Inventor's Dream

by California Dreamer

Copyright© 2001 by California Dreamer

Incest Sex Story: A young man's invention leads to love and lusty adventures

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Mind Control   Incest   Brother   Sister   Group Sex   .

© 2001, all rights retained.

Chapter 1

"Bev, I need your help."

"Hey, big brother. Anytime."

My sister sat across the kitchen table from me lazily stirring her breakfast cereal. I was nervously squirming around in my chair feeling heat in my face. It was a lazy summer Saturday morning but I didn't feel all that lethargic.

"With my invention," my voice cracked.

"The brainwave recorder?"

"Yeah." I couldn't make eye contact with her I was so nervous.

"What do you want me to do this time, sweets?"

"Umm. Masturbate." It came out in a hoarse whisper.

"What?" She gasped.

"You heard me. I recorded you, me doing lots of different stuff. I recorded my brainwaves while, um, wacking off now I need a female data sample for comparison."

"You are crazy, Daniel. I'm couldn't sit in that electric chair of yours and diddle myself in front of you."

"No, no. Don't worry, I've built a new model. It's a headband and it's portable. You can do it in private."

I looked at her with a hopeful expression.

Shaking her head, she made a wry face. She gave me her funny little closed mouth laugh. "Hm, hm, hm, hm."

She leaned against the back of her chair, her eyes locked on her cereal bowl.

"This is too weird. I don't think I can get, um, turned on knowing you'd be tuning in later. I can't do it."

"Please, I really need this. Let me bring you up to date." I began a quick synopsis of my progress with the recorder.

"First, I've boosted the sensitivity so only three contact pads are necessary. Second, the contacts fit in a headband, no more electric chair. Third, I've added a radio transmitter. Everything fits in a Walkman sized box.

Her face formed a serious expression, as if she were considering my request.

"Christ, you're so weird, Daniel. This one's too weird for me. I can't do it. I just can't do it."

She shook her head and frowned at me. "I gotta go," she said firmly, starting to stand.

"I'll go down on you. If you'll do it for me."

That froze her. She gaped at me in horror as if I had just puked on the table.

"Whaat? You'll go..."

"Yeah. I'll do what you've been begging your boy friend to do for weeks."

"How do you know that?" She glared at me, her cheeks reddening. "You've been spying, you shit!"

"No, I wasn't. I went into the garage last month and you two were on the deck just outside. I heard you bitchin' him out 'cause he wouldn't reciprocate. I accidently overheard you. You shouldn't have whined so loudly."

I felt an urge to laugh but figured that would set her off.

"How do you know he hasn't..." She couldn't quite finish.

"Heard you complaining on the 'phone last night."

"How could you hear me? Where were you?"

"In my room. Your door was open and so was mine. You could've been a little more careful and lowered your voice."

"Brother. Oh brother are you too much," She laughed at me.

"Will you do it, Sis? I'm really good at it. I've got some great references." I tried to look fairly modest.

She just stared at me, her eyes locked to mine. She licked her lips and sighed nervously.


"Right now."

"No. I'll shower first."

"Good, great. I'll go set it up. Yell when you're ready."

Chapter 2



Beverly was sitting on her unmade bed wearing her fluffy white terrycloth robe. A towel was coiled around her head. As I approached, she laced her fingers and reversed her hands in front of her chest. She seemed a little nervous but a bit eager too.

"You're such a sweet-talker, Daniel, but I'm a little embarrassed. Could you close the curtains? I'll be more relaxed if it were darker."

"Sure, Bev." I closed the curtains and walked over to stand in front of her.

"Nervous?" She nodded and wouldn't look at me. "I love you, you know that. Not just because you're willing to help. A guy couldn't have a better person for a sister. I feel really lucky that we're brother and sister."

She smiled at me. Not a big smile but she seemed to relax just a bit which is what I wanted. I pulled the towel from her and stuck the wired headband around her head making sure the contacts were on her forehead.

"Come hug me, bro. For a little bit."

I put the transmitter case on her nightstand and draped the wires out of harms way. Then I sat beside her and scooted back to lay down behind her. I pulled her shoulder so she would lay with her back to me. Sliding my arms around her made her sigh softly. I squeezed her tight in my arms.

"This feels good," I said softly into her neck. "I like cuddling you."

"Mmm," she replied.

"Jeff seems like a nice guy. A little shy maybe. I wish we could ask him over. Maybe you'd have more fun if it were him instead of me."

