Kathy Carlson
Chapter 6

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Sex Story: Chapter 6 - Kathy is married to a hero, but now she learns how truly heroic he was. Part of the Ali Clifford saga, parallel in time with Allison. The later chapters -- those recently posted -- are, in effect, a book within a book with its own characters. The reasons for not making it a freestanding book are two. First, it uses many of the same characters. Second, and more importantly, it will clean up some loose ends regarding Kathy Carlson.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual  

The next morning when Kathy awakened, at first she didn't open her eyes. It took a moment but then she remembered what had happened the night before. Remarkably, she was still cradled in Ken's powerful arm and his hand was still cupping her soft breast. Keeping her eyes closed, she tried to snuggle her body even closer to his, then finally opened her eyes and quickly checked the clock. It was only five-thirty, so she had some time to play before she had to go to work. Ken was still asleep so she gently squeezed his hand that was cupping her tit. This awakened him at once.

When Ken felt his hand squeezed, he opened his eyes and found himself looking directly into Kathy's, and almost drowned in the love that he saw in them. With her cheek on his shoulder as his eyes opened, she smiled lovingly and seemed to burrow her head even deeper into his shoulder. Then she made a face, whispering, "You're so hard!"

"I'm afraid it's going to get worse, Kath," he replied. "When I start work..."

"That's great!" she interrupted with a grin. "Doctors all say its better to sleep on a firm pillow. You're so firm and warm and snugly..." Then she stretched, moved her head in his direction and kissed him softly. When he responded, she moved her lips on his and then darted her tongue into his mouth, again setting off a jolt of electricity. She looked thoughtful for a moment, then rolled on top of him, folding her arms together on his chest while her legs were spread wide. With her face above his chest, she just grinned.

"What's so funny?" he inquired.

"I was just thinking how lucky I am," she replied. "My husband has a chest that's so broad there's no risk of falling off." Then arching her back, she lifted her upper body off his. Changing the subject, she looked at him and asked, "Ken, what do you think of my tits?"

"You have beautiful breasts, Darling," he replied.

"Oh, pooh! Breasts, indeed. Why don't you just call them mammary glands, for gosh sakes! And you can't be that blind — they're atrocious." Then she frowned and said, "Ken, Ginger says my tits are like mounds of whipped cream, with cherries on top — except, she claims, the whipped cream would likely be firmer. What do you think?" Before he could think of a reply she continued, "I think they're more like soft marshmallows, don't you? With little strawberries on top?"

Making a face, she concluded, "I never did like cherries." Then she just looked down at his eyes with her face impassive, waiting.

Ken didn't really know what to say. He was almost certain that Kathy was teasing him, but she had never done it in all the time they had been together. But there are an awful lot of things she never did before last night, either, he thought. Since he couldn't think of anything to say, he just smiled up at her. Then his face saddened and he said, "Darling, I'm so sorry I'm such an awful failure for a husband..."

"Shut up!" she interrupted fiercely. "You? A failure? Never in a million years, Kenneth Carlson." Then she shook her head sadly and said, "Darling, last night got a little ... violent ... so I guess things weren't too coherent. Let me tell you a little about me, and then I'll give you another chance to get away — your last chance, by the way."

Kathy closed her eyes as she collected her thoughts, then opened them again, and looked at him steadily. "Darling, I don't think you have ever seen me naked. Do you realize that? I would fix it now, but I want to wait for a couple of minutes. Do you realize I went out of my way to look ugly on Saturday nights? I did. The reason is that everyone knows a woman is just a depository for a man's sexual fluids.

"That was my problem, you see: I was a lousy depository. I wanted to roll my hips and drive your cock into the very depths of my being. I wanted you to drown me on the bed in your wonderful warm cum. That's why I insisted on the TV set, too. I desperately tried to concentrate on the show so I could try to ignore the unbelievable sensations you were creating in my cunt.

