Kathy Carlson
Chapter 14

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Sex Story: Chapter 14 - Kathy is married to a hero, but now she learns how truly heroic he was. Part of the Ali Clifford saga, parallel in time with Allison. The later chapters -- those recently posted -- are, in effect, a book within a book with its own characters. The reasons for not making it a freestanding book are two. First, it uses many of the same characters. Second, and more importantly, it will clean up some loose ends regarding Kathy Carlson.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual  

The next morning, Kathy was the first to awaken. She lay in the bed with her eyes closed just enjoying the wonderful feeling of Ken's hand still cupping her tit, while her body was molded to his. Then she just wriggled a little and enjoyed the crispness of the sheets against her bare skin. She gently squeezed his hand and looked up at his face. Instantly, his eyes opened, and instinctively he moved his head towards hers. Their first kiss of the morning was like the last kiss the night before: a tribute to their incredible love for each other, but lacking in passion.

When she eased away, she said softly with love in her voice, "Good morning, my husband. Did you sleep well?"

Ken was going to pretend to grumble, but instead replied, "My darling, it could not have been better. The bed is so wonderful for sleeping and you are exquisite in my arms. Darling Kathy, it was perfect!" Then he asked, "Did you sleep well?"

He realized it must have been the right thing to say when she released her sunshine smile, lighting up the room, and then leaning towards him to kiss him again. She replied, "It could not possibly have been any better." Then she grinned ruefully and gently rubbed her crotch. "Of course, you have utterly destroyed my cunt..."

Then she looked at him, rolled over so she was lying on top of him with her chin resting on the back of her hands, and said, "Darling, do you realize that if your cock were a hollow tube with the same length and breadth, I would catch stomach pneumonia if there is such a thing? You are so big, my darling, and you penetrate so deep..."

Just then the girls said, "Good morning, Mistress and Master. Would you like your coffee or your morning lovemaking first?"

Kathy thought for an instant and then rolled off him. When she did, she found that a girl had already piled up pillows behind her. When she reached out her hand, a cup of coffee was placed in it. Then she looked at Ken, grinned, and touched her cup to his in a salute. After taking her first sip and finding it perfect, she just leaned back onto the pillows with a sigh and closed her eyes for a moment.

When she reopened them, she looked at Ken, grinned and said, "Darling, don't feel badly. It's just that this is a luxury we don't have at home. In order to have coffee at home I first have to get out of my snugly warm bed and make it. Here, we only need to reach out a hand." Then with concern in her eyes she asked, "You don't mind, do you, darling?"

Ken just shook his head and said, "Not at all. It is pretty neat, isn't it?" They sipped their coffee and had refills. Then Kathy climbed back on Ken's chest and said, "Twins, you have beautiful skin but except for your heads, you are hairless. I hear that Asians don't have much body hair. If that's true, here is one of the great joys you won't experience."

The girls watched as she raised her body from his chest just enough so that only her nipples were in contact with the hair on his chest. Slowly she began to rotate her torso. As she did, her nipples engorged and she raised her body slightly higher so that only her nipples made contact with his coarse hair. Normally, Kathy could do this for only a minute or two before the stimulation, coupled with her need for him, forced her to stop. This morning, though, Kathy forced herself to ignore the self-induced torment and kept it up. Now she lowered her body slightly so the tips of her nipples were now contacting his chest itself.

The contact of her pebble-hard nipples on his chest created a sexual stimulation the likes of which Ken had never experienced. In spite of his massive orgasm of the night before, he could feel his cock rising in response to the incredible sensation. In spite of her resolve, Kathy could not completely control her passion and began to moan and grind her pelvis and her pubic mound against his lower body. Because of his size, though, her vagina was still well above his now-throbbing cock. Now Ken could feel his body hair becoming wet from the love juices flowing from her cunt.

Finally Kathy could take it no longer. With a wordless cry, she jerked upright while kneeling astride his body, slid downward to reach his cock and, rising as high on her knees as she could, was just able to get high enough to put his cock into her vaginal opening.

