Kathy Carlson
Chapter 33

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Sex Story: Chapter 33 - Kathy is married to a hero, but now she learns how truly heroic he was. Part of the Ali Clifford saga, parallel in time with Allison. The later chapters -- those recently posted -- are, in effect, a book within a book with its own characters. The reasons for not making it a freestanding book are two. First, it uses many of the same characters. Second, and more importantly, it will clean up some loose ends regarding Kathy Carlson.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual  

Andy soon found that her work on the construction site fit in nicely with her work at the apartment. Since Kathy and Ken were both early risers, she could fix their breakfast, clean up, and still be at work by eight o'clock. Similarly, the construction job closed down at four-thirty giving her time to get home ahead of them with enough time to have all the preparations for dinner complete. Since she truly did not like herself, her accomplishments never registered. Rather, she only thought of being able to become a more adequate slave to better serve Ken and Kathy whom she had come to adore.

Because Andy now considered her performance to be adequate even when measured against her own superhuman standards, she had not ordered a whipping for herself in weeks. As a result there were no longer any whip marks showing on her body. As a result for the last few weeks she had been sleeping beside Kathy in their bed each night.

The first time had been remarkable. That night Andy had been on her knees beside their bed watching Ken and Kathy make love. When they were ready to turn out the lights, Kathy noticed for the first time that Andy no longer had any open cuts on her body. When Ken insisted that she join them in bed to keep Kathy warm, Andy reluctantly got into it but kept as far away from Kathy as the width of the king-size bed permitted.

"Andy Taylor, do you really want another beating? You are disobeying Ken! He instructed you to warm my body, but how can you possibly do it when you're way over there?"

Sheepishly, the woman moved closer to Kathy and very gingerly rested her head on her shoulder the way Kris had told her she had slept. Only then was Kathy aware of the beautiful natural perfume coming from her body. Finally, over Andy's strong protest, Kathy insisted on kissing her full on the lips. Then, when Kathy cupped Andy's tit as she was getting ready to close her eyes, she was pleased to feel how wonderfully firm it was. Although significantly smaller in size than they had been at the start of her slavery, her breasts were now as round and firm as all the Clifford & Jamison girls.

For Andy's part, the experience that night was utterly exquisite. First, of course, it was the first time she had slept in a bed at all in months. But beyond that, the feeling of her head on Kathy's muscular shoulder while her tit was cupped by her long slim fingers felt wonderful beyond belief. The next morning, she was still half asleep as she watched Ken and Kathy make love before either was even fully awake. She decided it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen, as she realized that they were not even making love. Rather, they were worshiping each other with their bodies.

Andy was working at the construction site superintended by Tony Rossi. It was at her insistence that she began by cleaning the toilets and then took it on as a permanent assignment. Beyond that, she did all sorts of jobs to keep busy. Tony noticed that she performed in almost exactly the same way as Kathy, Kim and Kris before her. She even appeared to have the same muscle development. Moreover, there was no job too onerous for her to handle. In fact, the nastier the job, the more she seemed to like it. Since on any construction project there were always a number of jobs that men tried to duck, there was never a shortage of things for her to do.

With respect to her relations with the other men on the project, Andy was friendly but stayed to herself. The fact that she was usually in a rush to get home meant that she did not socialize with the guys after work at the local tavern. Nonetheless, and particularly because of her known eagerness to take on the nastiest jobs, they respected her and accepted her as a member of the crew.

One day after she had been working for a couple of weeks, the weather was sunny and particularly hot. By eleven o'clock, all the men in the crew had shed their shirts and were working naked to the waist. Andy had taken off her work shirt and was only wearing a tank top, when one of the guys dared her to work bare to the waist, too.

"What for?" she asked with her face impassive.

"What for? What do you mean, what for?" the man repeated, puzzled. "To be cool..."

"No," she said with a wry grin, "I mean what's in it for me? You guys will get a cheap thrill from seeing my bare tits, but what do I get out of the deal?"

The man thought for an instant and said with a grin, "How about for five bucks an hour? Interested? If you are, I'll see if I can line up some guys."

She agreed and in only a few minutes the man had lined up enough others to cover the money. Glancing at a clock, she told him to give twenty-five dollars to Tony. When he did, she casually slipped off her top and stretched. There was a quiet cheer from the guys who now saw what they had expected to see: her breasts were utterly perfect. What they saw really wasn't much of a surprise, though, because her tank top had already revealed the shape of her breasts perfectly. For her part, Andy actually enjoyed it. It gave her the chance to soak up the sun on her entire upper body. Because of all her time spent nude in the apartment, being naked now felt even more natural to her than being dressed.