"Can you believe it? It's really true. I wasn't able to act the way a good wife should." She grinned and added, "I read an article in a women's magazine once that mentioned a woman who could read a book while her husband was playing between her thighs. Honest!

"That's also why I claimed to have so many headaches. In fact, I even bought a bottle of placebos to substitute for the aspirin. Whenever I claimed to have a headache, instead of just batting me upside the head like you should have, you always brought me two aspirin. Darling, you were so kind ... too kind, really. You let me get away with murder."

She grinned and said, "Honey, I had to substitute the placebos. All that salicylic acid would have rotted my stomach. Why did I always claim to have headaches? Because it was all I could do to screw up my willpower once a week. You see, I had to steel my nerves to take you without coming apart the way I did last night. Any more often and I would have cracked." Then she grinned and added, "From now on I'm just going to crack."

Edging up higher on his chest, now her face was directly above his and their eyes were only inches apart. "Darling, I'm afraid you married a nymphomaniac. Last night, for the first time in our so-far-wasted marriage, I did what I always wanted to do. Deep down, I guess I knew it would be great, but I had no idea it could be nearly as wonderful as it was."

Now she looked very serious as she continued, "I'll give you another chance, darling. I will freely give you a divorce or an annulment or anything you want. You had no idea what you were getting. Okay? Call it quits?"

When she said the last words it was all she could do to control the tears in her eyes. Ken saw them, put his hand around her head and pulled it towards him. As gently as he could, he kissed her eyes and tasted the salt of her tears that she could not completely control. Then he gently put her lips on his and kissed her. At first, he could feel her resisting — trying to keep her lips firm — but that only lasted for a moment. Then she tried to fuse her lips to his and pour out all the love she felt for him. Again he felt the incredible electricity flow between them.

When they broke the kiss, he said softly, "Kath, please do me a favor? Slide down so your head is on my chest? There's something I have to say, but I can't say it with you looking at me like this. Please?" She looked puzzled but did as he asked. Now her cheek was resting on his hairy chest and she found she loved the sensation. While he spoke to her, she lightly kissed his chest, and then found a nipple to kiss and then chew on.

She could hear his voice close to breaking as he said, "Darling, let's face facts: I'm an abysmal failure. About the only thing I'm possibly good for is digging ditches. I've been away from the books for too long. There's so much writing to do, and I can't write and my typing is even worse. You have every right to expect a husband who will provide for you, and I'm just a complete loser..."

Moving quickly, Kathy was back in her former position looking down at him. She interrupted him saying, "The hell you are! Now you listen to me, Kenneth Carlson! Let me try to tell you how I feel about you:

"If we were kept naked in a pit in the zoo, with our only water source being a mud wallow, I would accept it and love it if you were with me. If we could only make love in public with people lining the fence, watching, I would revel in it. If we could only make love in the mud wallow, I would relish the slime on my body if I could feel you inside me. If the only food we had were raw fish the people threw at us, I would live on raw fish and delight in it. What I'm trying to tell you is that there is nothing I wouldn't do to be at your side. Nothing!"

Then she shook her head and said, "There's only one condition, but it applies to me, not to you. I would want my body to be in far better shape than it is now, so you would be proud of your consort. In fact, I would be delighted to give illustrated lectures on lovemaking with you fucking me as part of the demonstration. For it to work, though, I have to improve the appearance of my body."

Then she glared at him and added, "As for the writing, I'm an English major and an excellent secretary. I'll help you with the papers, which is what I should have been doing all along. Instead, I spent all my time staring at the boob tube! You really have a sorry excuse for a wife, Kenneth Carlson!"

Glaring at him she demanded, "Now answer my question, Ken. Do you want out?"

"I thought I answered that with my lips, darling. Of course not!"

Then she looked serious and added, "Darling, I guess I should tell you what I intend to do to improve my appearance. You see, only a few of my features are even marginally acceptable. I think my cunt is pretty good. It grips your cock tightly and it's nice and wet and juicy for you. My lips are reasonably good for kissing, and my tits ... Well, their shape is okay, and I guess I like my little nipples."