With a cry she dropped her entire weight and impaled herself on his sex. She leaned forward, feeling as she did the huge pole inside her. When she kissed him this time, in addition to her love, there was all the passion she could communicate. Finally she rose up again and delighted in the fact that Ken was now holding one of her tits in each hand while squeezing them and tweaking her nipples. When he did, her nipples were now so sensitive from her earlier activities, she screamed from a combination of the pleasure and pain.

She was moving up and down on him now, rising as high as she could to maximize the length of her stroke. It was as if she was climbing a mountain. She would reach a peak, have an orgasmic seizure, stop for a moment and resume, climbing another, still-higher peak. This continued until she brought herself to the point of continuous orgasm, but while still varying her movements enough to prevent Ken from achieving the release that he was striving to obtain.

Finally he let go inside her. As she felt his cock start to throb, Kathy again dropped with her full weight on him to impale herself as deeply as possible. Then his cum began spurting in a series of spasms. With a near-superhuman effort, she willed herself to retain consciousness — and did. For the first time she felt her body work to pump him dry. At the same time, she reached down behind and squeezed his balls in the same rhythm as her vaginal muscles were squeezing his buried cock.

This time it was Ken who screamed and then passed out from the incredible combination of sensations. As she felt his cock start to shrink in size inside her, she collapsed face down on his chest and just caressed and kissed any part of his body within reach of her fingers and lips.

When Ken's eyes fluttered open, she was back to resting her chin on the back of her hands and just looking at him. When his eyes focused on her, she grinned and moved up far enough to kiss him warmly. Returning to her former position she said, "I won! For the first damned time in our life together, I remained conscious! And this time, I knocked you out!"

Taking a deep breath, Ken grinned and responded, "You sure as hell did! What now?"

"Now, my darling, you have breakfast at my cunt while I clean off your cock. Then we take a shower while these loafing urchins clean up the mess we just made and produce some food for us."

Looking over at the girls she said, "Order two whole horses! I am utterly starving to death. And poor Ken ... I think he passed out from starvation, not from sex." With that, she reversed her position on the bed and began to lick the cum and vaginal fluids that were drying on Ken's now-flaccid prick. Meanwhile she moaned in pleasure as she could feel his lips and tongue working on her cunt. Remarkably, she just giggled as she felt another small orgasm when his teeth lightly bit her clit.

When they went towards the bathroom, she ordered the girl who was coming in with them to clean up or something, adding that this time she was going to have the fun of washing her husband herself. She reminded the girl to get a big table and to be sure to order enough food for four people since she and her sister would be eating with them, too.

Then she finished by telling the girl that if she wanted to take a shower with a man to get one of her own, but she laughed when the girl reminded her, with a very straight face, "But Lady Kathy, didn't you pay attention in school? They were always telling us about sharing, and I mean..."

Kathy just firmly closed the bathroom door.

After a playful shower with Ken, they dried one another off, put on terry robes and went out to the sitting room. The sisters were looking embarrassed as they stood there, waiting. Their breakfast of large sirloin steaks with eggs had already arrived. By this time, Kathy and Ken were so famished they ate every bite, including every piece of toast. When they finally pushed away from the table, they felt restored and ready to take on the world. After asking what was scheduled, Marie reminded them of their golf tee time at ten o'clock.

Suddenly, Kathy felt a sinking sensation in the pit of her stomach. The fact was that she had never set foot on a real golf course in her life. Her only exposure to the game was on a computerized golf trainer at the health club. There a player used a real club to hit a real golf ball into a screen showing the projected image of a real golf hole. Somehow the computer "read" the shot and then displayed the hole from the location where it calculated the player's ball would be lying.

When she explained her problem to Ken, he only grinned and said it might give him a chance to actually win at something. Then there was the problem of what to wear. It turned out to be easily resolved as the girls showed them a small part of their clothing collection: all brand-new and all perfectly sized. Ken wore a pair of Bermuda shorts and a golf shirt while Kathy wore a pair of shorter shorts that the girls assured her were just within the limits of the course clothing rules.

