Kathy Carlson
Chapter 20

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Sex Story: Chapter 20 - Kathy is married to a hero, but now she learns how truly heroic he was. Part of the Ali Clifford saga, parallel in time with Allison. The later chapters -- those recently posted -- are, in effect, a book within a book with its own characters. The reasons for not making it a freestanding book are two. First, it uses many of the same characters. Second, and more importantly, it will clean up some loose ends regarding Kathy Carlson.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual  

When they were on their way back to their suite, Kathy had a quick whispered exchange with Marie. The girl had just nodded her head quickly, and smiled warmly. Again, as the previous night, Celeste took Ken to her bedroom while Marie accompanied Kathy. When they were in the room, Celeste wheeled the massage table in from the adjacent room and asked Ken to lie on his back after she carefully undressed him.

As he lay there, he was amazed at what happened next. Rather than giving him a normal massage the way she had earlier in the evening, Celeste concentrated on his loins, using her small hands to produce a huge erection. Then she carefully oiled his cock and just caressed it until she was rewarded with a drop of liquid on its tip. Licking it off daintily with her tongue she said, "Sir Ken, you are ready for Lady Kathy now. Will you come with me?"

When he entered the bedroom, instead of finding Kathy on her back the way she had been the previous night, now she was lying on her stomach facing the end of the bed. She smiled warmly and said, "Ken, do you remember promising to do anything for me that is in your power to do?" He said he did, but was puzzled. Kathy never asked him for anything.

Then, with a wonderful lascivious grin, she said, "Great, darling! That means that tonight you're going to take the last of my virginity. You're going to fuck me in the ass."

When he protested that he would hurt her, she was adamant. "Darling, that's why we're doing it tonight. If you rip me in half — and I so hope you do — I have weeks to recover. Moreover, we have Marie and Celeste here to take care of me. But finally, darling, tonight the path to my cunt runs through my asshole. If you want me — and I so hope you do — this is what you must do. Marie has oiled my ass, darling. Please? I'm as ready for you as I will ever be. Please shove that wonderful cock in me."

With that she pulled her knees up under her body, raising her ass up high. Ken was scared. Even though it was something that had intrigued him for a long time, in recent weeks he had come to realize how large his cock really was. When he looked at her small amber ring, he realized that she had been thoroughly oiled. Not knowing what to do, he placed the tip of his cock at the hole. Feeling him there, Kathy — who had talked about it earlier with Hank — screwed up her courage, tried to relax her sphincter as much as she could, and then shoved backwards hard. There was an instant of blinding pain that caused her to scream involuntarily, but then he was in. She rested and could feel beads of sweat forming all over her body. Then she moved back more while Ken tried to move deeper into her.

For Ken it was one of the most incredible sensations of his life as he felt his cock trapped by her anal ring, and yet moving inside a wonderful slippery surface. Using small strokes, he finally penetrated to his full length. Then he began to move slowly in and out. For Kathy, after the first incredible pain, the sensation was exquisite. As Hank had told her she would, now she was feeling an incredible sensation in her cunt. When she moved one hand from the bed to play with her clit, Marie, who had been watching the action with rapt attention, jumped on the bed and slid on her back under Kathy's elevated body until her mouth was below the woman's cunt.

Then, using her talented tongue, she began to lick at Kathy's love box and gently nibbled on her clit. Moments later she was rewarded as Kathy screamed and achieved orgasm, releasing a small flood of love juices which, in spite of Marie licking and sucking as fast as she could, ran all over the girl's face and hair.

For Kathy the pain was over and she just savored the wondrous feeling in her ass. She found that she could use almost all of the same movements in her ass that she could use when Ken was reaming her sheath. Soon he was taking long full strokes, withdrawing almost completely, then ramming his cock all the way in.

Now, whenever he did, he could feel his balls hit Marie's head because the girl's lips were glued to Kathy's glorious cunt. Strangely, Kathy could feel her passion continue to rise. She achieved an orgasm from Ken's movement alone, but still he continued to move. At the same time she discovered the same level of control and the ability to subtly change her tempo just enough to keep Ken from achieving his release.

She continued to scream involuntarily whenever she felt his body bounce off her firm ass cheeks. Then she screamed again as Celeste began to work on her tits and now-sensitized nipples. Finally, she could restrain it no more. When she felt Ken's cock start to vibrate, she drove backwards as hard as she could to bury his weapon inside her, then screamed as she achieved one of the most intense orgasms of her life. This time, in spite of her best efforts, she fainted again with her body collapsing on top of Marie's.