Now she looked fierce as she added, "The rest of me, you can forget about. I guess my skin texture is okay, but my skin color is horrid. I am larded all over with fat. My thighs are awful and my ass is even worse..."

"But I love you, darling!" Ken interrupted her for a change. Then with a grin he asked, "Kath? Could I see what you look like? Really?" Then his grin broadened as he added, "In fact, lady, you were just saying that you would give illustrated lectures. Why don't you start by telling me about you?"

With a quick movement, Kathy rolled off his body and onto the bed. When she landed on her side, her thighs came together smartly and she let out an involuntary scream of pain. In an instant Ken was kneeling above her with the concern showing in his face. "What happened, darling? Did you get hurt?"

By this time Kathy was on her back with her legs spread wide, ruefully running her fingers lightly along her inner thighs. She just shook her head and then softly chuckled. "Darling," she said, "it serves me right! Ginger Conrad — whom you will soon meet, I hope — is the most perfectly conditioned female in the world. In fact, she's my idol. When I spoke of getting into shape, I was thinking of her. Of course, Ginger's natural beauty is so overwhelming, I'll never be in her class, but I can do a lot better than I'm doing.

"Anyway, Ginger and Charley have been married for a couple of months now and make love constantly. But in spite of her conditioning and her practice, she still claims that she can't get her thighs together — it hurts too much. She says the only way she feels normal — let alone comfortable — is with her thighs spread as wide as possible to welcome Charley's weapon into her gaping cunt."

She shook her head again and ruefully grinned. "Can you believe it? I laughed at her. Me! Anyway, Darling, it's just that all the muscles in my lower body hurt. In fact, I have muscles hurting where I never even knew I had muscles."

With that she got up and knelt on the bed facing him. Then she frowned and said, "Kenneth, you just finished telling me that you are a slow learner. So you're going to have to pay careful attention. I will show you a feature and then you must touch it. Otherwise, I can't be sure you're paying attention, let alone learning anything."

With a quick grin she asked, "Ready?"

Ken grinned and said, "Uh, lady ... Why are you a girl? Why aren't you a boy like me?" As he said it he made the most ignorant-looking face he could.

"That's a very good question, little boy," she replied, quickly picking up on his game. Cupping her breasts in both hands she said, "First, these are tits. Can you say tit?"

"Uh ... tit?" he said, drooling as he did so.

Kathy valiantly tried to smother her grin and said, "Good..." stretching out the word. "Now show me my tit, little boy."

Ken got up from his reclining position and knelt on the bed facing her. Then with a very proud look on his face, he touched her navel and said, "This is a tit, Mrs. Carlson, isn't it?"

"No, Kenny, it's not," she replied. In spite of her best efforts she began to giggle. Taking his hand she cupped it under her breast and said, "This is a tit, Kenny." Then with a big smile she patted him on top of his head and said, "But you were close." She took a deep breath because Ken was lightly squeezing her nipple, causing it to harden like a pebble and causing her cuntal juices to begin to flow.

Then she said, "Now, Kenny, feel the tit. Does it feel good? Would you like to kiss the tit?"

"Uh ... Yes, Mrs. Carlson. I sure would," he replied as he then kissed her navel.

"No, Kenny, it's up here," she said, lifting his face to her breast. Ken immediately began to lick it and then gently bite her nipple. She could no longer control herself and began to writhe on the bed with pleasure.

Then she said, "That's very good, Kenny. Now you asked about boys and girls."

Reaching out she cradled his cock and balls with both hands. It was the first time in her life she had ever touched a man's genitals and she found she adored the feeling. By this time his cock was in a throbbing erection. Looking into his eyes she said, "Kenny, you see you have this lovely steel pipe called a cock. Beneath it are your glorious balls. Kenny, a man empties his balls into a girl's cunt."

Spreading her labia she said, "This is a cunt. Your cock goes in here. See, Kenny, I don't have a cock and you don't have a cunt. That makes you a man and me a woman."

