Kathy Carlson
Chapter 13

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Sex Story: Chapter 13 - Kathy is married to a hero, but now she learns how truly heroic he was. Part of the Ali Clifford saga, parallel in time with Allison. The later chapters -- those recently posted -- are, in effect, a book within a book with its own characters. The reasons for not making it a freestanding book are two. First, it uses many of the same characters. Second, and more importantly, it will clean up some loose ends regarding Kathy Carlson.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual  

Wellington escorted them to a corner suite and unlocked the door. Their room was utterly magnificent with a view through the palm trees to the Pacific with the island of Molokai across the channel in the distance. Kathy thought the vista was utterly breathtaking.

Then Hank called, "Marie? Celeste? Are you here?" Two lovely Asian girls appeared from the bedroom wearing identical immaculate uniforms. Kathy gasped as she realized they were identical twins with no apparent difference between them.

Hank grinned and said, "We never know which is which, either. If there's a way to tell them apart, we've never found it. But they are our very best." Turning to the girls, he said, "It's my pleasure to introduce Kathy and Ken Carlson. They are the honored guests for whom we've been preparing."

The girls looked up at Ken — they were scarcely over five feet in height — and gasped. What happened next astounded everybody. The girls dropped to their knees and kissed his shoes. They remained with their faces on the floor, apparently worshiping him, or praying. Ken was red with embarrassment and Hank didn't know what to do.

Suddenly the two girls jumped to their feet and asked, "Mr. Wellington, are these the people we are to serve?"

"They sure are," he replied, still amazed at their behavior.

Then Kathy noticed something about the girls. It was as if they shared a brain. When they were talking — and their voices were identical — it seemed as if they almost took turns with words. Although they were both speaking, only one was. They said, "May we take an immediate leave of absence? Without pay, of course. We will stay here in the suite to serve these people — the other bedroom is empty. There will be no pay, of course, but we will not leave them. Is that all right with you?"

Wellington was absolutely baffled. He said, "If I understand you two correctly, you will serve the Carlsons but you will not accept any money. And instead of alternating between you, you will both be on duty twenty-four hours a day. Did I hear you right?"

Two heads nodded in unison. The two girls were now side by side on their knees with their weight back on their heels. As they knelt on the floor, Kathy noticed that their figures were diminutive, but utterly perfect.

Then they said, "We owe you an explanation. You see, Captain Carlson is our savior. We lived in a small village in Vietnam and we were relatively rich. Our father was the mayor of our little town. Then, one day, the North Vietnamese troops overran us. Only because he was the mayor, they took our father out to the town square, made him kneel down, and then shot him in the head. Our mother broke free from the guards and ran to him to hold him in her arms as he died. For breaking away, they shot her in the head, too. Then they seized us, tied us up and made us watch as they brought our schoolmates out to the square in front of us — we were in a girl's high school then. They raped them one by one and made us watch as our friends were bleeding in the dirt. Sooner or later, they all died, too.

"Then they turned their attention to us. They erected a sort of scaffold in the middle of the square. They tied us together face to face and then suspended us by our wrists from the center of the scaffold. Then two men began to whip us from each side as we slowly turned in the air. They laughed and joked about what they were going to do to us and how long we would last.

"The next thing was to take us down, tie us back to back and whip our breasts and loins. Then they would rape us and torture us in every way they could conceive. One of the things they were looking forward to was slicing off our breasts, cauterizing our chests, and cooking them. The betting was that we could absorb at least two full days of torture before we died. Then they were getting ready to brand us both in different places to be able to tell us apart for purposes of their betting: Which one would live longer?

"They had a branding iron getting red hot in a charcoal brazier when suddenly they disappeared in a hail of bullets. Even though we were now far beyond Allied lines, it was Carlson's Rangers. We were half dead when an incredibly strong man took us in his arms, lifted us up, and with a stroke of his knife cut us down from the scaffold."

They looked up at Ken reverently and said softly, "It was you, Captain. Do you remember? Do you remember carrying us into the jungle? Do you remember laying us on a clean tarp and treating our lacerated backs while your men stood guard? Do you? Do you remember two girls who said they would love you forever? Do you, sir?"