She snorted softly. "From what I've heard, if you do it right, I wont care who's doin' it. Are you sure you can do it right?"

"Like I said, I come with good references. Shall I call one?"

"All right, let's stop teasing. Give me your best."

I slid my hand under her robe and stroked her firm belly. She must have used bath oil 'cause her skin felt velvety. Warm and soft. I was going enjoy giving her my best.

My precocious sister is very pretty. Fourteen now, she had blossomed just the year before. I remembered how she had pranced, half naked into my room saying proudly, "Look, boobies." Her chest had grown two little puffy cherry topped mounds in just the right places. We high fived and my "Hey, all right, Sis!" had made her beaming smile even broader.

"They hurt, you know," she had said and made a cute little pout.

I didn't know so shook my head and said, "Poor baby! Shall I kiss them and make them all better?" Grin.

She squeezed her fingers around her bumps and pointed her chest at me.

"Sure. You can be the first boy to kiss my tits."

She stepped between my legs, I wrapped my arms around her waist and planted a long, sloppy raspberry on her sternum. She giggled and squirmed to get away but I held her tight with my cheek pressed against her chest. I could hear and feel her rapid heartbeat.

"Sis, you are, for sure, the prettiest girl I know." I did a rapid fire pat, pat, pat on her tight butt.

I turned my head and grinned up at the silly grin she was giving me.

"Any fuzz on your peach? I'll kiss that too."

"Oh, no you don't. I'm saving that for Jeffy."

"Lucky Jeffy."

I moved to her little tit and circled it with my tongue then sucked it lightly. She giggled. I moved to the other one and repeatedly licked and sucked it.

"Ooh, that's the most sensitive one," she groaned.

I palmed her other nubbin and lightly bit down on her hard little nipple.

She pushed me away saying, "Enough, they're all better now."

Her face was flushed as was her neck. I grinned and pushed her away.

"Thanks, Sis. Those pretties are very tasty." She scampered out of my room, smirking at me over her shoulder.

Now, a year later Jeffy had pooped out on her.

"I can't believe it. My own brother is going to be the first guy to kiss my peach." She giggled, "I mean pussy."

I nuzzled her neck, putting little pecks under her ear. Her belly was warm softness over tensing muscles. Trickling my finger tips lightly over soft pubic curls brought out a soft whine, "Hmm." Then a little groan, "Tickles. Mmm, Tickles good."

Seeking her breast with my other hand caused a soft complaint. "Noo."

I lightly circled her right nipple with my finger tips. It firmed and grew. I flicked it lightly with my finger nails.

"Daniel, you're making me tingle down to my toes! Where did you learn this?"

"Couple a darn good teachers," I panted into her ear.

She stretched her body straight and stiff in my arms, pressing her butt back against my heated groin.

"Getting turned on with you is nice but it's so different with Jeff. He's so eager and intense and you're so relaxed. Wonder why I feel so comfortable?"

"Maybe 'cause you trust me. You know I wont go past making you feel good so you can just relax and enjoy."

"Let's both get naked. If I'm going to show you my pussy then I get to see your dick. Is it bigger than two years ago when I walked in on you? Is it hard right now?"

"Little bit."

She pulled out of my arms and stood up facing me, putting her hands on her hips and cocking her head, she said, "Let's get the show on the road, big brother." she shrugged off the white robe and threw it across the room.

She blushed in response to my gasp of delight. I gawked at her body, scanning her from knees to nose. Her tan, muscular thighs. A little puff of light brown, curly pubic hair under a pale flat belly. Her breasts were delightful hemispheres with pink puffy nipples. Her skin seemed to be stretched tight; shiny little apples.

"Bev Er Lee, you are so gorgeous. I am going to eat you up!"

She just wrinkled her nose at me and grinned.

I leaned forward and planted a big kiss just below her belly button.

"Strip, bro. Show me your stuff."

Not taking my eyes off her I stood and hastily followed orders. She let out a soft "Jesus, you're... Let me..." She wrapped her soft fingers around my erect hardness and pried it away from my belly. It had suddenly been trying to tunnel into my belly button. I held her close smelling her sweet damp hair. I mouthed her round freckled shoulder, trying not to pant as she squeezed her hand tighter around me. I slid my palms lightly up and down her smooth warm back. Then around her hip to her belly. She opened her legs slightly as I palmed her mons. She thrust her heated crotch against my probing fingers.

