Kathy Carlson
Chapter 32

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Sex Story: Chapter 32 - Kathy is married to a hero, but now she learns how truly heroic he was. Part of the Ali Clifford saga, parallel in time with Allison. The later chapters -- those recently posted -- are, in effect, a book within a book with its own characters. The reasons for not making it a freestanding book are two. First, it uses many of the same characters. Second, and more importantly, it will clean up some loose ends regarding Kathy Carlson.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual  

When Kathy came into the office the next morning she saw Judy sitting behind her desk and stopped dead in her tracks. "He's the one, isn't he? It worked out the way you hoped, didn't it? Judy Jeffries, you are the most beautiful girl in the world this morning. And you look very well fucked!"

Kathy and Judy went to the conference room to get coffee and then went to Kathy's office to talk. Judy gave her a blow-by-blow account of the weekend. When she mentioned that Mike had the Medal of Honor, two Navy Crosses and an AFC, Kathy whistled softly in appreciation.

Finishing her report on the weekend, Judy asked Kathy, "What about you? How is your resident masochist doing?"

"She's coming in today to help with lunch," Kathy replied. "Then you can judge for yourself. But I will tell you one thing: I really believe it's been a lot tougher on Ken and me than it has been on her."

The first thing Andy asked, when they arrived at Kathy's townhouse late on the first afternoon, was where punishment was to be administered. Kathy didn't have the least idea, but could feel a sinking sensation in the pit of her stomach. Clearly, the woman had been serious. The only thing Andy had brought with her was the raincoat she was wearing and a small bag.

When she opened it, she removed four whips of various sizes. Learning from Kris and Kimmie that they had been spanked, Andy realized that spanking would be too hard on Kathy's hand as well as not being nearly hard enough on her. Therefore she had purchased whips. Showing them to Kathy she pointed out that she had spent most of the previous day oiling them. All she cared about was whether they had been properly prepared for use. Kathy just swallowed hard.

After being given a tour of the whole apartment, Andy settled on the gym. There was a corner of it that was clear of equipment and she said it would satisfy her need. With that she gave Kathy one of the whips and said, "Well, there's no time like the present. Mistress, I think you probably need some practice. I doubt if you are yet expert in handling these things."

For openers, she suggested twenty strokes — ten across her back and ten across her breasts and belly. Furthermore, she insisted that a stroke that didn't draw blood didn't count. Although her first instinct was to refuse, Kathy remembered the pleading she had seen in the woman's eyes at the office and reluctantly agreed. Andy knelt on the floor with her knees beneath her and her fat and flabby ass sticking up in the air.

It took Kathy several strokes before she learned how to use the whip. Then it started to score the girl's back and buttocks leaving red welts that soon began to drip with blood. After satisfying herself that she had received ten strokes which were all bleeding, she knelt down and arched her body backward, causing her pendulous tits to stand up. Tears were still flowing from her eyes. She could not control them because of the pain. Each time the whip struck, the woman let out a small gasp of pain but otherwise did not make a sound.

Kathy almost cried when one of the whip strokes cut right across Andy's left nipple. This was more than even the stoic woman could stand and she let out an involuntary scream of agony, but then smiled painfully and thanked Kathy for having such wonderful aim. By the time Kathy was finished, she was shaking with emotion.

Then she began to cry when Andy asked if, in the future, she could have something to bite on. When she spoke, blood started to stream from her mouth from self-inflicted lacerations on her lips caused by biting them to try to stifle her screams. Then, still on her knees, she kissed the tip of the whip, now soaked with her blood, and then bent down to kiss Kathy's bare feet.

Finally she said softly, "Thank you for disciplining me, Mistress. I know how hard it was for you to do it."

There was nothing more said for the rest of the day as Kathy showed Andy what she wanted her to do and how the jobs were to be done. However, there was an argument when Kathy told her she wanted her to be nude at all times.

Andy strongly resisted the idea. As she protested, Kathy realized that it had nothing to do with being naked, per se, but rather because she felt her body was so ugly the sight should not be inflicted on others.

In spite of whip cuts all over her body, Andy moved around the apartment as naturally as if nothing had happened. The one thing she did do was to be careful not to rub against any of the furnishings and get her blood on them.

It was later that night after kneeling beside the bed and watching the Carlsons make love that she diffidently said that she should not be sharing their bed — although she knew it was one of her duties — because she would get blood all over the bedding. Kathy agreed when she asked if she could please sleep on the floor in the kitchen.

Much later Kathy was awakened by strange noises coming from downstairs. Padding down to the kitchen she found Andy lying naked on the kitchen floor and crying in her sleep from the pain of the whip cuts all over her body. My God! Kathy thought, This woman has been in agony all day long but I only know it when she's sleeping and weeps involuntarily!