Kathy was overwhelmed. She had just learned about Ken in Vietnam from Mike and Mickey Higgins. She claimed to owe her life to Ken's inspiration. These girls, on the other hand, claimed to owe him their lives as a result of his direct action. She looked at him now and saw his head nodding.

There were tears in his eyes as he said, "Yes, darlings, I remember. I remember two indomitable young girls, tortured beyond human endurance, walking with me out of the jungle. I remember two girls who insisted on cooking for me, washing me ... loving me."

Then they asked, "Is this ... Kathy? Of the Kathy-grams?" Ken just nodded and they moved in front of Kathy and looked up at her. They shook their heads and said, "He was right and we were wrong, we regret to say. You are so beautiful ... Exactly the way he described you. And you love him so much ... God knows, he loves you, and always has.

"Mrs. Carlson," they pleaded, "will you do us the great honor of allowing us to serve you? Please?" Tears were flowing from their beautiful grey eyes as they said, "He saved our lives, Mrs. Carlson. And, since you inspired both him and his troops, you did, too. Please, ma'am, we beg you! Will you permit it?"

Kathy smiled warmly and held out her arms. Instantly the two girls were in her arms, smothering her with kisses and thanking her at the same time. With their arms still around Kathy's neck, they turned to Hank and said, "Mr. Wellington, we have everything under control now. And please, sir, don't forget to sign us out for our leave of absence."

Hank dried his eyes and Ken escorted him to the door. At the door, he turned to Ken and said, "I guess it is really a pretty small world, isn't it? Ken, those girls are truly remarkable young women. I hope you learn a little of how remarkable they really are. As far as I'm concerned, all I can say is you certainly saved a couple of lives that were very much worth saving. I am sure they'll take very good care of you both." So saying, he let himself out and Ken bolted the door behind him.

Returning to the sitting room, he saw the two girls with their eyes gleaming. They said, "We were told this is your honeymoon. But you don't act like you were only married today."

Kathy smiled and explained that they had been married over a year earlier but had never had a honeymoon. The girls looked at each other, grinned, and said, "In that case, we're in the wrong uniform. We must get into our honeymoon uniforms." They disappeared into the suite's second bedroom.

Moments later they reappeared, stark naked. Each went to a Carlson and started loosening his clothing. The one in front of Kathy unbuttoned her shirt and pulled out its tails. Only then did she realize Kathy was not wearing a bra. For her part, Kathy studied the girl and realized she was perfectly formed and shaped but only about five feet tall. Except for their the dark hair on their heads the two girls were hairless.

Kathy reached out and touched the girl's nipple and gently tweaked it, bringing it instantly to a full erection. The girl just leaned her head back and closed her eyes, murmuring, "Thank you, Mrs. Carlson. That feels so wonderful!"

Kathy spoke up and said, "There is one rule, effective right now! We are Ken and Kathy! We are not Mr. and Mrs. Carlson. Hear?"

The two girls looked at her and shook their heads. "We're sorry, but we can't do that. We will compromise, though. You are Lady Kathy — or Our Lady — and he is Sir Ken. He is, after all, our knight in shining armor who rescued us from the dragon, and you are his lady fair." Together they grinned and added, "Although, to be honest, his armor was a little tarnished that day. It's awfully hard to keep armor polished in the jungle, you see. It tends to get sort of grubby, and it rusts."

Ken was feeling a little embarrassed seeing the beautiful feminine figures, fully exposed. "Could I persuade you two to put on some clothes, though. You can't believe what you're doing to me!"

"Yes, we can," they replied. "We're getting your cock in shape to make love to Our Lady — to consummate your marriage. And the answer is no. This is our working uniform."

As they turned away to serve, Kathy saw their backs and said, "Come back here, please. Down on your knees with your backs to us." The girls fearfully complied, kneeling on the floor right in front of the sofa. Kathy looked at the beautiful girls' backs and became almost physically ill. Both girls still carried the very visible scars of what must have been the whipping they described. Then she said, "Stand up, please. Right where you are." Again they complied. Now she could see scars crisscrossing their buttocks and the backs of their thighs.