"Of course," they added, "the rules do not apply to you. None of them!"

Nevertheless, she wore the shorts with a sleeveless shirt with two pockets placed strategically to help conceal her bare nipples. There was no way, she said, that she would wear a bra — in fact, she no longer owned any.

The Trangs disappeared into their room and reappeared moments later wearing their uniforms. Then the girls escorted them to the golf shop and introduced the professional, Jim Conroy. After quickly excusing themselves they returned to the hotel while Conroy took charge.

He was as tall as Ken — six feet three — but with a much more slender build. Ken's shoulders would have made two of Jim's.

Jim stood in front of Ken with a strange smile on his face and asked, "Mr. Carlson, is my face familiar?" Ken looked at him and there was a flash of recognition but he couldn't bring it into focus. Then Conroy added, "A helicopter pilot? Vietnam?"

Suddenly Ken's face lighted up and he exclaimed, "Of course! My God!" He took Conroy into his arms and almost crushed him in a bear hug, while they pounded each other on the back. When Ken let go, he just shook his head and grinned saying, "You sure look one hell of a lot better now than you did the last time I saw you!"

Turning to Kathy, he explained, "Hon, we were on one of our deep-penetration missions behind enemy lines. Then we got a call that one of our special choppers had been shot down and aircraft, trying to rescue the crew, had been driven off by ground fire. Well, we were in the area, so we picked him up and brought him out. Jim, here, had been pretty badly shot up."

Conroy was just slowly shaking his head. When Ken finished, Jim said, "Mrs. Carlson — I assume it is Mrs. Carlson, isn't it?"

Kathy quickly nodded but said, "It's Kathy. And may I call you Jim?"

He grinned, said he wished she would and then told his story. As he was telling it a beautiful tall blonde woman with blue eyes came up and stood beside him. He said, "Kathy, what Ken said was, I guess, strictly speaking, accurate. However, there are a couple of things he left out. For example, my leg had been pretty badly shot up. The North Vietnamese didn't have any stretchers, and I don't think they felt much like carrying me if they did. So I was looking up from the ground as the officer in charge of the unit cocked his automatic, aimed it at my head and started to squeeze the trigger.

"Suddenly, his whole hand, and the gun in it, disappeared; he just stared stupidly at a stump, now gushing blood. A moment later, a hole appeared in his forehead right between his eyes. An instant later, I hear the sounds of the shots. Later, I found out that the gunner was your husband — he did all the long-range shooting in his unit. Anyway, simultaneously all hell breaks loose. In only an instant, what had been an enemy infantry platoon was just a bunch of dead bodies.

"I guess just about then I passed out. The next thing I know I'm on the ground in a hidden campsite, stretched out on a tarp. Your husband is practicing his carving on my leg. What he's really doing, you see — having already saved my life — is saving my leg by expertly taking out all the metal."

He shook his head and said, "At least, that's what the docs, both at Clark Field in the Philippines, and at Hickam, here, said. Anyway, I pass out again. Perhaps I should have mentioned that we were about 150 miles behind enemy lines while all this was happening. At any rate, for the next ten days your husband literally carries me out of the place on his back!"

There were tears showing at the corners of his eyes when he finished by saying, "What can you say to the man who saved your life? I really don't know. But your husband certainly saved mine."

Suddenly he had a flash of memory and asked, "Mrs. Carlson, you did say your name is Kathy, didn't you?" She nodded, and he asked, "Kathy, of the Kathy-grams?"

"Jim," she replied, "I only heard the term for the first time less than a week ago, but I guess so. I assume you mean some girlish scribbles on blue paper written with blue ink?"

"No, Kathy, I don't," he answered, shaking his head. "I saw this when we got out of the jungle: Ken was seen coming out, and a guy came running up with a little stack of these blue envelopes. After seeing that I was taken care of, Ken just dropped his gear on the ground, sat on his pack, and started opening and reading them, one after the other. I saw a man literally come back to life before my eyes. Keep in mind we had just walked 150 miles through enemy-controlled jungle. The guys were just shot to shit — utterly exhausted — and not a soul could fault them for it after what they had been through.

