Kathy Carlson
Chapter 29

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Sex Story: Chapter 29 - Kathy is married to a hero, but now she learns how truly heroic he was. Part of the Ali Clifford saga, parallel in time with Allison. The later chapters -- those recently posted -- are, in effect, a book within a book with its own characters. The reasons for not making it a freestanding book are two. First, it uses many of the same characters. Second, and more importantly, it will clean up some loose ends regarding Kathy Carlson.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual  

A week later, sitting at her computer Kathy was typing a paper for one of Ken's law classes. Without any conscious thought, she was editing and rewriting it as she went. Since she was so experienced and skillful at it, she was able to do it while typing at a speed that made it appear she was just copying Ken's words. Hearing a soft knock on her door, she told the person to come in without looking up from her computer screen. Because there had been no announcement from Judy, she assumed it was someone on the staff with a question.

When she finished the paper — it only took a couple of minutes — she looked up and was surprised to see the Higgins and the Duffys sitting on her sofa. More accurately, the men were sitting on the sofa while their wives were on their laps and kissing them passionately. Kathy grinned as she watched the men move their hands lightly over their wives gorgeous bodies.

Kris took Mike's hand, put it under the sweater she was wearing and told him to squeeze hard and he did.

At this point Kathy asked acidly, "Haven't you had enough of that yet, Kris?"

"How long have you been married?" Kris asked as she held Mike's hand against her tit.

"About a year. Why?"

"Have you had enough sex with Ken yet? From personal observation, my answer for you is no. But what do you say?"

"Of course not."

Kris stretched languidly while Mike's hand was still on her bare tit, then said, "Well, I've been married for only one week, and my answer is, hell no!"

Kathy just shook her head, tried to control her grin and asked, "So how was the convention? Did you do anything?"

At this point Jim Duffy entered the conversation as the spokesman for the group and said, "Kathy, it began when we arrived at the hotel. Walking in with these angels on our arms looking up at our faces, we were the envy of every man in the place..."

Kris interjected, "And we were the envy of every woman! Kathy, Mike is a hunk!"

"Oh shit, Mike," Jim continued winking at his best friend, "now we're just sex objects!"

"Sure are," Mike said amiably. "And isn't it great?"

"At any rate," Jim continued, "The first night was the most spectacular night of my life — our lives: I compared notes with Mike the next day and we were lucky to come through it alive!" He shook his head with mock concern. "Anyway, the next morning after making love to Kimmie again, I went back to sleep. When I awakened it was almost eleven, and no Kim.

"I went to the other bedroom and found sleeping beauty, here, still asleep." motioning toward Mike, "There was no Kris, either."

At that point Kimberly interjected a comment that since they were over the hill, they needed all the sleep they could get.

Jim pretended to glare at her and then continued, "We ordered breakfast from room service and about noon our brand-new wives returned." He shook his head, remembering. "It's a convention, remember? Well, there are all sorts of tours and things for the women to occupy their time. Our wives? Don't be silly."

He grinned broadly and continued, "While Mike and I recovered..." Looking at Kim he interjected, "Young lady, I'm going to fix you for that 'over the hill' crack..."

"I'm waiting patiently, Darling," Kimberly replied, "But my patience is wearing thin." With that she pulled up her skirt and pulled down her pants, baring a cheek. Jim gave her one spank, hard. "Thank you, darling," she said as she pulled her pants back up, "But it sure took you long enough!"

"God, I love this woman!" Jim exclaimed.

Then he went back to his narrative: "At any rate, what do you suppose they were doing? Well, Kim was touring the machinery exhibits. A crane manufacturer had a contest offering a thousand-dollar prize for anyone at the convention who could crack an egg with his crane's hook without breaking the yolk. Kim plays with it a bit and asks the salesman why are they cheating. The poor guy is stunned; he doesn't know what she's talking about. Then she tells him that the hoisting clutches were shot, so under the circumstances, no one could possibly win. Of course, it was a brand-new crane.

Well, the poor guy's jaw is hanging down and my bride offers to fix it for him. All the guy can do is nod. She tunes it up, replaces a couple of clutch plates, then cracks the egg. Of course, by then Kris had joined her. Kris has the dumb egg in a skillet. Since it's out in the parking lot and the asphalt had been baking in the sun by this time, it was pretty hot. Anyway, after Kimmie neatly cracks the shell, Kris fries the damned egg, sunny-side up on the hot asphalt. The guy gives Kim the thousand, with his mouth hanging open — he had never seen anything like it."