After a few more days, another worker upped the ante. He asked Andy how much it would cost to get her to work naked — wearing nothing at all, not even boots. With a grin she told him that would be twenty dollars an hour. Since the construction crew on the project was quite large, that posed no problem either. When told of her offer to work naked, the men quickly subscribed for the entire week. In no time, Tony Rossi had the money for the next two days and Andy calmly undressed and put her clothes in the cab of her truck.

When the men saw her this time, they gasped at her revealed beauty. She was the most gorgeous creature they had ever seen! Andy enjoyed the feeling and just soaked up the sun, although she soon wished that the soles of her feet were tougher than they were. She had to be careful where she stepped because of all the debris littering the site. On the second day, when it began to rain, she didn't even care. When one of the guys asked her about it, she just shrugged and said her body dried off easily.

On the Friday of the Clifford & Jamison Christmas party, Andy was feeling very good as she drove to work at the construction site. Because of her nudity at work, she had made much more money in the preceding weeks than she had originally anticipated. This had enabled her not only to buy Christmas presents for Ken and Kathy but actually to have a little money set aside. Since they would not be coming home until Sunday night, she didn't have to race home after work. She was even thinking of possibly having a beer at the local bar with the boys. The thought amused her, because it would be her first night out in months and, if she did it, would be the first time she had ever had a beer in her life.

Late that afternoon, Tony Rossi called her over. As usual, he whistled softly when she came up to him and said, "Andy, you are too much! You are utterly gorgeous! But why, in God's name, do you work naked?"

"It's just for the money, Tony," she replied with a grin. "You know how women are."

He just shook his head and asked if she would take some materials up to a crew of ironworkers. They were working at the very top of the primary building in the project which was now close to topping out at forty floors. Although it was a sunny day, the wind was blowing hard from the west. Already, the ironworkers were within a couple of floors of completing the steelwork, and its top was almost 380 feet above ground level. Furthermore, since the ironworkers erect the steel framework of the building, they usually work where there is nothing but bare girders. A fall from the top of the steelwork would be fatal, since it was over 100 feet down to the highest level of the building with concrete flooring already poured, and the full height of the building if one fell down the outside.

She just looked up and agreed.

After riding up in the construction elevator to its top, she shifted to the hook of a crane being used to hoist steel into position. After putting her foot in the hook, she held on to the wire and was hoisted up to the top of the structure. Walking around on the open girders, Andy realized that she wasn't scared at all. It was because she really didn't care what happened to her. If she fell she would be killed so there would be nothing to worry about. Making her way barefoot around the perimeter of the steelwork, she came up to a big man who seemed to be in charge of the crew.

Tony had told her the crew chief's name so she called, "Jack?"

When the man turned and Andy saw his face, she almost lost her balance and fell. It was Fletch Taylor, her husband! Grinning at the naked girl on the steelwork, Jack suddenly did a double-take. "My God! 'Drea, is that you?"

"It's Andy now," she said softly. "'Drea is dead."

"And so is Fletch," he said softly. "The name is Jack ... Jack Fletcher."

She smiled softly and walked along the beam to reach him. Extending her hand, she gripped his firmly and said, "Hello, Jack Fletcher. I'm Andy Pierce, and I'm glad to meet you." Ignoring the wind blowing by them she looked at him and then just shook her head slowly. She finally said, "Jack, you have never looked this good in your life before."

"Neither have you, Andy," he replied softly. Then brightening he asked, "Is there any chance for me to buy you a beer after work? I would like to very much." She immediately agreed and they planned to meet right after the stop-work whistle at a place where the structural steel was stacked, awaiting its use to form the building's frame.

When Jack met her after work, he was grinning. "What's so funny?" she asked with a quizzical little smile.

"You are," he replied softly. "Andy — you know, it's going to be hard for me to get used to calling you that after years of being 'Drea. But you look so incredibly beautiful just standing there naked. And you're completely unconcerned, aren't you? But why aren't you dressed?"

"I guess I am unconcerned," she replied. "But then I usually spend all my time naked. Kathy likes me this way. The reason I'm not dressed is I was waiting for you to give me a shower." When he looked puzzled, she just grinned and handed him a hose with a spray nozzle attached. He just grinned back, turned the water on and began to spray her. Almost instantly, he could see goose-bumps appear as she danced around in the cold water, while she used her hands to try to rinse the salty sweat from her body. When she finished cleaning herself, she took the hose back, sat on a stack of steel girders and carefully washed off her feet. After waiting a few minutes for her feet to dry, she slipped on a pair of loafers. Then, while still naked, she walked over to her parked truck and got dressed. Jack followed her over and was standing behind her when she turned around after dressing. All she was wearing were skin-tight Levi's and a work shirt.