"What happens? I see your husband reading and it was like watching a battery recharge. By the time he read the last letter, it was as if he had just had ten days of R&R. Then he charged up the troops, and after replenishing their food and ammo, they just melted back into the jungle."

Then he stuck out his hand and said, "Thank you, Kathy, for saving my life. It's clear that you, and you alone, were the inspiration that enabled Ken to routinely perform such superhuman feats."

Kathy was shaken. She had warmly stated to her friends before that Ken was her hero, regardless of what others might think. Now she found that he was a hero against any conceivable standard of measurement. Moreover, in less than twenty-four hours she had met three people whose lives Ken had personally saved.

Before Kathy could think of an appropriate response, Jim turned to the woman beside him and said, "Kathy and Ken, I would like to introduce you to the love of my life, Hank Conroy. Hank, this is Kathy and Ken Carlson. I guess you know the rest of it, though, because, God knows, I've told you the story thousands of times."

Hank Conroy appeared to be about Kathy's age. She had golden blonde hair, brilliant blue eyes, and a beautifully slim figure with a golden tan. Without saying a word, she went up to Ken, stood on tiptoe, put her arms around his neck and kissed him. Her kiss, Ken realized, was exactly like Kathy's but lacking her passion. What it lacked in passion, though, it more than made up in pure love.

When she slowly relaxed her hold, she said, "Thank you, Ken Carlson, for saving Jim's life!"

Before he could say a word in reply, Hank had taken Kathy in her arms and was hugging and kissing her in the same way. Kathy was startled for an instant and initially resisted, but then just melted in this beautiful woman's embrace. She realized that, if anything, there was even more love in her kiss than in Ali's and she didn't think that was possible.

When Hank slowly released her, she said softly, "And thank you, Kathy, for providing the inspiration that enabled Ken to do the things he did!" Then with a small smile she added, "And Kathy, you have the most kissable lips ever put on a woman. Ken is a very lucky man, indeed, to have your love."

Then she said, "I heard that you two would be down this morning. I'm sorry to intrude, but this is something I just had to do." With her eyes downcast, she concluded, "Please forgive me for any embarrassment I may have caused." With that she headed toward the door.

Before she had gone more than a few steps, though, Kathy exclaimed, "Hank, please stay!" Then turning to Jim she asked, "Was I mistaken, or were you planning on coming out on a round with us?" He replied that he had been instructed to ride around the course with them and show them how best to play each hole. Then Kathy asked, "Am I correct in assuming Hank plays golf? God knows, she looks coordinated enough, and she certainly moves like an athlete."

Jim didn't know what to say, except to say that his wife was a good golfer. Hearing that, Kathy beamed her sunshine smile and asked, "Hank, could you play a round with us? How about if the women play the men? Will you, Hank? Please? Your kiss told me that you are a woman I would very much like to get to know. It would mean a great deal to me if you would say yes."

Hank Conroy's jaw dropped. Then she asked, "Mrs. Carlson, are you saying that I would be doing you a favor by playing a round of golf with you? Did I hear that right?"

Kathy replied with a grin, "You sure did! Except the name is Kathy to you, Hank Conroy — it is never Mrs. Carlson. Okay? And I hope you don't mind me calling you Hank."

Hank just shook her head and said, "The woman who is responsible for saving my husband's life asks me if I would do her a great favor by playing a round of golf with her."

Then she looked deep into Kathy's eyes and said, "Lady, I sure in hell hope you know my husband's life is utterly priceless to me. If you had said you wanted my right arm in repayment, my answer would have been, 'Of course!', and I would have gone for a sharp knife and a meat saw. Are you getting my message, Kathy?

"Good God, of course I'll play golf with you! In fact, I'll carry you around on my back, if you'd like." Then with a broad grin, she said, "Now come on, woman! We're tying up the whole damned course!"

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