Kathy Carlson
Chapter 38

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Sex Story: Chapter 38 - Kathy is married to a hero, but now she learns how truly heroic he was. Part of the Ali Clifford saga, parallel in time with Allison. The later chapters -- those recently posted -- are, in effect, a book within a book with its own characters. The reasons for not making it a freestanding book are two. First, it uses many of the same characters. Second, and more importantly, it will clean up some loose ends regarding Kathy Carlson.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual  

When Jack and Andy returned to their room that night, they found a message for both of them. They were told that for the next days their jobs were to play golf, swim, and particularly to tan. Kathy said she expected Andy's skin to be a warm gold before New Year's eve. Furthermore, to overcome their objections about clothing, Kathy and Ken referred to clothes as uniforms and said their uniforms for the next day were in the closet. Finally, Andy was instructed to meet Kathy at the golf pro shop the next morning.

Arriving at the pro shop, Andy found Kathy waiting for her. While she was talking to Jim Conroy, another man came in who Jim introduced as Charley Miller, the sales manager for the company that manufactured the golf clubs she used. Jim knew why he was there, but let him tell Kathy himself.

It seemed that the company technicians are very unhappy to be producing clubs in women's sizes because they knew it was impossible for a woman to develop the necessary power to use them. Since they were very expensive, although they certainly liked to make a sale, they were more concerned about ending up with very unhappy customers who would quickly learn that they couldn't use the very expensive clubs they had purchased.

"That's very interesting," Kathy said with a concerned look on her face.

Jim manfully tried to control his grin because he could see the gleam of repressed laughter in Kathy's eyes.

"But let's see. I have a couple of friends here today who came to be fitted with clubs. Why don't we go out on the practice tee and see what happens."

While the verbal exchange continued, Andy just watched. Since she had only just begun to play golf, she knew nothing about golf clubs. Moreover, it was news to her that she was about to be fitted. In their prior rounds, she and Jack had used rented clubs. Arriving on the practice tee, Andy was surprised to find Jack there with Ken. Judy Jeffries and Mike Morris were also on the tee hitting balls. Jim Conroy had brought a number of the special clubs out on the tee with him.

Kathy took a driver that was identical to the one she used, gave it to Andy and told her to hit a few balls. "But this time, Andy," she said, "really let it out. I know you've been using a very easy swing to keep control of the ball. Now really hit it!"

Andy had earlier discovered what Kathy had learned the previous summer: Unless she took a very easy swing her ball would fly far but she was unable to control its direction. She teed up a ball and hit it, then did it several more times, hitting it harder each time. She found that for the first time, regardless of how hard she hit it, the ball flew straight.

While she was hitting her balls, Kathy had repeated the process with Judy, who then did the same thing. By the sixth shot both girls were sending their shots flying over the 250-yard target in the center of the landing area. Once, to her glee, Andy hit the target dead center and laughed as her ball caromed backward like a billiard ball striking a rail. When she ran out of balls, she brought the club back to Kathy and gave it to her with a question in her eyes.

Kathy said nothing to her but instead looked at Charley Miller whose eyes were now as big as saucers. With her eyes dancing with glee she said, "I can certainly appreciate your concern, Mr. Miller. And I guess you're probably right. Neither Judy nor Andy can really get the full power out of these clubs. I don't think either of them even reached 300 yards, did they?"

Turning to Jim she said, "Jim, you have a much better eye for distance than I do. Do you think either of them reached 300?"

"Well ... I think one of Andy's was out there pretty far ... Of course, we don't have a target past 250 ... Hell, Kathy, you're probably right. The boundary of the practice tee is 325 and I don't think her ball was within 25 yards of it ... Close, but I think you're right."

Turning to Miller he asked, "Charley, what do you want us to do?"

"My God!" Miller murmured. "Who are these women, anyway? I mean..."

"They're pretty good," Jim replied. Then he turned back to Kathy and said, "Kath, why don't you hit a few?" While she picked up a few balls and the driver Andy had been using, he turned back to Miller and explained, "Kathy is my sister-in-law, so maybe I let our relationship cloud my judgment. I'm sure you're right, Charley: The clubs are much too stiff for any woman to use properly."

Kathy decided to have some fun. When playing golf, she normally restricted her drives to about 270 yards, having found that the design of many courses was such that a longer drive just got her into trouble. Today, though, she decided to really let it out.