Moving close to him, she raised her lips for what she intended to be a friendly thank-you kiss. Jack lowered his lips to hers, took her into his arms, squeezed her tightly, and proceeded to kiss her thoroughly. If Jack had not been holding her tightly Andy would have collapsed to the ground. In spite of having been married for nearly eight years, they had never shared a kiss like this one. For the first time, electricity just flowed between them.

Andy had to throw her arms around Jack's neck to hold herself up as her knee joints turned to water. Then she began to work her lips on his in the same way she had seen Kathy move hers on Ken's. The experience was spectacular. When she began to probe at his mouth with her tongue, Jack responded. When they finally broke off the kiss, both of them were breathing hard.

"Andy, that was unbelievable!" he exclaimed softly. "My God, I think I may be falling in love with my wife."

"Your former wife, now Katherine Carlson's slave, darling," she said softly.

Then looking at him she asked, "But what's happened to you? You've never looked this good in your whole life."

Her husband was thirty-one years old and six feet three inches tall. When she had last seen him, he weighed something over 260 pounds. Like Andy herself, his body had been pear-shaped with much of his weight in his belly, hips, and thighs in the form of flab. Now she could not guess his weight, but estimated it to be in the range of 215 to 225. Moreover, now he had a massively muscled chest, upper arms and torso. His waist was very slim as were his hips, while his thighs and lower legs appeared to be nothing but powerful muscles. There was not a sign of fat on his body anywhere.

Instead of replying to her question he said, "How about if we go to the local bar and talk. I've got a couple of bucks and can even buy you a beer ... if you'll drink a draft."

Because they had both been very rich from birth, they were two of the most spoiled people alive. The fact was that Andy had never had a draft beer in her life, and in the months she had been in slavery to Kathy she had not had an alcoholic beverage of any kind.

With a very warm smile, she took his arm, and said, "Jack, that's the best offer I've had in months! Let's!"

He climbed into her truck and they drove the few blocks to the local bar that had become the after-work hangout for the construction crew on the project.

Since it was Friday, most of the crew were already standing at the bar. However, with the men crowded four deep at the bar, there were several empty tables and an empty booth in the back. They took the booth and Andy sat down while Jack went for their beers. When he returned, instead of sitting across from her, he motioned for her to move in and he sat down beside her. Without saying a word he passed her a beer, raised his glass to clink against hers and took a sip. Finally he said, "Andy, you are unbelievably beautiful. But what did you do to your hair?"

Running her hand through her coarsely shorn head she replied softly, "It's what happens when you cut your own hair using a carving knife while not having access to a mirror. Anyway, it served its purpose."

"Which was?"

"To get the dumb stuff off my shoulders so the whip wouldn't get caught in it when I'm beaten," she replied simply.

Jack inwardly shuddered but said nothing. Then he said, "Andy, is this the first beer you have ever had? It's probably the first draft."

Her response surprised him. Tears began to flow from her eyes as she said, "Darling, I have been an absolutely disastrous wife for you. My God, now I know that a wife is supposed to provide a sort of compass for the family while the husband is its driving force. Honey, I provided all the direction of a wind vane in variable breezes. Within about ten minutes, I would have been aiming in every direction imaginable.

"Whatever passed for my direction came from People magazine and the society pages. I don't think I ever had a single opinion of my own — all I ever did was parrot the last thing I heard. Maybe that's why I sank into such hedonistic depravity." Then she shook her head and grinned weakly. "As far as your question is concerned, of course you're right. I don't think beer was ever 'in', so of course I never had it." Her grin brightened as she finished, "I like it!"

Changing the subject, she said, "You know I am Kathy Carlson's slave, but what about you? What are you doing out here. Why aren't you back in New York running Argus Construction?"

"Because I'm Ken Carlson's slave," he replied simply. "I figured if you could do it, I could, too. By the way, what kind of financial deal do you have with Kathy? I turn over 90 percent of what I make to Ken. And, of course, I gave him a full power of attorney over all of my assets. I think Pacific/Higgins is managing Argus now, but I'm not really sure."

Then he grinned and added, "And you know what else? I really don't give a damn, either."

She shook her head with a wry little grin and said, "I guess I'm a better negotiator than you are, Jack. I only give Kathy 80 percent of mine." Then she asked, "By the way, how are we fixed for money tonight, anyway?"