Jim shook his head, remembering. "Kathy, keep in mind that this is the day after the wedding. Mike and I are still trying to recover." Looking at her he interjected, "Incidentally, there are no words ... There's nothing Mike or I could ever do to pay you for what you did. Now I realize there was something you knew but we didn't.

"I'll just speak for myself now: Kimberly Moyer Duffy is the most perfect wife a man could ever hope to have. She is my life: She is my mistress, my whore, my lover, my confidante. She cheers me up if I'm down, and calms me down if I'm euphoric. Her body is sheer perfection. There is nothing that she thinks might give me pleasure that she doesn't insist on doing ... Notice, I didn't say 'lets me do, ' or 'suggests we do.' No. She insists — and that's absolutely without regard to herself or any pain it may cause her."

He stopped to kiss Kimberly passionately, and it was as passionately returned. "God, I adore this woman!" Then looking back at Kathy he concluded, "And it was there all the time, wasn't it? It really wasn't anything you created, was it?"

"No, Jim," Kathy replied softly. "You're absolutely right. It was there all the time." With a very warm smile she added, "Actually, I did nothing. They did it all."

"You made it happen!" Kimberly exclaimed, "But we'll get to that later." Turning to her husband she wriggled in his arms and said softly, "Darling, you interrupted yourself. You were saying... ?"

"Anyway," Jim continued, "Kris joined Kim, and Kimmie challenged the crane company to have a real contest. The poor guy was utterly baffled and didn't know what to say. Kim proposed that the company put up a five-thousand-dollar prize with entrants in the contest putting up a twenty-dollar entry fee.

"The deal was that there would be a plywood barrier erected. The idea was to crack an egg without breaking its yolk — the same contest as before — but with the egg behind the barrier so the crane operator couldn't see it. He would have to operate with hand signals from a partner.

"Anyway, the guy did it and Kim even told him that all proceeds should go to the Las Vegas United Way. Then she and Kris disappeared." He grinned and interjected, "Actually, they went to some of the seminars, with Kimmie focusing on equipment and Kris on business operations."

Jim shook his head and added, "We found out that Kimmie already knew more than any of the people there. On average she was in a seminar for about fifteen minutes." He shook his head in amazement.

"Anyway, after a couple of hours they go back out to the crane. It seems the company has already made a couple of thousand dollars for the United Way. No team could do it. After a big yawn — keep in mind, please, that this was the morning after their wedding night — Kris and Kim put on their Pacific/Higgins hardhats — yellow with the P/H logo in green — and pay their twenty dollars.

"Anyway, Mike and I heard about this from some of our friends in the industry — God forbid that our wives should ever tell us. Kris stands beside the barrier and signals Kimberly at the controls of the crane. My wife cracks the egg in the skillet, Kris cooks it on the pavement and then eats it. I guess I forgot to mention that she gave Kimmie the first one. That was their breakfast."

Shaking his head, Jim continued, "Let me try to make a long story short. Of course, there are tournaments at the convention."

Shaking his head sadly, he said, "They became the Kimberly Duffy/Kristin Higgins personal benefits. No one else could even get close. Whatever the contest, we win. We win the doubles in tennis. We win the golf tournament."

Looking at Kathy he said, "Would you believe it? There was, as usual, a quiet competition among mistresses and girlfriends of members. It was a nude beauty contest. Kris and Kimmie said that they were our mistresses and insisted that we attend. The guys had their girl friends in various stages of nudity to show off their conquests. Or show off what their money could buy or rent. Kim and Kris were stark naked, just wearing heels." Shaking his head he asked, "Who do you suppose were the beauty contest co-winners, Kathy?" She grinned and pointed at the girls. "Of course, you're right.

"Then there was a formal dance for the members and wives. Mike and I find we're like Ken: As dancers, we look like bears trying to walk on their hind legs. But with these girls? Suddenly, I almost think I can dance. They just float in our arms. They win the dance contest! Can you believe it? They won in spite of having Mike and me as their partners, too. It demonstrates how good they really are — they can overcome almost any handicap and still win.

"Are they finished? Of course not! A couple of days later Kim talks with the crane guy again. This time she found an I-beam and with Kris standing on top of a fence — how she did it, I'll never know — she positions it across the deep end of the hotel swimming pool. (For safety reasons, they had taken out the diving boards.) Then they challenge everyone to try to knock them off the beam. Again, there was an entry fee. (By the way, in one week they raised almost ten thousand dollars for the United Way.) I gather they did what they did here in LA one Saturday. The two of them dumped everyone into the pool, then flopped in themselves while fully dressed."