Trailing kisses across her shoulder to her neck, I felt her tremble and gasp.

"Danneee," she whispered into my hair.

My finger found a slick heated clit. She lurched in my arms and squeaked.

I sought her mouth. We mashed our open lips together and smeared spit. "God, I'm kissing my sister!" She sucked my tongue so hard it hurt. I didn't care.

"Bev, stop, I'm gonna..." I tried to pull my dick out of her hand. She spun me half way around, bent and sucked my dick into her mouth.

"Gah," I bellowed and shot a long, super heated stream of molten semen into her greedy mouth. I heard and felt her grunt hard.

"Ung." Another eruption. "Ung, ung." Two more. She sucked harder, her tongue wagging furiously. All I could see were stars. All I could feel was her mouth. And the 10,000 volts of electricity flashing up and down my body.

"Bev, oh Bev," I moaned through clenched teeth.

She pulled away and stood up, putting her hand over her mouth, her eyes wide. I knew she had a mouthful of my come. A big mouthful. It seemed like she was trying to decide whether to spit, swallow or throw up. I pulled her hand away and tried to kiss her. Her body stiffened as I forced my tongue between her lips. I sucked some of my juice out of her mouth and stepped back and stared hard into her eyes. She blinked several times and swallowed with a loud gulp.

"I never... Why did you kiss..." She licked her lips and swallowed again, then wiped the back of her hand across her mouth. She put her hands on my shoulders and leaned her head forward. We stood panting, forehead to forehead.

"Daniel, Daniel, Daniel," she intoned quietly. "I came when you shot your..." She took a deep breath and shivered. "I've never let Jeff do that. I thought it would be too slimy. I always made him finish in a tissue." She pulled back so she could see my face. She just stared and shook her head in wonderment. "I liked doing that for you, Daniel." She hesitated then grinned lewdly. "Wanna do it again." She was not posing a question. "But first..."

Finally able to speak coherently. "Yeah, my turn. Gimme a minute for my heart to stop pounding."

"Okay. I'm going to call Jeff."

She plopped onto her bed and reached for the telephone.

"Jeff, did I wake you up? Stop mumbling and listen. Don't jerk off this morning. Yeah, you heard me. Get your sweet ass over here. I want you horny." She listened for a moment. "'Cause I'm horny for you, that's why. I've got a little surprise just for you, sweet boy." She paused again. "See you at eleven then? Cool. I'll feed you lunch." She hung up and turned to me, a wide grin gave her face a devilish look.

"What are you planning, sweet sister?"

"I going to suck his brains out through his dick. Then he's going to get his cute face down where it'll do me some good." She gleamed at me. "Then we're going to fuck," she giggled. "And you get to watch!"

"Just watch? I'm disappointed, Sis."

"Sorry, bro. Your dick's much thicker than Jeff's and we kinda promised that we'd be each others' first." She laughed at my fake pout. "If I'm not sore, you'll get to play too."

I stared at her in amazement, just shaking my head. "Sis, I don't know about that. It's one thing to make each other feel good but fucking is crossing a line." No more words came out. Beverley was eyeing my hardening dick.

"Shut up. I see that thing of yours wiggling. It likes the idea." She lay sideways across her bed and parted her legs slightly. "You promised me a come, beautiful bro. Time to make good on it. Hurry, we've only got an hour."

For the next half hour I gave her my best. I must have tongued the alphabet on her clit a hundred times. I sucked, stroked, kissed and licked until she pushed me away after a fourth screaming, gut wrenching come. We were both a sweaty, stinky, happy, exhausted mess. My tongue was so tired I could barely talk. She was a boneless lump on her bed, lying in a puddle of her juice. Puddle, my ass, it was a lake.

I slumped over her, my cheek on her belly. "Happy now?"

She just sighed and mumbled, "I have nothing left. Jeffy's going to have to wait 'til afternoon."

"Okay, you shower, I'll get your sheet into the washing machine."

"'Kay. Join me?"


Chapter 3

I love my sister. I really do but I don't understand her choice of boyfriends. Maybe it's a guy thing. Jeff or Jeffy as she usually calls him, is so quiet that he just seems to fade into the wall paper. He is smart, gotta give him that, though. State honor roll student. He wants to be a vet, which makes sense, given his people skills. Maybe he takes direction well. With one exception, of course.

The door bell rang at 11 sharp and I answered the door wearing just a pair of running shorts. Imagine my surprise to see not only Jeff standing there but his twin sister Kerry, also.