The two then began to giggle like school children as they emptied their pockets and counted their money. They found that between them they had a little over one hundred dollars. The reason for their amusement was that Jack regularly used to give tips greater than that amount, and neither of them had ever gone out with less than a thousand dollars as pocket money. Moreover, both of them still had the great bulk of their pay in separate pockets to turn over to their masters.

Jack was surprised when Andy gave him all of her money. During their marriage she had always been fiercely independent where money was concerned and had never given him any of hers for any reason. When he asked about it, she just closed his large hand over the money and shook her head.

After having their first couple of beers, they saw a number of the men were playing darts. When Jack asked her if she wanted to try, she just eagerly nodded her head. Finally getting into the game by challenging the previous winners, both of them proved to be very good. Andy whispered to Jack that they had to win if they were going to have any money left to eat with. He had just winked at her. The result was that the pair defended the board for almost three hours. At the end, not only had they not paid for a single additional beer, they had extra money from winning a number of side bets.

One thing surprised Andy, and that was the way the men all treated her. She realized that she was being treated with a degree of deference verging on awe. At the same time, she came to the conclusion that the men genuinely liked her. For Andy it was a unique experience. She was used to deference but knew it had always been based on greed or fear. This was very different. During a break in the games she asked Jack about it.

"Andy, they love you. That's the simple answer. At the same time they think of you as a princess or a queen. In spite of being naked, they watch you move with incredible grace. Even though you're naked, you seem to move as if you're wearing a ball gown. Maybe it's the Lady Godiva thing: The townspeople of Coventry didn't look when she rode naked through the town. Honey, they see your magnificent body but they see class, too. Honest!"

Andy just shook her head in disbelief.

Then Jack added, "Do you know what's even funnier? I knew about you but didn't know it was you until this afternoon on the steelwork. The funny thing is that the guys on the crew think I'm the only guy who might possibly be good enough for you. What do you think about that?"

"I think they have their judgment in their feet is what I think!" she exclaimed in a whisper. "I think it just confirms that line about 'fooling all the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time.' I'm just not sure which category the guys are in, though, but they're certainly in one or the other."

At eight o'clock they gave up their position at the dart-board while still undefeated. When they returned to their booth, Jack took her hand in his and looked at it. In spite of all the rough work she had been doing, her hand was still very smooth but not at all soft. Like the rest of her, it was hard-muscled. Her hand was slender with long fingers, while her nails were filed short and worn without any polish. His hands were also large but now very rough and hard. To his amazement Andy raised his hand to her lips and kissed the backs of his fingers.

Jack said, "You know what I was thinking? I was thinking about asking you to spend the night with me. Then I saw your hand and looked at mine. If I ran my fingers over your body now they would feel like coarse-grade sandpaper."

"And it would feel delicious!" she interjected.

"Andy, would you? Could you?" he asked with the yearning obvious in his eyes.

Jack saw the look of pain that flashed for an instant in her eyes but missed its significance. Then she said softly, "Yes, Jack, I will. There's one condition, though. You must swear that at the end of our time together you will do something for me. It will be easily within your power to do. It may be painful for you, but it's something you must swear to do. Darling, that's the only condition. Will you swear?"

Jack probed, but Andy refused to give him any more information regarding what it was she wanted him to do. On the other hand, she was adamant about it being a condition of their spending the night together. Finally, with the greatest reluctance, he agreed. When they left the tavern, they got back in Andy's truck. Jack gave directions to a small motel that would have been called a tourist court forty years earlier. He told her that it was really a hot-sheet special where the men took girls they might pick up at a bar for an hour or two.

Expecting her to object, he was surprised when all she asked was whether they could afford it and if it had a bed. "Darling," she added, "You have to know that I have spent most of the last three months sleeping on the kitchen floor. As long as the bed doesn't crawl away because of the bugs in it, it will be an improvement over the way I've been sleeping."

The motel was on a side street in a Chicano section of the city. There was a small house in front that served as the office with a series of eight small cabins arrayed in a small open square on each side and in the rear. After pulling up at the office, Jack was surprised when Andy got out of the cab to come in with him. They found a middle-aged Mexican woman behind the counter and both were surprised at their reception.

For some reason when they walked in the woman's eyes widened. Then she greeted them profusely in Spanish that neither of them understood. After motioning for them to wait, the woman disappeared behind a curtain behind the front desk. Andy guessed that the curtained doorway connected to living quarters behind the office. A few moments later the woman reappeared, followed by a very pretty girl who appeared to be about twelve years old and was just beginning to flower after puberty.