With a struggle, the girl squirmed out from under Kathy's now-limp body. Meanwhile, Celeste had taken Ken into the bathroom to wash off his now-shrinking cock. Kneeling on the bed, Marie looked at Kathy for a moment, then gently rolled her over and moved between her legs.

As Kathy recovered consciousness, she felt a wonderful feeling in her loins. Looking down, she brought her legs together, trapping Marie's head between them. Just then Ken emerged from the bathroom and got back in bed beside her. Lifting her lips to his, he melted her with a kiss. Then she said softly, "Darling, that was simply marvelous!" Then with an impish grin she asked, "When you asked me to take you in my ass the first time, months ago, I can remember slapping your face. Why didn't you just bat me upside the head and do it anyway?"

Then pointing to Marie she said, "Look what I found, darling. What do you think it is? Is it good to eat, do you suppose?" As she spoke, Marie gently bit her clitoris triggering another small orgasm. Then feigning surprise she exclaimed, "Good grief! Whatever it is, it is eating me!"

Relaxing her legs, she freed Marie who raised her head from Kathy's luscious cunt. Her face and hair were still covered with Kathy's love juices but the girl had a beautiful smile on her face. She said, "My Lady, your cunt is absolutely delicious! Thank you so much!"

Then looking at Ken she said, "Sir Ken, your lady's cunt is prepared and waiting for you. It is running over with her juices and will be slippery and dripping for your raging cock — just the way you like it."

She moved away and Ken knelt between Kathy's legs. Marie hadn't been exaggerating. When she positioned his cock, he just smoothly slid it into her lubricated sheath right to the root. In spite of feeling that his previous exertion had drained him dry, his cock was as big and rigid as it ever was as he plowed his wife's love canal. Soon her head was thrashing from side to side and she was wordlessly screaming every time he reached full penetration. Then she was in continuous orgasm as all the muscles in her loins were constantly in spasm. This time, though, she again forced herself to retain consciousness when he spent inside her and found her effort was rewarded as she could feel her vagina milk his cock while she squeezed his balls in tempo in an effort to drain him dry.

After they rested on the bed with her head on Ken's shoulder, they reluctantly got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower together. Meanwhile, Celeste changed the bed while Marie went to their room to take a shower and wash Kathy's love juices from her hair. Seeing that she could still get Ken hard, Kathy went to her knees and took him in her mouth while they were still taking a shower. After he came and she swallowed what she now thought of as his delicious cum, she rose, kissed him and just held him while the shower still sprayed over both of them.

When she released him, Ken saw that her eyes were dancing with happiness. Replying to his question, Kathy said, "Darling, I'm ecstatic! I was able to take you all three ways in just one session of lovemaking!" With a grin she asked, "If we keep practicing, do you think I'll ever be as good as Hank?"

"If you were any better, wife," he replied, "I would be dead!"

She just grinned and kissed him again.

Returning to the bedroom, they found the bed had been completely remade. Because of their extended lovemaking in the shower, there had been enough time for Marie to complete her toilet as well. To Kathy's surprise, Marie was standing beside the bed with her eyes downcast, while Celeste stood silently beside her.

Still looking down, Marie said softly, "I am ready for my punishment now, Lady Kathy. Will you administer it, or will Sir Ken?"

When she expressed ignorance regarding punishment, Marie reminded her that she had called Mrs. Conroy, Hank, and had told the Conroys that Kathy had prepared the hors d'oeuvres, even though she knew she was not supposed to.

Kathy had come to love the girls. Nevertheless, they expected something to happen so Kathy said she would administer punishment. Sitting on the side of the bed, she told Marie to lie across her lap and to soften her ass cheeks. The girl did as she was told and Kathy began to spank her very gently.

After the second stroke, Marie jumped to her feet with her eyes blazing. "Lady Kathy!" she exclaimed, "you are not being fair! You are not fair at all."

"What do you mean?" Kathy asked, genuinely bewildered at Marie's reaction.

"A woman with your strength can certainly hit me harder than that, and I expect you to. In fact, I demand that you do." With tears now appearing at the corners of her eyes, Marie's voice dropped and she said, "If you do not, I will no longer be able to stay here with you ... And I do so much want to stay."

"But darling," Kathy protested, "if I were to hit you hard, I could hurt you..."

"You cannot!" the small girl exclaimed. Twisting her body to partially expose her back, she said, "I took these, remember. Nothing you could do could possibly hurt me. Besides, Lady Kathy, I love you ... And I think you care for my sister and me, at least a little, too."

