Kathy Carlson
Chapter 26

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Sex Story: Chapter 26 - Kathy is married to a hero, but now she learns how truly heroic he was. Part of the Ali Clifford saga, parallel in time with Allison. The later chapters -- those recently posted -- are, in effect, a book within a book with its own characters. The reasons for not making it a freestanding book are two. First, it uses many of the same characters. Second, and more importantly, it will clean up some loose ends regarding Kathy Carlson.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual  

When the men left her office, Kathy slipped into her bikini and put her shirt on but left it unbuttoned. With a small smile, she remembered it was exactly the way Ginger had looked on the day they first met, wearing her shirt like a vest. Running her hands lightly over her breasts and belly she was now reasonably satisfied. Where just a few months ago there had been only softness and flab, now there were only hard muscles under satin-smooth golden skin.

Her phone rang with its characteristic intercom ring. Picking it up she heard Judy's voice, pitched very low saying, "Kath, those two girls coming back to see you are starving to death — literally. Please keep it in mind when you time your break for lunch. There are some nice steaks I took out to defrost..."

The door opened and Kathy put the receiver down. Rising to her feet, she came out from behind her desk with her hand extended in greeting. As she stood there the two girls just gaped with their jaws dropping. Then Kris turned back toward the door to escape, but Kathy was too quick. "Where are you going, young lady?" Kathy demanded. "We haven't even been introduced."

Her hands were still at her side and tears were in her eyes as she said, "I am Kristin Callahan, Mrs. Carlson. I apologize for wasting your time."

Kathy took the girl in her arms, then using her great strength forced Kris's chin up and softly kissed her. The girl's eyes widened as she felt the flow of love from Kathy's lips. Her arms just waved in the air for a few moments, then almost involuntarily she wrapped them around Kathy and hugged.

Finally, Kathy released her hold and stepped back again with her hand out and said, "How do you do, Kristin Callahan. I'm Kathy Carlson and after that kiss I know I'm delighted to meet you." The girl extended her hand and Kathy took it in a very firm grip.

Turning to Kim she said, "You must be Kimberly Moyer. Are you going to give me a hard time, too, or will you just give me a kiss without making a fight out of it?"

The redhead didn't know what to do but she found herself moving towards Kathy. Kathy took her in her arms and kissed her the same way she had kissed Kris, with the purest love flowing from her lips. Like her friend, Kim put her arms around Kathy and hugged while she just felt the most incredible sensation flow from her lips through her entire body.

They released, shook hands, and the girls sat down on the sofa — or more accurately, collapsed — with Jim and Mike sitting beside them. The girls seemed to be huddled together for mutual support.

Sitting down in a side chair, Kathy smiled warmly at the girls and then said, "Kris, you were about to run out. Why?"

The girl slowly shook her head and said softly, "Because I realized what we wanted to do is impossible."

"But what is that you want to do?" Kathy persisted.

"I want to become Michael Higgins mistress," she said holding her head up straight. "But to do that I have to become as close to you as possible." Again tears appeared at the corners of her eyes as she added, "But seeing you — particularly that way ... It's utterly out of the question."

Turning to Kimberly, Kathy asked the same question and the girl replied, "I want to be James Duffy's mistress." But she looked defiant as she continued, "But, Mrs. Carlson, Kris is absolutely right! There's absolutely no way we could ever even be close to the woman you are."

Kathy stood up and said, "This may be a little tougher than I thought." Turning to Duffy, she said, "Jim, would you and Mike please kiss these two young women goodbye and disappear for about six weeks?" Then pretending to glare at the two men she added, "And don't you dare forget what I told you!"

She watched carefully as they rose to their feet while the two girls did, too. Jim took Kimberly into his arms and proceeded to kiss her soundly while Kathy smiled inwardly, seeing the electricity just flow between them. Glancing at Mike who was kissing Kris she saw the same thing.

Finally Jim whispered, "Kimmie, just do what Kathy asks. You'll do just fine." Then he added, "I happen to think you're a pretty neat girl."

When the two men said goodbye to Kathy and let themselves out, she picked up her phone and buzzed Ginger's office.

While she was waiting for Ginger to pick up she said, "Why don't you two get undressed. I want to see what you look like."

When Ginger answered the phone, she sounded sleepy and Kathy said, "For heaven's sake, partner, why don't you do your sleeping on your own time." She grinned at Ginger's retort and held the receiver away from her ear.

When Ginger quieted down, Kathy said, "Ging, could you come in here, please. I need some help."

A few moments later, there was a knock on the door and Ginger let herself in. The two girls were now naked, standing side by side. Although they wanted to cover their breasts and loins, seeing Kathy so relaxed and remembering what they had been, they did nothing. Nevertheless, their hands were nervously fluttering.