While the girls' backs were turned, she looked meaningfully at Ken. She said, "Thank you. Now just sit down here between us." Again there was compliance. Kathy turned to the girl closest to her, slipped off her own shirt, and folded the girl against her bare body just holding her tight.

The girl's first reaction was to pull away, but then she just relaxed in Kathy's arms, while she kissed her all over and just stroked her hair. As she kissed her ear, she could feel the girl burrow, and then kiss her body. Finally she searched for Kathy's closest nipple, took it into her mouth and alternately sucked and lightly bit it. Kathy pulled the girl's head tightly against her tits and could feel a wetness that she was virtually certain was caused by the small girl's tears. At the same time, Kathy was delighted to see that Ken had done exactly the same thing to the other twin, and was murmuring endearments in her dainty ear. From the way the girl's back moved, it was obvious that she was chafing her tits against Ken's chest.

As he held the girl, he looked over her head at Kathy and said, "Darling, I lied to you. I remember telling you that you were the first woman I ever slept with. Well, it's not true. You were the third. The first and second were these two.

"Honey, it happened the first night after their torture. You can see how badly they were beaten. Try to imagine what it was like that night. These were all open cuts, and most were still bleeding. I got in my sleeping bag and these two got in with me." With a small smile he added, "Then, as now, they didn't take up much space. Anyway, in spite of their terrible ordeal, they lay on my chest and insisted that I hold them tight. Kath, you can see there was no possible place to touch them without having my hand on a number of cuts across each of them. They didn't even whimper. Do you know what they did? They kissed me everywhere they could. I have never seen two people endure such pain without a whimper.

"But, honey, that wasn't even the end. You can see how small they are. When we're in the jungle, we don't carry much in the way of clothes other than a spare pair of socks or two, plus what we're wearing. These two girls were naked and walked barefoot for five days through the jungle. By the time we got out, their footprints were outlined in blood." Looking down at the girl in his arms, he could see that the soles of her feet were still scarred. "Look at their feet. You will see what I mean..." Kathy eased the girl in her arms away, lifted her chin and kissed her full on the lips.

It was clear that Kathy's kiss was totally unexpected and the girl's lips were tight. An instant later, when she felt the softness in Kathy's lips along with the warmth and tasted the sweetness of her lips, she melted. It was the most beautifully loving kiss she had ever had. Then the girl finally pulled back and looked up into Kathy's eyes, and slowly shook her head.

"What's wrong, darling?" Kathy asked.

The girl's eyes were still filled with tears as she replied, "No one has ever kissed me the way you just did, My Lady. Never! Not even my mother or father." Then she just shook her head, looking chagrined and added, "It never would have worked, anyway..."

"What wouldn't have worked?" Kathy asked, puzzled.

"My Lady, all our savior could talk about, even when my sister and I were crushing our tits against his broad chest, was you. You were his reason for being. My sister and I knew that his sex was so huge it would utterly rip us apart. Nevertheless, and in view of our condition, we thought it would be a wonderful way to die."

With a hint of a smile she added, "Even then, and in spite of being two against one, we were overmatched. Your kiss, My Lady, carries the least hint of what it must be like for Sir Ken." Then she asked, "Would you kiss him please? Just once?"

With a warm smile and with the girl still on her lap, Kathy slid over towards Ken, who, having heard the exchange, was already moving in her direction. Then, with their bare shoulders touching and with a twin in each of their arms, their mouths came together.

Kathy's lips were as soft as she could make them at first contact with Ken's. Her tongue probed into his mouth and immediately contacted his. This time the electricity almost caused Kathy to pass out and she was nearly deafened by the bells she could hear ringing in her head. Involuntarily, she squeezed the girl in her arms tightly, while her lips just fused to Ken's.

When they slowly parted, Kathy murmured, "Wow!" and winked at Ken.

He just winked back as he relaxed his pressure on the girl in his arms. When he did, the girl turned her head, looked at her sister and said, "Sister, it would never have worked. I think Sir Ken may have accidentally cracked at least four of my ribs just now. We're just not big enough or strong enough to be able to live with him. And that's disregarding the fact that our two cunts joined together could not accommodate his sex which, in spite of his pants, almost drove through my bottom when he was melting Milady with his kiss."