Miller watched in utter amazement as the very powerful but hidden muscles on the woman stood out for an instant at the point of club contact with the ball. Kathy hit five balls, three of which rolled into the tall grass at the far boundary of the practice tee. Returning to where Jim and Charley were standing she shook her head sadly and said, "Oh, shit! He's right, Jim. I didn't clear the boundary on the fly! Not even once!" But then she brightened and asked, "But doesn't the roll count?"

Miller just shook his head and said to Jim, "I'll tell you what I'm going to do. Since I feel like such a horse's ass right now, my company is presenting a set of clubs to each of these women — and to those two guys over there, too." He was referring to Jack and Mike Morris who had been using Ken's clubs with incredible power.

"I think that's a fine idea!" Jim said. Then he gave sets of clubs to all of the people.

When Kathy indicated they needed golf bags, too, Andy asked for a Ping carry bag. "We don't have any money for carts, Mistress, so Jack and I will walk — if it's all right with Mr. Conroy, of course."

Jim shuddered. He knew how badly Andy had been beaten and knew there were a number of only partially-healed cuts on her shoulders. Furthermore, there was a Kapalua rule that guests were required to use golf carts when playing the course. Nevertheless, he knew how reluctant the Fletchers were to spend any money and also knew that they were such good players they could easily maintain the pace while walking the course. The cart rule was not intended to be a moneymaker but had been installed to try to speed up play.

They were soon fitted and Andy and Jack strode off hand-in-hand toward the first tee. As they went off Jim noticed that Andy had a long-legged stride and had no trouble keeping up with her husband. Although he knew the bag's strap had to be chafing the barely-closed whip cuts on her shoulder, she gave no sign of being in any pain.

In the days that followed Andy and Jack developed a pattern of playing golf in the morning and spending afternoons on the beach. After a day they added early-morning tennis and then workouts on the weight machines they found in the men's and women's lockers. After some searching, they found some tiny restaurants not far from the hotel where they could eat very inexpensively. Then, of course, they spent most of the rest of the time making love.

As they came up on New Year's eve, Jack noticed that the pain he had seen in the back of Andy's eyes had disappeared. Although the stripes on her body were still visible, they were almost completely cleared up and she now had the all-over golden tan that Kathy had asked for.

With New Year's eve two days away, Kathy told them that she and Ken had something different planned for them. "We want you to play a different rôle on New Year's Eve. You will pretend to be guests. We are all going to celebrate at the Conroy's. I want to see if you can act like real guests." They were told that uniforms would, as usual, be supplied, and that they were expected at the Conroy's at six o'clock.

On the afternoon of December 31st, they cut their time at the beach short and returned to their small room. They took turns preparing each other by taking a shower together and carefully washing each other. Then they took turns giving each other massages with Jack carefully working musk oil into Andy's body. When he finished and kissed her, he savored her wonderful fresh and clean fragrance.

Standing back from the table he just looked down at her as she lay on her back with her eyes closed. That afternoon on the beach Andy had used a pair of tweezers carefully to pull out a few stray hairs from her loins. She was now utterly exquisite. Even her pubic hair had been bleached by the sun to the same gold as the hair on her head. He had never seen a more beautiful woman in his life!

Andy's uniform for the night was a white sleeveless silk dress that fit her body like a glove. With it she had a beaded white cashmere sweater. The only other things she wore were a tiny white lace bikini and white pumps. She laughed as she initially rocked on the heels. It was the first time she had worn heels in months and at first it felt as if she were on stilts.

Jack wore grey slacks, a blue blazer that was custom-tailored to his new shape, a blue shirt and a striped tie. When they were about to leave their room, he said softly, "My darling, I have never seen you look so beautiful! Andy Pierce, you are the love of my life."

Her eyes were glowing with love as she looked up at Jack. With her high heels coupled with her height she was very close to his size. Leaning forward she cocked her head and raised her lips to his. He just leaned forward, and sensing what Andy wanted, kept his hands at his sides as their lips met in the most loving and sensual kiss either had ever had.

When they eased away, she said, "My darling, I have never seen you look so handsome! Jack Fletcher, you are the love of my life." With a wink at each other they left the room and walked over to the Conroy's. Andy was carrying a shopping bag in her hand.

Arriving at the Conroy's, the door was opened by Celeste Trang wearing her large white bow and nothing else. Almost instantly Hank Conroy came out to the hall. When she greeted them, Andy gave Hank a gaily-wrapped box. "Mrs. Conroy, it is very gracious of you to invite us into your home. Please accept this small token in appreciation for your hospitality."