Then with an impish grin she added, "Besides, what I really would love for you to do is to leave the imprint of your hand as a big bruise on each of my ass cheeks. Then I can show them to Hank as they change color — Celeste and I run to very colorful bruises — and keep reminding her that it's all her fault!" Now there was real pleading in her eyes as she concluded, "Please, Lady Kathy? Could you give me ten smacks on each side? Real hard ones?" Kathy was skeptical, but the girl was insistent.

Shaking her head, Kathy motioned to her knee and again Marie positioned her ass over it. This time, Kathy hit the girl as hard as she could. The girl began to scream involuntarily each time Kathy's hand came down after the second spank, but still she valiantly tried to make her ass as soft as possible. After ten strokes, the girl struggled to her feet with tears of pain pouring from her eyes. Then she repositioned herself facing the opposite direction so Kathy could have a full swing at her other nether cheek. When it was finally over, Kathy's hand was stinging from pain.

Then to Kathy's utter amazement, Marie lifted her hand to her mouth and gently licked the palm and kissed it. Although tears were still streaming down her cheeks she said, "Thank you for properly disciplining me, Lady Kathy. I don't think I'll be able to sit comfortably for weeks. But I'm so sorry you hurt your hand on my hard ass." With that she kissed her hand again.

As the girls turned to go to their own bedroom, Kathy had an idea. "Come back here," she said softly. The two girls turned, startled. "I would like a soft body to keep my right side warm. Also, Marie, my husband enjoys cupping a tit in his hand as he sleeps. I think I would like it, too. Celeste, you will sleep on Sir Ken's left shoulder and warm his hand with your tit. Marie, you will sleep on my right."

When the girls realized what was being asked, they were thrilled. When the girls got into bed in the indicated positions, Marie wriggled to try to find a comfortable position for her injured buttocks. She quickly concluded there was none, so she just put the pain out of her mind, concentrating instead on the wonderful feeling of having Kathy's hand cupping her tit. After Ken and Kathy kissed, they each turned to the girl beside them and kissed her softly.

When Kathy kissed Marie, it was a kiss filled with the purest love that flowed between them. Kathy noticed, as she started to drift off to sleep, that the twins' ineffable sense of sorrow seemed to have dissipated somewhat.

When she awakened the next morning, Kathy felt wonderfully refreshed. Moreover, she found that she absolutely adored having this beautiful girl's head on her shoulder. When she wriggled slightly she could feel the pain in her stretched asshole, but it felt beautiful. Her slight movement was enough to awaken Marie who was now looking at her with love in her beautiful grey eyes. Kathy moved her head slightly, just enough to be able to taste the sweetness of the girl's lips. After her morning lovemaking with Ken, they quickly showered, dressed and went off to meet the Conroys.

Arriving at the tennis courts, Kathy wasn't surprised to find that Hank was already there waiting. However, she was surprised to find Samantha present as well. When she asked, she was told that it was Sam's idea; the school bus didn't come by until seven forty-five, so until then she intended to watch the tennis match. Like so many other things, Kathy had never played regular tennis. Being familiar with other racquet sports, though, she did not anticipate a great deal of difficulty. Hank proved to be as good a tennis coach as she was a golf instructor and quickly showed Kathy the differences in technique. Her confidence increased with every stroke.

When they began to play, Hank jumped in front by winning five quick games and was up in the set 5-0. However, Kathy was getting better with every point they played. She fought back, winning the next four games before Hank overwhelmed her, taking the next game and the set, 6-4.

However, Kathy's game continued to improve, particularly her serves. She soon developed a feel for the throw and began to unleash her great power, beginning to win points on service aces. Sam finally had to leave for the bus. When she did, she could see her mother's tennis dress was sopping wet with perspiration as she was being run all over the court. The second set went to Kathy, 6-4, and she overwhelmed Hank in the third, 6-1, to take the match.

When they left the court to go to the ladies lockers, Hank said, "Katherine Carlson, you are too much! Needless to say, that was the best tennis I've played in at least ten years — but you beat me, anyway!"

Kathy just winked, stopped and kissed Hank full on the lips. Again, their love for each other flowed between them. When they separated, Kathy said softly, "Thanks, coach!"

Hank just winked and grinned. When they arrived at the locker room, the girls were waiting for them naked, as usual. When Marie saw Hank she said acidly, "I hope you're satisfied, Mrs. Conroy. Look what Lady Kathy did to me because of you!" Turning her backside towards Hank, she showed large black-and-blue marks on each nether cheek, each the size and shape of Kathy's hand. Hank just shook her head, not knowing what to say. When her back was turned, Marie grinned broadly at Kathy and winked meaningfully.

