Kathy Carlson
Chapter 2

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Sex Story: Chapter 2 - Kathy is married to a hero, but now she learns how truly heroic he was. Part of the Ali Clifford saga, parallel in time with Allison. The later chapters -- those recently posted -- are, in effect, a book within a book with its own characters. The reasons for not making it a freestanding book are two. First, it uses many of the same characters. Second, and more importantly, it will clean up some loose ends regarding Kathy Carlson.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual  

It was almost four in the afternoon when Kathy found herself high up in a new downtown skyscraper in front of the most impressive office entrance she had ever seen. It was all furniture-polished hardwood — it appeared to be cherry — with solid brass letters spelling out, Clifford & Jamison, and below, in smaller letters, Attorneys at Law. She was wearing her good suit for work, and that was unfortunate. Because it is quite cool in the Redwood Country, what was appropriate attire for Redding was much too hot for Los Angeles. It had been a very bad day so far. This was the fourth firm she visited, not because of a lack of interest on her part, but because of the routes public transit ran. It happened to be the last stop on the line.

The first firms had been barely polite when she explained that her experience was in the largest law firm in Redding, California. In Los Angeles, she might as well be using references from the moon.

Kathy was frightened by the appearance of the doorway. Clearly, this firm made the others she had seen look smalltime. She started to turn back toward the elevators when she reminded herself that she had married a hero. Even if she was a coward, he couldn't be allowed to know it. Squaring her shoulders she returned to the office, opened the door and walked in. Her jaw almost dropped as she looked around the reception area. Fortunately, she had prepared herself by studying the outer entrance. The reception area was even more impressive. It was entirely paneled in the same furniture-grade cherry as the outside entrance. There were chairs and a sofa, all covered in leather; brass lamps and a reception desk next to a door that presumably opened to the offices beyond.

A girl was curled up on the sofa reading a magazine. Kathy was stunned by her appearance. She was wearing well-worn skin-tight Levi's and a worn-out chambray shirt with the sleeves torn off at the shoulders. A pair of moccasins were on the floor and the girl had her legs tucked up under her. When Kathy walked in, she looked up and smiled warmly.

Kathy just stood there as the girl uncoiled and padded over with bare feet to greet her with her hand outstretched. "Hi! I'm Ginger Conrad. Who are you?"

Kathy extended her hand and found it gripped firmly. She returned the grip and replied, "Hi. I'm Katherine Carlson." She looked around and asked, "Am I in the right place? I ... I ... I came to apply for a job."

"Great! Tell me about it," Ginger replied, escorting her to an easy chair and then folding herself up again on the sofa. "I guess you're in the right place. The people stepped out, but told me to wait and asked me to tell anyone else who came to wait, too." She grinned and added, "Sounds pretty dumb, doesn't it? What job are you applying for? I was thinking about being the receptionist, but I think this place is too stuffy for me."

Kathy looked at the girl in utter amazement. Ginger was the most beautiful girl she had ever seen! She was certainly well named, since she had the most magnificent head of auburn hair Kathy had ever seen along with beautiful green eyes. Beyond that, though, she even had a deep golden tan. Kathy realized she was one of the handful of redheads who could tan. But there was so much more! When she shook hands, Kathy realized the girl was at least as tall as she was, yet she moved with such grace. Suddenly it registered that Ginger was probably wearing the shirt, jeans, and maybe a bikini. She was certainly not wearing a bra, yet with her back up straight, Ginger's breasts were so high and proud. My God, Kathy realized, I can see her nipples! And they're erect, but she doesn't care.

"I would like to be a secretary..." Kathy's voice dropped off and she didn't finish the sentence.

"What's wrong with that, Kath? I'm pretty sure they're looking for secretaries, too." Suddenly, it was as if Kathy's world disintegrated. Perhaps it was the accumulated loneliness or perhaps the prior rejections, but she began to bawl.

Ginger uncoiled and in an instant was at her side. Lifting her out of her chair, Ginger led her to the sofa, then sat down beside her. Kathy knew what was happening, but could not control herself. The next thing she knew she was crying on this beautiful girl's shoulder, while she was being held and comforted. "Don't cry, Kathy. It can't be that bad."