"Hey. Come on in, guys." I waved them in. Bev's in the kitchen. Let's go help fix lunch."

Jeff mumbled something and Kerry gave me a big smile. She scanned my chest for a moment then her eyes dropped lower. As they moved ahead of me, my eyes wandered down to her butt. She had a cute tight bubble butt like two socker balls in a denim sack. A quick glance at Jeff's posterior confirmed a hunch. "My sister must be a butt woman," I thought.

Kerry had been saying something but all I heard was, "so I decided to tag along."

"Sorry, what did you say? My mind was somewhere else."

"I noticed," she chortled at me with an appraising look. "I said that Jeff and I should share..." Her words stumbled. "An afternoon together." She blushed perceptibly. "We've been going separate ways a lot recently so it's time to..." She gave a little shrug and a moue, her lips pinching cutely.

I guess my face showed some surprise, knowing my sister's agenda for Jeffy.

As we entered the kitchen, Jeff called out in a soft voice, "Hey, Beverly." He walked over to her and hugged her. I could hear him whispering but the words weren't audible. What ever he said brought a delighted look to Beverley's face, though. She whispered for a moment and Jeff's face took on a shocked look. "You'll do whaaat?" He'd never spoken that loudly in my presence before.

Kerry made a gurgling sound beside me, making me turn to look. She had a knowing, slightly smug look on her face.

Beverley yanked on Jeff's arm, pulling him toward the doorway behind Kerry and me. We both jumped aside as they almost ran us over in their eagerness to leave the kitchen.

"Go, Jeff. Go, Jeff," Kerry started cheering. She clapped her hands in delight and started jumping up and down. The bouncing of her unfettered boobs got my undivided attention. Kerry's front side was as appealing as her back side.

"Do you know what they are up to?" Kerry beamed at me.

"I know what my sister is planning. What's Jeffy, um Jeff..."

She interrupted, "We had, ah, a little talk about stuff this morning." A secretive smirk spread across her face. "Let's go listen outside her door."

We quickly ran upstairs to stand poised outside Bev's partially closed bedroom door. We couldn't see the bed but could clearly hear whimpering. It sounded much like a small lost animal crying for its mother. Very slowly and quietly, I pushed the door open. Bev was on her knees between Jeff's legs. His pants were down around his ankles. His long skinny dick was in my sister's mouth.

"Oh, Bev. Oh, Bev!" punctuated by whimpers. "I love you," he groaned. "Oh, so sucking good." His back arched and he screamed, "Aiiieee! Ahh! Uhn! Uh."

I could see my sisters throat swallowing once, twice. Then again and again.

Beverley pulled her mouth off Jeff's dick with an audible pop. He shuddered and flopped backwards onto the bed.

"Killer, Sis."

"Just the little death, I hope." She popped Jeffy's bright red, shiny dick against her lips bringing another groan from Jeff's panting mouth.

"Petit morte, my ass," Kerry said loudly. "She's destroyed him. For a while, at least."

Beverley grinned at us then blew softly at the still erect penis of her 16 year old boy friend.

"Let me see you do that to my brother." My thoughtful sister cocked her head at Kerry.

"No way. I don't suck." Kerry was acting indignant but her eyes were bright and dancing.

"Jeffy's gonna give up his cherry. Wanna watch? You can if you blow my bro."

I looked at Kerry. She looked at me. "Eat me first," she stated with a cocky grin.

"Sure. Get naked."

She seemed to lose some of her cockiness as she slowly crossed her arms and grabbed the bottom of her shirt.

"Let me." I pushed her into the room, wrapping her in my arms, her back to me. I slid both hands under her shirt and cupped her firm warm titties.

Yeah, titties. Not boobs, not breasts. Firm handfuls of rubbery titties. Her nipples were like pebbles.

"Nice titties," I breathed in her ear. She ummed through her nose as I rolled those pebbles between thumb and forefinger. Kerry arched her back and rocked her hard little ass against my rampant cock. I felt her hand slide between us as she urgently sought my dick. She was on target and gasped as her fingers measured my thickness.

"Shit, Daniel. That's a... I gotta see it."

She pulled away, spun around and dropped to her knees taking my nylon shorts down at the same time. My dick twanged against my belly.

She looked at my dick then up at my face then back to my dick. On her knees, her hands poised to hold me, she seemed to be praying to the god Lingum.