Hank looked at the girl and was dazzled by her beauty. Exactly like Kathy, she thought. Then she opened the package and found a box of the most expensive chocolates made. Knowing that the Fletchers had no money, she wondered if Kathy had bought them.

Just then little Kathy came running around the corner into the hallway. Seeing her, Andy dropped to her knees and the little girl yelped, "Aunt Andy!" and ran to her with her arms outstretched. Andy took the little girl into her arms and hugged her, but that wasn't nearly enough for Kathy. The little girl wrapped her arms around Andy's neck and proceeded to kiss her with all of the considerable love she possessed.

Andy could feel the love and goodness and purity of the little girl just flow through her. Finally Kathy released her hold and moved away saying softly, "I love you, Aunt Andy, very much!"

"But Kathy," Andy asked, genuinely shocked, "What's this 'Aunt Andy' stuff. You know I'm just a slave, darling."

The little girl just shook her head stubbornly and said, "No, you are not!" Then as she looked at Andy the woman could see the love filling the little girl's eyes as she continued, "I can't call you Miss Pierce. That's awful! And I love you so very much, won't you please be my aunt? I only have one, you know, and that's Aunt Kathy. Since I love you as much as I love her, won't you please be my aunt, too?"

Andy was stunned at the little girl's words. All she could do was slowly shake her head in negation. Then she saw little Kathy's eyes fill with tears and she began to cry. Her weeping was so sorrowful it almost broke Andy's heart.

What the little girl said through her tears finished it: "Don't you love me at all? I love you so very much..."

"Oh my darling Kathy," Andy exclaimed, "I adore you! I love you so very, very much..."

"Well, why can't you be my aunt, then?" the girl stammered through her tears.

Looking up, Andy saw Hank standing behind her daughter with the warmest smile she had ever seen. Hank was rapidly nodding her head up and down and silently formed the word, please, with her lips.

"Oh, Kathy, I would love to be your aunt, my darling!" Andy was so moved she could hardly speak. But then she reached into the bag beside her and took out a lovely very soft little stuffed animal and gave it to her saying, "Kathy, this is Snuffles. He wants to sleep with you." Then she looked into the little girl's eyes and said, "Darling, nothing gave me more pleasure than having you take a nap on my body. Well, Honey, that's what Snuffles wants to do, too. He wants to sleep on your body. Will you let him?"

With her eyes as wide as saucers, Kathy took the animal and hugged it while her tears dried on her cheeks. "He's so soft and nice!" she exclaimed. Then turning to her mother she said, "Mommy, can Snuffles sleep with me? He'll feel so warm and nice on my chest when I hug him. Can he, Mommy?"

There were tears in the corners of Hank's eyes as she said that of course he could sleep with her.

While Andy was talking to Kathy, little Kenny appeared. When she released his baby sister, he, too, ran to Andy and kissed her. When he moved back a little, his eyes were wide as he asked with tears at their corners, "Could you be my aunt, too? Would you be my Aunt Andy?"

Andy's head was reeling from the behavior of the small children. All she could think to do was to reply, "Oh, Kenny, that's the nicest thing you could ever say. I would love to be your aunt, too!" Then she kissed him and was amazed as he worked his small lips on hers, just trying to pour out the love he felt for his new aunt.

Andy was almost overcome. Then she went back into her shopping bag. For him she had a beautiful little scale model of a construction back-hoe. Everything on it worked and it was a small masterpiece of precision. The little boy said it was the most beautiful toy he had ever had and he ran off to show it to his father.

Hank was left alone in the hallway with the Fletchers. With the small children out of earshot, she said softly, "Welcome Andy!" Then she smiled warmly and asked, "Will my brand-new sister give me a kiss? You're only the second living relative I have, and I couldn't be happier."

Very shyly Andy moved closer and Hank took her into her arms. The kiss the woman gave her almost knocked her out. It was the same pure love she had felt from the children, but with a level of power and intensity they couldn't match. Even though there was no passion in it, Andy found that she had to wrap her arms around her new sister to keep from falling down. As she returned Hank's kiss, she tried to communicate the tremendous love she felt for this incredible family. Her kiss had the same power and effect on Hank that Hank's kiss had had on her.

When they finally eased away, all Hank could say was, "Wow!" Now she doubted her original idea regarding the source of the money for the gifts, so she asked them where the money for the gifts had come from. Andy said only that every business had unpleasant jobs that no one liked to do. She and Jack had traded some time for the little gifts.