After quick showers and fast massages, they put on their golf clothes and went upstairs to meet the men for breakfast. Before leaving the locker room, though, Kathy told the Trang sisters that she wanted them both to begin workouts on the exercise machine. She described the exercises she wanted them to do and told the girls what weights to use to start.

They finished breakfast at nine-thirty and still had thirty minutes until their tee time. Making use of the time, Jim Conroy took Kathy to the practice tee this time bringing along a couple of sets of golf clubs. First, he gave her a set of regular men's clubs with stiff shafts. Then, responding to his urging to really let out her swing, Kathy began hitting the ball harder and harder until her shots were spraying the range the way Ken's had the day before.

Jim just shook his head, grinned, and gave her another club saying, "Okay, Kathy, let's see what you can do with this one. Now really hit the damned ball, please!" When she did as he asked, the ball hit the 250-yard target square in its center on the fly. The target was positioned directly in front of her where the midpoint of the fairway would be.

When she looked at Jim in surprise, he just grinned and said, "Kathy, what you just used was a brand-new gorilla club in your size that was flown in last night. I knew it!" Then with another grin he said, "Now, shall we introduce you to the Village Course?"

While virtually every hole on the Bay Course at Kapalua is in sight of the ocean, the Village Course is away from the sea on the first rise of mountains on the island. Much of the course is cut through pineapple fields. The combination of higher ground along with the low-lying pineapple bushes allows the wind a full sweep. The signature hole on the course is a 525-yard par five. The hole is straight but it plays directly into the trade winds which normally come across the island at a steady twenty to thirty knots. Moreover, the hole is played uphill on gently rising ground. The combination of the wind and the rising land results in the hole playing as if it is more than 600 yards in length. The wind knocks down even the best-hit balls and the rising land diminishes any roll.

As a concession to the men and the large number of condos built beside the course, Hank and Kathy kept their clothes on. During the round Jim played his normally steady game. Hank seemed to have little or no interest in her own game; rather she concentrated on coaching Kathy.

Poor Ken appeared to have solved one problem only to find himself with another. His tee shots were things of beauty and power. While the day before he had been spraying golf balls in all directions, today his shots were down the middle with a slight draw which increased his roll. The new problem arose when he got within 150 yards of the pin. His new clubs, coupled with his incredible power, raised havoc with his game; even the shortest club in his bag, the sand wedge, carried 140 yards or more. Moreover, since it is a very high-lofted club, it drove his shot high into the air enhancing the ability of the wind to catch the ball and take it. The result was that he played brilliantly whenever he could take a full swing, but had enormous trouble when he got in close.

His moment of glory came on the signature hole, though. His drive carried nearly 300 yards, in spite of the wind and the rising land. His second shot with his 3-iron was on the green and only twelve feet from the cup. Ken sank his putt for an eagle three to win the hole. When his putt dropped, Kathy leaped into his arms and burned him with a passionate kiss. Then she said, "I hope you noticed how considerate I was? I waited for you to putt before I turned you to mush. And I didn't do this at all," she said as she gently squeezed his prick and balls through his pants.

The green was shielded from view so Ken took the opportunity to strip off Kathy's clothes in an instant. Grinning at her, he said, "I hope you notice that I've been good, too." Gently squeezing her tits he said, "I didn't do this ... Or this..." he said, squeezing her ass cheeks, "Or this..." as he fingered her slit and teased her clit, "But especially, I didn't do this..." To her delight, he stripped off his pants, lay her on the grass on the fringe of the green and entered her. In just moments, she was bucking her hips under him and her loins were racked with convulsions as she repeatedly reached orgasm.

In just a few minutes Ken released his load inside her. Then he rolled on the grass and put her head on his shoulder, while they both caught their breath. As they lay there, they saw the other couple were on the grass fringe, as well. Hank was kneeling over Jim with her slit pressed down against his mouth while her mouth was moving up and down on his erect cock. Kathy saw that the two were close to cuming. Suddenly Hank's loins began to spasm and they could see her mouth sucking feverishly to drain her husband's balls. Lifting her head, Hank carefully licked off the last of Jim's cum, while he as carefully licked out her slit.

"What was that action just now?" Kathy inquired acidly. "Are you too good for plain, old-fashioned fucking?"

"Just look," Jim replied with a grin. Hank rolled off him and for the first time Kathy could see a small card dangling from Hank's pubic bush, apparently held in place with a bobby pin. Going closer, Kathy saw what it was and began to laugh uncontrollably, ending up rolling on the grass. Ken came over to see what had set his wife off, and he cracked up, too. There was a tiny card hanging over her slit with the international danger symbol and the words, "Off Limits — Unexploded mines!"