"Good evening," the girl greeted them very politely. "My mother believes you would like a room for the night. She asks how much you wish to spend?" Jack took their money out of his pocket and counted it. Now there was a little more than $120. As far as her question regarding how much he was willing to spend, he didn't have a chance to answer it.

Before he could say anything, the older woman — the girl's mother, he assumed — began to speak rapidly in Spanish. The girl listened and then looked very carefully at Jack and then at Andy. Then she smiled the warmest, sweetest smile either had ever seen and said, "Would twenty dollars for two nights be too much?"

Andy and Jack were stunned. As they were driving over, Jack had said he wasn't sure they could afford even a full night. He had heard that guys paid about five dollars an hour. When he said it was much too cheap, it was clear the older woman understood without translation and was adamant on the price. Shaking his head in disbelief, Jack agreed finally and gave the woman twenty dollars after Andy, in turn, had agreed on two nights.

Another surprise followed. Instead of giving them a key to one of the cabins, the girl asked them to have a seat in the office for a few minutes while a cabin was prepared for them. She offered them coffee while her mother disappeared behind the curtain again.

While they were waiting sipping their coffee, the girl provided Andy with the answers about the delay. The girl explained, "My mother is ensuring that our finest cabin is properly prepared for our honored guests. She sees you as a prince and princess and wants to be sure that everything is as fine as our humble resources permit."

Andy was shocked by the girl's reply. A few minutes later, the mother reappeared and escorted them back to the center cabin on the back line. After opening the door and entering, she stood aside. Andy was genuinely surprised. Although it was quite small, it was as neat as a pin and utterly spotless. It was apparent that the bed had just been remade and the bathroom had been cleaned again. The woman dismissed her thanks and was pleased at Andy's reaction. With a curtsy, she left the cabin closing the door behind her.

"Good heavens!" Andy exclaimed. "What caused that? How can people be so wrong about us?"

"Darling," Jack said softly, "I would like to introduce what I'm sure will strike you as a remarkable — perhaps impossible — concept: What if they're right and you're wrong? What if Andy Pierce is really a wonderful human being? What do you think?" With a sad grin he added, "They're certainly wrong about me, though, if they include me with you."

"I think they're crazy as hell, is what I think!" Andy exclaimed. The idea is absurd. Besides, you've got it backwards. Jack," she said with great warmth in her voice, "you are really a wonderful guy now."

Then changing the subject she said, "Since we're saving money on the room, maybe we can even afford to eat. What do you think?" He grinned and thought they probably could.

After leaving the cabin and locking the door, they returned to the office and inquired about places to eat. Mother and daughter conferred, and then the daughter asked if they liked Mexican food. The reality was that Andy didn't really know what it was. Although she and Jack had been to Mexico a number of times, they had always visited the very top resorts where the food was American and continental European. Notwithstanding, Andy immediately replied that they both loved Mexican food.

The woman beamed and then made a phone call. After speaking very rapidly for a few minutes in Spanish, she hung up. The daughter then gave them directions to a restaurant where they were expected. Then she smiled very shyly and said, "My mother does not think you have ever eaten Mexican food before, but since you are being so nice to try it, she has taken the liberty of ordering dinner for you." Then with a bright smile she said, "We hope you enjoy it. The food there is really very good."

Following the girl's directions, soon they parked in front of a restaurant and went in. It appeared that the place was authentic Mexican, with what appeared to be an all-Mexican clientèle. The couple were greeted at the door and ushered to a table in the back corner that was already prepared for them. What followed was a superb multi-course Mexican feast served with Mexican beer. Andy and Jack simply adored it and were then stunned to find the bill for the two of them was only ten dollars — and the proprietor refused to accept a penny more.

When they were back in the truck, Jack was amazed when Andy put her hands on the steering wheel and then, with her head on her hands, began to weep uncontrollably.

"What's wrong, darling? What happened now?"

"Jack, I have been such an incredible shit! My God! I used to look down on the lower classes!" Lifting her head, she looked at him with tears pouring from her eyes and said, "Do you know I would infinitely rather be beaten to a bloody pulp than experience what we just did? People who don't have very much at all treating us as honored guests — and for no money!

"We're both used to being catered to, but we could always see the dollar signs in the eyes of the people doing it. And you know what else? We both knew damned well that they really despised us. And they were right: we were despicable."

Her tears had slowed but he could see a questing look in her eyes as she said, "Why, Jack? Why are they doing this to us?"

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