As they moved into the living room, Hank found herself feeling very humble in the presence of this incredible woman. When they entered, Kathy and Ken rose to their feet and greeted them. Playing a little game, Hank said, "Andy I guess you haven't seen your sister, Kathy, in a long time. Wouldn't you like to appropriately greet your sister, Kathy Carlson? Kathy, do you remember Andy? I guess you two were separated when you were both still very young."

Andy's head was utterly reeling. Then Kathy took her into her arms and kissed her. If Hank's kiss conveyed the purest love, Kathy's did too, but at a level of power that almost caused her to pass out. Softly she whispered, "Andy, I thought I had lost you forever! I can't tell you how wonderful I feel now that you're back."

With her arms around Kathy's neck, Andy returned the kiss. Her kiss was like nothing Kathy could ever remember. Previously, she thought that no one could express pure love the way Ali Clifford did, but after Andy's kiss she was no longer sure. Then she greeted Jack Fletcher after he had shaken hands with Ken.

Then the older Conroy children entered the room. Instead of shaking hands, Samantha immediately went into Jack's arms and kissed him with all the love she could communicate. When she released him, she said softly, "I love you, Uncle Jack. And thank you for the spanking." She lightly touched her bottom, winced and added, "I still can't sit comfortably, even though it happened a week ago. But I certainly deserved it."

Sam looked utterly beautiful in a white dress. Kathy noticed that Hank's comment was certainly correct: While Sam hadn't completely filled out on top, she was very close. The rest of her body was already beautifully feminine.

"Uncle Jack?" he asked. "Where on earth did that come from? What could you possibly see in a slave?"

"The same thing my brother and sister see in your wife," Sam replied softly. "Since she's now my mother's sister, won't you be my father's second brother?" Then she grinned and added, "This is really neat, you know. Just six months ago we had no relatives at all. Now we have two aunts and two uncles — the finest people the good Lord ever put on this earth, too!"

Jack was utterly stunned at her words. They just did not compute. But then he reached into his pocket, brought out a small, gaily-wrapped little box, and said, "Sam, this is a peace offering. I am truly sorry I spanked you. I could have hurt you badly and I would rather cut off my arm than have that happen!"

The others in the room were watching the exchange. Again there was confirmation of what a wonderful person Jack Fletcher had become, regardless of what he may have been earlier.

Holding the box in both hands Sam just looked up at him and said, "Uncle Jack, I wish you had beaten my buns off completely! What I made you do was utterly disgraceful. I deserved everything you gave me and far more besides." The smile she then gave him was the warmest Jack had ever seen in his life, as she added, "So there's no need for any peace offering except for what I should do for you."

Jack just shook his head, took the girl back into his arms and burned her with another kiss of the purest love. Then he said, "Okay, then it's not a peace offering. It's a gift for a beautiful niece I never knew I had. Your aunt and I didn't give you a present for Christmas, you know." Then he smiled and said, "Please open it, Sam."

Sam carefully unwrapped the box and opened it. When she reached inside she took out a remarkably heavy gold circle pin. "Oh my God!" she squealed. "It's so beautiful!" Then with tears starting to flow she added, "It's the first piece of adult jewelry I've ever had in my life."

With a little smile Jack ran his fingers lightly over her filling breasts and said, "It's appropriate, darling. You are nearly a woman now, so I don't think it's too soon." Sam's slim body writhed as she savored the feeling of his fingers, even if they were outside her dress.

When she showed it to her mother, Hank took it out of the box and looked at it carefully. When she did she realized that it was 18-carat gold and very heavy — it was worth nearly $1,000 for its gold content alone. Looking up at Jack, tears began to flow from her beautiful eyes. Carefully putting it back in its box she tried to give it back to him.

He refused to accept it saying, "Hank, isn't that what aunts and uncles are for? To spoil their nieces and nephews?" Then he looked hopeful and added, "I hope ... I hope Sam likes it. Andy helped me pick it out and she has exquisite taste..."

"It's utterly spectacular!" Hank exclaimed. Then she went to Jack and burned him with a kiss of purest love also. When they parted, Jim was standing with his hand outstretched and welcomed his new brother. Ken shook hands and embraced him as well. As they went to take seats, Andy's and Jack's heads were both reeling. Their negative self-appraisals had just received massive shocks.

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