Jim was laughing, too, and said, "That's Hank! Could my wife do anything as ordinary as just saying it was her dangerous time of month? You've got to be kidding!"

Then Hank grinned and said, "I had it made awhile ago. I use it whenever I'm going to be drinking — last night, for instance — or when we're going to be with people who might set a dangerous example — like you two!"

Then she grimaced and said, "God! I hate this time of the month." When Kathy asked about her period, Hank just grinned and replied, "That's not a problem. Usually, Jim never even knows the difference — I'm just a little wetter than usual. Since I always lick him off anyway, there's no difference at all." Kathy just shook her head at her friend's candor.

Without saying a word, Kathy, who was still waiting to take her second putt on the green, picked up her putter and, while still naked, sank her two-foot putt for a birdie four. With the strokes the men had to give, even with Ken's eagle they lost the hole to their wives' net two.

For her part, Kathy was having a great day. Although it had taken her a few holes to start to get the feel of her new clubs, now she was hitting with great length and accuracy. Moreover, her earlier experience of having to take easy swings to control her clubs now stood her in good stead on her approach shots. Close to the green she was utterly devastating. In addition, she had an almost uncanny ability to read greens. Although Hank coached her on her full-swing game, when she got in close to the green, Hank said absolutely nothing.

When they closed out the round, Kathy had a 4-under-par 68 to beat Jim even on a gross-score basis, and they destroyed the men with their handicap subtracted. As they left the course, Hank whispered something to Jim who thought for an instant, then grinned and nodded vigorously. Although Kathy saw the exchange, she had no idea what it meant.

After eating a fast lunch, Ken and Kathy returned to their room. Hank had been telling her about the nude beach and Kathy couldn't wait to try it. Entering the suite, they found the Trang sisters in a state of near-collapse. Marie explained that they had worked out on the machines as Kathy had instructed them, but now, in spite of having previously thought that they were in good physical condition, the two girls were utterly exhausted. In fact, they had just finished massaging each other's aching muscles. Kathy was merciless. She just told them to get off their asses, on their feet and get moving.

Marie led them to the nude beach. While the normal swimming beaches at Kapalua were well-groomed and had beautiful sand, the nude beach had rocks both on and around the beach and in the water beyond. After spreading their towels, the girls spread sun protection on the Carlsons and then on each other.

Kathy just lay back and looked out at the lovely beach and the beautiful water. Turning to Ken she asked, "Darling, are you happy?"

Ken was about to fall asleep in the sun. He opened one eye, looked at his beautiful wife and said, "Darling, I don't think I have ever been happier. And honey, you have never been more beautiful. Never!"

Kathy was a vision. In just one day her tan had darkened, her brown hair had lightened visibly — at least to Ken — and it seemed to be getting blonde streaks in it.

Kathy just smiled warmly, wriggled on her towel and went to sleep. Later, when they awakened, they went into the water. With water temperature in the upper seventies and the Pacific shining a brilliant blue, Kathy reveled in it from the first instant she got in. Then Ken learned how good a swimmer his wife had become. She moved with all the power and grace of a porpoise in the water. Although Ken liked to think of himself as a powerful swimmer, he found it impossible to keep up with his wife, let alone catch her. He saw immediately that not only was she extraordinarily powerful, but her motions were incredibly smooth and flowing.

The Trang sisters also appeared to be at home in the water. The foursome spent hours at the beach, with a great deal of the time spent in the water.

The next days fell into the same pattern. Kathy would play tennis with Hank early in the morning, then the foursome of the Carlsons and the Conroys played eighteen holes of golf, alternating the courses between the Bay Course and the Village Course. The only point that puzzled Kathy at all was Hank's insistence, beginning on the third day, that they play from the men's white tees, too.

When she asked, Hank explained that she was hitting the ball so well she needed the extra distance to work with.

In fact, Kathy's golf became utterly spectacular as she routinely hit the ball about 250 yards off the tee, followed with incredibly accurate second shots whenever called for, and was deadly in close and on the greens. Her putting, coupled with a deadly-accurate short game, resulted in her averaging twenty-seven putts per round, or a putt-and-a-half per green. When she did not sink her first putt, inevitably she would miss high and very slightly long, leaving herself only a tap-in for her second putt.

Also after the first few days, instead of going to the clubhouse or the hotel to eat lunch, they fell into the habit of going to the Conroys. There Kathy would make the lunch and use the opportunity to teach Hank how to cook. Kathy loved it because it gave her an opportunity to be with her namesake, little Kathy.

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