With an effort of will, Kathy slowly regained control of herself, and realized what she had done. She pulled back from the girl, startled. As she did, it registered on her senses how nice Ginger smelled. She smelled so clean and wonderful although Kathy couldn't figure out why. She looked at Ginger's shirt and was ashamed. "Ginger, if you take off the shirt, I'll take it home and wash it for you. My God, I soaked it with my tears. I'm so sorry!"

To her amazement, Ginger pulled out her shirttail, unbuttoned it, stripped it off and handed it to Kathy. "Okay with me." Then the girl looked down at her bare breasts and said, "Oops! The cops may not like it if I'm out on the street this way." She grinned and added, "Of course, it's hot as hell out there, so I don't need it for warmth or anything..."

When Ginger stripped off her shirt, Kathy's jaw dropped. The golden tan was all over her body — there was no hint of a bra mark. Kathy thought her golden breasts were the most beautiful things she had ever seen. The only spots of color were her beautiful small coral-pink nipples, which were, in fact, engorged.

Kathy stammered, "Ginger, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. My God, if I looked like you I don't think I would ever wear clothes." Kathy was relaxing now, so she grinned and added, "You're right about the weather, too. But as far as the cops are concerned, all you have to do is turn on your smile and they'll drop."

Looking very serious now, Kathy finished by saying, "But Ginger, you should wear your shirt as a matter of public safety. Can you bear to have on your conscience the drivers who will drive into buildings, pedestrians and other cars? Lady, showing your bare breasts on the street would be a major-league traffic hazard."

"They're not breasts, they're tits. But okay," Ginger replied, slipping her shirt back on. She just wore it like a vest, making no effort to pull it over her breasts, let alone button it.

"But that's ... that's... ," Kathy stammered.

" ... what my man calls them, so they're tits!" Ginger said with finality. "Similarly, I have a cunt, an ass or tight buns ... But you get the idea. Now why don't you tell me about yourself, Kath. You might as well practice on me while we wait for these tight-asses to get back."

Kathy was completely taken aback by Ginger's breeziness. She had never met a woman as comfortable with herself as Ginger was. Furthermore, she realized that she liked the girl on sight and liked her more and more with every word she said in spite of — or perhaps, because of — the language she used.

Kathy replied, "My husband is a law student at UCLA..." She went on to tell Ginger about the money situation and how she had to go to work. She told of her experience in Redding, providing secretarial support for four lawyers. Ginger, sitting beside her on the sofa, asked probing questions but never in a probing manner. Kathy found herself opening up in the girl's presence like a flower in the sun.

"Tell me about your husband," Ginger said, suddenly changing the subject.

"Kenneth Carlson is the best thing that ever happened to me. He's big and strong and handsome ... And he's really very smart. It's just that he's been away from the books for so long, being in the Army and then in the hospital, and all..."

"Hospital?" Ginger inquired gently. "What happened?"

"Well, as a captain, Ken commanded a company of Army Rangers. They got trapped and pinned down. He charged a machine gun nest and wiped it out. Of course, he was shot in the process of doing it. Then with the swamp fever on top of the bullet wound he was sort of out of it. In fact, I guess he made captain in the first place because of a deep penetration mission he commanded. On it, he took out over a dozen of the enemy with his bare hands. So anyway, he's been away from the books for so long..."

She looked at Ginger and suddenly asked, "Why can't we comfort a man anymore? Yesterday, when Ken told me I would have to get a job, the poor guy was so utterly miserable I had to run to the kitchen to keep him from seeing me cry. I just wanted to hold him and comfort him ... I wanted to let him cry on my shoulder, but that would have destroyed him. Most of all, Ginger, I wanted to comfort him between my thighs..." Kathy blushed beet red as she realized what she had said. "Oh my God! Ginger! I'm so sorry ... I didn't mean..."

Kathy realized that Ginger hadn't reacted at all, except that she could see tears in the corners of the girl's eyes which she immediately recognized as tears of sympathy.

Ignoring Kathy's latest statements, Ginger asked, "Did Ken get any medals as a result of those actions?"

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