pushed against the wickedly exciting mouth that was making her feel so evilly aroused. His tongue thrust into the hot, corrugated vaginal portal while one finger continued to rub her throbbing clit as he asked, "Do you feel as if we're going to make your evil desire come out of you, Sister? Is this the way that Sister Capello made you feel, my child?"

"Hanh... Annh... Yes... Annh yesss Father... Hannh... I can't... Hannh... help it." she panted and then, when his lips again closed on her traitorous clit, her hands grasped the priest's head and she pulled him tighter against her pulsating pussy. Her big, soft thighs locked around his head and her wide hips rocked wildly as her unwilled climax surged through her innocent loins.

The hot-blooded cleric thrust his tongue into the spasming entrance to her virgin cunt and almost smothered as her soft, wet pussy-pie was mashed against his face. And then her legs fell away and she tried to push him away, momentarily unable to take more contact with her sensitized clit.

"Father? Oohhh Father... hanh... Am I going to be saved? Hannh... I felt it cum out of me, Father... hanh... Will I be forgiven?"

The priest raised his dripping wet face from the softness of her genitals for a moment as he said softly, ""I hope so, Sister? I hope so? Did you like that, my child? Was it as good as last night?"

"Father Murphy? Oh yes! Oh yesss, I know it was!" the young Novice replied although she was not sure if it had been. Sister Capello had seemed to know exactly how to excite her and she'd taken much longer. The would-be Nun, however, did not dare to admit this and, when her priest began, again, to tongue her still throbbing vulva, she lay there submissively and accepted his further ministrations. She hoped that he would show her that she had not become perverted by last night's evil experience.

"That is good, my child." Father Murphy said as he once more worked to arouse his innocent conquest. "But we have much more to do before we have undone the wickedness of last night. But, if God gives me the strength, we will overcome Satan's work."

After a couple of minutes of skillful kissing of the young woman's sweet, soft pussy, he could tell that she was, once again becoming aroused. "Do you still feel evil desires within your body, my child?" he asked, knowing full well that she did. "Did that one time drive them from you, Sister Susan?"

Her fear of hellfire renewed by the return of her lustful need, the Novice whimpered, "Hanh? Annh? Ohh Father Murphy? I'm afraid, sir? I? I... Ohh Father? I still feel evil desires within me? What will I do, Father? Oohhh, what can I do?"

"Come, my child. All is not lost. I had hoped that what we did would be enough, but... We must go beyond that. There is only one way now to ensure that Satan's evil has been expunged from your body, Sister Susan." and as he spoke, the priest helped the young woman to her feet.

Susan's knees buckled and Father Murphy held her up, bringing her short, naked body against his. She felt something hard pressing against her bare belly through the priest's heavy robe and then he was tilting her face, his mouth coming down to hers. His lips and face were wet and slick and she realized that it was the sinful, oily fluids from her own body that she felt and tasted as his hot tongue forced its way between her teeth.

"It is God's intent that man and woman be joined together in the flesh, my child. You and I have vowed to forego that joining to devote all our love to God's work." He savoured the soft mobility of the Novice's mouth and her easy acceptance of his tongue in her hot, moist mouth. "The flesh is weak, Sister, and sometimes, those of us like Sister Capello yield to Satan. She has dragged you down with her. God needs to know if you have truly repented, my child. And I must be his instrument to find this out."

While the lustful, young priest lectured the artless Novice, his hand was busy between her trembling legs as he fingered the pulpy wetness of her throbbing pussy. "Did you tell me the truth? Are you truly still a virgin, my child? Have you ever yielded to the temptations of the flesh before last night?"

"Hanh? Annh, Father. No.I mean, yesss. Ohh Father, honest, I'm still a virgin but? Ohh, Father? I've touched myself? Like? Before I joined the Order, sir? I didn't know, Father?" But only Sister Capello's fingers and now, her priest's had made her tingle this way.

"Come, then, my child. For I too am a virgin." he lied. "I will be God's instrument of purification, Sister. We must be together to drive the devil from your sinful body." The scheming priest sat, and then lay back on the bed without relinquishing the contact of his hand with her sex. "I will pray for strength to achieve this. Remember, Sister Susan, to be successful you must let all of Satan's wicked lust come out. You must not hold back any evil, carnal thoughts you may have, even though saying them may seem depraved. And, if we can work God's will, we will remain virgins in His eyes."

The gullible girl listened hopefully to his every word as her knees wobbled with her growing excitement from his gently teasing fingers. "Tell me, Father? What must I do?"

"Open my robe, my child. Open my robe and God's instrument will be yours to use for your salvation."

With trembling fingers, the Novice untied the belt that held the big priest's robe and, as she did, it parted to reveal to her shocked eyes the erect penis that she had felt against her, through the robe. Just as with his other virgin, young Ann, it looked immense to the Nun's innocent eyes although it was of only average dimensions.

"OHHH FATHER!" she exclaimed. "Oohhh Father Murphy? Is? Is that what you? Like? Oohhh, sirr? What am I supposed to do?"

"That is God's key to open you for deliverance, Sister. Get on top of me, my child. Kneel over me and, first, we will pray for guidance." he replied as he guided the full-figured, young beauty until she was on her hands and knees, straddling his hips. Her large, soft breasts jiggled pendulously as she knelt there, trembling, conscious of the hard projection that was almost touching her throbbing vulva and, as he cupped one of her swollen mammaries and milked its heavy fullness, she whimpered, "What do you want me to do, Father?"

"Pray, my child." he said, his voice choked with lust. "Pray for guidance, Sister Susan. And while you pray, I will use God's key to prepare you to have Satan's hiding place unlocked."

"Help me, my Lord. Show me the way to forgiveness," she prayed in a faint, halting voice. "Show me THE WAY GOD..." and her voice rose and she jerked up and away from him when she felt the burning heat as the priest arched his hips and pressed his hot, hard tool against her pulsating genitals.

"Oh, my child, you mustn't pull away." the cleric said in a softly reproving tone. "Unless? Are you longing for Sister Capello's kiss, Sister? Is that what it is?"

The girl quickly lowered her hips again until she felt the hot touch of the instrument on her cringing pussy and, afraid he would abandon her, she protested, "No Father. It's not that. I... I... I was just surprised, that's all. Please, Father? Prepare me for what God wants. Then, resting her forehead on the priest's hairy chest, prayed. "Ohh, Precious Virgin!" she intoned in a stronger voice as she felt the exciting sensations from the sliding contact of 'God's key' with the throbbing seat of her desires. Unwilled, lustful thrills surged through her horny, young loins as she pleaded breathlessly, "Precious Virgin. Forgive me for my evil actions. Forgive me."

"Do you feel anything, my child?" the wicked priest asked as he slid his throbbing tool along the crease between the fat labia, making frequent contact with her clitoral trigger. "Is the Virgin Mary showing you the way to expunge your carnal lust?" His mouth and his fingers had aroused the Novice to near-orgasmic state and, as the slick knob of his cock teased the tender, sensitive crevice of her vulva and paused, tantalizingly, at the hot portal to her virgin vagina, she was almost overwhelmed by a hunger that she could not define. Gradually, as he increased the periodic pressure on the hot, never entered orifice, she felt an overwhelming desire to take it inside. In her innocence, the Novice took this as a signal from Above and she whimpered panting, "Father... anh, Father? In. Put it in me. Use God's key to open me, sir... Hanh, Father? The Virgin is showing me that this is the way. Put it in, sir. Drive Satan from my evil body with God's Holy Instrument."

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