When Ginger extended her hand in greeting, the girls just put theirs behind their backs and smiled. Kathy said, "Ging, the redhead is Kimberly Moyer and the dirty blonde is Kristin Callahan."

Then she brightened and added, "Say! I'll bet they could help you, too. I know Charley wants you to get a job nights so he can get some sleep. Kim and Kris are former prostitutes and there are a couple of openings in their house now, so..."

Ginger pretended to frown at Kathy but then just shook her head with a small smile on her face. "Kath," she asked, "could you please take off that vest and those pants? Please?" Kathy had her back to her desk and quickly dropped her bikini and slipped off her unbuttoned shirt. Then she just relaxed against the desk-top with her back up straight.

Without saying a word, Ginger picked up Kathy's phone, hit seven numbers quickly and waited. When the phone was answered, her first words were, "Charley Conrad, I demand an annulment!"

Pretending to cry, she continued, "As if it wasn't bad enough when Ali came home from her honeymoon, now Kathy's back, and it's even worse. Charles Conrad, I was miserable! I must have hated you. This girl just sits here on the edge of her desk radiating happiness, goodness and incredible beauty." She finished by wailing, "Charley, I want my money back!"

Without waiting for Charley even to say a word, she hung up. Then she took Kathy in her arms and proceeded to kiss her. The mutual love just flowed between the two women in rivers. Finally, she eased away and said, "Katherine Carlson, you are incredible!" Shaking her head she added, "Between you and Ali, believe it or not, now I really couldn't chose." Looking straight into Kathy's eyes she added, "And you know what I think of Ali, too!" Then with a small smile she asked, "Now that the preliminaries are over, what can I do for you?"

"Ginger, first, the reason these girls didn't shake your hand is that, having been prostitutes, they are certain you would not care to contaminate yourself by even touching them. But second, they aspire to be Mike and Jim's mistresses. To do that they're trying to become as much like me as they can, and they're convinced it's an impossible task. The reason I asked you to come in is to tell them what I was like when you first met me ... What? Less than three months ago?"

Grinning, she took Ginger's hand and put it on her tit and asked Ginger to squeeze. Then she said, "Ging, how does it compare, then to now?"

Before she answered Ginger asked the two girls to come over and stand on each side of Kathy. Although the girls were clearly embarrassed, having made such an issue of having been prostitutes and being felt by any man in the house, there was nothing they could do.

Standing nude, both girls were beautiful. They had slim figures with beautiful breasts. Their posture was very good and they had light all-over tans. Cupping one of each girl's tits in her hand, Ginger seemed to weigh them, then lightly squeezed them. Although reasonably firm they were both much softer than Kathy's.

Then Ginger looked at Kathy and asked, "How much time do you have? It's six weeks, isn't it?" Kathy just nodded. With a big smile she said, "That's plenty of time." Then looking at the girls she said, "When I first saw Kathy her skin was the color of library paste... dry library paste! Her posture was a disgrace — she hunched her shoulders and her boobs sagged." Then she shook her head and said, "Boobs, hell! They were bags. They just flopped all over the place."

Then she ran her fingers lightly over Kathy's flat belly, then around to her ass and finally down her thighs. "I wouldn't think of doing what I just did. There was only lard covering everything."

Looking at Kimberly she said, "Please run your fingers over Kathy's body and tell me what you feel."

The girl did and her eyes widened. She did it again, concentrating on her shoulders, upper arms, and thighs. Finally Kim softly whistled and said, "I don't believe it! There's nothing here but the most incredibly solid mass of muscle covered by the most satin-smooth skin I've ever seen or touched."

Looking into Kathy's eyes she said, "That's how you won the golf tournament, isn't it? You are incredibly muscled and strong, aren't you?" Then turning to Ginger she said, "Now would you please knock off the bullshit! There is no way this girl could look the way you described her and be the way she is today. It just couldn't be done!"

"Yes it could, and it was," Kathy interjected. "All you have to do is to want to do it badly enough. I guess I did." Looking at the two girls she asked, "Do you? Is it important enough to you to succeed?"

The girls immediately agreed that it was. Glancing at her watch, Kathy realized that it was almost eleven-thirty, and she remembered what Judy had said. Slipping on her clothes, she motioned for the girls to get dressed, too.

As she headed for the door Kris said, "We're forgetting something, I'm afraid. How much is this going to cost us?"

Kathy, who was about to head out the door, was startled. This was a factor she had never even considered. When she remembered Ali joking about the girls paying the men a thousand dollars out of their pockets, she realized they were fiercely independent, so she felt she couldn't tell them everything was already paid for.