She wrapped both hands around my dick and pulled it down. She licked her lips and looked up at me, eyes wide as if to say "I may not succeed but I'm gonna try." She stretched open her mouth and slipped her wet lips around just the head.

I heard someone moan. It was me. Kerry's pretty mouth, with my dick stuck in it, was stretched to her limit. She tried for more and got about an inch before I felt her teeth scrape.

"I'm in love," I thought. My sister took more but it didn't matter now. I had a new girl friend.

I pulled my hips back causing my dick to twitch in the cool air. I hauled Kerry to her feet and kissed her softly, just nuzzling her lips savoring her taste. And my lingering saltiness.

"I want to make you feel better than you've ever felt before," I said in a firm voice, my lips pressed against hers. Her arms clamped tight around my neck.

"You already have. Is there more?" She giggled.

"Ho, ho. Just you wait. Let's get naked. It's my turn to taste you."

Kerry and I hastily disengaged and she started stripping. I noticed that Jeff and my sis had switched positions. He was on his knees between her legs. She was half reclining on her elbows watching him kiss his way down her belly. I loved the dreamy expression on her face. I made a promise to hold her in my arms one day while Jeff ate her into a parallel universe. And back.

Kerry pulled me to Bev's bed and assumed the position. Butt on the edge, knees akimbo, half reclining on her elbows.

She, like my sister, had a puff of curly, kinky almost, pubic hair on her mound.

"Daniel!" Kerry whined. "What are you waiting for?"

I dropped to my knees, ever the obedient servant. Kerry's aroma filled my nose. She was hot and juicy. Finger tips trailed lightly through her curls brought an intake of breath. Putting my palms on her hip bones, I spread her hairless pussy lips open and bent to sip from her pungent chalice. Her belly muscles tightened as she thrust her hips towards my descending face. Laying my tongue flat against her bright pink opening, I swiped upward to her clit. She gasped. A tongue twirl round and round. She hissed and humped her hips hard. Her hands flew to my head. Her squeezing thighs clamped her hands tighter on my ears. My tongue probed her slick folds, her belly muscles tensed and she began the journey to orgasm. I sucked her clit hard and swiped my tongue back and forth as fast and hard as I could. That did it. I heard a muffled screech and her tense, vibrating body collapsed, a panting, quivering limp pile of sweaty, flushed flesh.

I raised to my knees and began smearing my dick head around and around in her slick hot slit. She gurgled. I pinched her nipple. Her body convulsed.

"Oh, god. It's coming again." Her belly muscles twanged as she came again.

I pushed my dick head against her receptive pussy and held still with just the head inside her.

"No," she groaned. "No more."

I gently stroked her clit and humped gently, barely moving. Kerry's eye lids unclenched and she stared at my face.

"No, Daniel, don't. I've never..." she pleaded.

"I know, Baby. I can feel it." I didn't stop stroking her clit but didn't push any harder against her obstruction. "Just let it feel good. I won't hurt you. Trust me. Just let me make you come again. Oh, you feel so good on me." I could feel a hot tingle in my balls. "I'm gonna come soon," I groaned.

Kerry's rigid fingers dug into my hips. I couldn't tell if she was holding me back or trying to keep me in place. Her hips were grinding slowly, her body tense.

"You feel so good in me," she panted. "I'm so close, don't stop. Please, I'm almost..." "Almost," she grunted. "Oh, oh yes. Deeper. Put it innnnn," she growled, raising her legs high and wide. I tried not to ram into her but I was out of control. I punched my hips forward and held tight, squirting a long hot spurt into her fluttering vagina.

Kerry screamed out her orgasm and her maiden cry. "Aaaiii GahHaah."

I pulled back and slid slowly, deeply into her. She came again, shuddering and groaning. Then she just collapsed, her legs flopping down along side mine. She lay panting, as limp as if she were dead. I was still hard inside of her. I couldn't move deeper and wouldn't pull out of her. "I'm gonna stay in her until I die," I thought crazily. I stroked her sweaty thighs softly with the palms of my hands.

"Oh, wow. Oh, wow," she breathed. "That was... wonderful," she said softly, drawing out her words. She opened her eyes and smiled a beatific smile. "That was more than wonderful." She closed her eyes with a sigh. She humped her hips tentatively. "Wow, you're still hard," she whispered.

"And it's all your fault," I whispered back.

I leaned forward and kissed her chest between her flattened titties. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed the top of my head. I let my head flop onto her chest and closed my eyes.