With that, Kathy flopped on her back and spread her thighs as far apart as they would go and added, "Now get that marvelous cock into my dirty cunt before I flood the whole damned room with my juices. Ken, do it!"

Now she was pleading and said, "Please?"

Their game forgotten, he moved between her thighs. She grabbed his cock and positioned it at the mouth of her vagina and he thrust inward. As he did, Kathy rolled her hips back to give him the easiest possible entry. She bit off a scream as the muscles in her lower body sent flashes of pain through her, but all she did was to move her legs to put them over his shoulders and cross her ankles behind his neck. Although her vagina was very tight, it was soaked with her love juices which provided the lubrication needed for Ken to force himself up into her passage.

Finally she could feel his balls bounce against her soft ass. Her eyes had been closed, but now she opened them. Looking into her eyes, Ken saw the most incredible love he could imagine.

Kathy whispered, "Thank you, my darling. Oh God, thank you." Then with a degree of vehemence that surprised him, she exclaimed, "Ken, split me in two! Oh, Ken, please try!"

As she felt his huge rod driving into her, her head started thrashing from side to side on the bed while her pelvis was moving in counterpoint to his. Now there was a wet smack each time he achieved maximum penetration.

"Darling, fuck me!" she screamed. "Fuck me harder! Drive your cock through my stomach."

Kathy could not believe the intensity of her feelings as her husband kept driving within her. Although she thought she had lost all control, and in spite of her increasingly frequent orgasmic seizures, she was still sensitive to Ken's condition. Whenever it seemed he was about to release, she would subtly alter her movements to hold him back longer. Then her orgasms reached the point where they were essentially continuous.

In some detached part of her brain she was aware of her position. Her legs were in the air supported by Ken's shoulders, lifting her lower body off the bed. Her cunt had become a vessel for him to fill with his wonderful semen. She was aware that her screams had become a continuous wordless cry. Finally, after what seemed like minutes of incredibly violent movement, Ken could hold back no longer. She could feel his cock begin to pulsate and then let go with a flood of hot cum.

By this time he had penetrated beyond her vagina and was inside her uterus itself. The incredible sensation was beyond anything she could even imagine. Finally her nervous system could take it no longer and the circuit breaker tripped out — she was unconscious.

For his part, Ken could not imagine such an experience. His wife was screaming obscenities in his ear. She wanted him to pound her cunt as hard as he could. Although he had achieved maximum penetration, while he was in her he thought his cock was continuing to get even longer and bigger. Finally, when she allowed him his release, he could not believe the sensation. Then Kathy went limp in his arms as he knelt on the bed feeling his balls empty out into her. Although she had passed out, he could feel the involuntary action of her vaginal muscles continuing to kneed his cock to milk it of all its hot fluid.

Kneeling on the bed, he sagged back onto his heels and tried to regain his breath. Looking down at Kathy, he realized she was covered with sweat and the whole area of the bed was now wet with it. Not knowing what to do, he pulled over some pillows and lay back on them. Then he pulled her unconscious body up to his, placed her head on his shoulder, and then pulled up the covers. A few minutes later he could feel Kathy stir in his arms.

Her eyes blinked open but she didn't move; rather, she just tried to mold her body even closer to his. Finally, she turned her head and looked up at him with the most incredible love shining in her eyes. "I'm sorry, darling," she whispered. "One of these days I'll be able to take you without passing out. Was I terrible?"

"Kathy," he replied softly, "if you were any better, I would be dead. I love you, wife."

He moved his lips, and hers came up to meet his. Their kiss was even better than he remembered. Then Kathy glanced at the clock and yelped. It was already almost seven and she had to be out of the apartment by seven-thirty at the latest. Since law-school classes had been over for some weeks, Ken had been spending his time at law school doing some additional work in preparation for his summer associate position. But now, since he had resigned it and didn't start his construction job until Monday, he just relaxed on the pillow and was almost immediately back to sleep.

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