He just shook his head again, remembering. "As for Kris, she went to all the exhibits on business methods and practices. Nobody had anything interesting. In fact, I guess it was kind of funny. Like Kimberly with the machinery, Kris knew more than the people at the exhibits. But she's patient. Carefully reading the catalog, she finds a software company that's so small it can't even afford a booth. There's just one woman in a hotel room. Anyway, Kimberly goes up to see her." Again he shook his head and continued, "She meets a young woman named Karen Collins. Then she retains Karen to redo all of Pacific/Higgins' computer systems. The girl is really good."

Jim smiled at Kathy and finished by saying, "There's more, Kath, but we'll save it for later. In the meantime our wives have something to say."

Kris stretched on Mike's lap then said, "Mistress, we have some money for you. It seems that Kim and I were given bonuses of $1.5 million each for connecting the two towers of the building. Since we were your slaves at the time and since any money slaves earn is the property of their masters, it's yours." With that she presented Kathy with the two checks, both of which had been endorsed over to her.

"This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard!" Kathy exclaimed.

"Bullshit!" exclaimed Kris. "We learned that our husbands gave you one million dollars to work with us — money that you returned to them. You did, didn't you?" she asked.

"Of course I did," Kathy replied. "A lawyer can work for only one client—"

"And you're refusing our money?" Kris interrupted.

"Of course, I'm refusing it," Kathy replied. "It's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of!"

"Mistress," Kris said accusingly, "I happen to know that when you repaid our husbands their money, you paid two-thirds of it out of your own pocket. You insisted that the firm would not pay for your decision to give them their money back. You did, didn't you?"

Kathy just blushed and muttered, "I'm going to kill Ginger Conrad! She talks too damned much."

But then she glared at Kris and said, "The subject is closed. There's no way I'll accept the money." Then with a small smile she added, "I will accept five thousand to cover your health-club memberships and the wardrobes, but that's all."

"That's your final decision?" Kris asked.

When Kathy nodded her head firmly, Kris looked at the others and they all rose. Jim and Mike were grinning sheepishly, but Kathy didn't know what they could possibly be grinning about. Then, in just a few moments, all four of them had stripped off their clothes and were standing in front of Kathy naked. Kris and Kim had pinned large white silk bows in the back of their hair, while Jim and Mike had bows tied around their cocks.

Kris looked at Kathy and asked with a straight face, "Mistress, we need some advice. You will notice that we tied the bows around their balls and cocks together. Would it be better if they were only around their cocks?" Kathy was dumbstruck. Kris continued with a shrug of her shoulders, "Well, I guess we can settle that later."

Looking at Kathy she said, "Since you refuse the money, we'll just have to work it off. I calculate that working off three million dollars will take over one hundred years, even with our husbands working with us.

"They can help a lot, too. Mike and Jim are very talented bartenders, for example. Moreover, since Kimberly and I are prostitutes, we will entertain your male guests while Mike and Jim entertain your female friends. They are really very ... talented."

With a lascivious grin she added, "Mike has the most talented tongue. Who would ever have believed it? Not only can he keep me in orgasm for minutes at a time eating my cunt — my juices just flow like a fountain — but he can concentrate on just one part of my body — my tits, for example — and get me off."

With a big smile she added, "Aren't we going to provide a wonderful service for you and your friends?"

"Okay, turkeys!" Kathy interjected. "I give up. I guess I'll have to accept the money."

With a pout, Kris gave her the two checks saying, "Oh, damn! Mistress, you're no fun. We were all really looking forward to serving as your slaves." Then she said, "But we're not through with you yet. You wouldn't let us renounce our claims on Jim's and Mike's money. The result is that we each now own 25 percent of Pacific/Higgins.

"Then we started to worry. You see, if Mike and I want to do one thing and Jim and Kimmie want to do something else, we're stuck. The vote splits fifty-fifty."

Then with a wicked grin she continued, "This is where we really start to get even with you, Mistress. You see, we're each contributing 4 percent of our stock — to you. You are now a member of the Board of Directors of Pacific/Higgins — bringing the membership to five — and the owner of 16 percent of the stock. In addition, we would like you to become senior vice president — legal affairs. This way when Ken gets out of school and handles our legal work, he will be working for you.