"Hey, you guys okay?" I felt a nudge against my hip.

"Lemmee alone," I groaned. I felt another nudge then a slap on my butt.

"Lemmee alone. I'll be back in a bit." I was still elsewhere.

Kerry let her arms flop from around me. "You're getting too heavy."

"Oh, sorry," I groaned. I levered myself up and looked down at our still joined bodies. A trace of pink froth around my half hardness. We both sighed as I pulled out of her. I stood and looked over at Beverley and Jeff. They were staring at me as if I might be dangerous.

"Oh, crap. Daniel, there's blood all over the place." My sister sounded both horrified and amazed.

I looked down at myself and saw pink froth on my dick. Kerry though, had broad smears of bright red blood on the inside of each thigh. A dribble of pink foam was puddling on the sheet between her ass cheeks.

"Don't move, Kerry. I'll get a towel."

Bev scrambled off the bed and darted out the door.

Jeff was staring at his sister's crotch. His dick was hard erect, curving up, pressing against his belly. I knew what he was thinking and my dick started to heat up. "Maybe later," I thought.

I reached over and stroked my finger tips down the underside of his dick. It felt hot and hard. He made a funny sound in his throat when I squeezed my fingers around his long slim penis.

"You hot for your sister, Jeff?"

"Noo," he whispered. "I'm just..."

He didn't finish when I leaned down and sucked the bright red head into my mouth. It felt good on my tongue, hot and velvety. I waggled my tongue sideways experimentally. I heard him groan and felt his hips hunch forward. I sucked him deeper until I had all I could take. I almost gagged when his tip touched the back of my mouth so I slowly slid my head back just as he lurched and squirted. My mouth was suddenly full of salty slimy goo. "It's just like a mouth full of snot," I thought, amazed. So I swallowed and stood up. Jeff was staring at me, horrified.

"Suck my dick, Jeff. Find out what your sister's pussy tastes like." I thrust my hips forward pressing my turgid dick between his lips. He pursed his lips and sucked while looking up at me with beseeching eyes. I knew he didn't want me to come in his mouth but I was suddenly past caring about what he wanted. I humped his face a few times and shot a painfully big hot squirt. He blinked and tried to get away but I held his head hard in my hands and pushed as deep as he could take. I felt his throat muscles tickling my dick head as he swallowed. I closed my eyes and gave him one last feeble squirt. He tried to push me away but I held him fast. Finally coming down from my high, I pulled away leaving a smear of his sister's blood on his lips.

"Thanks, Jeff. You give good head," I grinned down at him. He coughed and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

"Doesn't taste too bad, does it," I stated. "Let's do it again someday."

He glared at me and was about to speak when my sister came in.

"Sorry I took so long, I had to pee." She walked over to Kerry and knelt between her legs. She pushed them apart and shoved the towel under her butt.

"Poor little pussy. Did my nasty brother hurt it with his big old meanie weenie?" Her baby talk made Kerry giggle. Beverley leaned down and kissed the damp, matted curls.

"Can I kiss it and make it all better?"

She made a couple of lip smack noises and waggled her eyebrows up and down. Jeff made a choking sound.

Kerry sighed in contentment, "Leave it alone, will you!"

"Let me see," Beverley demanded. She pried Kerry's gooey pussy lips apart and peered into the bright red orifice. "Wow, you've been popped for sure. Wanna see?"

Kerry struggled to get her elbows under her body. "Okay," she said in a plaintive little voice.

Beverley stood and pulled her night stand drawer open. After rummaging for a moment she pulled out a little mirror which she handed to Kerry.

"Kerry, lay back. I'll open you up," Beverley said casually.

"It seems like the girls are not unfamiliar with each others privates," I thought.

Beverley thumbed open Kerry's pussy lips.

"My god, It's huge!" Kerry exclaimed. She glared at me. "You've ruined me, Daniel!"

I just shrugged and tried to stifle an idiotic grin.

My sister pushed a forefinger into Kerry's opening. "Look, it goes right in." She stuck another finger in.

Kerry yelped, "Hey, don't do that!"

"I'll bet I can get three fingers in there."

"Don't you dare, Get away. Get away from my..." Kerry screeched. "Me, I mean." She sat up and pushed her newly intimate friend away. She was pretending to be indignant. Her face showed she was trying not to laugh.

Beverley fell back on her butt laughing in a sing song voice, "Kerry got her cherry popped. Kerry got her cherry popped."