Going to the medicine cabinet, Kathy got a painkilling ointment which she carefully spread over all the welts she could reach. Gently, she rolled Andy on her back and repeated it with the cuts across her breasts and belly. Then she eased a small pillow under the woman's head and covered her with a light blanket. Finally, she bent down and lovingly kissed the woman's lips. Even in the limited light coming into the kitchen she could see the woman's face form a wonderfully warm smile.

To Kathy's horror, a few days after Andy moved in, a large packing case was delivered to the townhouse. When it was opened, Andy explained that the strange-looking contraption it contained was a torture frame and she proudly demonstrated how it worked. It utilized leather straps that Andy put on her wrists and ankles. The straps had eye-bolts that attached with snap-hooks to the frame high and low. The objective was to spreadeagle Andy's body on the frame. She also wore a leather collar attached to the back of the frame to hold her head in a fixed position.

Then the woman demonstrated how devilish the contrivance really was. It pivoted in the center and, in effect, stood the woman on her head. She pointed out that since it spread her legs wide apart it exposed both her cunt and the most sensitive inner surfaces of her thighs to the whip. The torture frame was set in the corner of the exercise room and then Andy carefully covered the walls, ceiling and floor of the area with heavy-gauge polyethylene. Very calmly, she pointed out that blood was very hard to remove from paint work.

Finally, the very worst element was the location and severity of her beatings. Not only did Andy have a schedule of lashes for each of her shortcomings, she was also insistent on where on her body they were to be applied — and each stroke had to draw blood to count. The only exception to that rule was the beating on the soles of her feet: there Kathy used a rod to beat the woman's instep in a torture called bastinado.

The day after she did it for the first time, she found Andy calmly crawling around the apartment. The pain in her feet was so agonizing it was impossible for her to stand on them, let alone walk.

Kathy also learned that Andy had a mental scale of punishment values. Every day or two, after dinner Andy would recite her transgressions and indicate the appropriate punishment for each. Then she would lead the way to the exercise room and Kathy would inflict the punishment. This, too, created problems for Kathy when she heard the list the first time. Included was punishment for screaming the time Kathy cut her nipple, punishment for crying after the beating, punishment for asking for something to bite on, punishment for failing to sleep beside her mistress, and the most serious punishment for arguing with Kathy about being naked.

In spite of everything, Kathy found she liked the older woman very much. She was utterly indefatigable with her duties. In no time at all the apartment was utterly spotless. Kathy learned that Andy was very intelligent and had a very sharp wit and a keen sense of humor. Andy herself was the most common target for her wit. It netted out that she hated herself. It came as a shock to Kathy to realize that Andy fully intended to remain a slave for the rest of her life.

From some casual comments she made, Kathy gathered that Andy had seriously considered suicide but finally decided that the punishment in the afterlife was too uncertain. She wanted to be punished while alive, relying on God's divine justice to ensure that the punishment was continued through eternity.

Because of the beatings, Kathy became used to coming home and finding Andy in very strange positions. Each, it turned out, was the least painful position for her in view of where she had most recently been beaten. The common denominator, though, was that inevitably she would be reading. Several times during the night Kathy would creep downstairs and find Andy reading a book in the kitchen when the pain from her tortured body made sleep impossible.

A part of the apartment's furnishings were leather-bound copies of the world's greatest books. In just the few short weeks that Kimberly and Kristin had been with them they had read a number of them and vowed to obtain and read the rest after they were married. They complained that as an engineer and a math major respectively they had had very limited exposure to great literature and found that they missed it.

When she asked Andy about her education, the woman just smiled wryly and shook her head. "Mistress, I have been thrown out of most of the best private schools in the country. Certainly from all of the most expensive ones. Normally, though, I was able to get a teacher or two fired from each one before they threw me out. It's just another little thing I have to live with."

It turned out that she had never even graduated high school. Nevertheless, after roaring through the classics, Andy began to read every book in the library, including books on history, political science, economics and world affairs. Regardless of her lack of formal education, it was apparent that she was a brilliant woman.

Possibly the most impressive changes were the ones she made in her body. Because of the highly-visible whip cuts, it was impossible for Kathy to take her to the health club to swim. But after several weeks, she made arrangements for Andy to get in very early in the morning before it opened and swim by herself. Recognizing her need for transportation, one day when Kris and Kim called to say hello, she mentioned it to them. The result was that a few days later an apparently old Pacific/Higgins pickup was dropped off at the apartment for her.

Kathy grinned to herself, knowing that Kimberly had personally overhauled it top to bottom and front to back so that it was mechanically perfect.

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