"By the way, I'm now senior vice president–finance and administration and Kimberly is senior vice president–machinery & equipment. Of course, Jim is chairman and chief executive officer, while Mike is president and chief operating officer." Then with a warm look of pleading on her face she asked, "Kathy, will you join our company and our board of directors. Please?" Then with a little grin she added, "Besides, we're going on our real honeymoon for a month or two and we need to have someone here in Los Angeles to mind the store."

Kathy's jaw had dropped when she heard about the stock. "You can't be serious! This makes the three million look like petty cash! That company has to be worth over a billion dollars and you're giving me 16 percent of it? As a gift?"

"Yep," Kris replied brightly. "And guess what? We even paid the gift tax on it. It's now all yours, free and clear."

At that point Kathy broke down in tears, sobbing, "Please stop! I can't take this anymore. All I did was to get two of the most beautiful young women in the world to work for me free as slaves! I didn't do a thing. You two did it all — not that there was really very much to do, at that. You both were stunningly beautiful before you ever met me."

"We were prostitutes," Kris interjected. "You know, Kathy: whores, hookers, sluts. We were filth on two feet and you saved us." Now tears were flowing from her eyes as she continued, "You made us into nice women — at least people think we are, so I guess it's almost as good. You tricked us into marriage. As a result, for the last week Kim and I have experienced a level of happiness and fulfillment we couldn't even dream about."

Her tears had stopped and she now glared straight into Kathy's eyes. "Let me put it into language even you might understand. If we were both to drop dead right here, right now, we would have already achieved more happiness than almost anyone else has in an entire lifetime. Now shut up, already, and keep the damned stock!"

Tears were still flowing from Kathy's eyes so Kris went to her, knelt beside her chair and took the girl into her arms. As she hugged her tight, she could smell the characteristic fragrance of Kathy's body. Then she kissed her with all the love she could communicate and then whispered, "Kathy, we're doing it because we love you so damned much! Can't you please just understand and accept it?"

With that Kathy kissed her warmly, then kissed the other three in turn. When she returned to her seat, Kris grinned and said, "We have another surprise for you. Kim and I have been worrying about you and Ken getting cold in bed at night. We finally realized that it's the real reason you had us sleep with you. Furthermore, there really is a lot of work trying to keep the townhouse clean, and now that you're on our board, we're concerned about where you will find the time.

"Well, the answer superficially was very simple. We would just buy you another slave or two." Then she smiled and added, "Of course, that was before we found out the extent to which the Royal Navy's blockade of the Slave Coast has really reduced the supply." She shrugged and looked to Kimberly for support. "Kim, don't you agree that we really did the best we could? Even if it really isn't very good?"

"Sure do," the girl replied with a grin. Then she rose, went to the phone and called Judy at the front desk. She asked her to send the other guest back to Kathy's office. Listening to the exchange, Kathy was almost certain that her leg was being pulled, but there was still a nagging doubt. Then there was a quiet knock on the door and it opened revealing a very pretty woman wearing a raincoat.

"This is your new slave, Andy," Kim said. Turning to the woman she said, "Slave Andy, present yourself to your new mistress."

The woman slipped off her coat and let it drop to the floor revealing her naked body. She was five feet eight and of indeterminate age. Her hair color seemed to come from a bottle because although her pubic hair was light brown — and spread all over her lower belly — the hair on her head was a frosted blonde. Her best feature was her eyes which were a brilliant blue. Her figure was very poor, being essentially pear-shaped. Although she was drastically overweight, most of the extra weight was concentrated below her waistline. Her hips were larded with fat and her ass was very fat and flabby. Her thighs were even dimpled because of the depth of fat.

Tears were flowing from her eyes as she went to Kathy and said, "Good morning, Mistress Kathy. I am Slave Andy. My former name was Andrea Pierce Taylor and I am from New York."

Now she really began to cry but still tried to hold her head up straight as she said, "I am sure you have already been warned about the decline in slave quality. I am about as bad as it can get. I am a fat slob. My tits..." She laughed bitterly and said, "My bags ... are flabby and falling. Still, the upper half of my body is far better than the bottom half. I am larded with fat. My ass is..."

Andy just shook her head and said, "I guess I had better start at the beginning. How did I come to be here at all?" Holding her head up straight, she put her shoulders back in an effort to get her breasts up. It was an improvement, but not much. "First, I am ... or was ... married to John Fletcher Taylor, III. He is president of AGC and really runs the annual convention."

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