"So now it's your turn. Unless you're too chicken, little girl."

"Not if I can have it like you did, girl. My brother got you so hot you were begging him to pop you."

Beverley looked at Jeff speculatively. "Think you can make me beg for it, Jeffy?"

Poor Jeff, nothing like a little performance pressure.

I started laughing. "Hey, don't worry, Jeff. We'll help you get her motor running."

Jeff just gaped at me. Beverley crawled over to him and pressed her cheek against his belly. "That's not the way I want it. Jeff, please hold me." Jeff wrapped his arms around her head and murmured something quietly. My sis chirped happily and squirmed closer.

My sister has a cute ass and now it was wiggling like a puppy's tail.

I turned to Kerry and held out my hand. "Let's jump in the shower, Babe."

She smiled and, taking my hand, pulled herself to her feet with a grimace. "Ouch," she squeaked. She pressed four fingers against her puss. "I'm a little sore!" She seemed amazed.

I pulled her into my arms and tilted her head up. I kissed her mouth with soft, little pecks. "I'll make it up to you, Kerry. Somehow." I squeezed her to me, trying to be reassuring. "How do you "Make it Up" to a woman you've just deflowered?" I thought.

Chapter 4

We played in the shower like giggling kids. We stroked, washed, kissed and licked each other until the water ran cold. We dried each others bodies with big towels. Then suddenly we got serious. I'd framed her face with a towel to dry her hair. Looking down at her happy face I felt something new surge through me. Not lust but a sudden joy. A warm, tingly surge of happiness. I looked at her sweetly curving lips, at her dainty, slightly freckled nose then into her pale blue eyes. She arched her eyebrows in a question.

"I think I just fell in love with you, Kerry." My voice came rumbling out of my chest deeper and more resonant than I'd ever heard it before.

"Now you know how I feel about you, Daniel."

That stopped me cold. I could only stare into her eyes. I could feel my eyebrows trying to escape into my hair.

It seemed a long moment before she laughed softly, "You can close your mouth now."

"What do you mean? You have feelings for me?" I felt an electrical surge. My skin prickled.

"Sure do. I used to cry myself to sleep some nights 'cause you never noticed me. I felt like you didn't even know my name. I was just Beverley's boy friend's almost invisible sister. Well, am I invisible to you now?"

"Nooo, I can see you clearly now." I felt a calm happiness flow around me. Around us.

"Kerry, will you be my girl friend?"

"Maybe. Will you be my boy friend?" She pretended to be coy and I loved it.

"OH, please, please be my girl friend. Kerry, please. Don't make me suffer," I begged in a whining voice. We both started laughing and grabbed each other in a tight hug.

I leaned back from her. "Let's go snuggle in my bed."

"Mmm," she smiled. "Just snuggle?"

"Well no, I want to um..." My hesitation got me a thumb in the ribs. "I'd like to cuddle too."

"Yeah, right. You're going to put that big hard thing in me again, aren't you."

"Maybe," I drawled innocently. "But only if you're a good little girl and..."

I was interrupted by a scream from Beverley's room. I jerked the door open and scrambled to get down the hall. Another shriek. It didn't sound like she was in pain. I'd heard that sound before. Beverley was angry. Very, very angry and frustrated. I spun around the door frame and stopped dead causing Kerry to run into me, knocking my body half way across the room. Beverley was sitting cross legged in the middle of her bed, tears streaming from her eyes. She was punching her fists into the mattress yelling over and over. "Dammit, dammit."

"Sis, what's the matter? Did Jeff hurt you?" I yelled. She gave me a scowling glance. Jeff was looking at her with a helpless expression on his face.

"Course not, you idiot," she wailed. "That's the problem. He wont hurt me."

I strode across the room and dropped to my knees facing my sis's red teary face. I patted her knees and stroked her thighs.

She looked at me and made a small laugh. "You look so worried, you're funny."

"Jeff, what happened?" I turned and took his arm.

He shrugged and shook his head. "I tried to stick it in her but her hymen's too tough. I tried to break it but when she almost screamed I just went soft. I'm sorry, Bev. I just can't hurt you, my body wont let me." He moaned the last words.

"Jesus, Sis. For a moment you scared the shit out me with your screaming. You guys are being silly. There's stuff you can do to open'r up, Jeff. Eat her 'til she coming then stick a finger in her."

Beverley nodded her head at me and punched Jeff's shoulder.