She shook her head and added, "Dear sister, as much as it pains me to say it, she can take him; we cannot." Then with a wonderfully warm smile she said, "But can you possibly imagine a more perfectly matched couple?" Then with a grin she wriggled out of Ken's arms and said, "Come on, sister. We're being paid to serve them, not to soak up their love."

The other girl grinned back and wriggled out of Kathy's arms. Going to their knees, they said, "Do Sir Ken and Our Lady wish dinner this evening? If so, would you rather eat in the dining room, or here, or... ?"

Ken and Kathy looked at each other and just shook their heads.

"In that case, why don't we serve a light snack while you decide?"

The girls disappeared into a small serving pantry and came back almost immediately. One was carrying a large tray while the other had two champagne flutes and a bottle of Dom Pérignon. The bottle was quickly opened and two glasses were poured.

When Kathy was served, she raised an eyebrow and asked, "Aren't you two going to drink to our health or something? Get two more glasses. Now!"

The girl jumped to her feet and was back almost immediately with two more glasses. She poured a glass for her sister and then one for herself. The two girls, now on their knees in front of the married couple, raised their glasses and said, "To Sir Ken and Lady Kathy: Without both of them — his courage and her inspiration — we would not be alive today.

"To the most beautiful and the most loving couple in the world, Kenneth and Katherine Carlson: May you have all the blessings of God on your marriage now and forever." Then she murmured, "Amen." With that she tipped the glass in unison with her sister.

Raising his glass, Ken offered a toast, "To the Trang sisters, Marie and Celeste: My one regret is that we bailed out and left wonderful people defenseless against naked aggression. On the other hand, by rescuing you and getting you to the United States, we managed to save the very best of a very fine people, the Vietnamese. Thank you. May God bless you and keep you, guide you and protect you, until you achieve the happiness you so richly deserve."

Kathy murmured, "Amen!" while the girls were struck utterly speechless.

"But, Sir Ken!" they exclaimed. "You can't say that, let alone pray it — and that was a prayer, not a toast. How could you say such a thing? It's not right."

"Because," Ken and Kathy said in unison, exactly like the girls, "it's the truth! You make us feel humble in the presence of such courage and bravery under unspeakable conditions."

The girls then asked how they liked their caviar. Since neither Ken nor Kathy could ever afford it, they had never eaten it so the couldn't answer the question. The girls quickly prepared canapés and then knelt on the sofa feeding them. When Kathy protested that she was capable of feeding herself, the girl replied haughtily that, of course she was able to, but was not allowed to. The girls insisted they were going to do as many things for the Carlsons as they possibly could.

When the phone rang one of the girls scampered to answer it, saying, "The Carlson suite. May I help you?" Whatever the caller said brought a brief look of dismay to her face. Then she just said, "Make it ten o'clock at the Bay Course, sir," and hung up.

When asked, she said it had been the director of golf operations. No one had been allowed to book a tee time for the following day until the Carlsons had chosen theirs, so she did.

After eating the rich caviar and having another glass of champagne, Kathy looked at Ken who just shook his head. Then he looked at her and said with a leer, "Woman, I want you where you belong: naked in my bed with your legs spread wide!"

Kathy just replied, stifling a grin, "But sir ... I'm so innocent. How ... How do I know you will not hurt me?"

Ken just grinned and winked.

The girls then escorted the two to the bedrooms, with Kathy going into their own while Ken was taken to the other. While the girl was undressing her, Kathy noticed a wedge-shaped scar on her shoulder that was not on her sister's. Kathy concluded that the whip had peeled a wedge of skin which had subsequently reattached itself, leaving the scar.

When she was naked, the girl was on her knees and just put her weight back on her heels looking up at Kathy carefully, while slowly shaking her head. Finally she said, "My Lady, you are utterly exquisite! Never have I seen such a perfect female body. You are a fitting consort for Sir Ken. Now, if you will come with me..." She led the way into the bathroom.

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