She stopped and just looked at Kris who continued, "The top spas charge thousands of dollars a week — and clearly they don't accomplish a fraction of what you do. For example, I got the impression that you're going to try to teach us to cook, too. Is that right?" Kathy just slowly nodded her head.

The girl raised her head up straight and said, "Unfortunately, Kim and I can only afford one thousand dollars a week apiece ... And that's not nearly enough..." The girl dissolved into tears and collapsed back on the sofa, crying her heart out.

Kathy asked quietly, "Could you borrow some money from Mike and Jim... ?"

The girl suddenly spun around on the sofa and, in unison with Kimberly, exclaimed, "Hell, no!" Then she added, "If we can't get into condition to be mistresses the guys can be proud of by ourselves, we'll just get out of their lives."

Then Kim said, "I have an idea." Standing up as straight as she could, she said, "Kris and I will be your slaves for the next six weeks, Mrs. Carlson. We will do anything you wish ... Anything! Do you understand?"

Tears began to flow down her cheeks as she continued, "I'm not much, and neither is Kris. But ... but I'm great with anything mechanical, and she's a mathematical whiz. She's an accountant, bookkeeper ... Anything with numbers, she can do."

Then she went to Kris and whispered in her ear, then, when the girl nodded her head vigorously, she stood up again and added, "If ... If we could sleep in your apartment — on the floor, or something — we could handle an extra $1,500 over six weeks. Would that be all right?"

"But surely the guys will give you some money if..." Kathy began but was immediately interrupted.

"No!" Kris exclaimed. "Absolutely not!"

Then she just shook her head and added, "I guess maybe we weren't very clear when we said we wanted to be their mistresses. You see, I guess we forgot that those women are usually kept with the guy paying for everything, aren't they?"

Kathy nodded and the girl continued with a wry smile, "We aren't like that. What we mean is that we will be available to Jim and Mike anytime for any purpose. But we will be covering our own expenses."

Then, with a wry grin, she added, "I guess we would have been eating more regularly if we accepted their money, and, God knows, they've offered us enough. In fact," she said with a smile that now had some real humor in it, "I guess we would have been eating more regularly if we hadn't been spending so damned much money sending their gifts back to them!"

By now Kathy had seen enough. It was obvious from the way the two kissed their men that they were deeply in love. Furthermore, it was equally clear that they were as far from being gold-diggers as it was possible to be. When she had seen them nude, she realized that they were truly beautiful girls, and listening to them talk, it was clear that they were very much worth getting to know even better.

Swallowing hard she said, "Okay, it's a deal! Can we shake on it?" Kris jumped up from the sofa with her hand outstretched and Kathy gripped it hard, then repeated it with Kimberly. Then she said, "Does the slavery start right now?"

When the girls nodded tentatively, Kathy grinned and said, "In that case, take off all your clothes and leave them here. You will be serving at lunch today, and my preferred uniform for you two is nudity. Okay?"

The two girls just smiled weakly but shed their clothes again and went over to the conference room. Kathy was inwardly amused watching the two girls' naked bodies move. It was obvious to her that they were very uncomfortable with their nudity, yet at the same time, because they had stressed how amoral and evil they were and had been, they felt they couldn't say anything about it.

Kathy's initial feeling that they were very good girls had been reinforced by the loving kisses she had exchanged with them and now became a virtual certainty as she watched them move.

When Kathy went through the refrigerator, she found a marvelous onion soup that Judy had made the day before. Judy came in, showed the girls where everything was kept, and said that there would be seven for lunch: Ali, Ginger, Kathy, Joan and herself, plus Kris and Kim.

After trying the soup, Kathy complimented Judy on it and then added some particular herbs and spices, poured it into crocks, floated toast on top, covered the toast with gruyère cheese and put them under the broiler. Then she began on the salad and pommes soufflé. By this time the others began drifting in for lunch. Joan opened the bar and took drink orders which the girls served.

Kathy insisted they sit down and eat their soup before it became cold and noticed how it just evaporated. Clearly, Judy's observation was correct: The girls were starving.

When they finished eating, Kim said, "Mrs. Carlson, that luncheon was utterly unbelievable! There is no finer food to be had in Los Angeles." Then looking skeptical she added, "You're really going to try to teach Kris and me to cook... ? Like this?"

"I'm sure going to try pretty hard," Kathy replied, and added, "However! I've about had it up to here with the Mrs. Carlson bullshit. The name is Kathy, remember?"

Holding her head up straight Kris said, "We understand, Mistress. However, slaves may not call their masters by their first names ... Ever! We will call you Mistress and Mr. Carlson, Master, if that is acceptable." Kathy just shook her head, but finally nodded.

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