He took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "Okay, I'll try, but..." his voice trailed off.

"Okay, I'll tell you what. I'll snip it with scissors."

"Awk," Beverley screeched. "You will not. He's gonna use his dick. His fingers and his dick," she yelled. "I wanna fuck!" she wailed in frustration. "I - just - want - to - fuck - my - Jeffy," she sobbed each word separately.

Jeff pulled her over into his lap where she lay quiet but sniveling. He stroked her hair and patted her shoulder.

"Jeff, lean back. Beverley, get on your hands and knees and suck his dick."

My sister's not usually slow to understand but she didn't move so I slapped her ass. Hard. She squealed and glared but started positioning her body on the bed.

She looked back at me over her shoulder. "What're you going to do to me, Danny." Her voice quavered.

"Suck him up nice and hard, Sis. Just to the point of coming. I'm going to stretch you with my finger. Unless you want me to use my dick."

She snorted and looked at me like I was an imbecile. "Use your tongue, too?"

"Sure, Sweet Heart. Love to."

She grinned a happy thank you at me so I flopped onto my back and squirmed my head under her belly. Her little red pussy was right over my mouth so I grabbed her sweaty ass cheeks and pulled her onto my tongue.

"Oh, the things I've got to do to keep my kid sister happy. Oh, well. Might as well grin and eat it." She rapped her knuckles on the top of my head and sat on my face.

I felt cool fingers on my balls and a warm mouth suck my soft dick down to the base.

"Love you, Kerry!" I moaned but nobody heard my words.

In minutes Beverley's puss smeared a flood of sweet juice on my face. "Now's the time," I thought and slid a finger into her, the tip just barely past her hymen. She bucked and squeaked. I pulled out and slid back in deeper. Her bobbing head paused it's motion. I pushed in deeper and sucked her clit.

She lifted her ass off my face. She was saying, "Yes, yes, yes." Over and over. My finger was in as deep as I could push it so I pulled down. She was a one finger bowling ball. I rubbed rapid fire in and out. Sis was grunting now, in time to my strokes.

"Jeff, bring your dick around here." I felt him scramble off the bed. "Get up here." He climbed back on the bed holding onto Sis's butt. I grabbed his dick and slid it up, down and around in her gaping slit. I didn't stop sucking her clit. She was getting very close to popping her cork and Jeffy was on the verge of popping her cherry. I felt his spit slick dick slide over my forehead and into my sister's juicy cunt. She felt it and jammed back hard. I heard Sis let out a shriek. Jeffy grunted and shoved. Another shriek. Jeffy pulled back and shoved hard and was buried to his balls. Which were resting on my nose.

"Wow, talk about an up close and personal view." My face was flooded with hot, salty fluids. Pussy juice or blood, didn't know, didn't care. I tried to suck my baby sis's clit but she was bouncing around so much I couldn't catch it. I settled for just licking it as it wobbled by. Jeff picked up his pace and then jammed deep and hard. I heard a bawl and knew he was squirting. My face was flooded with pussy juice, blood and now Jeff's come. I jammed my dick into Kerry's mouth and shot a huge squirt straight down her throat, screaming "Fuck" into my sister's cunt.

Beverley collapsed forward onto her belly letting Jeff's dick flop onto my face. I licked it and it tasted good. Then, surprise, Jeff moved a bit and held his dick down to my mouth, shoved it in. I nursed on it, mimicking Kerry's soft sucking.

Jeff crawled over me and lowered his body down onto my sister's. I slid down and reached for Kerry. She came into my arms and I tried to kiss her but she turned her face away.

"My mouth is sticky with your come. Don't kiss me."

"If you can taste it then I can taste it. Kiss me." She relented.

"Bro, get up here." I tilted my head back and saw that Jeff had rolled to his side taking Sis with him. She patted the bed in front of her flushed chest. Kerry rolled off and I scooted up to be face to face with my baby sister. Kerry didn't seem to know where to go so I motioned for her to lay on top of me. Four flushed faces, four hot, sweaty stinky bodies. Hog heaven. Oink, oink.

"Big bro, that had to be the bestest first fuck in the history of womankind."

She sighed noisily.

"I had my boy friend's dick in me and my brothers tongue in me at the same time." She grabbed my chin and waggled my head around.

"Thanks so much, you guys. I've never felt so loved in my whole life."

"Fucked, you mean, don't you, Sis?"

"Fucked yes but even better, very loved," she spoke emphatically.

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